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Deepwater Bay was a bay in Hong Kong.

It was located in the south of Zhu Keng District on south island and was a bay with a deep concave shape that had become a famous place for yachting.

The Deepwater Bay Yacht Club was one of the large yacht clubs in the Deepwater Bay area.

Zhang Han drove all the way to Zhu Keng District.

While waiting for the traffic light, Zhang Han inadvertently saw a supermarket on the roadside.

He parked the car on the roadside, looked at Zi Yan and said, “Wait for me here.

Ill go buy something.”

“What are you going to buy” Zi Yan asked.

“Youll find out later.” Zhang Han smiled.

He got out of the car and walked to the supermarket quickly.

Three minutes later, Zhang Han walked back with a plastic bag.

When he got in the car, Zi Yan looked at the plastic bag curiously and asked, “Whats inside”


Zhang Han smiled and handed the bag over.

He stepped on the gas pedal and said, “Youre on your period, right We will get wet when we go to the sea.”

He knew this was common sense thanks to Zhang Li.

Women could also swim when they were having a period, but they had to use tampons.

If the temperature of the water was not too low, they could play as usual.

“Oh, okay.” Zi Yan blinked and bit her lower lip lightly.

Then, she said meaningfully, “You are so considerate.”

“Haha.” Zhang Han, who naturally got what she meant, smiled and said directly, “I want to see you in a bikini.”

Zi Yan snorted and felt her face get a little hot.

She quickly turned her head and looked out of the car.

Then, she took a look at the plastic bag and muttered, “I dont need that much.”

“Just in case,” Zhang Han answered with a smile.

Zi Yan muttered again.

Although Zhang Han didnt hear clearly what she said, upon looking at that cute face, he couldnt stop laughing.

They arrived at the Deepwater Bay Yacht Club.

Its office building was located on the shoreline.

When Zhang Hans car stopped, the employee who was ready to welcome them curled his lips.

“Its the first time I see such a cheap and small car here,” the male employee said to himself.

There was no sarcasm in his words.

He was just a worker here, so he didnt even have a car.

He just felt that this customer wouldnt spend so much at this place.

“Wow! This chick is so hot!”

After seeing Zi Yan get out of the car, the eyes of the man in the suit lit up.

She was eye-catching.

However, when he saw the man who got out of the drivers seat, he curled his lips again and muttered to himself.

“Obviously, all he has is his good looks.

This young man is handsome.

In this society, to win a beautys heart, you must be wealthy or handsome.

When can a man like me, who doesnt have a handsome face or a fat wallet, get a girlfriend Its really disappointing.”

Soon, Zhang Han walked in, holding Zi Yans hand.

Zi Yan was wearing a cap and a pair of sunglasses, while Zhang Han was wearing the same style of sunglasses as hers.

They were just like lovers sunglasses.

“Hello, sir.

What kind of service do you need” the man asked with a smile.

“Yacht,” Zhang Han replied.

“May I ask for how many people” the man asked again.

“The two of us.”

“Okay, sir, please sit here.” The man led Zhang Han and Zi Yan to the tea table nearby.

After they sat down, he took out some disposable cups and poured tea for them.

Then, he took out an ipad and opened the picture on it while saying, “Sir, I will introduce our yachts first.

This small OY01A Bavaria Virtress 420 is suitable for two people and has the best price/performance ratio.

Its also suitable for family activities.

The cost is 5,500 yuan per day for two people, including free water, an inflatable floating bed and an inflatable banana boat.

Sir, I suggest that you buy a couple packages for 12,800 yuan, which includes…”

“Tell us about the best ones directly,” Zhang Han said as he waved his hand.

“Ah Okay, no problem.” The man, who was stunned, quickly nodded his head.

He guessed that this young man must have not won the beautys heart yet, so he was willing to spend a fortune for her today.

The man realized that Zhang Han, who drove a little panda car, wasnt rich at all, but he had to spend a lot of money to please a girl.

He suddenly thought that Zhang Han was really pathetic.

However, upon looking at Zi Yans pretty face, he felt that everything was worth it!

She was so beautiful!

He silently gurgled.

The man secretly swallowed his saliva and quickly opened the picture.

“This LA13A Numarine 78 Flybridge Luxury Yacht is one of the best yachts here.

The daily rent is 48,000 yuan for eight hours.

There is air-conditioning, karaoke, facilities for music and other stuff included.

There is one room and a sightseeing place on the top.

The cab is at the lower floor.

The driver cant see anything on the top.

It absolutely has the greatest private space…”

The man thought that Zhang Han might be planning to do something romantic there, so he said this to them specifically.

Before the man had finished his words, Zhang Han nodded and said, “Thats it.”

“Okay, sir, please pay here.” The man was very happy.

He got up and led Zhang Han to the service desk.

He was so happy that he soon realized he had forgotten to tell them about the water games.

Thus, he stopped in his tracks and said hurriedly, “Sir, I wonder if you need any aquatic toys, like speedboats, banana boats, canoes, inflatable slides, inflatable trampolines, inflatable rocking boards, etc.

These are available at an extra charge.”

“Oh, are 100,000 enough” Zhang Han said casually.

“Ah” The man suddenly froze.

All these toys together cost only over 10,000.

100,000 were too much!

Thus, he said, “Thats enough.

Apart from that, there are some packages for drinks, including beer, red wine, soda…”

What he meant was that after paying the extra fee for the water games and the drinks, there would still be some money left.

When he was ready to pay the bill at night, they would return the money to this generous man.

However, Zhang Han unexpectedly interrupted him.

He waved his hand, took the phone, and said calmly, “Then I will give you 200,000.

You dont need to explain.

Just bring us everything.”

“Ahem, ahem…”

The man, who was shocked again, said in astonishment, “100,000 yuan is more than enough.

The money left is…”

While he looked at him, Zhang Han said calmly, “Your tip.”


The man felt like he had been struck by lightning.

He was so excited over his luck!

This good luck had come so suddenly.

He was so shocked that he froze there for a moment.

“Thank you for the tip, sir.

Thank you.

Please pay here,” the girl with the ponytail at the service desk responded quickly with great enthusiasm.

Upon seeing this, Zi Yan licked her lips silently.

The girl with the ponytail called a coach and two service staff members to arrange the best package for them and then asked them to take Zhang Han and Zi Yan to the yacht area.

After they left…

The man said excitedly, “Damn it! What an upstart! He just threw that money like trash! I really didnt expect that a man who drove such a cheap car could be so rich!”

“He drives that cheap panda car because he wants to experience life.

Are you really that naive How could such a beautiful woman be won over by a poor guy so easily” The girl with the ponytail grinned.

“Haha, yes.

What you said makes sense.” The man scratched his head and smiled.

“Okay, he said that the extra money is a tip.

The price for the best service is 80,000, so the remaining 120,000 is a tip,” the ponytail girl said.

“Okay, since you saw that, Ill share it with you.

You get 30,000 and I get 90,000, how is that” the man said with a smile.

“Thanks a lot.” The girls eyes lit up.

“Sir, the one in the front is yours.”

The coach pointed to the yacht in the front as he spoke with enthusiasm.

When he took a glance over the bay ahead of them, he saw hundreds of yachts quietly parked on the sea.

At this pier were some yachts that were rented and ready to depart.

The luxurious yacht that Zhang Han had rented had two floors in total, one cab and one guest room.

The top deck was for viewing the scenery.

There were several comfortable reclining chairs where they could bathe under the sun.

If they felt that the sunshine was too strong, they could use the visor.

Yachts were generally loved by rich young men, who liked to take part in various parties and usually played on yachts.

Of course, ordinary tourists also liked to enjoy the beautiful scenery on the sea on a luxurious yacht, which could make people feel open-minded.

It was 9 oclock in the morning, so there were already many guests who had gone there to have fun.

There were several yacht clubs, so a lot of yachts were in motion on the sea.

“Are there swimsuits” Zhang Han asked while nodding.

“Yes, there are five mens and five womens swimsuits.

The styles of the womens swimwear are richer.

They are all bikinis of the latest style season,” the coach replied.

“Lets go up.” Although Zhang Han couldnt wait any longer, his tone made people think that he was still very calm.

However, Zi Yan, who was familiar with Zhang Han, understood his meaning.

Thinking about it made her a little shy.

She would get changed in front of him

No way.

Zi Yan licked her tips and followed Zhang Han to the yacht.

“The room below is the cab.

I will be here with the other waiters.

I will take you up to see the room first,” the coach said.

After taking them to the upper room, he took a bracelet from the next cabinet.

“This is an induction bracelet,” he said.

“There is a blue light and a red light on it.

When the waiter plans to come up to serve the drinks, the blue light will shine.

Sir, if you find this inconvenient, just press the blue light button.

We will wait for half an hour.

If you need anything, you can press the red light to call us at any time.”

“Oh, I know.” Zhang Han picked up the bracelet and put it on his wrist.

“Okay, then I will head down.

You can change into your swimwear first.

They are all in the closet inside,” the coach said before he went out.

“Uh… Then lets get changed first, shall we” Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan as he spoke.

“I wont! You, you… I havent said anything yet.

How could you be so extravagant” Zi Yan stretched out her hand and pinched Zhang Hans waist while saying, “You are wasting money!”

“Because I am happy.” Zhang Han smiled and reached out with his right hand.

He gently touched Zi Yans cheeks with his index finger and middle finger while saying, “It is just a number.

When you are with me, you only need to enjoy life and be my wife.”

“Who is your wife I… I have not agreed to marry you!” Zi Yan twisted her waist as she spoke just like a young girl.

Upon seeing her charming yet cute expression, Zhang Han almost couldnt control himself.

He laughed and said, “Then lets change into our swimsuits, okay Ill help you.”

“In your dreams! Ill get changed by myself.

You get out of here.” Zi Yans pretty face was slightly flushed.

She took Zhang Hans hand and pushed him out of the room.

Zhang Han waited for more than a minute.

“Are you finished I am coming in!”

After asking symbolically, Zhang Han opened the door and saw the scene behind it.

He instantly gurgled.


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