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After Xu Yong left, Zhang Han locked the door.

As soon as he reached the stairs, he heard the chirp of Mengmeng.

“MaMa, MaMa.

PaPa and I went out on a big bird today, and we flew so high.

We went to a place far away to save someone.

PaPa was so powerful and they all thanked him.

So I kept sayingyoure welcome.

Theyre all happy…”

“Really Mengmeng is a good girl.”

“Hahaha… MaMa, I miss you so much, when will you come back”


Zhang Han sat back on the sofa and held Mengmeng in his arms.

While waiting for the mother and daughter to finish their talk, Zhang Han made Mengmeng half a cup of milk and took control of the cell phone when Mengmeng was drinking.

“Zhang Han, we were shooting in a bamboo forest today, and the news was accidentally spread out.

As a result, many people were waiting there when we arrived!” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han on the screen excitedly, and then blinked her eyes.

Zhang Han knew that at this time he should say something nice, otherwise Zi Yan would be angry.

Then Zhang Han widened his eyes and said unexpectedly, “Really Oh, doesnt that mean that you are so popular now We should be careful when we go out in the future.”

“Haha…” Zi Yan was amused by Zhang Hans facial expression and burst into laughter.

A beautiful smile.

A good mood.

As if she had been praised, she said happily, “Thats too much of an exaggeration.

I have to work hard for a while to achieve this goal.

Anyway, its very good now, and my popularity has been steadily improving.”

“Just be happy, it will be better in the future,” Zhang Han said with a chuckle.

“Hmph, I heard from Feifei today that behind every successful woman, there is a strong man.

You… are my strong man.” Zi Yans face flushed as she spoke.

Her words were close to the truth.

She was very shy and didnt dare to say such words face to face.

But when she saw Zhang Han through the video, she said it directly, for she was so excited.

“Hahaha…” Zhang Han grinned and looked at Zi Yan.

He was also very excited and said in a profound tone, “Ill wait for you.”

“OK…” Zi Yan nodded and replied, her face getting redder.

Her salivating expression showed that she had made sufficient psychological preparation, which made Zhang Han look forward to Zi Yans return.

“I finished my milk, MaMa…”

After drinking the milk, the little girl began to chirp again.

After chatting for a long time, they hung up the video.

Zhang Han accompanied Mengmeng to play with toys for a while, and went to bed to tell her stories at half past 10.

The next day, Zhang Han made small steamed meat-filled buns.

Cooking for Mengmeng every day seemed to be something that Zhang Han enjoyed.

After breakfast, at nearly nine oclock, Xu Yong came and told them the jade had been sent to the mountain.

Zhang Han nodded, went upstairs to grab the box with the hidden spirit stone inside, went downstairs to pick up Mengmeng, and got in the panda car.

10 minutes later, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

After they crossed the jungle, Mengmeng began to wriggle in Zhang Hans arms.

Zhang Han put her down, and Mengmeng started to run with her short legs.

As usual, she ran and shouted softly.

“Big Heihei, Little Heihei, Im coming…”

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”


Two happy responses resounded from the back of the mountain.

About 10 seconds later, a black shadow jumped down from the mountain.

It was Little Hei, who sat in front of Mengmeng and shook its tongue.

“Get, get on the car.”

Mengmeng ran straight to Little Heis back and stretched out her small arms.

Little Hei quickly squatted down to let the little master climb up its back, and then they walked slowly up the mountain.

Only then did Dahei appear on the mountain, and the speed gap between the two could be imagined.

Dahei began to run this way on all fours.

“Dahei, throw me up high into the air!”

Mengmeng went down from Little Heis back and was gently thrown upward by Dahei a few times, and then they went to the back mountain together.

All those dogs were also very happy to see their little master while busy flattering the two Heihei powers.

When Mengmeng enjoyed herself, Zhang Han touched her little head and said.

“Mengmeng, you stay here to play with them.

Dad is going up the mountain to do something.”


Mengmeng nodded.

At the top of the mountain, under the Thunder Yang Tree, there was a small wooden box filled with jade the size of a thumb.

Zhang Han checked the jade one by one, and finally selected the highest-quality batch, about 200 pieces.

“Lets start!”

Zhang Han took a breath, opened the coded box, took out the hidden spirit stone, walked toward the Yuan Qing Tree, stepped to the side, and meditated.

“One, two, three… nine!”

He stopped at a distance of nine paces and nine meters, and put the hidden spirit stone down near his feet.

Then Zhang Han put the selected jade in the box and went to the front of the hidden spirit stone.

“Hiss… puff…”

Zhang Han closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then suddenly opened them.

His eyes were shining as his fingers picked up a piece of jade.





With every word he spoke, he would drop a jade and let it fall around the Yuan Qing Tree and hidden spirit stone.

Finally, all the dropping points seemed to form a pattern.

Looking carefully, you could find the edges and corners of the pattern changing with each other, as if they could rotate like the Taiji map.

Zhang Han completed the Soul-guiding Formation with 61 pieces of jade.

He walked toward the Thunder Yang Tree to drink the Yang Qing Water, and then sat cross-legged to restore his spiritual force through activating the Treasure-searching formulas.

The 61-jade formation cost him half of his spiritual force.

Under the nourishment of Yang Qing Water and combined with the state of cultivating, Zheng Hans spiritual force was soon restored in 10 minutes.

When he came back to the hidden spirit stone, he began throwing down jade at the back of the Soul-guiding Formation.

This time, Zhang Han used 199 pieces of jade.

In the end, his forehead was full of sweat.

Again he returned to the Thunder Yang Tree, drank Yang Qing Water, and sat cross-legged for 20 minutes.

When 30% of his spiritual force was restored, Zhang Han took a glance at Mengmeng, who was enjoying herself with the group of dogs.

Then he went to the back of the hidden spirit stone.

“Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation, open!”

After that—

Zhang Han closed his eyes and spread out his arms.

Although his eyes were closed, the view of Mount New Moon was in his mind in another way.

There were countless lights in his mind, which represented energy.

Zhang Han could see the Thunder Yang Tree like a mini sun, the fragrant grass with dim light, and the livestock in the back of the mountain, Mengmeng playing with her friends, and Dahei and Little Hei in this way.

There was a world of energy in his mind, showing the function of the Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation to help him control the absorption of energy.


Zheng Han was controlling the formation in his mind.


It was like a wind.

The light energy came from the Thunder Yang Tree, the pleasant smelling grass, the Yang Qing Water, and spirit water all gathered in the formation, forming a gust of wind.

When the formation was saturated, it looked like a shining sun with dense energy distribution.

It was time!


As Zhang Han activated the Soul-guiding Formation, the two groups of energy pierced into the hidden spirit stone and Yuan Qing Tree separately, forming a channel of energy.

When the hidden spirit stone was pierced, all of that energy hiding in it was about to pour out.


Under Zhang Hans control, the energy gathered by the Heavenly Soul Gathering Formation rushed toward the Yuan Qing Tree along with those originally stored by the hidden spirit stone.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!”

A large amount of energy rushed into the Yuan Qing Tree, making it shake slightly.

The branches on the top of the Yuan Qing Tree, like the branches of bone blossoms, also moved, stretching about one meter long, gradually converging into half a meter, 30 cm, 20 cm…

It eventually shortened to about 10 centimeters and began to agglomerate.

The bright green continuously agglomerated and gradually formed a peach-shaped fruit, while the emerald green became lighter and lighter.

Suddenly, a touch of light blue diffused from the top of the green fruit and went down, gradually turning the whole green fruit into a light blue.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang!”

All of a sudden, all the jade forming the formation burst and broke into smoke.

It was all over.

Yuan Qing Fruit appeared.


Zhang Han looked at the Yuan Qing Fruit and smiled lightly.

It seemed that there were still seven or eight days left before the Yuan Qing Fruit would be fully mature.

That was it!

Zhang Han walked to the back mountain.

He felt that the temperature here was a little higher than it had been just now, for the energy of the fragrant grass was absorbed.

And it would take a few days to nourish and then recover them.

While sitting in the back mountain pet area to accompany Mengmeng, Zhang Han took out his mobile phone and clicked into the Treasure House.

Though he had gotten Yuan Qing Fruit, the best main ingredient of the Foundation Elixir, the auxiliary ingredient should also be of high quality, otherwise the efficacy of the Foundation Elixir would be affected.

There were several qualities of elixir: inferior, medium, superior, and best.

The Jinyang Elixir that Zhang Han made last time was actually an inferior elixir.

This time, he decided to make the best Foundation Elixir or even divine-stage elixir.

With no flaws, the divine-stage elixir was for perfect absorption and even had a double effect.

Though Zhang Han had made plenty of the best elixir, he could only refine the divine-stage elixir through luck.

At least Zhang Han would make the best Foundation Elixir this time, and he needed five kinds of auxiliary ingredients, which in total cost 10,000 points.


Zhang Han thought about it and decided to go back to the restaurant.

At 11 oclock, Mengmeng had a good time and went back to the restaurant for lunch with Zhang Han.

After lunch, Zhang Han called Xu Yong to ask everyone to do some tasks in the coming days.

Xu Yong, of course, agreed directly, and then contacted Instructor Liu, who also liked to do tasks very much.

All their well-trained men had been waiting for another chance to display their skills to the fullest after the last task.

Therefore, Instructor Liu happily came to the restaurant and began selecting tasks with Xu Yong through Zhang Hans mobile phone.

They finally took 10 tasks and arranged for their men to work in teams at the same time.

The 10 tasks would bring Zhang Han 500 points.

500 points per day were still not enough.

Thinking for a while, Zhang Han again clicked into the Treasure House, deciding to find what he wanted before taking his own task.


“Fire Petal! I must get it.”

Then he noticed the cost was 23,000 points, for the petal was an Earth-grade treasure.

Zhang Hans mouth trembled slightly.

Okay, 23,000.

Maybe he should make note of it and continue seeking other treasures before his score was high enough.

“Dark Star Fruit, I also need it.”

Score: 16,900.

Earth-grade treasure.

“Burning Stone, its necessary.”

Score: 1,500 points per piece.

Profound-grade treasure.

Zhang Han needed at least four pieces of it, which required 6,000 points.

In the end, Zhang found that he needed at least 49,000 points.

To get 50,000 points in seven to eight days, he would have to earn 7,000 to 8,000 points per day.

However, he could merely get 500 points per day now…

This seemed to be a real problem.


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