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When he was speaking, Zhao Feng found that Ye Hans eye expression had also changed a bit.

That Ye Han was very clever.

His request was very simple.

He hoped that someone could help him out at a life-and-death moment.

That requirement was equivalent to a one-time death-free gold medal.

To put it bluntly, he used a car worth 70 million, which was the only one in the world, as a gift and also a favor, in exchange for being protected once.

If Zhao Feng helped him in the future, that favor would have been repaid.

Zhao Feng thought it was fine, because Ye Han and the Ye family wouldnt be destroyed immediately.

Also, Zhao Feng and the security team had just started.

There was no doubt that they would definitely become stronger with the support of his powerful master.

So, to help Ye Han once at that time would be very easy.

After thinking about it, Zhao Feng agreed with him, but he still needed to ask if his master was interested.

Those cars might be really attractive to others, but for his master, Zhao Feng knew that maybe they were just like toy cars.

While they were talking there, the Aston Martin, which had been like flying in the mountain just then, came back slowly.

It immediately attracted everyones attention.

The car was near and Ye Han walked a few steps forward.

He subconsciously stared at the car for a moment and finally felt relieved when he saw it intact.

‘As long as it wasnt scratched.

Ye Han thought like that.

As for the tire wear caused by drifting, although the tires would be changed in a shorter time, Ye Han didnt care about such consumption at all.

After Zhang Han and Zi Yan got off the car…

“Wow, boss, youre awesome!” Sun Dongheng took the lead and shouted.

Others heard him and a few people cheered and screamed.

“Heres the car key.

Thank you.” Zhang Han did not approach them, directly throwing the car key in his hand to Ye Han.

Ye Han was shocked, but the car key fell smoothly in his hand.

Zhang Han nodded to him, and then he and Zi Yan got on the panda car.

At that moment, Zhao Feng walked towards them quickly and by the drivers seat window, he told Zhang Yan about the sports car and Ye Hans request.

In Ye Hans gaze, Zhang Han nodded lightly and raised the window after saying a few more words.


Ye, Ill take all the cars that you mentioned just now.

I also grant your request.

I will talk to you about the details tomorrow.

You can go to prepare the cars,” Zhao Feng walked to Ye Han and said.

Hearing Zhao Fengs words, Fang Lei was stunned.

‘All the cars that he mentioned Damn it! It would cost a fortune!

A limited edition Bugatti Veyron, 60 million.

Two Lamborghini, 15 million.

It was already 75 million in total.

And also the Maybach, which was worth 60 million.

The total price was 135 million.

Even if the Maybach was for free, it would still be 75 million.

It was not a small amount.

It could be invested to open a small company!

‘And the Maybach, the only one in the entire world, was for free Ye Han must be out of his mind.

He knew that Ye Han couldnt be crazy and there was only one answer: Mr.

Zhang, who was in the panda car, must be a big shot.

Thinking of that made Fang Lei scared.

He just stood there, without saying anything.

“Okay, I will arrange it later,” Ye Han smiled and responded to Zhao Feng.

“Mm.” Zhao Feng nodded.

Then he turned back and got on the car with Ah Hu.

He quickly started the car, chasing the panda car in the distance.

They were going to play at Zhang Lis night club for a while.

The night club was a place where people could release their inner wildness.

They would dance to the heavy metal music.

But because people would drink some wine there, they would not be as sober as normal and sometimes that could cause trouble.

There was no doubt that if the master went by himself, he did not have to follow him, but his masters wife also went there…

She was so beautiful!

If there were only the master and his wife, it was possible that some men would come talk to her.

Although master could deal with all kinds of situations, some idiots there would still affect their mood.

So Zhao Feng directly stopped talking about buying cars with Ye Han and went to follow them.

Under everyones attention, the panda car and the Land Rover gradually drove away.

“Ye Han, who is this Mr.

Zhang” Fang Lei couldnt help but ask, “He and Chairman Liu have a cooperation Why do I feel a bit confused Chairman Liu has a complete industrial plan for the former CBD building.

How can he give it up And if they are cooperating, why havent I heard any news about that”

“Go ask them by yourself!” Ye Han did not care about his feelings at all and said to him angrily.

“I will naturally inquire about this.

I would like to see if Chairman Liu is really cooperating with others!” Fang Lei snorted and replied.

He just couldnt believe that kind of thing anyways.

‘How could Liu Qingfeng, such a successful businessman, give up his own interests

However, he did not know that in that world, there was a group of people who were chased after by the rich.

Suddenly, a very calm yet exaggerated voice came over.

“Haha, I dont know if they cooperate or not, but Chairman Liu gave all his treasured liquor in Hong Kong to my boss for free.” Sun Dongheng walked to the front slowly and looked at Fang Lei, saying, “I saw it with my own eyes.

All of the liquor was worth nearly ten million.”

These words made Fang Leis expression change a bit.


‘Liu Qingfeng gave away his treasured liquor for free

‘Damn it!

That news came so suddenly!

He blinked his eyes and was just about to ask Sun Dongheng.

Sun Dongheng did not give him a chance.

He looked at Ye Han and smiled, saying, “Mr.

Ye, are you going My fans are anxious.

If you dont go, I will go with my friends.”

“Hey” Ye Han raised his brows, saying, “We are like brothers.

Call me Brother Ye.

Well, Xiao Hu, next time when my brother comes, you must receive him well, you hear me”

“Yes, boss.” The person in charge nodded.

He also looked at Sun Dongheng in confusion.

Earlier when he arrived, he was just a nobody.

But now something had changed and even Mr.

Ye was very polite with him!

There was another question: Who was that Mr.

Zhang just then He must be extremely powerful!

However, he was only the person in charge there and would not ask about anything.

After Ye Han finished speaking, he looked at the mobile phone in Sun Donghengs hands.

He felt a bit awkward and said unwillingly, “My brother, just make yourself at home.

Go ahead.”

“Okay.” Sun Dongheng laughed and turned to his car.

During that period, he said to the mobile phones camera, “Buddies, lets go racing.

Ill show you my great skills…”

Starry Sky Bar in Causeway Bay.

The female receptionist had just received a group of guests.

Seeing that no one was coming and she could have a few minutes of leisure time, she held her chin with her hand and looked at the direction of the door absent-mindedly.

Her mind had gone somewhere else.

She was thinking about staying up late and playing games with her friends after work.


‘Huh A handsome guy and a gorgeous lady.

When she saw the two good-looking people coming in, she subconsciously admired them.

However, when she saw the two guys hehind the handsome guy and the beautiful lady, her eyes gradually widened.


‘It was them who had brought people to cause trouble last time!

‘Oh no, they were here to cause trouble again!

The receptionist realized that and her heart beat fast.

She hurriedly picked up the walkie-talkie next to the computer and lowered her head, saying quickly,

“Dahe, Dahe, bad news.

The people who caused trouble last time are here again! Come here! Hurry! Im afraid…”

Before she had finished her words, a light cough came from the front of the counter,

“Ahem, Miss, is table one available”

“Ah” The receptionist was stunned.

She raised her head and forced a smile, “Sorry, I dont know if it is available.”


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