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“Oh, yeah, hahaha…”

On the inflatable trampoline, Zi Yan was like a child, sometimes screaming, sometimes laughing.

Zhang Han was beside her, cheering from time to time.

He liked very much how Zi Yan was like right now.

She was happy, relaxed, and carefree.

As calm as he was, under the influence of Zi Yan, he gradually became excited and enjoyed their time together.

After jumping for a while, Zi Yan was tired, so she naturally leaned in Zhang Hans arms, resting on the inflatable trampoline.

Two minutes later, they returned to the yacht and sunbathed on the reclining chairs on the top deck, sipping the Remy Martin, their reward for being No.1.

What a wonderful life!

At this time, almost all the yachts were nearby and people were also playing a variety of games.

There were also a few yachts going on a cruise.

On one yacht more than 10 meters away—

Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen were also playing on an inflatable trampoline.

They were jumping on it heavily.




They screamed and jumped for a while, only to find that they had no such feeling at all.

But the couple over there was playing so happily just now, which could be felt from their laughter and screams.

But over here, after having fun for a while, Zheng Chenyu looked at the shiny bald head of Huang Wen and then looked at the tall woman who was jumping over there.

He suddenly felt very bored.

There was no harm without comparison.

Since he had seen such a stunning beauty as Zi Yan, he just couldnt help looking at her that way.

He was unable to control himself, which directly made him unhappy while having fun here.

So after jumping for a few minutes, they just went back to the yacht, sipping cold drinks while looking in that way together.

“What are they doing over there”

“So curious!”

“I want to see it!”

“Oh, what a pity.

Why have I never seen such a beautiful woman before She is gorgeous.

Im falling in love with her!” Zheng Chenyu said sadly.

He tried to ignore his feelings for a woman he could not have, but deep inside, he was very depressed.

Why couldnt he meet such a beautiful single woman

Oh, so sad.

He wanted to say that such a good cabbage had been wasted by a pig, but he did not need to look in the mirror to know that that guy was much better than him.

Did he have to admit that he was even not as good as a pig

After hearing Zheng Chenyus words, Huang Wen nodded and agreed with him.

“Such a beauty.

I am also very tempted.”

“Then why dont you chase her, Brother Wen” The man with flattop haircut laughed.

“Cut the crap! I can feel that the handsome guy has a unique temperament.

He is not an ordinary person.

I have caused a lot of trouble for my family last month, and if I mess up again, my dad will definitely give me a good beating.” Huang Wen repeatedly shook his head.

“Ah Brother Wen, you made trouble last month What happened” another purple-haired man asked curiously.

In general, nobody would look good with purple hair.

This man was obviously the kind of person who always did what he wanted.

His skin was dark and his hair was purple.

It was an odd, and not very flattering, combination.

“Oh, I was just acting jealous.

I drank too much at the bar and then fought with a man.

I won the fight, only to find that that guy had a background.

Hes the nephew of a big shot in the Longcheng District.

My dad used his connections and spent a lot of money to settle this.

So Id better behave well these days.” Huang Wen sighed.


At this time, Zheng Chenyu suddenly sat up.

He looked at Zhang Hans yacht and said, “It seems theyre going to play another game.

What is that A banana boat.

I will go too.

Coach, prepare the banana boat soon.

I will go to have fun with them.”

Zheng Chenyu was very interested in the couple nearby.

He didnt know why, but he just wanted to play around with them.

Looking at them made him happy.

It was just that they were not willing to come and have fun with him.

“All right, since you wouldnt come to me…

“Ill come and play with you!”

With the idea of having fun happily, Zheng Chenyu chose to take the initiative to join them.

After he finished speaking, Huang Wen also echoed, “I am coming too!”

“Then you also choose a girl.

The four of us will sit in one banana boat,” Zheng Chenyu said.

A banana boat is an entertainment facility on the seas.

The boat is driven by the motorboat and it moves around the sea to make people experience the feeling of floating.

Generally, one boat can hold 3-4 people.

Moreover, its not dangerous and is mostly loved by children.

The reason why its called a “banana boat” is that the boat itself looks very similar to a banana.

Therefore, it is actually a hovercraft shaped like a banana.

Soon after, Zhang Hans banana boat was ready.

Zi Yan was still sitting in the front and Zhang Han was sitting behind her, holding her waist.

“Its about to begin!”

The coach prepared to drive the motorboat in the front and waved back before he started.

“Lets go!” Zi Yan responded loudly.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The motorboat started to move and it was getting faster and faster.

The banana boat behind it created waves of sea water in the front, bringing them quite a feeling of riding the wind and waves.

At this time, Zheng Chenyu and the others just put on life jackets and got on the banana boat.

After seeing Zhang Han had set off, Zheng Chenyu hurriedly shouted, “Hurry, catch up!”


They accelerated, yet the coach of Zhang Han in the front slowed down after seeing that!

Then Zheng Chenyu and the others behind them gradually caught up.

When they were about to catch up, Zheng Chenyu and Huang Wen shouted.

“Yeah, they are coming again!” Zi Yan turned her head and looked back, shouting, “Faster!”

It seemed that she was still in the rowing competition.

She looked very cute, making Zhang Han laugh again and again.

However, because of the deliberate slowing down of the coach, Zheng Chenyu and the others quickly joined Zhang Han and Zi Yan and moved ahead side by side.

They were separated by five or six meters.

“Wow!” Zheng Chenyu looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan, screaming, “Im a small electric motor!”

“Aha!” Huang Wen also screamed, but he went further.

He patted his shiny bald head with his right hand, shouting, “Im a reflective sun! Lets go!”

“Wow, Im a flying fairy!”

What surprised Zhang Han was that Zi Yan also shouted.

She was usually reserved and quiet, but she was so excited now.

Seeing this, Zhang Han also followed her.

He laughed a few times and said, “Im the fairys follower!”

“Poof… Hahaha…”

Zi Yan laughed happily and shouted to the coach in the front, “Faster! Faster! We have to surpass them!”

“Go, go, go!” Zheng Chenyu also shouted.

The two coaches of the motorboats in front looked at each other.


The two of them accelerated at the same time.

They began to cooperate.

They constantly swung to the left and right and made fancy movements.

When they were turning, it was like a dragon swaying its tail.

The banana boats made an arc as they turned and drove back very quickly.

They went back to the area near the yachts.

After playing this game, they continued to play other games.

They returned to their respective yachts to rest.

“Ah… I havent played like this for a long time,” Zi Yan leaned back on the reclining chair and said after sipping a cold drink.

“Then well come out to play more often.” Zhang Han reached out his hand and touched Zi Yans white and tender face.

“Mm.” Zi Yan nodded obediently.

She also liked to have fun, but with Mengmeng in the past few years, her thought of playing around had been constantly suppressed.

Now with Zhang Han, the thought in her heart had been gradually activated.

Of course, it had a lot to do with a happy mood, which made everything seem interesting.

If she was unhappy, everything would make her bored.


At this time, Zheng Chenyu, who was not far from them, suddenly shouted, “Going surfing! Join us”

“Huh Surfing” Zi Yans big eyes blinked and she muttered, “It seems to be very exciting.”

“Do you want to do it” Zhang Han smiled and asked.

“I… I want to, but I dont dare,” Zi Yan licked her lips and replied.

“Dont worry, Im here.” Zhang Han shook his head and smiled.

Surfing is an extreme sport powered by the waver.

Surfers lie in the sea where there are suitable waves, or sit on the surfboard.

When the appropriate waves approach, the surfers adjust the direction of the board and lie on it.

When the water is moving with a certain speed under the traction of the waves, the surfer can stand up and control the direction of the surfboard.

Surfing can make people forget their troubles and experience the thrill of fighting with the waves and riding them.

Thats why there are so many people around the world looking for a perfect surfing spot every day, just in order to complete a perfect chase with the waves.

At the same time, its also a sport with some danger.

Some big and urgent waves could instantly stun people and made them sink into the sea.

When the next wave arrives, the water pressure would be very high.

Its very likely that the surfers tympanic membrane would be broken, and strong currents could also get them into the waves.

The height of the waves for surfing generally ranges from half a meter to one meter.

Waves several meters high are too strong.

That could be called extreme surfing, one of the top eight extreme sports.

However, in Zhang Hans eyes, it was no exaggeration to say that surfing here was just a piece of cake.

Before the two of them spoke, the induction bracelet on Zhang Hans wrist vibrated a few times.

They said a few words and then the coach also walked up and said, “Sir, there will be wind and waves on the waterfront outside Deepwater Bay.

It is suitable for surfing.

Do you want to go over and take a look”

“Lets go.” Zhang Han waved his hand casually.

“Okay.” The coach nodded and looked at Zhang Han strangely.

“Can he even surf”

This required certain skills.

When some people were surfing there, he just took the tourists there to enjoy the scene or to experience the small waves.

The coach did not ask anything and told others to take the yacht to the destination.

Then more than a dozen yachts set off from here.

After more than half an hour, they left Deepwater Bay and came to the waterfront not far from the south of Ocean Park.

There were already more than a dozen yachts here and even some surfers were ready to go.

After the yacht stopped, Zheng Chenyu shouted in their direction, “Can you still surf now”

While speaking, he, Huang Wen, and two other men were taking out the surfboards and prepared to start.

“We can!”

Zi Yan responded to him with confidence because she just asked and knew that Zhang Han was capable and she could do it with him.

So she waved and called the coach beside them, saying, “Get the surfboard.

Well join them!”

“Lets wait a moment.

The waves now are too small.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Oh, well, lets go there later.” Zi Yan nodded obediently.

“The waves… are small”

Zi Yan did not understand, but the coach knew it very well.

He was a bit stunned, and then he watched Zhang Han, saying, “The waves are not small, sir.

Now they are 1.3 meters high.

You can surf for a while.

The airflow is a little unstable and there will be a few big waves later.

Youll not be able to surf until they have ended.”


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