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“Xu Yong, can I ask you some questions”

On the way to the beach, Zhao Feng said to Xu Yong, who was sitting in the passenger seat.

“Go ahead.

Its my pleasure.” Xu Yong responded with a smile.

“Do you know about business and management” Asked Zhao Feng.

“The concept of business is too general, and I dont know much about it.

But I was a department manager in a company in Shen Zhen a few years ago.” Xu Yong smiled and said, “What happened Do you want me to be a manager”

“Ive nailed down all the details about the former CBD building, but I cooperate with Liu Qingfeng, who will hold 10% of the shares.” Zhao Feng said after thinking for a while.


“Liu Qingfeng.”

“What the fu*k! Hes a business magnate! How did you cooperate with him” Xu Yong said with amazement.

“It is he who took the initiative to cooperate with me.

You know that we are of the martial arts world, and he is interested in the bosss strength and our development prospects.

So…” Zhao Feng simply told him what had happened.

After Xu Yong heard what he said, his eyes widened and he said,

“Thats great.

I can be the manager.

In fact, managers are people who make decisions and steer the direction of companies development.

With the assistance of Liu Qingfengs men, we will be highly efficient.

As for the thing you worries about, it absolutely doesnt matter.

His men will follow our orders.

Now that the contract has been sighed and Liu Qingfeng promised that he wouldnt intervene in company affairs, there will be no problem.”

“Be the CEO once the company is established.” Said Zhao Feng.

“Brother Feng, what about you” Xu Yong asked strangely.

“I have to follow the boss at any moment.

Moreover, Im not interested in being the CEO.” Zhao Feng shook his head.

Of course, he did not mean that he intended to give Xu Yong the company.

The CEO, as the leader of a company, had to perform company affairs, that was, he was just an employee.

Zhao Feng, however, as the chairman of this company, owned the final say over company affairs.

Furthermore, Zhao Feng did not care even if he gave the company to him, for they already had similar strength and he did believe in these fifty brothers.

“Ok, if you insist.

I also can satisfy a craving to be the CEO.

Ha, ha.” Xu Yong said with emotion, “I didnt expect that I would become the CEO of a company with a market capitalization of hundreds of million yuan though I just went out of underground forces less than a month ago.”

“With a market capitalization of hundreds of million yuan It should not be so low, because Chairman Liu changed the land for ten percent of the stakes, which meant that he brought ten percent of the shares with five hundred million yuan.” Seeing his eyes, Zhao Feng added.

“Five hundred million yuan…”

Xu Yong took a long time to come to his sense, and he gave a wry smile, “How much market capitalization is it It seems a lot.

Since the company is so big, can I be qualified for the job”

He had only been a department manager and thought that he only needed to be in charge of about one hundred staffs.

But now it seemed that it was not the case!

“I bet you can do it.” Zhao Feng chuckled.

“Well, does being the CEO mean that I dont need to be the captain of the team Ah Hu and Elder Meng also need me.” Xu Yong said after thinking for a moment, “Or else you can find a professional CEO.

Id better be the captain.”

“Whats wrong Why did you back out Everything takes practice.

I believe that Ah Hu and Elder Meng can do well without you.”

“Fu*k, why do I feel that you are belittling me”

“It certainly seems so.”

While Zhao Feng and his men headed for the beach.

Liu Qingfeng entered an office in the former CBD building and sat down.

“Xiao Ling, give those contracts back and transferred the senior management personnel from Longxing Company in Xi Hang City.

Before coming, they should be trained to be stricter and more disciplined.

They must understand how to assist others.” Liu Qingfeng waved his hand and said.

Every time when he made a decision, he was composed and sober-minded.

As an entrepreneur, Liu Qingfeng was really something since he had come this far.

However, Xiao Ling was rational.

At this time, she nodded and then said hesitantly,

“Chairman Liu, you have the absolute right to control the Longxing Company, and those managers are also cultivated for several years.

Will they have an opinion Moreover, transfer these people at once, what about Longxing

“Just improve welfare.

As for Longxing, it develops steadily now.

You are responsible for deploying the personnel from companies in other nearby cities.” Said Liu Qingfeng.

“Okay.” Xiao Ling never asked the same question twice.

“Tian San, inquire about the restaurant, then figure out what Mr.

Zhang likes, what hobbies he has and what he needs.” Said Liu Qingfeng.

“Okay.” Tian San nodded his head.

After giving the orders, Zhao Feng asked the two of them to leave.

He leaned on the office chair, closed his eyes and rested his mind.

Meanwhile, he muttered,

“This trip to Hong Kong is really a surprise.”

Five hundred million yuan was nothing for him.

Through this cooperation, he built a good relationship with Mr.


In the future, as long as he kept in touch with him and have further cooperation with him, he would be able to go up to the next level.

At this moment, inside Mengmengs Leisure Restaurant.

Zhang Han and Mengmeng were sitting on the sofa on the first floor watching TV, but this time they were watching a new issue of My Voice broadcast last Sunday rather than animation.

“PaPa, PaPa, how does MaMa get into the television” Seeing Zi Yan on the TV, Mengmeng asked with amazement.

“Because of your mothers show.” Explained Zhang Han.

“Hey, MaMas show.

MaMa is the most beautiful.” Mengmeng said in a childish tone while pointed to the TV, “No one is prettier than MaMa.”

“You cant say so.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, “Compared with your mother, they are somewhat ugly.

However, as comedians, they dont need to be as beautiful as your mother.”

“Er Be ugly” Mengmeng stared at the TV for a while with her big bright eyes and muttered, “Um, hu-huh.

They are a little ugly.”

Zhang Han and Mengmeng were watching TV.

Every time when Mengmeng saw Zi Yan, she would hum happily.

As for Zhang Han, he was leaning on the sofa with a lazy look.

He found that Zi Yan was conversable when she was on the show and could talk with the host at a proper time.

However, the most attractive part of her was her temperament.

Zi Yan acted like a goddess, a fairy who was otherworldly.

She was a pretty lady with a beautiful voice and smiled occasionally, making everyone obsess.

A thing was valued if it was rare.

Because Zi Yan seldom smiled when she was at work, she caught others eyes every time when she smiled.

The show ended successfully.

After finishing watching the program, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and searched for the news about Zi Yan.

He found that there was a lot of news about Zi Yan in various headlines, most of which said that Zi Yan returned.

As Zhang Han had nothing to do, he opened the Weibo and checked the number of Zi Yans follows.

It had reached 12 million.

Then he took a look at the number of his own follows.

It was 65 million.

It seemed a little bit funny.

He finally had more than 60 million followers though he just wrote some songs for some singers.

He was indeed unintentional.

However, he was not interested in the number.

The only reason why he looked at the Weibo was about the second birthday present for Zi Yan.

Zhang Han mulled for a few days over the second gift.

The gift was very simple, just ten songs.

However, every single one of the ten songs was a hit song which was qualified to be a title track.

Zhang Han did not intend to give this present to Zi Yan face to face, for the process he had considered was really great.

Zhang Han was going to send them with his own Weibo account.

He thought it would be very interesting if Zi Yan inadvertently found out that he was Hanyang in the future.

He did not bother with these ten songs, because he kept them in mind.

At this time, he was thinking about the “performance” that he had to give on Zi Yans birthday.

It never rained but it poured.

Zhang Han planned to confess his love for her.

“Well be a family soon.”

At this point, both Zhang Han and Zi Yan fell in love with each other.

As long as he professed his love for Zi Yan, he believed that they would be closer.

Although Zhang Han was very casual, he took something seriously.

Because many things came only once in a lifetime, he did not want to let Zi Yan or himself regret.

Simultaneously, on the beach in front of New Moon Bay in the afternoon.

Under the scorching sun, everyone felt hot, but Zhao Feng and the other 50 people were trying their best to practice various postures.

Zhao Feng had already realized the great strength of the simplified version of Big Dark Devil Shadow.

As for Cangyun gymnastics, although it was not very complicated, it would help Ah Hu and others improve their strength.

After two hours of training, everyone was sweating and felt very tired.

Zhao Feng checked the time, finding it was around five oclock and close upon dusk, so he said, “Remain where you are and take a break.

Drink a bottle of water to restore physical strength.

Half an hour later, well start the single fights in the jungle in front of you.”

“Great! I must win this time!” Yelled Ah Hu.

“You wont take the first place because I also take part in the battle.” Elder Meng curled his lips.

“Ha, ha.

Once I enter the jungle, I will defeat both of you first.” Xu Yong twisted his mouth and said.

“Three boors actually want to take the first place Sorry, I will win again.” Leng Yue pouted and sneered.

Seeing that everyone was full of high spirits, Zhao Feng did not prepare to talk nonsense.

As soon as he drank up a bottle of water, the phone in the bag next to him rang.

Zhao Feng walked over, picked up the phone and found that Instructor Liu was calling.

Remembering that Instructor Liu asked him to join in the single fights last time, he answered the phone,

“Instructor, do you want me to help you and join in the single fights”

“No.” Instructor Lius voice was a little weak and he said, “The single fights were all over today.

A total of 63 people and 25 of them who fought against Dragon Eagle were all seriously injured.

Alas, dont talk about this.

Where are you I am going back to the Southern District now.

Lets have a drink.”


Im on the beach on the east side of New Moon Bay and Ill send you my location.

How long will you arrive” Asked Zhao Feng.

“It will take me two more hours to get to the New Moon Bay and Ill reach the beach after two and a half hours.

Damn it, I got so angry with Tai Ritian.

Forget it.

I tell you… Forget it.

Lets talk about it when we meet.

Send me your location.”

Finishing those words, Zhang Han directly hung up.

Listening to his tone, Zhao Feng shook his head with a wry smile.

Since Instructor Liu was a frank man, he raged when he was angry and would show his anger on his face immediately.

He was not forbearing, but he cooled down quickly.

After putting the phone back into the bag, Zhao Feng thought for a moment and said: “Xu Yong, Ah Hu and Elder Meng, give you a task.”


“Go to the mountain to take two sheep and clean them up.

Lets bake the sheep here.

In addition, buy some liquor and beer.

You three take responsibility for these things.

Others will go with me to the jungle and join in the single fights.” Said Zhao Feng.

Therefore, Xu Yong, Ah Hu and Elder Meng went to the mountain to prepare ingredients, while Zhao Feng took the other people to the jungle.

However, because they, the three powerful men, did not join in the fights, many people in the crowd were excited, and they were ready to win the first prize!

“Enter the jungle and dont stand close first.

Listen to my whistle after five minutes.” Zhao Feng pressed the stopwatch in his hand and said.

As soon as he finished speaking, more than forty people swarmed into the jungle, dispersed, and ran inside.

After more than one minute, the jungle quieted down.

At this moment, it seemed that an ambush on all sides was on in this silent and dim jungle.

When the stopwatch in Zhao Fengs hand-timed five minutes, he took a deep breath and blew the whistle.


The crisp whistle sounded in the jungle.

After the whistle that presented the beginning of the fights was heard, they rustled through the jungle, like wolves which were lurking and hunting.




Every few minutes, a vague scream was heard in the jungle.

The people who were subdued left the battlefield quickly and went up to Zhao Feng to wait for the result.

Gradually, more and more people gathered around Zhao Feng.

When there remained only four people in the jungle, Zhao Feng showed his interest.

Leng Yue was still one of the four tops, but Zhao Feng did not know what was her position.

The time passed quickly, and after more than half an hour, two men came out with a wry smile, “Sister Leng Yue is good at hiding.”

“Are both of you defeated by Leng Yue” Zhao Fengs eyes narrowed.


Im very careful, but I still cant stand sister Leng Yues ghostly skill.” A man said helplessly.

Another man thought for a while and added, “I just thought that sister Leng Yue is like a ghost in the jungle.

I hid under a tree and held my breath, but sister Leng Yue came down from the tree and defeated me.

Its really incredible.”

“Oh” Zhao Fengs eyes lit up.

He looked at the crowd around him and said, “Who else is defeated by Leng Yue If any, raise your hand.”

The instant he finished his words, they looked at each other, then 16 or 17 people raised their hands.

So many

Zhao Feng was stunned all of a sudden and his heart beat faster at this moment.

“Leng Yue!”

Zhao Feng whispered, “I probably found a talent!”

This was really a surprise.

He had never imagined that among the six women, there was a talented person with such a strong strength!

Therefore, Zhao Feng looked at the jungle expectantly.

He did not know if Leng Yue could win the first this time.

Under peoples gazes, two men slowly came out of the jungle.

They were Leng Yue and a brush cut man.

“Brother Feng, I also lost.

I truly convinced Leng Yue.

Shes really powerful.” Brush cut man said and admitted defeat candidly.

“Great!” Zhao Feng looked at Leng Yue with a smile and took the lead applauding.

Others also began to clap in succession.

At this point, the edge of the broke out in applause.

As for Leng Yue, who was always calm, also smiled at this time.

This honor was the exchange of her efforts!

Everyone could not succeed easily, and the pennies from heaven were also traps.

One could never succeed unless he worked hard.

Obviously, Leng Yue was such a person.

“Leng Yue, you really surprised me.

Youre so awesome.

I also have the idea of joining in the fights to compete against you.” Zhao Feng laughed.

“Im flattered.” Smiled Leng Yue.

“Well, they all describe you like a ghost in the jungle.

It seems that you are talented.

Have you ever learned this knowledge” Zhao Feng asked curiously.

“Ive studied geological exploration before and has a better understanding of the environment.” Replied Leng Yue.

“I see.” Zhao Feng nodded and praised, “You are very talented since you apply this knowledge to the battle.

Very good.

You are well worth praising and I hope other people can learn from Leng Yue.

Ok, lets go back to the beach to have dinner now.”

Then they marched back to the beach.

After two hours of preparation, the two roast whole sheep had been cooked and were being roasted slowly.

The glossy sheep and its fragrance made people drool uncontrollably.

“Who won this time” Ah hu stood up and asked.

“Leng Yue.”

“Sister Leng Yue.”

Many people answered.

“Ha, ha.

this is expected.

After all, no one can suppress her beside me.” Said Ah Hu while shaking his head.

“Brothers Hu, you were defeated by sister Leng Yue last time.” One of the women reminded.

“I was careless last time.

Next time, I will show you my real strength.” Ah Hu said confidently.

“Ha!” Leng Yue sneered and said, “Next time I will destroy your teeth!”

“Ahem, ahem.

Im just joking.

Im just joking.” Ah Hu said with an embarrassed smile.

In fact, he was engrossed in the battle, but he still was defeated by Leng Yue.

He also admired Leng Yues incredible skill.

As a female, she was worth learning because she was so powerful.

His expression provoked many people to laugh.

Two sheep were being roasted, surrounded by some small tables which were commonly used on the bed.

On the tables placed some dipping condiments and vegetables such as cucumbers, and there were a lot of tins of beer and small bottles of under the tables.

After everyone sat down, Zhao Fengs cell phone rang.

When he picked up the phone, he looked at the road in the distance.

He saw vaguely a car being parked in that place, and Instructor Liu getting out of the car and walking over.

“Im going to pick him up.” Zhao Feng got up to meet him.

“Its quite lively here.

I just want to have a drink with you, so you dont need to send so many people to receive me.

Xiaofeng, why arent you as candid as you used to be You only attach importance to form now.”

As Instructor Liu approached Zhao Feng, he said with anger,

“Hey Instructor, calm down! They dont intend to receive you.

They trained here.” Zhao Feng responded with a smile.

“Training What do you practice” Asked Instructor Liu.

“Of course, we carry on all kinds of combat training.

They are all of my security company, so they should be well trained.” Zhao Feng looked at the crowd with satisfaction while walking forward.

“Its better to hire some veterans directly than train these people.

How long does it take for ordinary people to get somewhere if you train them in this way” Instructor Liu curled his lips.

“Instructor, dont underestimate them.

Why dont you pick two people to fight against later” Zhao Feng showed his interest.

Most of these peoples strength had surpassed Instructor Lius.

If Instructor Liu promised to compete with them, he might be trampled terribly.

“Oh, what the fu*k.

How overweening you are.

You are my defeated opponent, so how do you ask the people you teach to fight against me Im to win!” Instructor Liu gave Zhao Feng an angry stare.

As they approached the crowd, Instructor Liu vaguely heard some people in front speaking in a loud voice.

They said that they just had a bush fighting and that Leng Yue was very powerful.

Bush fighting Live CS

Instructor Liu felt a little funny.

When the two of them came close to the crowd, everyone stopped talking and looked at them.

“Let me introduce you, this is my former instructor.

You can call him Instructor Liu.” Zhao Feng introduced him to everyone.

“Hello, Instructor Liu.”

“Hello, Instructor Liu!”

Everyone nodded and greeted him.


Im on good terms with Xiaofeng, so you dont have to be polite and cautious.

Dont treat me as a leader.” Instructor Liu waved his hand.

“Instructor Liu, are you more formidable than Brother Feng” Zhao Feng said with a smile while looking at Instructor Liu.

“Without a doubt.

I have beat him several times!” Instructor Liu answered with certainty.

“Really Brother Feng said that you are not a patch on him!” Ah Hu made some funny remarks.

“Sh*t!” Instructor Lius eyes widened and he said in anger, “Dont listen to his brag.

Im his instructor.

He begged for mercy before.”

Hearing Instructor Lius words, they began to kick up a fuss.

Everyone, who used to be the member from background forces had a good impression for him since he said optionally and simply.

“Just have a try.” Let us witness how powerful Instructor Liu is!” Xu Yong stood up and started to create a disturbance.

“Ha! Ill try.” Instructor Liu took off his coat directly and said, “Keep your eyes open to look at me, you guys! Come on, Xiaofeng, you will be dominated again!”

“Is that okay” Zhao Feng glanced at the crowd.



Everyone present stood up to form a semicircle and screamed.

“Dont talk nonsense.

Hurry up.

Im upset now and need to find an outlet in abusing others.” Instructor Liu, standing in front of Zhao Feng, urged.

“Er… are you sure” Zhao Feng held in his laugher, then he said while looking at Instructor Liu.


“Come on, instructor, Ill try not to fight back.”

Zhao Feng grinned and reached out his hand to Instructor Liu.

The next moment, he shook one of his fingers to make a provocative gesture.

“What the fu*k.

Do you become grumpy Take this!”

Instructor Liu moved and rushed to Zhao Feng with tremendous momentum.

He tried to kick Zhao Feng when he was close to him.

However, Zhao Feng remained calm in the face of his kick.

He did not bend over backward until Instructor Lius leg almost touched him, and he avoided the kick with a somewhat weird posture.

But Instructor Liu was experienced.

As soon as he failed to kick him, he turned around to accumulate power.

Then he lifted his leg high again and put down it.

However, when his foot was about to fell, Zhao Fengs body drew a circle and he escaped again.

When Instructor Liu saw what had happened, his eyes widened.

He stepped onto the ground and squatted down, intending to kick Zhao Feng with his left leg.

At this time, Zhao Feng jumped up and did a backward somersault to avoid his attack.

Instructor Liu launched strikes constantly, while Zhao Feng avoided him easily.

After fighting for more than one minute, Instructor Liu was stunned.

He did not touch Zhao Fengs clothes.

What happened


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