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Chapter 200 Im Here for You

Although Zhang Han showed no concern for mundane affairs at ordinary times and always looked like he cared about nothing but Mengmeng, that didnt mean he was a block of wood.

He knew that Zi Yan had a fiery heart under her cold and cheerless appearance.

Zi Yan was undoubtedly very beautiful and everyone would be impressed by her stunning face.

Although Zhang Han didnt care about Zi Yan at first, he also admitted that Zi Yan was really beautiful.

Zhang Han only cared about his little princess at first.

However, after dealing with the living issues surrounding Mengmeng, he suddenly realized that Zi Yan had gradually entered his heart unwittingly.

It might be due to her beautiful appearance, her personality, and other factors, but the most important reason was that she was Mengmengs mother.

Zhang Han realized that he had a crush on Zi Yan, and her lithe and graceful figure often flashed across his mind from time to time.

At this moment, when he heard Zi Yan sniffling, his first thought was to comfort her, so he said those words.

The effect was obvious.

Zi Yans tone showed that she had been distracted by Zhang Han.

As long as she stopped thinking about those things, her mood would naturally improve.

At this point, Zi Yan was a little shy as she smirked slightly and snorted.

“You can only say nice things.

We cant be the same as others if they dont get off the line.”

“Oh, right, right,” Zhang Han laughed.

“What is that saying Even if you are bitten by a dog, you cant bite the dog back, right”

“That seems to be the meaning,” Zi Yan said with a lovely and bemused voice.

Her mind was slightly dazed at the moment, and her expression looked very lovely, but Zhang Han wasnt around to see it.

But Zhang Han wasnt convinced.

He knew that Zi Yans mood had not completely returned to normal, so he continued talking to her.

He smiled again and said,

“Even though I said that, I dont approve of that way of thinking.

My style is that if a dog bites me, I will turn that dog into stew.

I will cut it up into tiny pieces, eat it, and then excrete it out in the end!”

After Zhang Han said this, Little Hei, who was playing with Mengmeng on Zhang Hans side, shivered all over and stopped wagging his tail while looking over with a somewhat puzzled expression.

Oh, my god! The master is so terrible.

If I bite him, he will stew me! Hiss! I must be careful.

On the other hand, when Zi Yan heard this, she sniggered.

She snorted and said, “Vulgar.”

“What is vulgar about this” Zhang Han said casually.

“You are called a goddess by everyone, but your poop still stinks doesnt it”

“Stop! You are so disgusting,” Zi Yan grinned and said.

The loss and injustice in her beautiful eyes had vanished without a trace.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan chatted about some relaxing topics for a while, causing the goddess to release a burst of charming laughter.

This also made Zi Yan somewhat confused.

Why did this block of wood seem to have become smart Wasnt he a stupid and clumsy father

Hum, now you recognize my beauty Now you want to flatter me Its too late! I will not accept it so easily!

After Zi Yans mood completely eased down, Zhang Han began to get down to the business,

“Who bullied you today”

“Its really nothing.

With Feifei here, I cant be bullied.

She is very good.”

Zi Yans mood had finally calmed down.

Now, when she talked about what happened earlier today, she no longer became emotional.

Instead, when she remembered the three people who had been scolded by Zhou Fei, she was secretly happy.

“Thats good.

Tell Zhou Fei that when she comes back, I will reward her with an exquisite meal with fish.”

“Hehe, she will be very happy to hear that.”

“Well, why dont you come back quickly then”

“Not yet.

I dont know how to solve this problem1 yet.

The company will be very dissatisfied.

I dont know if I can take part in the show on Shang Jing TV, so Ill wait for news.” Zi Yan thought for a moment and replied.

“There is no need to rush about like this,” Zhang Han shook his head helplessly and said.

“When youre outside, you dont have to be afraid of anyone.

Tell Zhou Fei that for those weird people, she can just fight back directly.

I will reward her with good wine and good food afterwards.

You are the same.

If you meet any difficulties, just tell me about it.

Now that Im here, you dont have to deal with everything alone.

Im here for you.”


Zi Yan was stunned and the words floated in her mind: Im here for you.

Her heart gradually softened and became sweet.

Was this the feeling of dependence The feeling of having someone who was concerned about you was so amazing.

Is, is he trying to pursue me

Huh No! Bah.

Zi Yan, please have a little more sense, he just said a few nice things and you were moved so easily.

No, you need to be more reserved! Hum!

At this time, Zi Yan was feeling sweet and confused.

She opened her mouth slightly as her eyes blurred.

After coming back to her senses, she snorted softly and said, “I want to talk to my daughter.

Please give the phone to Mengmeng.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han smiled and walked towards Mengmeng.

The little princess was sitting on the lawn in the pet area.

Other than the two Heihei powers, there were more than 30 dogs beside her.

They were all playing with toys with Mengmeng.

“Mengmeng, your MaMas on the phone.” Zhang Han walked over and handed the phone to Mengmeng.

“Oh…” Mengmeng put down the toys and picked up the phone.

Then, with a very pleasant voice, she said, “MaMa, why havent you come back yet Mengmeng misses you.”

“MaMa missed you too.

Give MaMa a kiss,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Mua.” Mengmeng was very clever and gave several kisses.

Then she spoke with a soft voice and said, “MaMa, PaPa and I are playing with Dahei, Little Hei, and Dajin in that paradise.

Mengmeng gave them a lot of toys to play with.”

“Really Then MaMa will play with you when I get back.”

“Okay! Oh, MaMa, please come back soon.

When you come back, we can take Big Heihei and Little Heihei to the amusement park.” Mengmeng pouted her pink mouth and said.

“Take them to the amusement park” Zi Yan was slightly bemused and retorted in her mind.

That guy is really good at cheating children.

Take a gorilla and a dog to the amusement park.

How is that possible

“Uh-huh, were going to take Big Heihei and Little Heihei to the amusement park to play together.

They havent been to the amusement park yet.

They were so happy to hear that.

PaPa said we will go there when you come back,” Mengmeng said very seriously.

“Then all right.

Lets go to the amusement park when MaMa returns,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Zhang Han, Zhang Han, when I come back, if you cant do it, I will make sure to punish you.

After chatting with Zhang Han and Mengmeng, Zi Yans mood gradually improved.

After chatting with Mengmeng for more than ten minutes, Zi Yan hung up the phone.

She stepped out of the bedroom and saw Zhou Fei leaning against the sofa with a sulky face.

“All right, Feifei, dont get angry with them.” Zi Yan walked over and sat next to her on the sofa, then chuckled and said, “You already told them they were pig-headed.

Why are you still angry”

“I am not angry with them,” Zhou Fei snorted, then sat up and said indignantly.

“Shit, I am angry with that old witch, Meiqi.

She just called…”

Before Zhou Fei finished, Zi Yans cell phone rang.

She took a look and noticed it was from Meiqi.

Zi Yan hesitated a moment before picking up the phone.

“Zi Yan, what the hell is going on with you” Meiqi said with an angry voice.

“Its not me.

They are the ones who went too far,” Zi Yan answered in a bland voice.

The truth was that Zi Yan didnt like to contend with others, but it did not mean that she would just stand there and bullied by others, nor did it mean that she was a coward.

“Do you think you are talented enough that you can do whatever you want Do you think you can go on this program and leave whenever you want Why dont you think about the company Look at your current ratings, they are not even as good as a third-rate star.

Do you think you could get on that show without my recommendation Wake up, you are not as popular as you were a few years ago.

Cant you think twice before doing something Do you know how big of a mess youve made You have offended Jiang Yuan TV Station.

Do you still want to continue developing in the entertainment industry If so, then go to the team and apologize right now!”

Meiqi said a series of words.

If it was a moment ago, Zi Yan would have been in a bad mood after being criticized like this.

But now, Zi Yan wrinkled her willowy eyebrows slightly and said with a very stiff voice,

“I did nothing wrong.”

“You did nothing wrong.

Then, is it my fault What are you trying to say Do you want to quit” Meiqi said furiously.

When Zi Yan heard Meiqis words, she was somewhat disappointed.

Meiqi had been very kind to her a few years ago, but now…was returning to Royal Entertainment Company the correct choice

Zi Yan was beginning to doubt it.

While holding her mobile phone, she coldly said, “I think my attitude has been clearly expressed.”

After she finished saying that, Zi Yan directly hung up the phone.

On the other end of the line, inside Meiqis office at the Royal Entertainment Company in Hong Kong.

When Meiqi heard the beeping sound from the mobile phone, she widened her eyes.

“You actually dared to hang up on me when your wings arent even strong enough to fly on your own”

At this time she was really a little angry.

“Haha, I like this kind of temper.

The more cold and arrogant she is, the more I want to conquer her,” Li Cheng was sitting on the visitor sofa and said with a meaningful smile.

“Her attitude is really determined.

But she seems to throw the handle after the blade.

Did we suppress her too much If we fall out with her…” Meiqi said slowly.

“Fall out What a joke!” Li Chengs eyes narrowed, then he sneered and said, “Dont forget that she signed a three-year contract with us.

Even if she wanted to leave, she couldnt afford the 300 million in penalties.

The drama is just beginning.

Call her later when she calms down and comfort her a little.

When she arrives in Shang Jing with high spirits, we will give her an even heavier blow.

After she realizes the reality, I think she will realize the importance of connections.

I am looking forward to the day when she begs me for assistance, haha…”

“Then, I will give her a call.” Meiqi rolled her eyes at Li Cheng as she laughingly picked up the phone and dialed Zi Yans number again.

“Hey, Zi Yan, I was too impulsive when I spoke to you earlier.

As you know, getting on a program is not easy now.

I understand what happened now.

What they said was really a bit too much.

Forget it this time.

Adjust your mood and do a good job on the Shang Jing program in a few days.

Well, good luck.

Elder Sister Mei will wait to hear good news from you…”



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