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For Mengmeng, the times when PaPa and MaMa accompanied her were the happiest.

In the past few years, she had always imagined that her Daddy was a hero in her mind.

After seeing him, the little princess felt really happy since her PaPa was a superhero.

Because she had not seen him since she was born, she instantly became clingy, which delighted Zhang Han.

He felt motivated in whatever he did for Mengmeng.

At about 10:30, Zhao Feng brought the ingredients over.

Zhang Han went downstairs and took a small portion of the ingredients, leaving most of the beef for Zhao Feng to take back to Xu Yong and others.

“By the way, master, I found a building, whose location and layout are great.

I asked the others to take some pictures to show you.” Zhao Feng took out his mobile phone and opened the photo album for Zhang Han to take a look.

After looking at a few of the photos, Zhang Han knew where this building was.

Although he did not care much about it, this building was indeed good.

Zhao Feng introduced it to Zhang Han while leafing through the photos.

“It was originally a CBD building, with a total of 17 floors.

The pattern inside is very suitable, especially the detached five-story building, which can be used for entertainment venues such as bars.

However, I think the most striking feature is the large square on the right of the small building.

Zhang Li wants to be a DJ, right I looked into it specifically and found out that there are some outdoor DJ squares in the area…”

“Great!” Zhang Hans eyes narrowed.

Before Zhao Feng even finished speaking, he nodded and praised him.

“This idea sounds great.

Do as you said, but I have a request.”

“What is the request” Zhao Feng asked.

“You need to use the best facilities and decorations.” Zhang Han gave a bland response.

“Okay.” Zhao Feng nodded and said, “Then Ill arrange for the official bid first, which will be held three days from now.

Also, the bidder has to rent it for at least five years…”

“Dont tell me about matters that can be solved with money.

Just let me know if the money starts running out.” Zhang Han casually waved his hand.

After hearing what he said, Zhao Fengs lips quivered.

He wanted to say something but failed.

He repeatedly sighed with emotion: Master is really a superior expert who regards money as dirt!

He was not pretending to be indifferent.

He really did not care about money.

Because of that, he exuded a feeling of great confidence.

Money was not an obstacle.

As long as Zhao Feng needed some, he could give it to him directly.

Ordinary people were not as domineering as he was.

Everyone knew that it was difficult to make money, but it was easy for some people.

Of course, for some special people, they were bold and had ways to earn a large quantity of money by simply moving their hand.

After all, the money was in the bank.

However, those who dared to do it all went to jail.

“Ill get to work, master.” Zhao Feng said, then slightly nodded his head.

He was preparing to hold a training camp for Ah Hu and the others in the next few days.

Since they quickly acquired the necessary knowledge, they were able to master some basic movements and would be able to learn the in-depth knowledge later.

It would take a long period to cultivate martial artists who were well rounded and superior to an elite squad of soldiers.

Although they cultivated at an incredible speed, they still had a long way to go.

“Go.” Zhang Han smiled at Zhao Feng.

Zhang Han always believed in his own judgment, and Zhao Fengs actions had proven that he could significantly save Zhang Han time and energy.

After Zhao Feng left, Zhang Han began to prepare lunch.

In general, the best steak came from Kobe beef, which was a 5A beef that was usually only about five kilograms, but Zhang Han ignored this notion.

The whole cow was of the best quality.

It was no exaggeration to say that even its asshole would be delicious.

Therefore, Zhang Han did not specifically set aside anything like with the chicken wings.

He just directly began to cut the steak with a knife.

Generally speaking, there was a complex procedure when cutting steak, but Zhang Han did not follow it.

Once the knife was in his hand, he just chopped the beef into steaks.

Some parts of a cow were more suitable for steak.

For instance, ribs.

They were a standard ingredient in fried steak because they were chewy and didnt have a delicate taste, which was completely different from beef tendon, which was harder to chew.

And the famous filet mignon, which was considered to be the best cut of steak, was made by using the tenderest loin.

This part of beef had less fat content and was suitable for making medium-rare steaks.

The sirloin steak was from the part of the loin with a little fat and a layer of white beef tendon on the outer ring, which was very chewy.

Zhang Han did not select parts that would normally be used for ribeye steaks.

He did not really understand the specific details and just knew which parts of the cow were delicious.

He cut several oval-shaped steaks from a few different parts, then placed them on the dinner plates and were seasoned them with a classic black pepper sauce, step by step.

Considering the current time, they would be able to enjoy them at noon.

Outside of the steaks, Zhang Han specifically prepared a nutritious dish for lunch, which was called tomato beef brisket soup.

To be precise, Zhang Han intended to make stewed beef brisket with tomato and sweet potato, which was both delicious and nutritious.

This dish was a specialty of his mothers.

It was eleven oclock when he finished cutting the beef brisket into small pieces and preparing all the other ingredients.

Zhang Han just started braising the beef brisket.

As he put the beef into the pot, a pleasant voice came from behind him.

“Do you need any help”

“Hmm” Zhang Han was slightly stunned and turned to look at Zi Yan, who was standing by the stairs.

He burst out laughing and said, “You Forget it, your delicate skin isnt suitable for cooking.”

“Hum, dont look down on me.

I can cook!” Zi Yan shouted, then puffed up her cheeks and widened her eyes.

In fact, what she paid attention to was the comment about “delicate skin”.

Although she glared at Zhang Han, she felt delighted.

“What kind of dishes can you cook Tell me,” Zhang Han said with a smile while cooking.

“I, I, I can… Its none of your business.

Hmph! Since you dont need any help, Ill go upstairs.

Youll be surprised when I show you this evening.” Zi Yan snorted and walked away.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and continued cooking.

Meanwhile, an idea appeared in his head.

They were gradually becoming a family.

It was 11:30.

“Zhang Han, someone is calling for you.” Zi Yan came down from the second floor with the cell phone which was ringing in her hand.

When she came to the corner and saw that there had been six people sitting at the white dining table, she quickly stepped back.

“Im coming.”

After washing his hands and wiping them with a towel, Zhang Han quickly walked towards Zi Yan.

The people at the small white dining table were attracted by their voices.

They looked at each other and shook their heads with emotion.

“Did you hear that That must be the voice of the bosss wife.

She could be a voice actress!”

“It sounds melodic and clear.

Im completely fascinated by this voice.

More importantly, the bosss wife is so beautiful.

Ha, ha.

The owner of the restaurant is so awesome.”

“Its impossible for you to get her, so you may as well wait for egg fried rice!”


For them, in addition to the delicious food in the restaurant, they also enjoyed seeing the lovely Mengmeng and getting a look at the bosss wife, who had an extremely enchanting figure, even though she always wore sunglasses and a hat, and occasionally listening to her intoxicating voice.

As for Zhang Han, he picked up the phone on the second floor.

He was somewhat surprised to find out it was Pearson, and he had some good news to tell him.

“Boss, boss, Im back with a large herd of Hungarian sheep-pigs! Im at the dock now.

Do you send someone to pick me up If not, Ill return to the restaurant with these pigs.”

“Ill send someone to pick you up.” After responding to him, Zhang Han hung up the phone.

He called Zhao Feng again and asked him to bring the sheep-pigs to the livestock area and feed them some Yang Qing Water.

At this point, Zhao Feng looked more like a housekeeper.

Just like the butler of the householder, who was highly respected and not inferior to direct descendants in a rich and powerful family.

Zhao Feng was obviously no longer an ordinary person.

He was destined to become a virtuous and talented man.

Liang Mengqi and the other members arrived right before 12 oclock.

As of now, Wang Qiang and Wu Liying, the old couple, had become accustomed to coming to dinner every day.

Wang Yihan also clamored to come to the restaurant every day.

As long as Su Yu was free, she would bring her over for lunch.

Upon entering the restaurant, Wang Yihan went to look for Mengmeng.

After learning that Mengmeng was upstairs, they also went upstairs.

Liang Mengqis and the other members eyes brightened when they were informed of the dish Zhang Han was cooking for lunch.

Steak was also their favorite food, and they were so excited at the thought that they could finally taste the steak cooked by the boss.

“I think I can eat a lot of steaks,” Yu Qingqing said while swallowing her saliva.

“Pay attention to your image.” Liang Mengqi snorted.

Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, she saw a figure with blond hair coming in the door.

She looked over and gave a light shout, “Pearson is coming.”

“Yo” Zhao Dahu put down his cell phone, turned around and glanced at Pearson, then gently twisted his waist and said, “Xiaopi, what have you been doing these days”

“I ran an errand for the boss!” Pearson answered proudly.

“What did you do”

“Buy pigs!”

After giving him an answer, Pearson walked to the kitchen bar with excitement.

He looked at Zhang Han and said in a low voice, “Boss, its all done.

This batch of pigs is top quality!”

While speaking, he gave a thumbs-up sign.

“Mmm.” Zhang Han nodded gently.

“By the way, boss, one of my colleagues obtained six truffles in Italy, three of which are black and the other three were white.

Are you interested in them” Pearson asked.

“Truffles” After a short pause, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Buy them and bring them back.”

“Okay, Ill contact him in this afternoon.” Pearson nodded after he finished talking business, then looked at the various steaks on the counter, which caused his eyes to light up.

He licked his lips and said,

“What excellent color, aroma, and taste.

These steaks look great.

The color is not inferior to the Kobe beef I ate.

Ha, Im going to enjoy a great feast today!”

While speaking, he glanced at Wang Qiang and his wife, then glanced around at every corner of the restaurant and did not find Wang Yihan, so he said with excitement,

“Shes not here Great! Ill borrow the membership card.”

When Zhang Han saw his expression, his eyes narrowed and he said faintly, “The kid is on the second floor.

You cant borrow the membership card.”


Pearson stopped all of a sudden and became stunned for ten seconds, then he put on a very sad look!

“Oh no! I cant try some this time Ah…” Pearson felt down and glanced at the seat beside Wang Qiang reluctantly.

Then he was going to step out.

He mumbled disappointedly while walking and said, “I will go line up…” .

After seeing what he did, Zhang Han chuckled.

He wiped his hands, then walked out of the kitchen and went to the bar with the laptop on it.

When Pearson was about to push open the door, Zhang Han said,

“Come here.”


Pearson was stunned.

When he looked over, his eyes gradually widened and his face was filled with great surprise!

He saw Zhang Han holding a black diamond-encrusted membership card with two of his fingers.

A membership card

Pearsons heart beat violently.

At this point, not only Pearson, but the six normal eaters felt somewhat nervous.

What is this Is the boss going to give away a membership card for once

Lin Xue, Liang Mengqi, and the other members all looked at what was happening with curiosity.

Under everyones gaze, Pearson walked over step by step.

His eyes were fixed on the membership card and never left it!

“Its your reward.”

As Zhang Han flicked his finger, the membership card flew to Pearson.

“Ouch, oh!”

Pearson was shocked.

After rushing to catching the membership card, he heaved a great sigh of relief.

This membership card occupied a high position in his mind, so he did not want to let it touch the ground.

“Thank you, boss.

Thank you, boss! Ill definitely do a good job in the future!”

Pearson was ecstatic at this moment.

He held the membership card, then moved it close to his mouth and kissed it around ten times before carefully putting it in his wallet.

As for Zhang Han, he ignored him and stepped back to the kitchen.

While staring at Zhang Hans back, they all sighed with emotion,

Did the boss give out a ten-million-yuan membership card so casually

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