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Chapter 162 The Illusory Body Copper Coin

Five minutes later, with Zhang Hans spiritual force as the medium, the Illusory Body Copper Coin was gradually refined by Dahei.

“Try to use your consciousness to communicate the Illusory Body Copper Coin.” Zhang Han pointed at the Daheis head and said.

“Whoa, whoa…”

Dahei was still a little aggrieved at its master who just punctured its skin and made it feel some pain.

However, hearing the masters words, Dahei still made its eyes stare at the copper coin.


A moment later, Dahei scratched its head, showing a face of innocence because it didnt feel anything.

“Use your consciousness to feel the copper coin carefully.” Zhang Han cautioned.


Dahei was very obedient and continued to try.

Its big eyes stared at the copper unblinkingly.

Three minutes later, its eyes suddenly shined brightly and looked at Zhang Han.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…hum, hum…”

It signaled that it felt the existence of the copper coin.

“If you use your consciousness to communicate with the copper coin and imagine yourself to be human, you can transform.

Communicate with the coin again and remove the illusion, and you can transform back.” Zhang Han explained to Dahei.


Dahei scratched its head and tried hard.

However, Zhao Feng said in confusion, “Boss, what you are talking about” What do you mean imagine to be human”


Before finishing his words, Zhao Feng suddenly gave a stare, looking at Dahei dumbfounded.

A living human appeared in front of him after a soft and bright light shot across Daheis appearance.

Zhao Feng also finally understood what Zhang Han meant by phantom, but wasnt it too unbelievable


“Was…was the master really a fairy”

The scene at the moment seemed to be a hammer, smashing his world outlook.

At this time, he was already vaguely convinced of the cultivation immortal by the master!

“How did this happen…”

“Its just…why does Dahei look so familiar”

Shocked and dizzy, Zhao Feng looked at the man turned by Dahei but failed to remember who he was like.

The man in front of him looked quite strong, with the same height of over two meters and limbs developed muscles showing strong power.

He was bald with big eyes and dense eyebrows as well as a high-bridged nose, wearing close-fitting short sleeves and military pants and boots.


Zhang Hans mouth quivered slightly.

He said helplessly, “You cant walk outside like this.”

Straightforward like Dahei, it directly transformed into abig man like Dwayne Johnson.

Was it a mistake to enable it to see movies

Zhang Han felt a little funny.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

Dahei called twice and scratched his head, looking at “his” hands and feet with a little curiosity.

“Transform to another one.” Zhang Han said.


Dahei thought a moment and then changed “his” appearance.

“The whole body” was much fatter, although it was still the prototype of Dwayne Johnson, the muscles of the body were stronger, with heavy eyebrows and a wide face, and the appearance relatively changed a lot.

“All right.

Thats it.” Zhang Han shook his head and said.

“Woo, woo!” On one side, Little Hei shook his head puzzledly and his eyes were confused.

He could tell from the smell that the strong man was still Dahei, but its appearance made him…speechless.

It was not as good-looking as before.

“Whoa, whoa…”

Dahei punched his chest twice with his fist as if to say, “Yes, its me!”

Seeing this scene, Zhao Feng did not know what to say.

He said with a complicated expression, “Boss, are you, are you really a cultivation immortal”

“Mmm.” Zhang Han replied.

“That…” Zhao Feng was about to say something more, but Mengmeng in the pet area rubbed her eyes and sat up.

The little princess looked around and cried “PaPa! PaPa!” in a milky voice, when she saw her PaPa was under the thunder yang tree.

“Im coming.”

Zhang Han moved his body and quickly ran up.

“PaPa kisses me and hugs me.” Mengmeng held out her small arms to Zhang Han.

Entering Zhang Hans arms, Mengmeng whispered, “PaPa, Mengmeng is a little hungry.”

“Shall we go have dinner then” Zhang Han said with a slight smile.

“Great,” Mengmeng pouted her small mouth and replied.

Then Zhang Han walked to the front of the mountain with Mengmeng in his arms and came to the thunder yang tree.

The little princess looked back and forth with her big bright eyes and finally landed on the transformed Dahei.

“PaPa, where is Big Heihei Big Heihei is gone.

Who is this big elder brother” Mengmeng asked in her milky voice.

Hearing this, Dahei knocked on “his” chest with palm before Zhang Han answered.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa…”

“He” seemed to express, “Its me.

Im Dahei.”

But Mengmeng didnt understand.

Seeing Daheis action, Mengmeng shrank her little face and whispered at Zhang Hans ear, “PaPa, why did he beat himself”

“Ha ha.” Zhang Han smiled and said, “Because he is Dahei.”


Mengmeng froze, and then snorted softly and said in a slightly discontented tone, “How could he be Dahei Big Heihei is a chimpanzee.

PaPa, you lied to kids.”

“PaPa didnt lie to you.

It changed because PaPa did a magic trick.” Zhang Han held out his hand and gently shaved Mengmengs small nose.

“Well Magic” Mengmeng asked with some doubts.

“Yes, the boss did a magic trick, so Dahei becomes a man like this.” Zhao Feng chimed in.

“Really” Mengmengs big eyes glistened.

She looked at Zhang Han and said in some eager tone, “I want to transform too.

PaPa does magic for Mengmeng.

Mengmeng also wants to do magic.”

“This magic can only be used once for the time being.

How about waiting for a few days before PaPa does it for Mengmeng” Zhang Hans expression paused.

Zhang Han felt the Illusory Body Copper Coin was worthless before, so he just put it aside.

Now he felt he should have given it for Mengmeng to play first.

“Hum, thats, thats okay,” Mengmeng answered gently.

“Lets go back to the restaurant first and have dinner with your aunt.”

“Aunt is here.”


“Then lets find Aunt to play with me.”

While talking, Zhang Han and Mengmeng came down the mountain and got on the panda car.

Although Dahei had transformed into a human body, its essential physique was still so big that it felt very uncomfortable shrinking in this small car.

When it sat in the back seat, the car shook several times which gave a clear explanation of its weight.

“Boss, let me drive.” Zhao Feng said.

Zhang Han nodded, handed him the car key and sat on the co-driver with Mengmeng in his arms.

“Ow woo, woo, woo…”

Just as they were about to leave, Little Hei on the edge of the jungle suddenly let out a cry.

It sounded a little sad and lost because it also wanted to go with them.

After seeing its eyes, Zhang Han waved to it and gesticulated it to get on the car.

“Ow, ow, ow.”

Little Hei turned excited at once.

It moved and ran up quickly.

After Dahei opened the car door for it, it immediately jumped to Daheis side, sat down and looked at Zhang Han with a lovely expression on its face.

“Little Hei, if you want to go with them, be careful and dont be careless.” Zhang Han warned.

He was not worried about Zhao Feng, who naturally knew how to protect himself after several years in special forces.

However, for Little Hei, its body was quite fragile in Zhang Hans view, and it would be injured in the face of bullets.

“As for Dahei…”

“If Dahei is bombarded with bullets” Zhang Han thought with a faint smile on his face.

Unless it stood still and let people fire for a while, the heavily armed security guards would not cause many problems to it.

When they went back to the restaurant, the blood in front of the door, the glass and the tables and chairs inside were all replaced with new ones, except that the piano was not delivered until evening.

Zhang Han stopped his Geely Bear sports car in front of the restaurant.

He got off the car with Mengmeng in his arms.

Just as he was about to speak to Zhao Feng, three people came quickly from the other side.

“Hello, Mr.


“Im Xi Yun, one of Dong Tianpengs subordinates.”

“I am Jiang Song under Ye Han.”

“I am Shao Kun under Xia Shanhao.”

The three greeted Zhang Han one after another.

“Uh-huh, hello.” Mengmeng waved her little hand to them.

“Whats up” Zhang Han gave them a light look.

“That…” Xi Yun hesitated and took the lead in saying, “We know that Mr.

Zhang will definitely settle accounts with Tang Zhan because of what happened in the morning.

Elder brother Dong asked me to tell Mr.

Zhang that if you want to make moves, we will fully support”

“Elder brother Zhang, our elder brother Ye said that as long as Mr.

Zhang speaks, we will provide men and guns.”

“Elder brother Xia wished that Mr.

Zhang and the three of us have a good discussion and make a sound and specific plan.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han replied lightly, “When do I need help from others if I want to do something”

“Thats not what we meant.” Xi Yuns eyes flashed and he said quickly, “We mean, if Mr.

Zhang needs help, we will definitely help.”

“With all due respect, Mr.

Zhang.” Ye Hans subordinate was straightforward.

He said directly, “Tang Zhan is not a soft target after all.


Zhang alone is unable to take him down.”

“I think so.” Xia Shanhaos subordinate said, “Mr.

Zhang, as you know what happened in the morning, if their main target is not Zhao Feng but you, then they will rush into the restaurant, and the consequences will be unimaginable.

Although you have excellent martial skills, your daughter is not…”

“Shut up!”

Suddenly, a cold shout came from the car inside.

The three men looked at the sound source together.

When they saw the man coming down from the driver seat, their eyes gradually widened and with amazement.

“What! Zhao Feng! ”

“How is this possible”

“Zhao, Zhao Feng, werent you…”

The threes faces changed greatly because they didnt expect a living Zhao Feng in front of them.

“Haha.” Zhao Feng sneered, “Dont shed crocodile tears here.

My boss doesnt need any help.”

“All right.” Zhang Han said to Zhao Feng, “Go ahead and meet me at Mount New Moon after taking down Tang Zhan.”

“Sure!” Zhao Feng nodded and returned to the car.

Then Zhang Han held Mengmeng in his arms and stepped towards the restaurant.

A few steps later, he turned his face slightly and said to the three people behind him,

“I warn you not to appear in front of me if nothing happens.

Go back and tell your bosses not to disturb me, otherwise, I dont mind making your powers disappear together.”

Seemingly, these people came over to help, but in fact, they still wanted to use him.

Zhang Han was quite clear about it so he ignored the three and walked directly into the restaurant with Mengmeng in his arms.

The three were still in shock.

They looked at each other and quickly walked back towards different directions.

At the same time, they took out their mobile phones and dialed their bosses number, saying similar words,

“Zhao Feng is not dead and he went to…to find Tang Zhan under Mr.

Zhangs command!”

As the news was reported back, it indeed shocked many people.

Meanwhile, they all issued an order to observe the situation near Tang Zhans mansion.

So this afternoon, Tang Zhans mansion… seemed to be busy.

But at this time the mansion was indeed very lively.

“To celebrate the success of this event, cheers!”

In the dining room, Tang Zhan laughed with a dozen of his men.

In addition to Leng Feng, everyone was accompanied by a beautiful young woman who was dressed in revealing sexy clothes and plied the men with drinks at this celebration dinner.

As Tang Zhan finished his words, everyone picked up their glasses and drank up once.



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