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The two of them hugged each other.

Looking at Zi Yan beneath him, who was charming and attractive, Zhang Han felt comfortable from the bottom of his heart.

Gradually, their temperature became increasingly high as Zhang Han moved faster and faster, and Zi Yan could not help crying out in low voice.

After Zhang Han growled…

Zhang Han turned on his side with his arm around Zi Yan, feeling the warmth of their bodies.

At that moment…


Suddenly, the phone on the tea table vibrated.

Zhang Han stopped moving.

After he stretched out his arm, the mobile phone floated over.

He picked up the phone and heard a voice containing great dissatisfaction.

“Little boy, I heard that you want to ruin my sect.”

“Yue Wuwei”

Zhang Han was somewhat shocked and said, “I want to ask you where I can find my parents.”

“Who are your parents”

“Zhang Guangyou and Rong Jiali.”

The man on the line fell silent all of a sudden.

After 10 seconds, he said, “Whats your name”

“Zhang Han.

“Tell me the information about my parents,” Zhang Han said in a deep voice.

“Boy, do you think I will tell you directly since you beat so many disciples of my sect and claimed that you were going to destroy my sect You must be dreaming!”

“What do you want to say” Zhang Han slightly frowned.

At that time, Zi Yan was obviously a little nervous because they would know whether or not they could get the info in a minute.

“Of course, it is conditional for you.

Ahem, my sect is out of repair for a long time.

I am not very greedy and want you to give me one-tenth of your deposit.”

“No problem.

Tell me the information,” Zhang Han said directly.

“Now” The man snorted and said, “How can I tell you the info since I have not seen the money Nice try.

Go to my sect at 12 oclock tomorrow.”

After finishing saying that, he hung up the phone.

Zhang Han glanced at his mobile phone and became lost in thought.

“Well get the info tomorrow, and I hope its good,” Zi Yan curled her lips and said.

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Lets go back to the bedroom.

And these bedsheets…” looking at the sheets that had witnessed what happened before, Zi Yan pulled her bottom lip between her teeth and said, “Take them to our bedroom.”


Zhang Han smiled and picked up Zi Yan, then he pulled out the sheets and quietly returned to the bedroom.

Originally, Zhang Han was desiring to have sex with Zi Yan again because they still wanted to try the new positions one after another, even though they had used a few just now.

However, the call he just received affected his mood more or less.

So, they slept together as usual.

At six oclock the next day, Mengmeng woke up.

She opened her eyes in a daze, then looked around.

Before she opened her mouth, Zhang Han opened his eyes and smiled softly after catching sight of her.


Zhang Han reached out his finger and put it to his lips, then whispered.

“Huh Keep quiet.” Mengmeng glanced at Zi Yan, who was still sleeping soundly, then stretched out her small arms to Zhang Han quietly.

Zhang Han carried her to the big bed, then the two of them whispered and played with each other.

Since Mengmeng was crawling around, Zi Yan soon woke up.

Previously, Zi Yan would have woken up the instant she noticed any movement on the bed because she was subconsciously worried about Mengmeng.

But now, she felt at ease every time she slept in Zhang Hans arms.

Her quality of sleep had improved greatly, and she always could stay in bed.

Even the dreams that she dreamed were sweet occasionally.

After getting up, they washed themselves.

At around seven oclock, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also got up, during which Long Jiaxin and her family arrived in the living room.

“Shall we go to the zoo after having breakfast” Rong Jiaxin asked with a smile.

“Fine, but Zhang Han is going to find someone at noon,” Zi Yan replied.

“Lets go to the zoo in the morning, so he can do his private work at noon.

We can go to other places in the afternoon.” Rong Jiaxin nodded.

In the past few days, she had planned to take Mengmeng to various places, so that she could enjoy herself.

If there were only adults present, she would not have made such full travel arrangements.

Therefore, after everyone finished breakfast, they got into the cars and reached the Xihang Zoo.

On account of a holiday, the crowds flowed along the street and it took them a few minutes to park the car.

When they were about to enter the zoo, an obese man with a gold necklace, and a tall woman, who held a fat boy about six or seven years old, passed by.

While walking, the fat boy said loudly, “Dad, I learned new words yesterday.

In the zoo, there are smalltigars, smallsquirrals,dears… Bang!”

Before he finished listing them, the man kicked the fat boy in the ass.

“Be serious, what a mess!”

“” The fat boy was totally dumbfounded.

He heard that his classmates had been praised after telling their parents what they had learned.


Mengmeng blinked her big clear eyes and thought for a while, then she looked at Zhang Han and asked in a low voice, “PaPa, what is asmall tiger”

Before Zhang Han answered, Mengmeng asked again, “Is it a small tiger”

“Yes, its a small tiger,” Zhang Han laughed and replied.

“Is the small tiger also called the smalltigar”

After thinking for a moment, Zhang Han responded, “Huh… He said that because he was inarticulate.”

He could not tell Mengmeng that people said those terms with a strong accent in order to make their words sound cute.

“Well, is biglione” equivalent to Big Heihei” Mengmeng asked again,

“Yes, Dahei is a gorilla,” Zi Yan chuckled and said.

A gorilla…

Zhang Han shook his head with a smile, considering that Dahei was less and less like an average gorilla and fearing that it would become a King Kong soon.

“Alas, I miss Big Heihei.

PaPa, when do you take Big Heihei and Little Heihei out to play” Mengmeng asked Zhang Han while staring at him.

Originally, Zi Yan would have refused her to take them out in the past.

But now… her outlook on the world completely changed, therefore, she did not refuse Mengmengs proposal.

“We can bring them out to play next time.” Zhang Han reached out his hand and touched Mengmengs tender face.

“Great, great.

PaPa is the best man.

Mwah, mwah, mwah.”

Mengmeng moved close to Zhang Han and kissed his cheeks several times, which provoked Zhang Hans hearty laughter.

Wang Ming shook his head slightly and sighed with emotion in his heart.

Just as Zi Yan said, Zhang Han always followed Mengmengs advice and was totally not strict with her.

Then he recalled that he had been strict with Wang Ya in her childhood.

If he had treated Xiaoya more gently, like Xiaohan, she would have been more outgoing.

Anyhow, a fathers love is as great as a mountain, even though the way fathers express their love is different from that of mothers.

While heading to the zoo, Wang Ya asked curiously, “Cousin, do you raise a gorilla”

“Yes, its name is Big Heihei.” Mengmeng answered while gesturing, “Big Heihei is really tall, much taller than PaPa.

It always throws me up so high in the air.

Ahh, like this.

And Little Heihei, it is a big dog, which can be ridden by me.

It keeps running…”

Judging by the little gals words and her expression, she indeed had fun with Dahei and Little Hei, regarding them as her good friends.

They entered the zoo and visited various exhibits.

Although Mengmeng had gone to the zoo before, she could recognize more animals every time she came here.

Then, they stayed in the acrobatic hall for a long time, watching the performances of the training elephants and tigers, so the morning passed.

After visiting the zoo, Rong Jiaxin looked at Zi Yan and asked, “Why dont we have lunch at a restaurant near West Lake to taste the fresh fish”

“Okay.” Zi Yan nodded.

When they were about to get into the cars, Wang Ming walked to the Land Rover behind his car and said, “You can go there first and I will bring Xiaofen to the Qingfeng Sect.”

After saying goodbye, Zhang Han and Wang Ming headed for the eastern suburbs, while the others went to the restaurant they had chosen.

At the same time, at the Shi familys residence in Xihang—

There was a large number of disciples as well as companies of the Shi family, which was sound financially.

Located in a manor that was four times larger than that of the Wang family, the residence of the Shi family was not only heavily built-up, but also old.

Since only Shi Kun and his third concubine lived there, it was no exaggeration to say that he was like a local despot there.

At that point, in the hall of the main residence sat seven or eight people, who were all superiors of the Shi family.

Shi Kun was sitting in the head seat, expressionless.

“Dad, Tianlei shouldnt die in vain.

We need to kill the man who hit him! Even if he has a somewhat strong background, one with great power cannot defeat a local villain.

In Xihang, no one has dared to attack a man of the Shi family in years!” the middle-aged man said coldly.

“Stop talking nonsense!” Shi Kun frowned and said, “Do you know why I asked you to come over”

“No.” A few men shook their heads.

“Ha.” Shi Kun sneered and said while looking at the middle-aged man who had spoken before, “Shi Tai, I know what you do secretly.

Do you think that the few good-for-nothings can defeat him if you want to get revenge”

“But I am so angry.

Even if we cant make trouble for him, we can get revenge on a lot of other disciples of the Wang family! Am I wrong to kill them since he killed a disciple of our Shi family” Shi Tai said coldly.

“Dont ask for trouble.

You cant afford to provoke that person!” Shi Kun frowned deeply.

Remembering the phone call, the origin of Zhang Hanyang weighed heavily on his heart.

Fortunately, he had not chosen to take action that day, otherwise he would have been in a dilemma.

In fact, if Zhang Hanyang got assistance from the two men of the Wang family, Shi Kun would be no match for him.

“Who is that guy” someone asked with curiosity.

Anyone who could convince Shi Kun and make him give up getting revenge was obviously someone extraordinary.

“He lives in Hong Kong.

Before he came here, he seckilled He Qingtian, who ranked 17th on the list in Hong Kong and was very close to being a martial artist at the Grand Master Late-stage.

Do you understand”

Shi Kun took a deep breath and said slowly, “Now, his name, Zhang Hanyang, has been really popular in Hong Kong, and he is not an easy person to deal with.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the faces of everyone present all changed, and they were in an uproar.


“Did he seckill He Qingtian”

“Is he so formidable”

“How is it possible” Shi Tais face gradually turned pale.

He had thought that Zhang Hanyang was just a martial artist at the Grand Master Early-stage, and had not expected that he would actually be so awesome like a powerful dragon.

Actually, there were very wide gaps among the early, middle, and late stages of a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Every time he was promoted to a higher stage, his strength would be improved a lot.

“What should we do Cant we change our passive position” Shi Tai gritted his teeth and said, “The most senior man of the Shi family occupies the 10th position of the list in Xihang, who is a famous master at the Grand Master Late-stage.

Now, the news that Tianlei was directly killed by the man has already been spread out.

If our Shi family keeps quiet, then…”

“Well, Im not going to keep silent.”


At that time, Shi Kun said all of a sudden, “Did you forget about the competition between our Shi family and the Wang family tomorrow

“Tomorrow, we will fight against the Wang family in formations.

In order to win that place for rituals, they are bound to spare no efforts.

“By then.”

Shi Kun said in a gradually cooling tone, “Zhang Hanyang will definitely go to watch the competition.

In fact, Im going to make the Wang family disappear from Xihang, so I dont mind leaving him there.”

After finishing speaking, he waved his hand and said, “Make what I said known to others.

I want to kill them under everyones gaze!”


On the other side, after Wang Ming drove for more than half an hour, they arrived at the territory of the Qingfeng Sect again.

In front of the main gate stood two disciples, who got a fright upon catching sight of Zhang Han.

“Hurry up, go!”

They did not even look at the door, but ran straight inside.

So, when Zhang Han and Wang Ming got to the gate of the inner court, there stood more than a hundred people, each with knives or sticks and an aggressive face.

“All disciples, listen to my order!”

The first elder shouted seriously, “Activate the formations!”

“Clatter, clatter…” The crowd quickly moved.

This time, Zhang Han did not take any action, but calmly looked at these disciples of the Qingfeng Sect in front of him.

He saw them running hurriedly and standing in two rows, like students lining up, as if they formed a passageway to the inner courtyard.

Zhang Han found this scene a little weird.

“What is the point of making such a showy formation”

“Come in please.

Our master is already waiting in the lobby,” the first elder said loudly.

“Huh…” Wang Ming was somewhat shocked and whispered in Zhang Hans ear, “This formation seems to show the Qingfeng Sects hospitality, and it looks so grand since too many people join in this formation.”


He nodded and walked inside.

The first elder and the second elder led the way on one side, and all the way was flat.

The inner courtyard was much smaller, with plenty of houses on both sides, and there was a large house in the innermost area.

After walking into the lobby, he saw a white-bearded old man sitting in the head seat inside with a calm expression, whose eyelids were drooped down, as if he were sitting in meditation and surrounded by immortal breath.

The instant Zhang Han stepped in, he opened his eyes all of a sudden and looked at him.

After sizing him up for a while, he said flatly, “Here you are.”

Although his voice was very low, what he said was clearly heard by everyone present.

Zhang Han found it somewhat strange.

Judging from his imposing manner, he was probably an Elixir Monk, but in fact, he was just at the Grand Master Early-stage…

However, Zhang Han felt that the breath around his body was still very mysterious and he could not figure out what it was.

He thought that the old man should be a powerful martial artist, much stronger than Elder Hong.

After staring at him for a moment, Zhang Han stretched out his hand without any hesitation, then held a bank card between his fingers and slightly shook his fingers.


The bank card seemed to turn into a golden light as it flew over.

As Yue Wuwei shook his finger, the bank card suspended on his finger.

The breath surrounding Yue Wuwei changed, and he asked with a smile, “How much”

“100 million yuan,” Zhang Han calmly replied.

“Puff… How much” Yue Wuwei suddenly coughed twice, then asked with a dumbfounded expression, “100 million yuan Do you have so much money”


The first elder trembled, feeling a little excited.

“Weve made a fortune.

Weve made a fortune,” the second elder mumbled.

Zhang Han ignored their reactions and stared at Yue Wuwei, then said in a deep voice, “I have given you money.


“Tell me the information!”.


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