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“Why am I bad”

Zhang Han also leaned over to Zi Yan and whispered.

As he spoke, a warm gust or air brushed past her ear, which made Zi Yan go limp.

“You! Hmph!” Zi Yan snorted and quickly stepped back.

Her face felt extremely hot, and she did not know if it was because of the mustard or because she was bashful.

“You two… gee!” Zhou Fei constantly sized them up with a playful gaze.

After a few seconds, she stopped bantering and began to eat.

All her attention was concentrated on dinner.

Because of the slice of pork, the flavor of spicy cabbage, and the garlic, the meat roll smelled great.

Juice from the lettuce would flow into the persons mouth after the first bite, and then the aroma of the meat would spread out.

The pork was roasted well.

Even though it was a little overbaked, the fatty meat was not greasy at all.

At the same time, the fragrance of lean meat immediately filled their whole mouth, while the spicy cabbage and garlic slices inside the roll contributed to a mixed flavor.

With pork as the main ingredient, spicy cabbage and garlic slices, which were a little spicy, as the auxiliary ingredient, its taste improved dramatically.

Especially the lettuce even helped removed the greasiness.

The whole roll tasted fresh and contained a meat flavor that conquered the stomachs of everyone there.

This dish was really simple.

It only required the streaky pork, spicy cabbage, garlic slices, and lettuce to be baked for 25 minutes at 200 degrees in an oven.

However, because the meat was somewhat overbaked, Mengmeng and Wang Yihan did not eat much.

After eating a few rolls, they began to nibble on the trotters.

After dinner, at about 9:30, Su Yu left with Wang Yihan.

After tidying up the restaurant, Zhao Feng also left because he had to go to the beach to train his men.

“Elder Sister Yan, I have to go too.

Would you like to visit the apartment Im renting” Zhou Fei casually picked up a bag and asked before leaving.

“No, thanks.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly.

She glanced at Zhang Han and said, “Why dont we go for a walk I ate a lot of meat tonight.”

“Are we going shopping” Mengmengs eyes lit up.

“Yes, were going to go shopping,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“Okay, go shopping.

Lets go!” Mengmeng jumped up on the sofa and stretched out her two small arms towards Zhang Han.

Zhang Han picked up Mengmeng, and then they prepared to take a stroll first.

They walked along the left side of the street.

After six or seven minutes, they arrived at a large shopping mall.

The shopping mall was named the New No.1 Department Store, in front of which was a square.

There were plenty of people walking around in it, and there were even some places for roller skating on one side.

The people who were skating reminded Zi Yan of the scene when she was skating with Zhang Han yesterday and the meaningful event when he carried her in his arms.

“Ah, come on, I wont stay here and be an eyesore since you arent paying attention to me.” Zhou Fei sighed softly, then waved her hands and said, “The apartment I rented is in the building that we just passed.

Ill go up and tidy it up first.”

“All right.” Zi Yan slightly nodded her head.

“You didnt even try to get me to stay.

Oh, I must not be attractive at all,” Zhou Fei said enigmatically, then turned to leave.

“PaPa, so many people.

MaMa, look over there, big balloons.

PaPa, PaPa, I want to eat ice cream.” Mengmeng was in Zhang Hans arms.

Upon seeing the ice-cream parlor on the first floor, she put her arms around Zhang Hans neck and kissed him on his cheek.

“PaPa will buy one for you.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Zhang Han! Did you forget what I told you” Zi Yan stared angrily at Zhang Han.

“Hey What did you say Oh, well, I remember.

You said that I shouldnt give Mengmeng whatever she wants…” Zhang Han said with his eyes narrowed.

“Hey, hey, hey! Stop!” ZI Yans beautiful eyes gradually widened, and she put on a murderous look.

“Uh” Mengmeng was stunned.

She stared on in doubt and said in a childish tone, “What did you say, MaMa”


Dont listen to your PaPa.

This bad guy is trying to sow discord!” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han angrily.

“Ha, ha, ha…” Zhang Han gave a hearty laugh while striding toward the ice-cream parlor with Mengmeng in his arms.

Zi Yan stood behind them, then puffed up her cheeks and slightly stamped on the ground, then muttered,


After saying that, she followed after them.

If Zi Yan took off her hat and glasses at this point, her face would be exceedingly fascinating and charming.

Zhang Han entered the ice-cream parlor and ordered a small ice cream.

“Go ahead.” Zhang Han handed the ice cream to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng took it joyfully and kissed Zhang Han on the cheek, then said happily, “PaPa, youre the best.

Take a bite of it first, uh… take a small bite.”

“Okay, Ill take a small bite.” Zhang Han smiled.

Because of its small size, he did not take a big bite.

He just bit off the tip of the ice cream.

“Coo, MaMa, have a try too.” Mengmeng handed the ice cream to Zi Yan.

“I wont eat any.” Zi Yan noticed that Zhang Han had eaten the tip of it.

“Uh-uh, no, MaMa also needs to take a bite.” Mengmeng insisted that the ice cream tasted great and she wanted MaMa to have a try.

“Mengmeng, go ahead, MaMa doesnt want to…” Before she finished speaking, Zi Yan realized that Mengmeng was somewhat unhappy, so she hesitated.

Anyway, this is not the first time!

“MaMa, just take a small bite.” Zi Yan smiled and approached the ice cream to take a bite on the side.

Then she glanced at it and found that she inevitably kissed indirectly with Zhang Han again.

This is really…

Zi Yan was speechless and coy at the same time, so she silently followed Zhang Han into the mall.

After entering the shopping mall, Zi Yan completely became a new person.

She was surrounded by a slight aura of coldness and gave the impression of a strong woman.

“Lets go to this Versace store.”

When they passed a high-end brand named store, Zi Yan took the lead and walked in.

“Hello maam, hello sir.

How may I help you” A shopping guide greeted them with a wide smile.

She was very enthusiastic because she noticed that Zi Yan carried a Hermes crocodile handbag worth hundreds of thousands of yuan, and what she was wearing was from internationally famous brands.

Although Zhang Hans clothes were relatively inferior, they were still high-end brands.

As a senior shopping guide, once she saw them, she knew that they were wealthy.

“Im just looking.” Zi Yan gave a bland response.

“Okay.” The guide nodded, and then followed them.

“This bag looks good.” Zi Yan picked up a leather bag and sized it up.

“My lady, you do have good taste.

This is Versaces latest crystal tiara handbag, designed by Master Ailay.

Because of the high cost, the price is 78,000 yuan…”

“Pack it up.” After saying that and putting the bag back, Zi Yan directly walked to the menswear department.

“Okay, okay.” The guide happily wrote it down on the list.

“This one, this one, this one, and this one.

Please pack these up according to his measurements.” Zi Yan pointed at several jackets.

“Ok, do you want to try on clothes first” The guides heart beat loudly as she asked.

“No, thanks.

Ill head to the checkout counter now,” Zi Yan replied crisply.

“Go to the checkout counter.

Buy them!” Mengmeng held up her left arm and cheered while eating ice cream.

“What size do you wear, sir” While leading the way to the front desk, the guide asked.

“2XL.” Zhang Han wanted to laugh.

Zi Yan was so straightforward when she bought clothes! He liked her more and more.

“Ok, the womens bag and four sets of menswear comes to a total of 156,000 yuan.

Card or cash”

“Card.” Zi Yan took out a golden bank card from her wallet.

After paying by credit card, Zi Yan said, “Please send the clothes tomorrow morning to…”

After they left the store, Zi Yan took the lead and rushed into the Armani store.

She selected a total of six or seven suits, casual clothes, and shirts, which cost a total of 250,000 yuan.

At this moment, Zhang Han finally realized how horrible women were when they were shopping.

“Thats enough.

I dont need so many clothes,” Zhang Han smiled and said.

“We should buy some more sportswear for roller skating.” Zi Yan snorted.

In fact, she would not have shopped so hastily if the mall was not closing soon.

After she finished speaking, Zi Yan took the lead and walked forward.

“Lets go shopping!”

Although Mengmeng did not select any clothes, she was also addicted to joining in the fun!

After buying some sportswear, Zi Yan glanced at the sign on the escalator and said,

“Lets go to the third floor.

I think you need a watch.

A man must wear a watch when he is out.” Zi Yan glanced at Zhang Han and headed for the escalator.

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, and then followed her up with Mengmeng in his arms.

He did not say anything since he did enjoy the feeling of receiving stuff from Mengmengs mother.

It made him feel very warm inside.

“Please tell me about this watch.”

At the Patek Philippe store, when Zi Yan saw this mens watch, her eyes slightly brightened.

“Madam, this is Patek Philippes 5271P-001 watch, with various complex functions from the chronograph series.

Its a very high-end watch with automatic mechanical movement, a round shape, an alligator skin watchband, a black dial, and a platinum case.”

A tall beautiful guide introduced it eloquently,

“Its 41mm in size and has a versatile style.

It has a transparent bottom and a fold-over locking clasp.

Besides that, the face is made of sapphire crystal glass while its bezel is made of platinum, and the watch needles are like willow leaves.

It is very in line with this sirs detached temperament.”

“I seldom wear a watch now…” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and said.

He did not pay much attention to what he wore now.

As long as the clothes were clean and casual, he would be satisfied.

Moreover, he did not care about watches and belts either.

After all, his horizons had already expanded beyond this level.

“Ill buy this one.”

Before Zhang Han finished speaking, Zi Yan directly replied.

He certainly needed to dress well since he was Mengmengs father after all.

But when she arrived at the checkout counter and found out that it cost 1.96 million yuan, Zi Yan slightly pursed her red lips.

She had not been so extravagant in years.

“Let me see your hand,” Zi Yan said to Zhang Han with the watch in her hand.

Zhang Han obediently held out his hand.

After helping him wear the watch, Zi Yan smiled with satisfaction,

“It looks great!”

A gentleman had to wear decent clothes, watches, belts, and leather shoes.

“Thank you.”

Zhang Han gave Zi Yan a meaningful look.

In truth, what he really wanted to say was…

Thank you for giving me a home!


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