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Chapter 199 Fighting Back Furiously

Even Zi Yan was so angry, not to mention Zhou Fei who was standing at the stage door.

Her eyes red, like a mad cow.

She almost rushed onto the stage as she desperately tried to hold back her indignation and forced herself to resist the impulse.

“Mu Rous song is really classic and very good.” The last middle-aged judge gave a simple praise to Mu Rou first and then looked at Zi Yan and sighed softly.



Zi Yan couldnt bear anymore, so she stood up directly and coldly said,

“No need.

It is easy to find a stick to beat an injured dog.”

When Zi Yan opened her mouth, the three judges were stunned for a moment.

This was the first time that a star dared to talk back.

Their faces flashed with unhappiness.

“A mere…”

When the fat man was about to scold Zi Yan, a person rushed in from the backstage frantically.

Naturally, it was Zhou Fei.

When she saw Zi Yan stand up and speak, she could no longer contain her anger, so she walked towards Zi Yan with vigorous strides and a cold look.

She stared at the fat man who was about to speak, and coldly said,

“Shut up.

You fat pig! Who do you think you are You are like a big maggot living in a ** hole.

Youre just an ugly bastard with a cruel heart.

Who the ** do you think you are Evaluating others Why dont you take a look at yourself first Oh, no, even if you look at yourself in the mirror, you would probably only see a pig! Gross and disgusting!”

“You, you, you! You…”The fat guy was shivering and speechless.

He was totally dumbfounded.

He knew how to comment about music but when it came to cursing, he was not even close to being Zhou Feis match.

“Who are you What do you think you are doing Do you even have any courtesy…” The thin man on the left stood up and asked, “Do you know where this is”

“Who cares about where this **ing place is Where the ** did bastards like you come from Why is your mouth spewing so much ** The three of you are really birds of the same feather.

I havent even spoken to you yet and you stand up voluntarily.

I have endured listening to you bitch for this whole time!”

Zhou Fei stared at the thin man and said,

“You nobodies dared to come out and pretend to be musicians Look at your sharp-tongued monkey face.

What is it that disappointed you Tell me Do you understand anything about music The first line of lyrics already made you feel bored.

Why dont you go to hell Youre really an unprecedented mother**er!”

At this time, Zhou Fei had become casual.

She directly looked at the middle-aged man with a crew cut and said,

“And you, dont think that you have nothing to do with it.

I think the three of you are all wearing the same pair of pants.

What the ** are you doing with a sighing face, huh Are you trying to act sympathetic You hypocrite, where were your beady little eyes staring at the whole time Look at yourself, a terrible wolf, a dirty old man.”

After Zhou Fei finished cursing at the last person, her eyes scanned the three people.

Their faces had become livid with anger and they were trembling, but they failed to say a word.

However, Zhou Fei hadnt finished, so she continued,

“You three really think you are important Do you think you are excellent I have never even heard of your names.

Am I ignorant What songs have you sung before Or did you perhaps write some classic songs Are there any Naturally, since you are sitting here, there must be some, right Then Ill go back and look for it earnestly in the garbage music library.

Maybe I can dig out many of your songs.

Haha! What a joke! Why dont you talk now Are you dumb Look at you ugly bastards.


After saying all those words without a beak, Zhou Fei breathed rapidly.

The host nearby was stunned.

She widened her eyes and sat in her chair.

Her mind was empty and she didnt know what to say.

However, the audience was very excited.

They didnt expect to see such a dramatic scene here today.

The judges were lashed out at and became stunned by guest singers words.

This was the first time something like this had happened.

Most people originally thought the three judges were a bit excessive.

Now, after the judges had been cursed out like this.

They felt it was getting very interesting.

However, there were also a few people who sympathized with the judges.

“They were cursed out so fiercely.”

“Look at their expressions, like they have eaten **.

There really are mountains beyond mountains”

“In my opinion, they deserve this.

They evaluated a guest singer to be nothing on the program.

How could they do that”

“This girl has an upfront character.

I like her bluntness.”


The audience whispered, and most of them were somewhat standing on Zi Yans side.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were not free of blame, and it did have something to do with Zi Yans beauty, but they were just trying to put themselves in her position.

If they were standing on the stage and had been scolded like this by the judges, some of them might even fight back directly.

At this moment, when Zhou Fei stopped talking, Mu Rou returned to reality.

Her eyes narrowed slightly and she showed a complicated look.

She looked at Zi Yan and bitterly said, “Sister Zi Yan, please…please dont be so impulsive, although the evaluation of the judges…”

“Really, youre going to try and pretend to be a good person” Zhou Fei gave her a sideways glance and said, “I didnt go after you, so you should have just sat there.

Its true you are very popular now, but you are putting on airs too early, arent you Wearing employee clothes while having a servant attend to you to drink water.

We dont agree with this practice of yours.

Dont pretend to be our friends.

Why didnt you do this earlier Didnt you see us backstage and just sit there without saying hello as if your butt was too heavySister Zi Yan, its really funny to hear those words coming out of your mouth.”

The words directly stabbed into Mu Rou heart, causing her face to turn red.

“Unreasonable,” Mu Rou said resentfully and turned to face away from Zhou Fei.

“Enough, Feifei.”

Zi Yan pulled Zhou Feis arm back, but her face was still cold.

She glanced at the judges and coldly said, “The song was for my fans, not for the judges.

Unreasonable comments have already explained the problem.

We dont need a program like this.

Lets go.”

When she finished speaking, Zi Yan took the lead and headed backstage.

“Hum!” Zhou Fei glared at the three judges and turned to leave.

As the two just entered the backstage, the fat man suddenly stood up with an angry face and shouted out loudly,

“Who are they Do they have any courtesy Unsatisfied with a few comments Who do they think they are How shameful!”

“A singer with such an attitude doesnt deserve to be a star!” The emaciated man shouted angrily.

“I will definitely inform the director and suggest that people with such bad attitudes be banned!”

“A has been singer.

Where does her temper come from Who is she Was there anything wrong with our comments Was the program recorded until the very end It must be distributed to all the people in the nation.

People should see her abominable face!” The flat-headed middle-aged man said coldly.

Their words, however, made the audience scoff at them.

People didnt completely agree with Zi Yan, but now they saw how ugly these judges were.

Zi Yan was gone and they were still swearing at her, which made the people feel disgusted.

This caused the audience to discuss things even louder.

The host looked at the scene and quickly said, “Thats all for todays program.”

With that, the program ended in discord.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei directly left the TV station with vigorous strides.

Zhou Fei was silent.

As they walked to the door, Zhou Fei took out a pair of sunglasses from her bag and handed them to Zi Yan.

At the same time, she said, “Sister Yan, dont be angry with those people.

Its not worth it.”

“Mmm.” Zi yan took the sunglasses and put them on.

Although her expression was very cold and calm, Zhou Fei still heard some grievances in her voice.

Zhou Fei ground her teeth secretly and thought those people were really cruel!

Zhou Fei called a taxi and they got in it.

Once they returned to the hotel, Zi Yan entered the bedroom alone.

“Ah…” Zhou Fei sighed deeply, leaning against the sofa and grabbing her hair.

Zi Yan sat alone in the bedroom and took off her sunglasses.

At this moment, her cold look disappeared, leaving behind a face full of grievance and sadness.


Zi Yans shoulder twitched slightly.

Her eyes were red and her long eyelashes were trembling.

Her thin lips were closed and her willowly eyebrows also showed her sadness.

The mist grew stronger in her eyes and gradually turned into two lines of clear tears, sliding down her delicate cheeks.

The delicate and touching appearance would make anyone in front of her feel sad for her.

She was like a confused and grieving little girl.

After a moment, Zi Yan reached out her white palm, wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, took out her cell phone, and dialed Zhang Hans number.

At this point, she was eager to listen to the voices of Mengmeng and Zhang Han.

It wasnt long until the phone connected.

“Zhang Han…” Zi Yan opened her mouth as always, but this time her tone was slightly sad.

“Whats wrong” Zhang Han widened his eyes when he heard Zi Yans voice.

He did not answer “Mmm” like he would usually.

“Im fine,” Zi Yan said in a low voice, as her eyes grew slightly red again.

Was there a blind fool who would believe something wasnt troubling her She was obviously grieving!

Zhang Han wrinkled his brow and began to think.

He understood that Zi Yan must have run into some trouble.

Zhang Han hesitated a moment, then said with a smile,

“Did someone bully you Tell your husband, Ill beat them!”

“No one bullied…”

Zi Yan was suddenly stunned.

What, what did he just say

He said he was my husband

I…I havent even answered him yet!

Zi Yans eyes gradually widened and the tears in her beautiful eyes stopped at this moment.

Because of those words, Zi Yan was a little puzzled.

She was a little paranoid and the words dissipated half of her grievances.

“What, what are you talking about” Zi Yans face became flushed and there was a trace of nervousness in her tone.

She was not ready yet and hadnt answered him.

How could he say he was her husband Wasnt this too pushy

“Aha, uh…I said…someone bullied you Do you want your husb….me to help you out” Zhang Han smiled gently and deliberately stretched his voice.



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