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Under the eyes of Dong Fei and his men—

The team of more than 30 people leaped from the mountainside to the base on the lower side, aiming at the second floor in the center of the base.

The fence around the base was not difficult for them, and almost everyone jumped over it with a light leap.

However, the gang members of the Dark Wolf also responded very quickly, and more than 50 people swarmed out of several houses around the base.

A tangled fight began.

As soon as the two forces got close, they began to fight crazily.

The team of more than 30 people was in the ascendant and constantly narrowing their battlefield.

Their enemies were all martial artists as well.

Realizing that they were at a disadvantage, they retreated in time and began fighting while wandering, instead of directly facing the attack.

The fierce fighting raised dust on the ground.

Three minutes later, the team of more than 30 people had already marched a third of the way.

It seemed that they would soon reach the two-story building.


More than 10 people ran out of the building.

The leader was a fast-moving black man, who rushed at his enemies and knocked four of them down in an instant, showing his strength of a Profound-stage Master.

Daring not to fight against the master, the injured retreated in a hurry while bearing the pain.

That black man rushed into the crowd, leaving howls of pain behind him.

One minute later, the team of more than 30 people, just as they came, retreated like the tide.

At this time, a dozen people standing on one side with guns began shooting at the retreating crowd.

Even though they were nimble, seven or eight of them soon fell down and were dragged into the jungle by their companions.

An attack was easily resisted in this way.

And the attacker would suffer a great loss.

“Brother Dong, can we manage to do it later There are tough defensive guys below,” someone asked worriedly.

“When we get together with Ah Lus team, our chance of success is about 70%.

Ill deal with the black master, and you, Ah Lu, and the others can deal with his men.

As long as we defeat these martial artists, break into the second floor, and find Mr.

Bai, we can retreat,” Dong Fei replied while thinking over his plan.

“Let wait for Ah Lu,” that man said in a low voice.

After a minute, a short-haired man in the back suddenly squeezed over with his mobile phone.

“Brother Dong, those two teams have just left the island.

Seven of them were seriously wounded, 10 were slightly wounded, and they were no longer able to fight.”

“Alas…” Dong Fei sighed.

They had thought this kind of team task would be very simple, and everyone could get 300 points.

Unexpectedly, it seemed to be so difficult.

More than an hour later, a line of 10 people came running quickly from behind them.

“Master Dong.” Ah Lu and his men hailed them.

“Well, are you ready” Dong Fei stood up and looked at his men.


“Lets go.” The eagerness of fighting and completing the task was burning in Dong Feis eyes.

Taking another look at the base below, he ordered, “Through the woods to the east.”

He ran down and led a group of 15 people to the edge of the jungle at the foot of the mountain for a minute, like a group of wolves ready to hunt.


At the edge of the jungle, Dong Fei made an order and rushed out first.

The crowd behind him rushed out.

This time, they chose a relatively weak defense to break through, so the enemy didnt start to fight back until they had crossed the fence and rushed a fifth of the way.

The enemy sprang out of the houses.

Among them was the black master.

When he saw the invaders, he roared, took the lead to rush over, and was about to smash a man in gray with his right fist.

Obviously, if this punch could not be avoided, the man in gray would inevitably lose combat ability due to the serious injury.

“Im your opponent!”

Dong Fei had just kicked an enemy away.

Seeing this, he immediately turned around and flashed toward that team member in gray to fight the black man.

Just then, Dong Fei felt that the black man actually had more strength than him.

So the war situation fell into a stalemate.

Although the strength of other team members was higher than that of the enemy except for Dong Fei, the number of the enemy was much larger, and obviously it was a tough battle.

After a few moves, Dong Fei suddenly seized the opportunity and thrust his short blade into the black masters shoulder from the side.

Just when he thought he was going to win—


All of a sudden, his head hurt as if there were a tsunami in his mind, followed by a second of dizziness.

When he regained consciousness, his eyes were almost hurt by a flash of cold light.


Dong Fei sidestepped the black mans dagger, but he was unable to dodge the following kick.

Dong Fei was kicked in the abdomen and stumbled back five or six meters.

“What happened”

Dong Fei was shocked.

He looked around and finally found out that there was a black man with something similar to a conch in the back of the battlefield.

“A Psychokinesis Master”

Turning around, he found that his pale teammates had also suffered from the psychokinesis attack just now.

So terrible!

“Retreat!” Dong Fei roared.

His men realized what had happened and began to retreat.

The black master took the lead to continue their victorious pursuit.

When Dong Fei and his men were about to run out of the fence—

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The tormenting sound rang out again in their minds.

They were slowed down and soon overtaken by the enemy.

“We are done for!”

Dong Fei watched in despair as the black master came running.

That psychokinesis master was constantly influencing their combat effectiveness, and they would suffer heavy casualties today.

Were they all going to die here

Dong Fei made up his mind and hurriedly responded to the enemys attack.


After a few moves, he got a punch in the chest.

He stumbled back five meters and fell to the ground, feeling dizzy in his brain and weak in his hands and feet.

Now he could do nothing but look up at the black master.

The black master walked slowly toward him with a ferocious smile.

Dong Fei became deathly pale.

Just as the black master took a step forward—

“Boom, boom…”

A sound came from a helicopters fast-moving propeller.

They looked around and saw four armed helicopters coming from behind the mountain.

Seeing this, many enemies stopped and retreated one after another while looking into the sky in disbelief.

More than 10 people even took out their guns and aimed at the helicopters to prepare for emergencies.

But what happened next made them throw their guns to the ground and hold their hands high.

Under everyones gazes—

Someone in the leading helicopter said in a local dialect, “Hands on your head!”

At the same time, the weapons on the underside of the four helicopters were revealed, and all of them were terrifying warheads.

If they were fired, the base would be smashed.


Dong Fei looked at the design on the helicopters and was overjoyed.

The helicopters slowly approached the base and began to circle at a height of more than 10 meters in front.

Each helicopter dropped a rope.

One by one, the armed men slipped down from the rope and moved swiftly, which shocked Dong Fei and his men.

Soon after, more than 80 people came down, all holding up their guns and pointing at the enemies in the base.

Finally, in everyones eyes, a man holding a child jumped down and landed on the ground.

He looked at the surroundings, waved his hand lightly, and said two words.

“Clear them.”

Within the crashing sound of metal—

More than 80 people immediately dispersed and rushed in from various angles, just like a huge wave.

The amazing warheads on the helicopters and the well-trained people in front of them made the black masters and others give up their resistance and raise their hands.

There was no way to fight anymore.

The eyes of Dong Fei and his men were focused on Zhang Han.

“Is he Protector Zhang”

“He is the one holding the child calmly.”


“What… is the situation”

This caused a few gasps, as well it might.

Dong Fei was a little stiff, and he murmured.

“Hes not here to do the task.

Hes here to enjoy the instance zone!”

This task, which was difficult in their eyes, was accomplished so easily.

The group came over in teams.

While some teams managed to catch the black master and his men, some teams rushed directly into the base.

About three minutes later, Mr.

Bai in a beige suit was carried out.

He was unconscious and looked quite untidy.

When the helicopters landed, everyone began getting in them in turn.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Dong Fei and his men withdrew to the side of the jungle.

They watched the helicopters slowly leave.

In less than five minutes, the task was completed.

Dong Fei and the others were envious.

The simplicity of these tasks also surprised Zhang Han.

“Is a task of more than 1,000 points so simple

“Those one million points should not take too long, right”

As Zhang Han was wondering, Bai Chuan, a meter away from him, moved.

“Ah, ah, ah…”

Bai Chuans head raised abruptly, his expression was ferocious, his mouth was wide open, and his eyes were wide and round, forming a frightened expression.

But what was weird was that his eyes, surrounded by a black fog, made people feel like they were in a horror movie.

This stopped Zhang Han.

It turned out… It was not so simple!

Covering Mengmengs eyes with his left hand, Zhang Han moved his body moved forward, generated spiritual force with his right index finger, and touched Bai Chuans forehead, philtrum, and both sides of the face a few times.

If there were an energy sensor here, it would surely find that there was a black fog covering Bai Chuans face.

But Zhang Hans fingers stretched out to form starlight in the black fog.

Finally, Zhang Hans fingers landed on the top of Bai Chuans nose and the center of his eyebrows.

“Calm down the soul!”


The linear starlight was connected into a formation, which immediately pressed the black fog back.

At the same time, Fang Shihuan, who was meditating in a villa on Lidong Island, widened his eyes.

“Come and prepare an altar for me, Ill cast spells!”

In the helicopter—

Zhang Han also figured out the difficulty of this task.

If he wanted to take Bai Chuan back safe and sound, he might need to defeat the caster, Fang.

Obviously, Bai Chuan had been cursed.

This kind of curse was hard to solve.

Even if Dong Fei and his team had been able to rescue Bai Chuan, sooner or later he wouldve had to be sent back to save his life.

In Zhang Hans eyes, it was a joke.

But there was nothing available now.

With Zhang Hans current strength, he could only temporarily suppress the curse.

After Zhang Hans treatment, Bai Chuans eyes returned to normal.

Although he was listless, he looked around and found that the rescuers were all soldiers, which made him excited.

“Thank you very much,” Bai Chuan said slowly.

“Youre welcome.

Thats what we should do,” Instructor Liu said habitually.

And then, with a grin, he pointed to Zhang Han and said, “You should thank him.

Er… You can call him General Zhang.”

“General” Bai Chuan was confused yet moved.

He hadnt expected the government to send a general to save him.

After thinking about it, Bai Chuan slowly raised his hand, put it into his mouth, took out a false tooth, and said weakly, “This… this is the treasure map.

Fang Shihuan has the specific coordinates, and this is the route to get there.

He wanted it, but I refused him.

Now Ill give it to you… I…”

Before he finished speaking, Baichuan fainted.

Instructor Liu grabbed the tooth in his hand, looked at it a few times, found the corner, unfolded it continuously, and finally got a small palm-sized card.

This was a precise map showing the location on the side of the Dongsha Islands, not far from Hong Kong.

In the middle of the map was an empty circle, and obviously the treasure was in this range.

Although the range was not large, it would take them a lot of time to find the treasure.

“Boss, the treasure indicated by the map seems to be under the sea, maybe its a shipwreck or something.”

Instructor Liu handed the card to Zhang Han.


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