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Zhang Hans words gradually caused everyone to hold their breath.

They had gone through the process of despair to hope and then back to despair.

At this time, they seemed to have hope again.

They didnt know what facial expressions to wear.

If Zhang Han was one of their younger generation, they would scold him: “Cant you finish your speech at one time”

However, although this man was indirectly regarded as being from their younger generation, he was a Grand Master Late-stage… Who dared to treat him as one of the younger generation

Though they didnt know if Zhang Han was a real martial arts master, they just believed Wang Mings introduction and Zhang Hans performance.

The people present were not shocked that Zhang Han was so young because they were all worried about Wang Zhanpeng.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han said calmly, “Though I have no solution to this array, I can break it.”

“But the demands are a little harsh,” Zhang Han continued, “I need a yin soul and 99 top-quality jades.

Send them here by 11:55 p.m.

and Ill save him.

Or you can prepare his funeral.”

All of a sudden—

As soon as he said that, everyone present was shocked.

“Yin soul”

“A yin soul is hardly ever seen in the world.

In such a short time…” Wang Liang began trembling as he was again desperate.

“Even if a yin soul is hard to find, we must find a way!” Wang Zhanzong, Wang Mings father, frowned as he said, “Ming, contact the Jiuzhuang Taoist Temple and ask them for information about yin souls.”

“Liang, Ill give you an hour to prepare 99 pieces of top-quality jade!”


So all these core figures of the Wang family began taking action.

Only Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Han, Wang Zhanzong, and Wang Zhanpeng were left in the bedroom.


Wang Zhanzong made an obeisance to Zhang Han solemnly and then bent slightly.

However, he forgot Zhang Hans name and didnt know what to say.

“His name is Zhang Han, my nephew,” Rong Jiaxin reminded him.

“Master Zhang,” Wang Zhanpeng nodded slightly and said in a deep voice, “please do me a favor for my eldest brother.

No matter whether you succeed or not, my whole family will bear your kindness in mind.”

“Its no matter,” Zhang Han looked at him calmly and said, “Its just for my aunt.

Since you treat her well, Id like to help you.”

Wang Zhanzong was stunned, and then gave him a wry smile.

“Its a blessing for my family to marry Jiaxin.”

“So dont stand on ceremony, Mr.

Wang.” Zhang Han smiled.

Zhang Hans smile relaxed the atmosphere in the room.

Rong Jiaxin was about to cry.

She was moved and pleased.

“My sister gave birth to a good son.

If she knew that Han was so promising, she would be very happy.”

Rong Jiaxin had guarded Rong Jiali for several years and watched Zhang Han grow up, so she had a good relationship with him.

“Dad, this is my nephew, and you can treat him as a junior,” said Rong Jiaxin.

“Well, Ill call you Han, and you can call me elder Zong.” Wang Zhanzong smiled.

Although he said so, he would not really regard Zhang Han as a junior.

After all, Zhang Han was a late-stage Grand Master, even better than Wang Zhanzongs eldest brother.


“Late stage Grand Master”

It took Wang Zhanzong a few moments to check Zhang Hans level.

Then he looked at the young man and said, “You, you are a late-stage Grand Master”

Zhang Han did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“How long is Wang Zhanzongs reflex arc”

Knowing that the Wangs were so worried about Wang Zhanpeng, Zhang Han didnt answer Elder Zongs question.

Instead, he mobilized his spiritual force and let it flow out of his body.

For a time, the room was full of serious and cruel atmosphere, which made everyone feel scared.

All three in the room, including Rong Jiaxin, felt the pressure from Zhang Han at the moment.

But in less than a second, with Zhang Han withdrawing his Qi, the room returned to calm.

But the three in the room could not calm down, and they all stared at Zhang Han.

For them, before today, the Grand Master Late-stage was just a concept.

Today, they really understood the power of a Grand Master.

This made the room silent again.

“Han, we will remember your kindness and repay it later,” said Wang Zhanzong.

“OK,” Zhang Han replied and looked at Wang Zhanpeng, who was lying on the bed.

After thinking about it, he decided to go back and chat with Zi Yan for a while.

Before Zhang Han could leave, Wang Zhanhong asked, “Whats the meaning of Seven Soul Poisons”

“Seven Soul Poisons,” Zhang Han pondered and explained, “This is not a common poison, but a more advanced poison that acts on the soul.

After drinking this poison, it will turn into gas and enter his five internal organs, dantian, and soul sense sea respectively, absorbing his blood and qi to nourish its toxicity, so it is called Seven Soul Poisons.

Generally, in the early morning of the seventh day, the seven wounds within the poisoned persons body will be connected into an array, and his soul will die instantly, so it is called the Seven Soul Poison Array.

This kind of poison only attacks at the last moment, and the poisoned people are not different from ordinary people at ordinary times.”

Zhang Han just explained it simply because the Seven Soul Poisons was a more complex method, and no one could fully understand it in a short time.

Even so, his audience was still confused.

“What is the soul sense sea” Wang Zhanhong asked.

“You can regard it as your brain,” replied Zhang Han.

“You said that this kind of poison only attacked the body at the last moment.

But eldest brother lost his consciousness at seven oclock in the evening.

Why Did the poison attack ahead of time” Wang Zhanzong asked worriedly.

In front of Zhang Han, he felt that he was a reckless man who knew nothing.

“The poison in his body is only a little related to the Seven Soul Poisons, and the poison array in his body is only connected by the wounds in the five internal organs,” Zhang Han said slowly, “And the caster is also a novice, otherwise he would not be in a coma.”

The two elders felt a little ashamed, for they didnt even know what poison the eldest brother had drunk.

Maybe in Han Zhangs eyes, they were not even suitable to be a novice.

“I see.

Then…” Wang Zhanzong was about to ask something, but Zhang Han was no longer interested in answering.

He waved and said, “Call me when you are ready.

I will go back to accompany my wife.”

“Well, all right.” Wang Zhanzong nodded and said, “Jiaxin, you accompany him.”

“OK.” Rong Jiaxin and Zhang Han walked out of the room to go to the main house, and Rong Jiaxin kept expressing her surprise all the way.

“Grand Master Late-stage, its really daunting.” Wang Zhanzong shook his head.

“More importantly,” Wang Zhanhong took a deep breath and sighed, “he is less than 30 years old and can be compared with Emperor Qing.

Both of them are talents, and I admire them so much.”

“Lets get in touch with the others and try our best to get the yin soul!” Wang Zhanzong said firmly.


Zhang Han returned to the house.

As soon as he entered the room, he saw Zi Yan, Wang Ya, and the other girls chatting happily.

They were not talking about Wang Ya, but about some female topics.

While Zi Yan and Wang Ya didnt talk much, both Zhou Fei and Zhang Li were talkative.

“Mom, youre back.

What happened to Grandpa” Wang Ya asked.

She didnt know that Wang Zhanpeng was poisoned and thought he was ill.

“Well, we have found a solution.” Rong Jiaxin nodded.

After sitting down, she looked at Zi Yan and said, “Thanks to Xiaohan this time, otherwise it would be really troublesome.”

Hearing this, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li both looked at Zhang Han.

They felt that Zhang Han was getting more and more powerful.

Zi Yan also said with a smile, “Of course, he is very powerful.”

“My husband is a powerful immortal.”

Zhang Han smiled as it reminded him of what Mengmeng often said: “My PaPa is powerful!”

Both the mother and daughter were very proud of Zhang Han.

They talked for more than an hour until it was almost half past 11.

No one had come to inform them, and Rong Jiaxin was a little worried.

“Isnt everything that is needed ready”

She looked at Zhang Han and suggested, “Han, shall we go and have a look”

Zhang Han nodded.


Zi Yan came out of the bedroom, where she had just gone to look after Mengmeng.

Seeing Zhang Han leaving, she said, “Are you going there to have a look”

“Well, Ill be back at about 12.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Then Ill wait for you,” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Go now.”

After leaving the room, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei were not sleepy at all because they often stayed up late.

Although Wang Ya was sleepy, she felt that she should accompany them for a while and thus didnt go to rest.

They arrived at the old houses bedroom, where the others gathered and the atmosphere was serious.

“We have found the top-level jade.

But we still dont know where to get the yin soul.” Wang Zhanzong sighed when he saw Zhang Han.

“Can we not have a ghost Are there any other alternatives” Wang Zhanhong asked in a hurry.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han shook his head.

The atmosphere in the room was more oppressive, which made the Wangs feel suffocated.

All of a sudden, Wang Ming, standing on the left, stared at Zhang Han and said in a loud voice, “Han, Han, can we use the soul of a beast”


Everyone in the room looked at Wang Ming first, then at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han pondered then finally said yes.

Though a yang soul was the best tool to break the Seven Soul Poisons Array, it was rare to see one in the world and was usually replaced by a yin soul.

Yin and yang souls were souls of different attributes, with the yang soul nourishing the body and the yin soul breaking the array.

As for a beast soul, it was neutral and not a good choice actually, but it was enough to deal with this “Five Soul Poisons” array.

“Why didnt you say it earlier” Wang Zhanzong stared at Wang Liang and said, “Take it out quickly.”

“Its in my house, Ill get it now.” Wang Ming hurried out.

When he went out, all the people were relieved.

Wang Zhanzong smiled and said, “He likes to make some strange things.”

Two minutes later, Wang Liang came back.

He carried in a wooden box, opened it, and took out a small blue flag.

“Here, I have to use something to help you see it,” Wang Ming said, clapping his hands on the small flag, then the flag began to shake slightly.

Then his left hand picked up a handful of blue powder from the corner of the box.

After Wang Ming sprinkled the powder in the air, a palm-sized figure of boar appeared above the flag, which lasted for two seconds and then disappeared.

“Wow!” Zhang Han looked at Wang Ming with interest, for it seemed that Wang Ming liked to do weird research.

“Give me a place,” said Zhang Han.

“Go out, lets all go out.” Wang Zhanzong led the way.

“Do I have to stay here Or else this soul flag…” Before Wang Ming finished his words, Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Its not necessary.”

Wang Ming felt that the weight in his hand had disappeared, because the little flag had left his hands and was now standing one meter above Wang Zhanpeng.

So Wang Ming also left the room.

They gathered in front of the door, which was not closed, waiting to see how Zhang Han took action.

Under everyones gaze—

Zhang Hans right hand was slightly raised.

All of a sudden, the jade in the box rose in succession and floated quietly above every corner of the room.

The next moment—

“Bang, bang, bang…”

With all the jade exploding and breaking, people outside the door could feel the energy suddenly surging in the room.

“Is he forming an array How can an array…” Wang Zhanhong was interrupted.

Because something strange happened.

Zhang Hans eyes lit up like lightning, illuminating the earth at that moment.

“Puff, puff, puff…”

A whirlwind formed in the room.

The whirlwind appeared on Wang Zhanpeng.

At first, the whirlwind was cyan then gradually turned to light black.

It entered Wang Zhanpengs chest and disappeared into his body.

Then Zhang Han his withdrew his palm.

“Thats it”

Everyone outside the door was shocked deep inside.

“Is it so quick”

“It took less than 10 seconds to finish the whole process.”

But the next moment—

“Ah!” Wang Zhanpeng suddenly cried and sat up.

“Puff!” He spewed out faint black blood.

“Ah Ah Hum, hum, hum.

Hum, hum, hum.

Ah Hum, hum…”

After Wang Zhanzong and others rushed into the room, Wang Zhanpeng, who was already awake, stared at the crowd and tried to speak, but he could only grunt.

“ ”

Everyone looked at each other, and their original joy turned into confusion.

“What is going on”

“Brother, brother, whats wrong with you” asked Wang Zhanhong loudly.

“Ah Hum, hum, hum…”

“My eldest brother, is this… a pig” Wang Zhanzong shivered and asked Zhang Han.

His words made Wang Zhanpeng blush.

“A little side effect, he will recover soon.” Zhang Han could not help laughing.

“Hum, hum, ah…”

Under everyones gaze, Wang Zhanpeng burped and then could speak normally.

“I, I, Im cured” asked Wang Zhanpeng excitedly.

“Brother, you are finally recovered! We were scared to death!” said Wang Zhanhong.


The Wangs came to Wang Zhanpengs side one after another and were reassured to find that he had recovered.

Now Wang Zhanpeng was just weak in qi and blood, which required a two-day recuperation.

“Who saved me” Wang Zhanpengs eyes swept around the house.

“Well, thanks to Han.

He is Jiaxins nephew and a powerful late-stage Grand Master.

If it wasnt for him, you wouldnt… I dare not to think about it,” Wang Zhanzong said, and then he found Zhang Han was not there.

“Where is Han”

“Where is Han Did he go back” Rong Jiaxin was surprised.

“He should be back.” Wang Ming nodded.

“Ill thank him tomorrow.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head.

The whole family was immersed in the joy of recovery and decided to stay for a while.

Zhang Han, of course, went back.

He was not interested in watching the Wang family reunite and didnt want to be thanked by them.

Now Zhang Han just wanted to go back to sleep with his wife.

“Yes, sleep…”

Zhang Han quickened his pace and returned to the hall.

The chatting speed of the girls in the hall had slowed down.

When Zhang Han came back, they hurried back to their room to rest.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan changed into their pajamas and went to bed.

Finding his wife was sleepy, Zhang Han cuddled her to sleep.

He listened to the breathing sounds of Mengmeng on the small bed on the left and Zi Yan nearby.

They seemed to be the most beautiful sounds in the world, which made Zhang Han smile contentedly.

The night went by silently.

The next day, Mengmeng woke up at 7:30.

As soon as she saw PaPa, the girl stretched out her little arms and ask Papa to carry her to the big bed.

At eight oclock, Zi Yan woke up, got up, washed, and dressed.

By the time they went out of the room at half past eight, Zhou Fei and Zhang Li had already prepared themselves.

Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Wang Ya were drinking tea in the courtyard.

When they came out, Wang Ming immediately ordered the servants to make breakfast.

“Awake” Wang Ming gave them a warm smile and said, “Han, Yan, my father went back to the country in the morning, and he will get some local specialties.

When he comes back in the evening, my eldest uncle will cook for you and thank you personally.”

Zhang Han smiled lightly after hearing that.

Mengmeng was not interested in local specialties because there was nothing more delicious than what PaPa made for her.

The little girl was interested in another thing.

“Well, are we going to the amusement park today” asked Meng Meng.

Of course she wouldnt forget about that.

“Well go after lunch.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs face with a smile.

“Great.” Mengmeng happily waves her little palm.

On the way to the dining hall, they met several Wangs, who greeted them warmly.

The Wangs all called Zhang Han according to their generation, and Zi Yan couldnt help laughing at all the kinds of appellations for Zhang Han.

After lunch, they went back to the house to take some belongings with them.

“Itll be hot at noon.

Its sunny today so youd better put on your hat,” Wang Ya reminded them.

“Well, I often wear beautiful little hats,” Mengmeng replied.

“Its not a pretty hat, its a pretty Mengmeng,” Rong Jiaxin said with a smile.

After being praised, Mengmeng laughed happily.

The adults also laughed.

At this time, a young man rushed through the door.

He nodded to Wang Ming, looked at Wang Ya, and said in a deep voice, “Brother Wang… Shi Tianlei of the Shi family is here with his grandfather, Shi Kun.

While Shi Kun went to the old house, he is coming here with several people.”

“What” Wang Ming frowned.

Since Shi Tianlei was Wang Mings enemy, and Shi Kun had almost killed one elder of the Wang family, this news ignited Wang Mings anger.

At this time, a line of three people came slowly from the gate, led by a fat man, who looked very impetuous.

He was Shi Tianlei.

Seeing him, Wang Ya turned pale and bit her lips.

Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li were confused, for they didnt know why Wang Ya fell in love with this guy.

Such an ugly and bad man.

They guessed that Shi Tianlei had never been a good man, who had been hiding his nature.

After he got access to the wealth of the Wang family and knew the status of Shi Kun, he immediately exposed his real character.

Wang Ya went out with a pale face.

Shi Tianlei went to the center of the yard, looked at Wang Ya, took out a contract, and said impatiently, “I wont talk to you about it.

Sign the contract to leave empty-handed and we will divorce.

“You want my property so you keep delaying the divorce.

Ill tell you that you wont get a cent.” Wang Mings whole body trembled with rage, and he wanted to smack Shi Tianlei to death with one strike.

But behind Shi Tianlei stood two Heaven-stage Masters, and Shi Kun was also here.

“What property do you have Who cares about that What are you” Wang Ming said angrily.

“Oh, Uncle Wang, you should be polite to me.

Im going to take over a company of the family, and you can call me Director Shi later.

Of course, I have a lot of property, but I wont give it to others.” Shi Tianlei looked at Wang Ya and asked, “Sign it or not Ill go if you refuse to sign.

Its better not to divorce, and I think youve heard about my means.”

“You!” Rong Jiaxin clenched her fist.

“Ill sign it.” Wang Ya said loudly, and then strode up to Shi Tianlei.

She took the pen, wrote down her name, threw the contract to Shi Tianlei, turned around, and walked back, saying, “Im only responsible for my blind eyes and my love for a beast.”

“Who is the beast You are no better than me!” Shi Tianlei sneered, and suddenly saw a group of people coming out from the side.

“My gosh, shes indeed a beauty!” His eyes were fixed on Zi Yan and he looked at her and said, “There are so many beauties in your royal family.

Tsk, the body shape…”

He was so frivolous.

The two Heaven-stage Masters behind him also laughed.

Were they arrogant


The Shi family dared to be so arrogant.

They had Shi Kun and the Mystical Fog Sect and needed not to be afraid of anyone.

Zhang Han on Zi Yans right looked at them.

“Come on, Mengmeng.” Zhang Han lifted his windbreaker forward to let Mengmeng get in to block her sight.

At this time, Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, and Zi Yan all felt that something was going to happen.

On the other side, Zhao Feng and Ah Hu were stunned.

“Where does this fool come from This kind of person would die in three days in the underworld.”

Their ideas were directly expressed by Zhang Han.

He looked at Shi Tianlei curiously and asked, “How have you lived to this day”

“Hmm” Shi Tianlei frowned and replied unhappily, “Do you know who you are talking to”


Zhang Han nodded lightly, waved his right hand, and said, “A dead man.”

As soon as Zhang Han finished speaking…


A muffled sound came from Shi Tianleis body.

And then he flew backward.

When he was flying backward, someone found that he had stopped breathing.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone present was astonished.

The two Heaven-stage Masters behind Shi Tianlei were stunned and looked at Zhang Han in horror.

“How dare he make his move”

“Shi Tianlei comes from the Shi family!”

“He is the son admitted by the Shi family”

“Is he not afraid of death He even dares to kill Shi Tianlei!”

While they were worried, Zhang Han looked at them!

“You two, dont get in the way here,” Zhang Han said calmly.

But the two began to tremble.

They quickly turned around and ran out to tell Shi Kun the news.

But they were unable to take a single step.

An irresistible force rushed from behind.

And then their world fell into darkness.

Then, there was no “then”.

The moment before their consciousness vanished, they understood what Zhang Han meant by saying “dont get in the way”.


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