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There were nine members of the board of directors, eight of whom were present, sitting on the side of the conference table.

The team on the other side was led by Hong Qitao, with Hong Cheng as the deputy.

Since they didnt want to delay any longer and all hoped to work out a result, almost no one was absent today.

At Yunyin Garden—

Liang Hao took the lead in the Escalade, followed by Zi Yans Mercedes and two Mercedes carrying Leng Yue and others.

In the passenger seat of the Escalade, there was a well-dressed, middle-aged man chatting with Liang Hao.

This middle-aged man was the only member of the board of directors who didnt attend todays Royal Entertainment Companys conference, and he was a good business partner of Liang Hao.

Obviously, Liang Hao was going there with preparation.

Because of his character, since he chose to help, Liang Hao would go all out.

Inside the Hong Kong Royal Entertainment Company—

There were many employees talking about the meeting.

All eight members of the board of directors and Hong Qitao, the former entertainment giant, gathered in the conference room, which showed the importance of the conference and shocked all the employees of Royal Entertainment.

“Boss Hong is here again.

It seems that they must come to a conclusion today.

Boss Hong is determined to sign Sister Zi Yan.”

“Yes, Sister Yan is sure to become a superstar.

Well, lets talk about it later.

Lets go.”

Upon seeing Xu Ruoyu, two passing female employees quickly lowered their voices and left in a hurry.

Xu Ruoyu allowed herself a wry smile.

Now she had to admit that she couldnt compare with Zi Yan in any way.

She dared not envy Zi Yan or compare herself with her anymore, for she still remembered the last time… she had learned a lesson.

As for Lu Ze, who once delivered messages to Zi Yan, he was very happy to see his idols career thriving.

They knew that now all entertainment companies wanted Zi Yan.

If she chose to stay with the Royal Entertainment Company, she would definitely become the No.

1 female star.

If she left for Hong Qitaos company, she would definitely become the focus of cultivation, obtain various resources, and soon become a superstar.

“Sister Yan is coming.

Isnt that director Hu Hes coming along.”

“There is a handsome man.”

All in the staff were discussing it.

When Zi Yan and her party came near, they stopped talking and said hello to her.

“Sister Zi Yan.”

“Director Hu, Sister Yan.”

In front of the enthusiastic crowd, Zi Yan nodded slightly, her face pale and haggard.

Because her beautiful eyes were still red and swollen, she was wearing dark sunglasses today, and the crowd couldnt see her eyes clearly.

In this way, the group quickly walked to the conference room.

In the conference room, the negotiation hadnt started yet.

Everyone was chatting and waiting for the protagonist.

“Brother Hong, you are really determined to take our people away,” said a member of the board of directors of the Royal Entertainment Company.

“Ah, Mr.

Hong, its not necessary.

Zi Yan can get the best resources here.”

“Yes, and its not just about money.

We all have great expectations for her.”

Knowing that Master Zhang was Zi Yans backer, they wanted to maintain a good relationship with Master Zhang, so as to get a powerful helper.

“I dont want to embarrass you.

After all, we still need to do business together.” Hong Qitao shook his head and said with a smile, “Zi Yans husband is a great benefactor of our family.

I should not only repay his kindness, but also consider our relationship with Zi Yan.”

“So far, we have talked about almost everything, and now we want to know Zi Yans own opinions.

No matter what she chooses, the Royal Entertainment Company will respect her idea,” another board member said.

“They are coming!”

Suddenly, a board member looked at the door.

They turned around and saw Director Hu leading the way in, followed by Liang Hao, Zi Yan, and Zhou Fei.

When they came in, the four of them sat directly in the chairs to the left.

Everyone looked at Zi Yan, but she didnt take off her sunglasses, which made her look cold and detached.

“Let me give you an introduction,” said Director Hu, pointing to Liang Hao beside him.

“This is Liang Hao, the young leader of the Liang family of Singapore.

He is in charge of three family companies and has doubled their revenue in two years.

Such a business genius is my partner, and he is here on behalf of Zi Yan.”

“You flatter me.” Liang Hao stood up, smiled and said, “Hello, everyone.”

Then he sat down, pondered and said, “Im here on behalf of Zi Yan today, and what Im going to say is what she desires.

First of all, Id like to thank Mr.

Hong for his expectations of me and the Royal Entertainment Company for training me.

But unfortunately, for personal reasons, we choose to terminate the contract with Royal Entertainment, and will not sign with another company for the time being.”

The instant he finished speaking, the expressions of the people present froze.

Hong Qitao shook his head and smiled.

Looking at Zi Yan, he said casually, “Zi Yan, have you made up your mind”

They had a good relationship with Zi Yan, so they still wanted to know Zi Yans opinion on it.

If she wanted to sign a contract, she could negotiate with them by herself.

If she didnt want to sign it, they wouldnt force her.

The directors of Royal Entertainment were helpless, for Zi Yan had made up her mind to leave.

At the same time, they felt a little pity because their attitude toward Zi Yan before was not good.

If they treated her sincerely the whole time, things would not have developed like this.

Thinking of this, many directors were wondering whether Wu Chengdong was qualified for the position of president.

“Yes, I have.” Zi Yans voice, which was much lower than usual, was a little hoarse.

“I want to take a rest.”

“This… Then you wont come back” asked a board member.

“She will come back, but I will help her set up her own studio because I dont know how long she wants to rest,” Liang Hao said frankly.

After all, Zi Yan was still working in this field, and there was no news worth hiding.

Since Liang Hao felt no difficulty in this matter, he directly made this announcement.

“Therefore, we are here to terminate the contract, but we are still friends.

Even if Zi Yan has her own studio in the future, we may get chances to cooperate with each other.

Of course, we will give priority to her former bosses.

“Now you can directly talk about the cost of termination, or how much we need to pay,” Liang Hao said with a smile.

As soon as he finished speaking, the members of the board of directors began to discuss with each other.

“Well,” Director Hu coughed softly and said, “I think that we will always be friends, and we should give Zi Yan a friendly price for the liquidated damages.”

“Though you have a point,” Director Li shook his head and said, “Zi Yans value is far more than 300 million.

She signed a one-stop contract, and its a pity to let her go…”

Because of the approval and opposition of the members of the board of directors, after a period of negotiation, the oldest present, Director Liu, finally made a speech on behalf of the board of directors five minutes later.

“We set the liquidated damages at one billion yuan, but you dont have to pay it in cash.

After your studio is established, this one billion yuan can be our share.”

“Shares” Liang Hao was a little surprised.

He looked at Zi Yan, who was silent, and finally shook his head.

“Id better pay 100 million yuan as liquidated damages because Zi Yans future is still unknown.”

Just then, the door of the conference room was flung open.

Not knowing who was so impolite, the board of directors of the Royal Entertainment Company frowned unhappily.

But when they saw who it was, the directors were all stunned and all of them flashed a welcoming smile.

Because some people were not bound by rules.

In other words, rules are meant to be broken, and it just depends on if you have the strength to break the rules.

As for the newcomer, obviously, he had such strength.

Zhang Han came in alone, leaving Zhao Feng and the others outside the door.


Zhang,” Director Liu, who was sitting on the outer side, said hello with a smile.

However, Zhang Han did not pay attention to him.

Everyone present was looking at Zhang Han, including Zi Yan.

The man took out a bank card from his pocket and said slowly, “This 300 million yuan is my wifes liquidated damages.”

Then he put the bank card on the conference table.

Then he strode over to Zi Yan and said, “Follow me.”

Giving Zi Yan no chance to refuse, he directly grasped Zi Yans wrist and walked out.

Zi Yan wanted to withdraw her palm, but it didnt help no matter how hard she tried.

Finally, she was taken out by Zhang Han.


Those who stayed in the conference room stared at each other with blank faces.

“Isnt it too direct”

“He just paid the liquidated damages and left”

“Didnt he need to negotiate with us first”

“We could have given him a discount to consolidate our friendship.”

Zhou Fei thought it was a good chance for the two to make up, so she picked up her bag and walked to the door, saying, “Im sorry, directors.

Just regard our choice as a breach of contract, just as my brother-in-law said.”

“Breach of contract…”

The board members were speechless, for they couldnt believe that Zhang Han had disrupted their plans and screwed it up for all of them in this way.

“Well, I dont need to talk about it.

See you.”

Liang Hao gave them a wry smile and left the room.

While walking, Liang Hao became lost in thought.

According to Zhang Hans nature of paying the full amount of liquidated damages directly, if he went to do business, he would probably lose a lot.

It was just… It was very courageous.

Liang Hao smiled and shook his head.

Because of this, Zhang Han could take away Zi Yan, who was not in a better mood.

Because of taking Zi Yan away, Zhang Han finally got the chance to talk with her.

“I hope they can make up.

I havent eaten fried rice for several days, and I really miss it.”

Liang Hao sighed and walked out of the conference room to meet Zhao Feng and the others.

Their eyes turned to the right side of the corridor.

Zhang Han took Zi Yan to the corner.

Although they couldnt see it, they all wanted to hear if there would be any surprises.

“Let go of my hand.”

Zi Yan was taken to the corner of the corridor by Zhang Han, who held her wrist tightly.

Being blocked by Zhang Han, Zi Yan was flustered because she didnt want to face the man.

“You are hurting me.”

Zi Yan leaned against the wall with grievance, disappointment, and sadness in her voice.

Hearing this, Zhang Han jerked back his hands.

“Zi Yan, trust me, I…”

“I also want to trust you, but I really dont want to see you now.

Dont do this, OK Let me calm myself down for a while.”

Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and sobbed.

Two lines of clear tears slowly streamed down her cheeks.

Zhang Han was so sad.

He reached out to wipe the tears from Zi Yans cheeks, but Zi Yan stepped back.

Zhang Han took a breath and said, “Give me three days.”

After that, Zhang Han turned around and left.

He knew it was useless to say anything now.

As soon as he left, Zi Yan could not help squatting on the ground, her tears running down.

Seeing Zhang Han coming, Zhao Feng and the others were nervous.

According to his looks, it seemed that the result was not good.

“Hadnt they made up yet”

Zhao Feng and Zhou Fei were in a complex mood.

Seeing Zhang Han and Zi Yan suffer, they also felt very uncomfortable.

“Feifei.” Zhang Han went up close and suddenly stopped.

“Yes,” Zhou Fei responded.

“Take care of her for me.”

“OK.” Zhou Fei nodded her head.

Then, Zhang Han walked away directly.

Zhou Fei hurriedly ran to the corner of the corridor and saw Zi Yan squatting and choking down sobs, her face had changed slightly.

She hurriedly ran up to Zi Yan and squatted down, “Sister Yan, stop crying.

Lets go home…”

Zhang Han took the lead and walked quickly, as if he was in a hurry to do something.

He was silent all the way.

Zhao Feng and the others followed him silently.

In the curious eyes of passers-by, they left the company.

They got in the five Mercedes downstairs.

Zhao Feng started the leading car.

Zhang Han sat in the back seat and looked at the building sadly.

He knew that Zi Yan wanted to trust him, but Qiao Luoluo was so mean.


Qiao Luoluo was as mean as ever.

Knowing that she could not find a breakthrough with Zhang Han, she decided to make trouble for Zi Yan.

“Well, youre indeed very scheming.

“I admit that.


“The whole Qiao Family…

“In my eyes…

“Is nothing.”


Zhang Han turned his gaze.

His face was indifferent, and his voice was low.

“Lets go to the Qiao family.”


Zhao Fengs heart beat violently.

“This is awful.

“Every time my master shows this indifferent expression…”


Zhao Feng swallowed, nodded, and replied, “Sure.”

After that, he started the car and drove to the Jiantang District.

Zhao Feng also knew about the Qiao family.

According to Instructor Liu, although there were several family businesses in the Qiao family, they were not very competitive in Hong Kong.

Though appearing to be powerful, the Qiao family was merely a second-class family.

However, whether it was a first-class or a second-class family, Zhao Feng hoped that the Qiao family could be more careful at this time.

Once his master got angry, they would be in big trouble.

The Qiao family had a manor near the mountain in the Jiantang District.

In fact, it was a manor built with six villas with walls enclosed.

However, since the Qiao family could build such a manor in the Jiantang District, in most peoples eyes, it proved the strength of the Qiao family.

Even for many people, the Qiao family was their lifelong goal.

The Qiao manor was divided into an outer courtyard and inner courtyard.

There were four main villas in the outer courtyard and some other recently built buildings.

In the inner courtyard, there were two villas in the highest and best position.

In the main hall of the inner courtyard, more than a dozen high-level members of the Qiao family were sitting together drinking tea and chatting.

They would be going to a top-class party later.

Just as they got up to leave—

In front of the gate came five Mercedes.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

After a series of opening and closing sounds, Zhang Han went straight up to the gate.

Zhao Feng and others were following him.

On both sides of the gate stood the security guards of the manor.

They were very strong and seemed to have practiced kung fu.

In the early years of Hong Kong, it was chaotic.

With the development of the times, many high-ranking people employed a large number of guards, as did the Qiao family.

“Who are you No admittance without an appointment!”

When they saw these eight people, they took two steps forward and questioned them.

At the same time, their right hands touched the electric sticks at their waists.

When Zhang Han moved his eyes slightly to look at them, Zhao Fengs face slightly changed and he kicked at the security guards.

“Bang! Bang!”

The two security guards felt an irresistible force, and then fell five meters away, covering their chests and abdomens, crying out.

Zhang Han turned his eyes and stepped into the manor.

When Zhao Feng passed by the two, he was muttering to himself.

“If it had been my master and not me, you two would not have been so lucky.”

However, after Zhao Feng and the others went in, one of the security guards took out his walkie-talkie.

“Alert, something happened, someone broke into the manor…”


The security personnel in the outer courtyard ran forward like a stream converging into a river.

But the people who arrived later took a breath in fear.

They saw a cold-faced man walking forward in the middle of the road with seven men guarding him, and many colleagues had been knocked down on both sides of the road.

“Call the house manager!”

As Zhang Han advanced, the last group of more than 10 people kept retreating.

Soon after, the house manager came running in a hurry.

He took a close look at the situation and hurried up.

“Zhao Feng, what do you mean to do If its a visit, you can contact us first.

Why do you beat them” asked the middle-aged house manager in his 40s.

He knew Zhao Feng and the underworld forces in Hong Kong because he had been in the underworld before.

“What do I mean to do” Zhao Feng took two steps forward, pointing at the house managers chest and scolding him, “Someone in the Qiao family angered my master.

You know what I mean to do”

“Who is your master” the house manager asked.

“He is my master.” Zhao Feng pointed to Zhang Han standing beside him and said, “You can call him by another name, Master Zhang of New Moon Bay.”


The house manager looked as if he had been struck by thunder.

His countenance changed.

“Zhang, master Zhang”

It reminded him of the news not long ago.

Master Zhang of New Moon Bay killed 13 people and defeated two Heaven-stage Masters.

The news was simple, but it made the house manager sweat.

Thanks to the house managers reaction ability, he quickly arched himself and said respectfully, “Please come inside, Master Zhang.

Ill inform the head of the Qiao family.”

However, Zhang Han just glanced at him slightly and continued to walk in.

His eyes were too frightening.

The house manager wiped his sweat.

At first, he was angry because of Zhao Fengs provocation, but now he began to feel uneasy.

He knew that the guardian of the Qiao Family was just an Earth-Stage Master.

As he walked in, he dialed the family leaders phone.

“Master, Master Zhang of New Moon Bay is coming…”

After listening to the house managers words, the head of the Qiao family in the living room of the main house suddenly stood up and his countenance changed.

“What did you say”

“Got it.”

When the other family members saw the expression of the head of the family, they asked curiously, “What happened”

Patriarch Qiao took a deep breath, frowned, and said, “Master Zhang of New Moon Bay is coming.

Lets go out to meet him.”

He didnt know the origin of Master Zhang, but the name of Master Zhang brought them a lot of pressure.

Although the Qiao family was a second-class family, they were not afraid of a Qi-strength Master.

Even if a Heaven-stage Master came, they would not be so nervous.

But it was Master Zhang…

They were flustered because they knew that Master Zhang had killed 13 people and defeated two Heaven-stage Masters.

Besides that, he had broken more than 100 peoples legs.

Even having caused so much trouble, he was still safe and sound!

That fact made them shiver with fear.

In particular, everyone here knew that Master Zhang had another title…

Protector Zhang!

He caused such big trouble, but not only was he not punished, he also was promoted to be a protector.

They dared not to think about what was behind it.

The Qiao family was not afraid of a Qi-strength Master, but they were afraid of Master Zhang!

Because Master Zhang was fearless, no one knew what he could do.

Therefore, when Zhang Han and his men came to the gate of the main house, there were already 15 people waiting there.

Under the hint of the house manager, Patriarch Qiao looked at Zhang Han and said with a smile, “Master Zhang, please come inside.”

“Its not necessary.” Zhang Han stood three meters in front of the Qiaos and looked at them indifferently.

“Who is the head of your family”

Feeling the pressure from Zhang Han, Patriarch Qiaos pupil shrank in fear.

“I am.” He struggled to be calm.

“Whos Qiao Luoluos father” Zhang Han raised another question.

This made the Qiaos slightly stunned.

At last, a sharp-mouthed man nodded and answered, “Im Qiao Luoluos father, Qiao Hui.”

“Master Zhang, what are you here for” Patriarch Qiao made an obeisance and asked.

“I just came to tell you one thing,” Zhang Han stared at Patriarch Qiao and slowly said, “In three days, call Qiao Luoluo to deal with the trouble she made!

“Shes bothering me, bothering me.”

Zhang Hans voice became frosty, which was piercing to the bone of the Qiaos.

“I still have a little patience.

In three days, deal with everything.

“Otherwise, there is no need for the Qiao family to exist!

“This is the only chance I can give you.

Keep it in mind.”

Zhang Hans hand was shaking.

He was trying to suppress his anger and the desire to kill all the Qiaos.

With these words, Zhang Han finally glanced at them and turned away.

At this time, the minds of all the Qiaos went blank.

As for Patriarch Qiao, Zhang Hans words brought out a cold sweat in him.

The suffocating cold made him feel panicked and afraid.

“Qiao Hui!”

“Didnt you hear him”

“Call your daughter back!”


When the aggressors returned to their cars and drove back to New Moon Bay, Zhang Han sat in the back seat with his eyes closed.

If he were in the Cultivation World, he would be merciless in such a bad mood.

But he had been calm for a long time since he was accompanied by Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

Now, his hidden anger was gradually being aroused, just like throwing a stone into the calm water and causing ripples.

Zhang Han used to be a man who seldom showed his emotions, but once he fell in love, the wonderful love would sometimes make him feel uneasy, sweet, sometimes sad, and depressed, even the immortals would inevitably be affected by it.

When they went back to the restaurant—

Now that Zhao Feng was back, Zhang Li and Luo Qing decided to go back and have a good rest.

They were so tired these two days.

Only Zhao Feng and Zhang Han were in the restaurant.

Zhao Feng was sitting on the first floor, Zhang Han was on the second floor, and the others were in the cars outside.

After sending a few messages, Zhao Feng got up and went to the second floor.

“Master, Master They will come at six oclock,” Zhao Feng whispered.

“I see,” Zhang Han replied.

They waited a little longer.

At five oclock, Zhang Hans cell phone rang.

He picked up his cell phone and found that it was an unfamiliar number.

“Who is it”

Zhang Han answered the phone.

The first sentence of the other side made Zhang Hans eyes open wide and his breath become short.


There seemed to be only one thing that could surprise Zhang Han.

He heard Lei Tiannan on the phone.

“I got some news about your parents!”


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