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Zi Yan naturally circled her arms around Zhang Hans neck.

When she realized this movement was somewhat ambiguous, her face suddenly turned red and she hid her face in Zhang Hans chest.

“Ha, ha.”

Zhang Han laughed and slipped toward the nearby chair with Zi Yan in his arms.

At this point, Zi Yans long hair fell like a waterfall and was slightly lifted over her shoulders by the breeze.

This glamorous scene gradually attracted a lot of peoples attention.

Judging from Zi Yans figure and her vague appearance, she was definitely a beauty, so some people envied that man for having such a beautiful girlfriend.

Some people felt warm.

They could not imagine how sweet it felt for a man to skate with his girlfriend in his arms.

For a couple to experience this kind of happiness, it required the man to have enough strength to carry his girlfriend.

Some people deemed that this scene was romantic, which gave them a pleasant feeling.

Of course, the main reason for this was that they were a good-looking couple.

If they were ugly, the scene would still be romantic, but would not be as pleasing to watch.

For people to feel pleasure while watching something, regardless of whether it was a human or an object, the view must be beautiful.

Among them, many young skaters cheered.

“Ho, ho!”

“Wow! Hes skating with a girl in his arms.

So awesome!”

“Thats amazing!”

“So handsome!”


However, their cheering embarrassed Zi Yan and a shy blush ran up her face to her earlobes.

If she raised her head, people would see her charming and gorgeous face.

“Ah, put me down quickly, or others will laugh at us.” Zi Yan drew out her left hand to make a fist and gently hit Zhang Han twice on his chest.

Zhang Han couldnt help imagining the scene: Ah! Small fists hammering against a large chest!

Zhang Han believed that plenty of people would be fascinated by Zi Yan if she did this while using a coaxing voice with a delicate expression.


Thinking about this gave Zhang Han goose bumps, but it wasnt possible for such a scene to occur.

That kind of coquettish woman usually only existed in fantasy, possibly in some extremely rare cases.

After all, the world was a wide place where wonders never ceased.

Women were capricious.

They had their sweet side, outrageous side, and wrongful side.

Sometimes they would even act like spoiled children, but Zhang Han had no idea whether Zi Yan would behave in this manner.

Zhang Han, therefore, expected to see Zi Yan acting bashfully.

Zhan Han arrived at a bench while still thinking.

“Idiot, put me down now!” Zi Yan pouted.

Hearing her words, Zhang Han put Zi Yan on the bench.

His movement was so gentle that Zi Yan felt his concern.

After Zi Yan was seated, Zhang Han took their shoes, which were under a bench ten meters away, and changed into them.

Then, they just sat quietly without saying anything, enjoying the warm feeling.

Two minutes later.



They unexpectedly started to speak at the same time.

Zi Yan could not help laughing at this point.

She grinned with her clear beautiful eyes staring at Zhang Han and did not say anything.

Zhang Han chuckled and said, “Last time when I talked with my sister about Mengmengs birthday, I thought about the problem with her registered permanent residence.

Wheres her registered permanent residence Besides that, her name hasnt changed, and I…”

“You” Zi Yan widened her eyes in shock.

What does he mean Is he subtly asking to be added to the register Wouldnt three people make it a family Is he proposing to me

“Nice try!” Zi Yan gave him an angry stare.

“What” Zhang Han suddenly froze.

Why did Zi Yan refuse him so directly

“Whatever it is you want, I cant oblige you right now,” Zi Yan said with a snort.

“Youve only been in contact with Mengmeng and me for a little more than a month, so I cant agree to change Mengmengs registered permanent residence yet.

I have to examine you for a period of time.

Im concerned you might just be pretending and will change into a brute in the future.”

“Erm…” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan with a dumbfounded expression.

After thinking for a while, he understood of Zi Yans thoughts.

He actually intended to inquire about Mengmengs birthday and her name.

However, judging by Zi Yans attitude and words, she would agree sooner or later, even though she refused this time.

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Why dont we change Mengmengs name first And, when is her birthday”

“The name may as well be changed when our account is transferred to Hong Kong.

As for Mengmengs birthday, it is on October 27th in the lunar calendar and December 13th in the solar calendar,” replied Zi Yan.

After she finished speaking, Zi Yan stared at Zhang Han with her beautiful, unblinking eyes, as if to remind him of something.

“Oh, it is only about one and a half months until October 27th.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed slightly and he was already thinking about what birthday present he would give Mengmeng.

After that, Zhang Han fell silent and did not ask any more.

However, his behavior dissatisfied Zi Yan.

She suddenly stood up and snorted,

“Im going to buy some ice cream.”

After that, she went straight to the mall and acted as if she was ignoring Zhang Han.


After a short pause, Zhang Han burst into laughter.

The goddess was dissatisfied with his disregard for her birthday!

Zhang Han laughed, then picked up the skates and followed her.

He, however, did not intend to ask Zi Yan about her birthday because surprises would usually bring good results.

Zi Yan bought a total of ten ice creams with different flavors and then went upstairs.

Zhang Han put the skates on the shoe rack and went up to the second floor.

The two kids were sitting on the sofa fiddling with toys instead of running around.

“Ow, it took you so long to buy ice cream.

Its been over an hour.


Although there were outsiders present, Zhou Fei could not help joking with them.

“I see, I see.” Wang Jiawen looked at Zhang Han, then put on a meaningful look that men all would understand.

In his view, Mr.

Zhang must be very happy as Zi Yans husband.

Afterall, Zi Yan had such an enchanting figure, paired with such a delicate and beautiful face.

As a man, he certainly understood what had happened.

Moreover, he also knew that absence made the heart grow fonder.

It was unlikely for them to take time to flirt since Zi Yan had just returned from a business trip.

As for Zi Yan, she felt hot when she caught sight of Wang Jiawen.

What was she thinking

Zi Yan pursed her lips, then glanced at Zhou Fei and said, “We just went roller skating.”

“Roller skating Gee.”

Zhou Fei put on an expression that obviously said “You two skated in bed”, but she just made fun of them.

She certainly knew that the two of them would not have moved forward so quickly because Elder Sister Yan was very conservative.

“Ice cream! I want to have two!” Wang Yihan did not care about anything.

Her eyes were fixed on the food bag in Zi Yans hand.

“Uh-huh, I, Ill eat one.” Mengmeng pouted.

Every time PaPa took her out, he allowed her to eat one ice cream.

No, less than one.

PaPa always took a big bite out of it.


Zi Yan distributed some ice cream to everyone and put the rest in the freezer.

After eating the ice cream, it was about ten oclock in the evening and Wang Yihan was actually willing to let Wang Jiawen take her home this time.

“Bye-bye, MengMeng, Uncle Zhang, Auntie Zi, and Auntie Zhou.” Wang Yihan acknowledged them in succession.

After agreeing to visit Mengmeng again in a few days, she left.

After they left, Zi Yan glanced at the clock and said, “Ill go to the bedroom and tidy up my clothes.

Mengmeng, you can play a little longer.

Well go to bed when Mama finishes tidying up.”

“I see.” Mengmeng gave a clever response.

Zi Yan smiled, then got up and walked to the bedroom.

The wardrobe, which was as large as the entire wall and six meters long, was filled with her clothes.

It was no exaggeration to say that there were at least two hundred sets of clothes inside, and she had brought a lot with her this time.

She reckoned that she would need to unpack a few suitcases of clothes.

Zi Yan came into the room to unpack a bit while Zhang Han sat on the sofa.

He gently patted Zhou Feis arm and whispered, “Do you know when Zi Yans birthday is”

“Birthday Gee.” Zhou Fei raised her eyebrows and said, “What do I get out of telling you”

“Ill give you whatever you want.” Zhang Han chuckled.

“How can I ask for a reward You should take the initiative,” Zhou Fei said with a smile.

“Then Ill give you a car.

You can choose whichever one you like.

It doesnt matter how much it costs, ok” Zhang Han said casually.

“Ha, ha.

Youre so generous and straight-forward.” Zhou Fei grinned and said, “Very well, you can owe me one for now and Ill get it later.

So, Ill tell you her birthday.”

While speaking, Zhou Fei leaned over and whispered in Zhang Hans ear, “Its almost time.

Elder Sister Yans birthday is in a few days.

Her birthday is on September 15th of the lunar calendar and October 26th on her ID card.”

“Its almost here.” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.

He had to prepare for Zi Yans birthday.

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