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They finished lunch at about 1:30 p.m.

and had a rest for a while.

At nearly 2:00 p.m., they planned to go out for a stroll.

“The most famous scenic spot here is West Lake.

Since we dont have much time left in the afternoon, lets go there for a walk, and go to other places tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” said Wang Ming.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan didnt care where they went for sightseeing first because they would stay here in the coming days and had a lot of spare time to travel.

But West Lake had little attraction for Zhang Han and Zi Yan because they had both been there before.

“They have been living in New Moon Bay and are used to the scenery of the sea.

How can West Lake attract them Lets go to the Song Town scenic spot today,” said Rong Jiaxin.

“Well, lets go!” Wang Ming replied with a smile.

“Lets go!” Mengmeng cheered in Zhang Hans arms.

On the way out, Rong Jiaxin saw that Mengmeng had always been in Zhang Hans arms, so she whispered to Zi Yan, “Mengmeng is almost four years old, and she should practice walking more.

You cant hold her all the time.

Let children of her age develop the habit of independence, which will make it a lot easier for you in the future.”

As elders, they knew more about parenting than Zhang Han and Zi Yan, and the experience of the elderly was sometimes a treasure.

Zi Yan smiled and shook her head.

“They just like being together all the time.

It doesnt matter.”

Zi Yan understood the behavior of the father and daughter.

After all, Zhang Han and Mengmeng didnt know each other for a long time, and… Zi Yan and Zhang Han hadnt spent a long time together yet, and she also wanted to stay in his arms like Mengmeng.

Rong Jiaxin smiled and shook her head, deciding not to interfere in the happiness of Zhang Hans family.

After all, Zhang Han was a Grand Master Strong with his own principles, and he didnt need to worry about many trifles.

They got in the car in turn.

While Zhang Han and his friends still took the limousine, the others took the Land Rover.

“Han, as far as your strength is concerned, you dont need bodyguards.

Are they hired by you” asked Wang Ming curiously.

“I do business with my brother.

Zhao Feng is my brothers disciple, and he is running a security company.

The others used to be Zhao Fengs partners, and now they are members of the security company,” answered Zhang Li.

“Oh, I see.

Theyre so lucky.” Wang Ming smiled.

“The Song Town scenic spot is not far from us, just a 30-minute drive to the west.

I remember there was a shop where the Dragons Beard Candy and Stinky Tofu were delicious.

Ill take you to taste them later.” Rong Jiaxin smiled.

They chatted all the way to the Song Town scenic spot.

When they entered Song Town, they felt as if they were back in ancient times.

On both sides of the street were buildings in the style of the Song dynasty, including tea houses, grocery stores, iron shops, wine shops, etc.

On the street were puppet shows, shadow puppet shows, arena performances, and even armored soldiers patrolling or arresting fugitives, giving them a wonderful sense of having crossed time and space.

The strange clothes of the staff in Song Town made Mengmeng look around curiously.

Finally, she asked, “Papa, why are they wearing so many clothes”

“Because they are wearing ancient clothes,” replied Zhang Han with a chuckle.

“When was the ancient time”

“A long time ago.”

“Well, a long time ago.

Just like in those stories” asked Mengmeng curiously.

When listening to a story, the opening line of many of them was “a long time ago, there was a…”

“Yes, just old stories, but a lot of them are true.”

No matter what kind of questions Mengmeng asked, as long as Zhang Han could answer them, he would.

Each time it would remind him of counting ducks by the pond with his father.

With Zhao Feng and his men clearing the way on both sides, they strolled among the crowded tourists during the National Day holiday.

When they came to the snack street, Rong Jiaxin asked Wang Ming and Wang Ya to queue up for snacks.

Wang Ming took the lead in buying some Dragons Beard Candy and brought them back for everyone to share.

Dragons Beard Candy is a traditional folk snack, named for its white color like cotton and slender size like the fabled dragons beard.

Like a small steamed bread with milk fragrance, the Dragons Beard Candy was milky white in color, with clear layers, soft, and with a sweet taste, and Mengmeng liked it so much.

“I want one more,” Mengmeng mumbled after eating one.

“Then have another one.” Zhang Han gave her a new one with a smile.

Mengmeng soon finished eating again.

“I want the last one,” she said, blinking.

“No, what happens when you eat too much sugar” Zi Yan looked at Mengmeng and asked.

“My, my tooth will ache,” answered Mengmeng.

“What did MaMa say” Zi Yan continued.

“Dont eat too much sugar,” Mengmeng pouted and said, “Yes, but I want to have the last one.”

“Not today.

Can we have it next time” asked Zi Yan.

Mengmeng stared with her big eyes, pouted, and said reluctantly, “OK.”

“Good girl.” Zi Yan reached out to touch Mengmengs face and then continued to talk with Rong Jiaxin.

Zhang Han watched silently for a while, and quietly put a small piece of Dragons Beard Candy that was specially left for Mengmeng in front of the little girls mouth.


Mengmeng was shocked.

She looked up at Zhang Han with a surprised expression, and then ate the Dragons Beard Candy happily after taking a secret glance at Zi Yan.

Zhang Han laughed after watching it.

In fact, Zi Yan also noticed this scene.

She had no choice but to secretly roll her eyes at Zhang Han.

Shortly after they ate the Dragons Beard Candy, Wang Yali came back with a lot of Stinky Tofu, which Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, and the others shared.

Therefore… All the guardians including Zhao Feng began to eat Stinky Tofu.

This made passers-by on both sides somewhat surprised.

“These bodyguards are eating stinky tofu”

In order to continue to clear the way, they ate fast and didnt even taste it.

Zhang Han took a bowl of about seven pieces of Stinky Tofu and first picked up one and handed it to Mengmeng.


Mengmeng leaned over to smell it with her little nose, and then turned her head.

“Oh, so stinky! I dont want to eat it.

PaPa is so bad! How can you give Mengmeng such stinky food”

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han burst into bubbling laughter.

“It is fried Stinky Tofu,” he explained, “It smells a little stinky but tastes delicious.

Let dad show you how to enjoy it.”

After that, Zhang Han put a piece of Stinky Tofu into his mouth and chewed it.

In this way, Mengmeng watched PaPa eat several pieces and felt a little curious.

“Well, then, Ill take a small piece,” said Mengmeng.

“Take a bite.” Zhang Han handed over a piece of tofu.

Mengmeng took a small bite.

“Why doesnt it stink Are you trying to trick Mengmeng”

Mengmengs innocent words aroused the laughter of the adults.

Wang Ya looked at Mengmeng with admiration and a light sadness in her eyes.

Wang Yas smile made Rong Jiaxin very happy, but also reminded her of those unpleasant things.

Looking at her daughter, Rong Jiaxin felt sad yet angry.

After eating two other snacks, they continued to wander.

On the long holiday, there were lots of tourists and rich recreational activities here.

They watched the song and dance performance Madame White Snake, which sublimated their emotions, gave them the experience of the life of the ancients in Liangzhu, and let them admire the glory of the Imperial Palace in the Song dynasty.

In addition to these, they also participated in exploration activities in Song Town, such as appreciating dynamic ancient paintings in the Living Along the River During the Qingming Festival activity.

As for the Step-by-step Haunted House and the Strange Stories Haunted House, Zhang Han didnt go in because he was reluctant to let Mengmeng become afraid.

It was getting dark.

After having a good time in Song Town, they planned to return home.

After getting in the car, Wang Ya looked at Mengmeng and said with a smile, “Shall we go to the Song Town Amusement Park tomorrow”

“Amusement Park” Mengmengs face brightened up at the news.

“Yes, there are water parks, amusement parks, and lots of interesting places,” Wang Ya replied with a smile.

“I want to go!” Mengmeng would never refuse an amusement park.

“Lets go there tomorrow,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Mengmeng was very happy, and even the atmosphere in the car was enlivened by the laughter of the delicate and lovely little princess.

When they returned to the Wang family home, they went to the dining hall for dinner.

At dinner, most of the Wangs were present.

There were three elders in the Wang family, Wang Zhanpeng, the father of Wang Gang, Wang Zhanzong, the father of Wang Ming, and Wang Zhanhong, the father of Wang Liang.

The three elders were all at the level of Grand Master.

While the youngest was 70 years old, the oldest was 90 years old, and all of them were widowed.

Wang Mings three cousins were all only sons.

Among them, Wang Gang had his own grandson, the fourth generation of the Wang family.

There were about 20 people in the dining hall.

In addition to the members of the Wang family, there were also some children and descendants of the branch families, making the quiet dining hall lively.

While the oldest, Wang Zhanpeng, was not here, the whole Wang family including Wang Zhanzong and Wang Zhanhong warmly welcomed Zhang Han and his friends.

During the meal, Zhang Han heard a conversation between the two elders.

“Oh, the last day.”

“As long as he can make it through, its over.”

“Hope the eldest brother can survive.”


They sighed with emotion and then went back to their old house after dinner.

As soon as the two elders left, the young people in the dining hall began to feel relaxed and active.

Several teenagers came to take photos with Zi Yan when they saw that Zhang Han and his friends had finished their meal.

They all knew that there was a superstar at home.

After dinner, they went out for a walk by the river and then returned to their residence.

Though the house arranged for Zhang Han and Zi Yan had three rooms and two halls, they both tacitly chose the same room with a king-size bed.

At about 9:30 p.m.—

Mengmeng was tired.

After coaxing her to sleep, Zhang Han and Zi Yan returned to the living room, where Rong Jiaxins family was still chatting with Zhang Li and Zhou Fei.

“Mengmeng is asleep” asked Wang Ya with a smile.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“What a lovely baby, I envy you so much,” said Wang Ya.

“You will have a lovely baby in the future,” said Zi Yan with a smile.

Wang Ya looked confused after hearing the words and then shook her head.

When she was just about to say something, her phone rang.

Taking out the mobile phone, Wang Ya couldnt keep smiling.

She bit her lips and hesitated whether or not she should answer the phone.

“Ill take the call,” Wang Ya stood up and said.

As soon as she stood up, Wang Mings face darkened.

“Dont answer the phone! Let him go!” he said in an angry tone.

Wang Ming could roar in front of the crowd, which showed how angry he was.

This surprised Zhou Fei and the others.

They didnt know what happened, but they could feel Wang Mings anger.

“Thats enough!” Rong Jiaxin pulled Wang Mings arm and looked at Wang Ya.

“Ya, answer the phone and make the final things clear.

Then dont get involved with him anymore.”

Wang Ya nodded in silence, turned around, and walked out.

Wang Mings face again darkened.

“Whats wrong with her, Auntie” asked Zhang Li.

Rong Jiaxins expression froze.

She sighed and helplessly said, “She is going to get divorced.”

“Divorce” Zhang Li was shocked and asked, “Why didnt I hear that Ya was married Why is getting she divorced”

Wang Ming lowered his head, sighed heavily, covered his forehead with his left hand, and said with hatred and helplessness, “She married a brute! Alas!”

“Ya is unlucky.” Rong Jiaxin sighed and said, “Ya got married two years ago.

Her husband, Shi Tianlei, is an illegitimate son of the head of the Shi family and has just been admitted by the Stone family three years ago.

However, your uncle and I were doing closed-door cultivation then and hardly cared for Ya.

After meeting Shi Tianlei, we felt that he was very polite, and the Shi family was also a martial arts family much better than the Wang family, so we agreed to the marriage.

“After getting married, Ya often came back in her spare time.

Though in the beginning, she looked very good, things got worse over time, and she has been in a bad mood and looked pale for the past three months.

We are worried about her, so we ended the cultivation ahead of time, and she told us all about it.

“Shi Tianlei is a liar.

He has two lovers, and he still keeps relations with them after marriage.

After Ya found out the truth, Shi Tianlei no longer hid his whereabouts.

He went to his lovers house every night and told Ya that its normal to do so.

Ya asked for a divorce, but Shi Tianlei always disagrees because he wants to take advantage of the background of the Wang family to consolidate his foundation.

“Gradually, Shi Tianlei went too far, and even suggested that Ya should serve him with his two lovers or serve his friends.”

When it came to this, Rong Jiaxins eyes turned red, and she couldnt go on talking.

After taking a deep breath, she continued, “In the past month, Shi Tianlei started committing domestic violence on Ya.

After we found out about it, we went to the Shi family to discuss it, but they kicked us out.

Now they are talking about divorce.

I hope it will be smooth.”

“Hes just a scumbag! Such scum!” Zhang Li said indignantly.

“What a beast! I look down on those bastards that do domestic violence the most, they all deserve to die!” said Zhou Fei angrily.

Even Zi Yan was shocked by the sorrow of marrying a scumbag.

Zhang Han looked at Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming with no expression and said, “Why dont you kill him since you hate him so much”

As soon as he said that, the air seemed to be frozen.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li all looked at Zhang Han.

They realized that in the martial arts world, sometimes the role of law was very limited.

“How I wish I could pull out his tendons and peel off his skin!”

Wang Ming gritted his teeth and said, “But I cant do it.

Shi Kun, Shi Tianleis grandfather, has recently advanced to the Grand Master Late-stage, and he is an elder of the Mystical Fog Sect.

While the Shi family is more powerful than Wang family, the Mystical Fog Sect is the strongest sect in Xihang, and we dare not challenge either of them.

Shi Kun even announced that if we dared to hurt Shi Tianlei, he would raze the Wang family to the ground.

Whats more, he said that Xiao was too argumentative to be his grandsons wife, and it was quite normal for a man to have several wives.”

“I want to, but I cant,” said Wang Ming helplessly.

“Now we just hope that Shi Tianlei doesnt disgust us again, and that they can divorce smoothly.” Rong Jiaxin sighed.

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

This was not only because Wang Ya chose her husband with bad taste and bad luck, but also because of the influence of a powerful family.

For this kind of thing, Zhang Han didnt put forward any opinions but just shook his head.

Help them

He wouldnt.

Since the whole Wang family chose to keep silent on this matter, why should he help them

Moreover, even if Zhang Han helped the Wang family, after he left Xihang, the Wang family would surely be retaliated on by the Shi family.

If Zhang Han was at the level of Innateness or above, he would destroy the Shi family and give vent to his aunts anger.

But he was no longer the Han Yang Immortal who had defeated 10 super sects in the Cultivation World, so hed better not overreached himself.

On the other side, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li were comforting Rong Jiaxin and her husband.

“Well, lets not talk about these unhappy things.

We didnt dare to tell Yas grandfather about it, and weve kept it to ourselves for days.

Now we feel much better.” Rong Jiaxin shook her head and continued, “I believe that Ya will marry another good man.”

“I hope so,” Wang Ming said, hearing his cell phone ring.

After receiving the call, his face changed, “Uncle can barely hold it”

“Ah” Rong Jiaxins face changed when she heard the news, and she also stood up.

“Lets go and have a look!” Wang Ming said as he took the lead in running out.

Rong Jiaxin rushed out with him in a hurry.

“Honey, could you go with them and have a look” Zi Yan was shocked, and then said to Zhang Han.

The Wang family had to be in trouble.

Since Zhang Han was knowledgeable, Zi Yan wanted him to help the Wangs.

“OK.” Zhang Han nodded.

At this time, Wang Ya also came back.

After greeting her, Zhang Han left the hall.

Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin ran very fast and had gone out for more than 50 meters.

Zhang Han quickly caught up to the two.

According to their running direction, they were going to the old house.

“What happened” Zhang Han asked.

“Because…” Rong Jiaxin told Zhang Han what had happened while running.

Not long ago, Wang Zhanpeng found a blessed region in the place of ancestor worship.

This area was near the Mystical Fog Sect, and they also noticed the earthquake wave caused by the blessed region.

As the elder, Shi Kun brought his disciples here for investigation and directly declared that this place belonged to the Mystical Fog Sect.

Therefore, Shi Kun and the Wangs began to argue.

When they were about to fight, Shi Kun took out a cup of black tea.

He said that this cup of tea contained poison.

If Wang Zhanpeng remained alive for seven days after drinking it, the Mystical Fog Sect would give the Wang family a chance to compete for the blessed region.

Facing so many enemies, Wang Zhanpeng drank the tea without hesitation.

When he returned to the Wang family, he didnt feel that he had been poisoned, but he still took some precious herbs and antidotes.

He didnt feel anything different in the past six days.

Today was the seventh day, and he was lying in bed at night, as if he was asleep.

No one else found him to be abnormal.

But just now, Wang Zhanpengs breathing began to weaken and his temperature began to drop rapidly.

It seemed that he would not survive.

After hearing the whole thing, Zhang Han frowned slightly.

“Poisonous tea”

He secretly shook his head.

If it was just poisonous tea, the poisoned person would show corresponding symptoms, and the antidote would certainly have an effect.

Obviously, that was not a simple poison.

The three arrived soon at the old house and rushed to the central main house.

They went directly into the bedroom, where they saw Wang Zhanhong, Wang Gang, and Wang Liang.

Wang Gang was pale and worried.

The two in the room didnt pay attention to Wang Mings arrival.

They all stared at Wang Zhanpeng, who was lying in bed, cold, and in a state of suspended animation.

“How is my eldest uncle” Wang Ming asked anxiously.

However, the room was still quiet.

Wang Zhanhong pressed Wang Zhanpeng with his palm a few times, and his face became more and more pale.

Finally, he withdrew his hand and sighed helplessly.

“Hes dying.”


The news seemed to strike everyone in the room like a bolt from the blue.

“Is he really, really unable to survive” All the Wangs fell into despair.

But just then, they heard someone say, “Seven Soul Poisons”


In an instant, everyone turned around to look at Zhang Han.

Wang Zhanhong asked eagerly, “Can you recognize the poison”

Under the crowds gaze, Zhang Han walked forward two steps, looked at Wang Zhanpeng, and said calmly, “This is not poison, but a kind of array formed in the human body with poisonous tea as the catalyst.

Its a little related to the Seven Soul Poisons array.

Seven Soul Poisons Array

Everyone was stunned.

They looked at Zhang Han in surprise, since they had never heard that name.

Wang Ming hurriedly explained, “Han is a martial arts master, a Wu Dao Grand Master!”


Everyone in the room was so surprised that they forgot to breathe.

“You, you have a solution” Wang Zhanhong asked in a hurry.

While everyone present was waiting expectantly for Zhang Han, he shook his head slightly and said, “I have no idea.”

The arrival of Zhang Han made the Wangs see hope in despair, but then his words burst the bubble of hope, and the face of the Wangs became pale.

But what Zhang Han said next again cheered them up.



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