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The cost was too high.

Because the cost was life.

They couldnt imagine that… A young Wu Dao Grand Master, how could he directly take action


“Doesnt he know Shi Kun”

“Hasnt he heard about the Mystical Fog Sect”

“Doesnt he know that Xiang Qitian, the sect chief of the Mystical Fog Sect, is a late-stage Grand Master”

“Is it because Shi Tianlei flirted with the woman beside him”

Even as they died, they didnt understand why Zhang Han did it.

“Hes too hot-tempered, isnt he”

If they knew that they had just suffered from an undeserved catastrophe, they would stand up and spit out blood.

Last night, Zhang Han learned about Shi Tianlei.

Although he didnt want to get involved in it, he was very disgusted by it.

Today, if he could handle the divorce amicably, Zhang Han wouldnt care about him.

Even if his attitude was not good, Zhang Han would only punish him instead of killing him.

But he flirted with Zi Yan and laughed with the two behind.

From that moment on, he was dead in Zhang Hans eyes.

Just as human beings could decide the fate of ants at their feet…

For the Cultivation World, the weak were all ants.

There was a lot of crisis in the Cultivation World, and even the masters at the level of pass tribulation could be regarded as ants by the immortals.

In the environment of strength first, everyone seemed cold and callous.

“Drag them away.” Zhang Han waved his hand.

Zhao Feng and others nearby reacted quickly and rushed to get the three away from the gate.

As they got near them, Zhao Feng found that the three men had been killed.

As for Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin, as soon as those three people were sent flying backward, they felt that they had no vital signs.


A clear and audible swallowing sound came from Wang Ming.

He stared at Zhang Han with a numb face and didnt know what to say.

Shi Tianleis death made him very happy and shocked.

Facing the three bodies, he didnt know what to do at this time.

Zhou Fei and Zhang Li look at each other in astonishment.

Zi Yan pursed her mouth and said nothing.

Wang Yas facial expression was complicated, but there was relief in her eyes.

“This, this…”

Rong Jiaxin looked at Zhang Han with a trembling mouth, and felt that her nephew was very grumpy.

“He usually seems easy-going, but now he is like a killer without feelings.

“What did he go through all these years”

Rong Jiaxin trembled.

From being an ordinary person to a Late-stage Grand Master, it was so difficult.

In addition, when Zhang Han just made a move, she felt that there was an extraordinary and refined qi in him.

“What is that

“Was he born a master”

This discovery made her shiver.

She felt like a king was standing beside her.

At this time, she was also a little confused.

There was a sudden silence in the area.

Fortunately, a few seconds later, Mengmeng broke the silence and murmured, “PaPa, are you going to play hide and seek with me”

“Yes.” Zhang Han pretended to look everywhere with his eyes.

“Eh Where is Mengmeng I cant see her.”


Wang Ming was stunned for a moment, almost choked by saliva.

He felt it so weird that this martial arts master just became a good father in an instant, who was playing a game that seemed childish to adults.

“Hmm!” Mengmeng stuck her head out from Zhang Hans black windbreaker and announced, “Mengmeng is here!”

“Wow, Mengmeng is here.” Zhang Han grinned and kissed the little girls face.

Mengmeng gave a pleasant laugh, then waved her little arm and urged, “PaPa, lets go.

Were going to be late.”

The performance of the girl again cheered up the Wangs.

“Lets go and have fun.” Zhang Han, holding Mengmeng in one hand and Zi Yans delicate palm in the other, walked forward.

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei grinned inexplicably and hurried to follow them with Wang Ya.

Wang Ming was the last to take steps.

Looking at Zhang Hans back, he was a little dazed, his eyes flashed, and his mind was filled with complicated emotions.

“It can be seen that without Zi Yan and Mengmeng…

“In this era…

“He is bound to become a frightening king of killing!

“He will be a formidable master!

“He can even be Emperor Qings match!

“However, it is hard for a hero to pass by a beauty without paying attention to her.”

Wang Mings eyes narrowed and a smile rose from the corner of his mouth.

“But it makes me appreciate him more, since a martial artist without emotion is just a machine for longevity.”

Then he stepped forward and thought about the death of Shi Tianlei.

At this time, he didnt have any more headaches and just felt very happy!

“Good job!

“Good job!

“As a martial art artist, one should be not afraid of the bigwigs and forces.

“How I wish I could have killed that beast earlier.

“Although I would have brought troubles to the Wang family, but so what I could take revenge and move away from Xihang!”

At this moment, Wang Ming understood Zhang Hans behavior and felt a warm flood bursting out of his body.

“Clatter, clatter.”

He felt that he was one step closer to breaking through the barrier of a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Zhang Han and the others took the limousine, and Zhao Feng and the others went back to take the Land Rover in the back.

When they arrived at the gate of the house, the motorcade stopped slowly.

In front of three Rolls-Royce Phantom, an old man stood there with a dark face.

10 meters away from him stood Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong, and they all looked at him with great vigilance and a little confusion.

Just two minutes after Shi Kun appeared, when he was still boasting, the news came that Shi Tianlei was killed.

Wang Zhanhong and Wang Zhanpeng were happy yet worried.

It was dangerous to provoke Shi Kun, and what should the Wang family do about it Zhang Han was involved in this matter in order to help the Wang family, and they couldnt just stand by.

So the three of them stared at each other.

If Zhang Han and his friends didnt come, they would almost have fought.

When he saw the motorcade, his face darkened as he looked at the leading car coldly.


The door opened, and in the eyes of the three, a man in a black windbreaker got out of the car slowly and calmly.

Shi Kun felt strange and dared not act rashly.

He frowned slightly and threatened, “It was you who killed him”

“Yes.” Zhang Han stopped five meters away from Shi Kun and looked at him.

“Do you have any complaints”

In an instant, the expressions of Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanhong froze.

“Does he intend to have a battle”

They were ready to fight and got Zhang Han, the late-stage masters help.

The strength of them together might be enough to defeat Shi Kun!

“Hmm” Shi Kun was a little confused because he couldnt guess the origin of Zhang Han.

“Do you know that he is my descendant” Shi Kuns voice cooled.

“I know.” A little emotion appeared in Zhang Hans voice.

It was impatience.

Because the old man stood in front of the car and blocked their way.

“Do you know that Im the 3rd elder of the Mystical Fog Sect” Shi Kuns gaze was freezing.

“Yes,” replied Zhang Han.

“So…” Shi Kun activated the spiritual force within his body and seemed to be ready to fight.

He said in a vicious tone, “Now that you know he is my descendant and Im Shi Kun with the influence of the Mystical Fog Sect, why would you dare to kill him”

Before he had finished speaking, he was interrupted by a light voice.

“What are you Whats the Mystical Fog Sect”

“ ” Shi Kun suddenly froze, his mouth could not stop shaking, as if he were hearing to a joke.

Wang Zhanpeng and his brothers eyes widened.

For the first time, they heard someone look down on Shi Kun and the Mystical Fog Sect in this way.

“What kind of person is Han”

Feeling a little confused, they looked around like two onlookers.

“I killed him.” Zhang Han stared at Shi Kun and slowly said, “Do you have any comments for me”


Shi Kuns release of qi became stronger, but he began to feel uneasy.

“Who is he

“Whats his background

“He broke my Five Ghosts Poisonous Array

“Such a young Wu Dao Grand Master.

Is he a disciple from those large sects”

Shi Kun hesitated.

He wanted to fight, but he was worried because he didnt know what Grand Master level Zhang Han was.

He was not afraid of Wang Zhanpeng, who was at the peak of the mid-stage, and Wang Zhanhong, who was at the early stage.

But he was not sure whether or not he could defeat the young man.

Whats more, it was only Shi Tianlei and two bodyguards who had died today.

Since Shi Kun had married 16 wives, who gave birth to a lot of sons and grandchildren, he didnt care about the life or death of just one of them.

But at this time, he hesitated whether or not he should fight for his dignity.

After thinking for two seconds, he gave up, withdrew his qi, and asked, “Who are you”

“Zhang Hanyang.” Zhang Han finally took a look at him and told him the name directly.

“Im telling you face to face that I killed He Qingtian in Hong Kong.

Do you still want to fight me”

After that, Zhang Han turned around to get in the car.

But before Zhang Han got in the car, Shi Kun said in a cold voice, “I hope you can be so calm in a few days!”

After that, he took a glance at Wang Zhanpeng, got in the leading car, and left.

“Han…” When Wang Zhanpeng was about to say something…


Zhang Han directly closed the car door.

“This…” The two elders gave each other a wry smile.

It seemed that Zhang Han didnt want to talk with them at all.

“Is he in such a hurry to go to the amusement park Whats so interesting about the amusement park!”

After thinking about it, they decided to wait until Zhang Han came back in the evening to discuss the matter with him.

Since Shi Kun chose to leave, he would not cause any trouble for the time being.

After Zhang Han got in the car, Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin both looked at him with strange facial expressions.

At the same time, they were thinking, “He treated Shi Kun with this attitude.

Hes so powerful.”

They didnt expect that Shi Kun, who always liked to fight for his dignity, could bear Zhang Hans provocation.

“Who is that man” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and asked.

When Wang Ming was about to answer this question, Zhang Han said, “An insignificant old man.”


Wang Ming realized that they couldnt treat Zhang Han as a normal person at all.

With the gradual contact with Zhang Han, it could be felt that, on the one hand, he was sharp, plain, and extraordinary, and on the other hand, he was hard-working, tender, and considerate.

“Which is the real him”

Wang Ming thought about it.

A while later, when he looked at Zhang Han playing with Mengmeng with a smile, he suddenly understood.

These two styles were actually the difference between Zhang Hans treatment toward his family and outsiders.

“Fortunately, I have the chance to be the former.”

In this case, if all the people present were Wangs or adults, the atmosphere would be much more serious.

But because of the existence of the little princess, within a few minutes, the atmosphere in the car was happy again.

Mengmeng seemed to have a kind of magic that could make others happy.

All the people who saw her liked her and wanted to play with her.

The Song Town amusement park was not far away from the Wang familys house, and it took them 20 minutes to drive there.

Mengmeng was so happy to go to the amusement park.

Her big eyes flashed at the crowd around her as she murmured, “There are so many people.

PaPa, look over there.

There is a big bear, but its not as tall as Big Heihei.

MaMa, look over there.

Its Princess Aisha.

I like her very much…”

When they got to the amusement park, Mengmeng became more active.

In fact, the amusement park was very attractive to Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, and others.

It was also fun for them to play once in a while.

The Song Town amusement park was a well-known comprehensive theme park of Xihang.

It was located in the central area of Xihang, with developed transportation.

The park had the Maya tribe, lost jungle, Adventure Island, and other themed areas.

They had a good time the whole morning, but they didnt play on all the rides because of the long lines.

Even Zi Yan played on the exciting rides Hanging Roller Coaster, Hammer of Rain God, Flying in the Sky, Fashionable Flying Man, etc.

Mengmeng had played on more, such as Bug Teams, Music Boats, Bumper Cars, and so on.

They played around until one oclock in the afternoon and were ready to go out for lunch.

On the way out, Rong Jiaxin seduced Mengmeng with Dragons Beard Candy and successfully held the little girl in her arms finally.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan followed them.

While Zhang Han put his hands in his pocket at will, Zi Yan held his arm on the right.

Zi Yan with her long hair was wearing a white fashionable shirt and red shorts, revealing two white long legs, and wearing lovely pink sneakers on her feet.

Besides this, she wore sunglasses today to avoid being recognized.

Because they were close, Zhang Hans gaze drifted to Zi Yan as he walked.

He looked in from the neckline of Zi Yan, appreciated her graceful posture, and felt a cluster of flames burning in his body, which made him feel very hot and dry.

Zi Yan felt it and turned her eyes to Zhang Han.

But then the small tip of her tongue reached out secretly and licked her red lips naughtily, deliberately seducing Zhang Han.

Zhang Han felt even hotter and began looking at Zi Yan with burning eyes.

Then he deliberately extended his arm and felt her soft body.

Zi Yan pursed her lips, straightened her waist, and sent her soft body to Zhang Hans hand.


Zhang Hans eyes moved as he leaned over to Zi Yans ear and said softly, “You little goblin.”

“What” Zi Yan whispered in his ear, “Want to eat me”

Zi Yans voice made Zhang Han want to take action.


Hearing the voice of Zhang Hans saliva and looking at his eager expression, Zi Yan smiled sweetly, revealing two rows of white teeth.

The others didnt notice their interaction.

Even if they did notice the couple, they would immediately look away and begin thinking about what to eat for lunch.

“Its time, Grand Aunt.” Mengmeng looked around with her big clear eyes and stretched out his little arm to Zhang Han, saying, “Papa, give me a hug.”

“This little girl really likes her father.” Rong Jiaxin gave Mengmeng to Zhang Han.

The moment Mengmneg touched her dad, she began smiling.

“The dish in the Dingxiang restaurant in front of us is good, and they are all authentic fried dishes.

Lets go there and have a taste, OK Its only a five-minute journey.

In the afternoon, well go to Langlanglang Water Park and then come back,” Rong Jiaxin suggested.

“OK, lets go.” Zi Yan nodded.

Now Rong Jiaxin understood that Zi Yan was in charge of the large group, Zhang Li could do anything, Zhou Fei was like a follower, and Zhang Han…

This was a man who was obedient to his daughter.

Rong Jiaxin felt it so funny.

Though Zhang Han was so powerful, he had a completely different attitude toward his family.

If she didnt know the truth, she would believe that it was Zhang Han who had married into Zi Yans family.

But Zi Yan was very gentle and considerate.

She would ask Zhang Han first about some important things, which made Rong Jiaxin very satisfied.

She was pleased for her sister because there were so few beautiful and considerate daughters-in-law like Zi Yan.

“Aunt, when you are free to come to Hong Kong, you must try the dishes made by Zhang Han himself.

They are very delicious,” Zi Yan said with a proud smile.

“Really Can Han cook When we get a chance, lets have a cooking competition,” Wang Ming said with a smile.

Everyone became talkative when it came to this topic.

Zhou Fei: “My brother-in-law is unique in cooking!”

Zhang Li: “My brother is unique in cooking!”

Mengmeng: “My PaPa is unique in cooking!”

“ ” Wang Ming was stunned.

“Well, how can I compete with Zhang Han”

“Can Han cook Wonderful! Do you usually cook” asked Rong Jiaxin with a smile.

“I havent told you yet, Aunt,” Zi Yan smiled and said, “Zhang Han is running a restaurant and its a prosperous business.

When I have time, I also cook with him.

He is so considerate that he never lets me clean the kitchen.

Therefore, if I want to cook, he will let me guide him to do it.”

“Really” Rong Jiaxin smiled and shook her head.

“A man who knows how to love his wife is a good man.”

“Alas,” Wang Ming sighed, “now I admire Han more and more.”

“Thats not all.” Zhang Li took over the topic.

“Now the membership card of my brothers restaurant is priced at 10 million yuan, and we have sold many cards.”

“Huh” Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming were shocked.

“What is sold for 10 million yuan” Wang Ya came up with two pieces of Dragons Beard Candy.

“The restaurants membership card.

Only members can eat the dishes that my brother cooks,” Zhang Li replied.

“Hum, PaPa, I want to eat that candy.” Mengmengs eyes were shining.

“Well be in the restaurant soon.

Lets eat in the restaurant, my little greedy cat.” Zi Yan reached out her fingers and scraped Mengmengs little nose.

“Then, when shall we get to the restaurant” asked Mengmeng.

“Were almost there.

Its right ahead.” Rong Jiaxin smiled kindly.

While the others were also talking about the restaurant, Wang Ming was not particularly shocked by the price of the membership card.

After all, they were dishes cooked by a Wu Dao Grand Master.

He didnt realize that all the members went to Zhang Hans restaurant because the dishes were so delicious.

Before they got to the restaurant, Zhang Hans cell phone rang.

The call was from Xu Yong.

“Hello…” Zhang Hans facial expression changed as if he had heard something interesting.


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