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As soon as he said that, the audience burst into an uproar and all the people who were watching from afar were stunned.

“Shi Kun is dead! How did Shi Kun die”

“He… he seemed to be counterattacked by his own formation!”

“Hiss! Who is that person How could he have such supernatural power”

“Oh my God, this is really a shocking battle.

But the leader of Mystical Fog Sect, Xiang Qitian, is here.

What will he do”

“Look at him.

Obviously hes not afraid of Xiang Qitian.

Where… where on earth does this powerful man come from”


Most of the people didnt know what happened, and only a few people spoke a word after seeing that: “Backfire!”

The formation backfired and Shi Kun died from that, which made them feel incredulous.

However, very few of the Wu Dao Grand Masters faces darkened after they saw that.

“Its true that the formation backfired, but it was caused by that young Grand Master!”

“Who on earth is he”

The question came to their minds.

At the same time, they were also shocked by the young man.

His moves were extremely decisive.

If Xiang Qitian didnt arrive in time, many disciples of the Shi family and the Mystical Fog Sect would have died.

But they also understood his behavior.

They clearly saw that the formation that Shi Kun used had been set up earlier and his purpose was self-evident.

He had planned to kill his opponent, but was killed in the end, which only showed that he was not as powerful as his opponent.

“Its just… this Wu Dao Grand Master who is more powerful than Shi Kun is still so young.

Who on earth is he”

If they had not been fortunate enough to have seen Emperor Qing before, they would suspect that this man was him.

After hearing Zhang Hans words, everyone in the Wang family was moved and their eyes were filled with excitement.

“Our Wang family hasnt taken such a strong stance for so many years!”

“Although he isnt our direct relative, he… A distant relative still belongs to our family!”

However, Xiang Qitians face darkened.

He faintly heard many people criticizing Shi Kuns behavior and he also saw many people pointing in his direction while talking.

So, Xiang Qitian raised his eyebrows and said something angrily, which spread throughout Mount Cyan Fog.

“Shi Kun set up the formation in advance and was killed because he was not capable.

I have nothing to say about that.

But you…”

Xiang Qitian suddenly looked at Zhang Han, saying, “Youre ruthless.

You tried to kill the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect and Shi family.

I cant turn a blind eye to that!”


Zhang Han raised his eyebrows and said, “What do you want to do”

He faintly felt that Xiang Qitian was very powerful and seemed not far from the peak of Grand Master.

He Qingtian couldnt even hold a candle to him.


“Isnt it more fun to deal with some powerful people”

Under everyones attention, Xiang Qitian suddenly took a few steps forward and advanced more than 20 meters.

He stood on the stone platform and looked at Zhang Han while saying, “The formation competition still needs one person.

I, Xiang Qitian from the Mystical Fog Sect, will fight you.”

Upon hearing that, many people were shocked.

“Hell continue to compete Xiang Qitian has his principles.

Hes giving the Wang family another chance.”

“Leader Xiang will fight personally.

It will really be an eye-opener today!”

“I havent seen Xiang Qitian fight in person in a few years.

This trip is worth it.”

“I hope that the Wang family wont lose so fast.

Otherwise, the fight wont be exciting at all.”



A strange smile appeared around Zhang Hans mouth.

He looked at Zi Yan and said, “Wait a little while.

After I get rid of him, we can go back.”

“Mm,” Zi Yan licked her lips and said, “Then you… you have to be careful.”

“Dont worry.

Its a piece of cake.”

Zhang Han chuckled and reached out his right hand to tidy Zi Yans hair on her forehead, which had gotten a little messed up by the wind.

Many people present were confused.

A lot of martial artists who were above the level of Qi Strength Master all heard his words.

There were several words in their minds.

“A little while.”

“Get rid of him.”

“Its a piece of cake.”


“Did I mishear”

There was a look of surprise in many peoples eyes.

“The Mystical Fog Sect is a well-known martial arts sect.

Their leader, Xiang Qitian, is also a Grand Master, who majors in formation and is influential in Xihang.”

“However, in his eyes, such a strong person… looks like one who can be defeated easily”

Even Wang Zhanpeng, Wang Ming, and the others were all looking at Zhang Han with confusion.

“Is he also a martial artist who majors in formations”

Xiang Qitians look showed that he was angry.

He couldnt stand being looked down upon by others in his professional field.

So, he looked at Zhang Han indifferently.

After he moved his body and arrived at the stone platform, he said coldly, “Lets start.”

After saying that, he lifted his arms and a lot of jade floated up from the box next to him.

It looked like there were about 500 pieces.

At the same time, the flags were also spread out.

It was windless, but the flags were still moving.

Then, Xiang Qitian waved his palms and all the jade smashed on the ground.

The formation was created very fast.

It moved forward and the flags were inserted in many places, forming many mysterious patterns.

Wang Zhanpengs facial expression changed after he saw that!

“What a powerful formation!”

Thousands of spectators around them felt that their eyes blur.

Looking at the formation, they felt as if it could move and change into various patterns, while the powerful and sometimes violent energy was spreading like a hurricane.

Among them, several Wu Dao Grand Masters were amazed.

“Grand Master Xiang deserves his reputation.

This is both offense and defense.

Its superb.”

“I wonder how his opponent will defend himself.

Hmm Why doesnt he move If he doesnt fight back now, he wont have a chance.”


Many people were attracted by Xiang Qitians formation, but a few people saw that the man on the opposite stone platform was still standing there silently, not moving.

“Is it that hes given up”

Even Xiang Qitian looked at him strangely.


He shook his head while laughing, and said firmly, “Dont think about running away, because if you escape, the formations power will go after the people behind you.

“This is called the Four Symbols Formation.

I learned the pattern from an ancient book and spent 30 years to comprehend it.

It integrates the four spirits—Azure Dragon, Rose Finch, White Tiger, and Tortoise.

“I once used it to kill three martial artists who were middle-stage Grand Masters.

“This is a truly integrated formation that Ive learned till now.

You should feel honored to witness its power for the first time!”

Xiang Qitians words shocked all the people present.

One of the Grand Master Strongs almost lost his voice.

“Its the Four Symbols Formation, and its completely integrated.

This… The formation has been set up.

If Leader Xiang really wants to kill them, all the people from the Wang family will be in extreme danger!”

After hearing his words, everyone around him gasped in astonishment.

“A formation could contain such great power!”

“Oh no!”

Wang Zhanpengs and other peoples faces turned pale in an instant, and their bodies trembled.

They also heard about this formations power before.

At the same time, they also felt that they were frozen by some energy.

Just when Wang Zhanpeng was extremely anxious, Zhang Han, who was standing on the stone platform, opened his mouth.

“Does that deserve to be called the Four Symbols Formation”


Xiang Qitian frowned and said, “Young man, dont be so arrogant.

If you irritate me, I wont give you any chance to live.

You look down on my formation, right Then, let me show you the tip of the iceberg.

Spirit of Azure Dragon, out!”


Suddenly, the jade exploded one by one on the left side of his formation, accompanied by a thunderous sound, and a fierce gale sprang up.

The invisible energy gathered together.

Because the dust had been blown away by the gale, people could clearly see a 10-meter dragon rising on the left.

That thunderous sound was obviously the dragons roar!

“No wonder Grand Master Xiang is well-known in Xihang.

This formation is powerful! Its so scary!”

Many people looked at it with full attention, even without blinking their eyes, and such a thought arose in their minds.

Those of the Wang family gradually became disappointed, especially Wang Ming.

Looking at the scene on the field, he realized that the formations he knew were only superficial.

A bit of worry even flashed through Zi Yans eyes.

Zhang Han seemed to have felt that and then turned to look at her.

A confident and gentle smile appeared on his face.

Zi Yan felt relieved immediately and responded with a smile.

She knew what Zhang Hans look meant: “Dont be afraid.

Your husband will deal with him.”

She believed that firmly.

Just when other people felt surprised, Zhang Han suddenly moved his hands.

He stretched out his hands to one side and lifted them up.

In an instant, all the jade flew from the box on the stone platform and then fell to the ground in the front like streams of light.

But that was just the beginning.

Just when Xiang Qitian was about to strike…

All the jade in the two boxes in front of the Wang family rose up into the air just like raindrops.

They hung directly in the air in front of Zhang Han.

“The Four Symbols Formation cant be used that way!”

Zhang Han said those words calmly.

The next moment, all the jade in front of him exploded and was connected by some slightly visible lines.

Suddenly, some mysterious energy was created in that area.

“What is this”

Xiang Qitians eyes widened and he was shocked.

At the next moment, a whirlwind was formed at the energy-gathering area.


A beast-like roar was heard before all the jade on the ground exploded, and then all lines formed a formation, which rushed into the whirlwind.


All the martial artists who were above the level of Qi Strength Master clearly saw a giant dragon suddenly rush out from the whirlwind.

That roar was obviously its howl!

That sound contained its disdain for the blurry dragon shadow tens of meters away!

“How is that possible”

Xiang Qitians pupils shrank because he couldnt believe it.

“How can he also master the Four Symbols Formation

“How could such a clear dragon shadow come out from his formation

“How could his Four Symbols Formation be created so quickly”

While he was thinking, the dragon shadow from the opposite side had shredded his own dragon in less than one breath.

It seemed that it had only paused for a second before it continued to move in his direction!

“Oh no!”

“Tortoise spirit!”

Xiang Qitian was greatly shocked and constantly tried to use the formation to defend.

However, his defense was of no use.

But fortunately, the dragon shadow had lost 70% of its energy.

As for the remaining 30%, Xiang Qitian took out a palm-sized wooden box and absorbed all of it.


A lot of cracks appeared from the center of the box, and then it broke.

Looking at the cracked wooden box, Xiang Qitians face was extremely stiff.

“The functional treasure box is also broken”

“What the hell is that”

Xiang Qitian looked at Zhang Han with confusion.

He saw that Zhang Han was still a little regretful.

He shook his head slightly, saying, “The jades quality is too bad.

If its… If I doubled the amount, neither of you would leave here alive today.”

In his view, jade wasnt a good material for setting up formations.

The best material was formation stones, and crystal stones took second place.

If either of them were used, the formation could instantly devour everyone present.

As soon as he said that, the whole audience went silent.

In the wilderness, it was so silent that even the sound of a pin dropping could be heard.

Many people couldnt believe their eyes.

Many people even thought that they were mistaken.

“The famous formation, Grand Master Xiang Qitian, is defeated by others”

Before Wang Zhanpeng and the others had expressed their excitement through their eyes, Xiang Qitians body swayed.

His face was pale from being overwhelmed.

After taking a few deep breaths, he looked at Zhang Han and said bitterly, “What formation is that”

However, Zhang Han just glanced at him and then ignored it.

He turned directly to Zi Yan.

Xiang Qitian closed his eyes and took a deep breath, recalling his formation from before.

However, he couldnt think of anything, just like hed forgotten what had happened a moment ago.

It was a very mysterious feeling.


Xiang Qitian suddenly felt very disappointed, saying, “As for this formation competition, the Mystical Fog Sect… has lost!

“The right to use Mount Cyan Fog belongs to the Wang family.

No one can covet it!”

After that, he opened his eyes and looked at Wang Zhanpeng, who was very happy.

Then, he said unwillingly, “The Mountains and Rivers Flag is a mysterious treasure, which isnt the heirloom of the Wang family.

I promise that I wont attack you in half a year, but in the future…

“I hope you have the ability to guard the Mountains and Rivers Flag!”

After saying that, he turned and was about to leave.

Anyway, losers words are always just excuses.

Even if he was unwilling, he would still accept failure.

But when he just moved his body…

“If you dare to bully the Wang family again, I will crush your Mystical Fog Sect!”


Those words were like thunder from the clear sky, which made Xiang Qitian suddenly stop moving, his facial muscles trembling.

“Cant you allow me to say anything”

He stopped for three seconds, and eventually walked away at a faster speed.

People saw that the well-known Xiang Qitian seemed to feel embarrassed as he fled quickly.

“Lets go.

Hurry up!”

“Stop looking.

Lets go.”

The disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect left quickly.

They knew that since their leader had left, if that powerful man attacked again, all of them would be killed.

Therefore, the disciples of the Mystical Fog Sect left quickly, among which there were many disciples of the Shi family.

Since they couldnt defeat him, their only option was to run away.


“Han, youre amazing!”

“We won!”

All the people of the Wang family cheered happily.

Zhang Han directly took Zi Yans hand to the motor home.

He said the last sentence in order to frighten them, since he couldnt always stay in Xihang.

Distant water couldnt quench present thirst.

So, he had to make them scared.

Even if they attacked again, they wouldnt go too far.

Along the way, Zi Yan blinked her big eyes and sometimes peeked at Zhang Han.

She didnt know what to say because the scene back there was too shocking!

After opening the motor homes door and going in, they heard Mengmengs eager voice.

“Oh, PaPa, MaMa, why are you back so late Mengmeng was anxious.

Did you go out to have fun secretly” Mengmeng pouted her small mouth and said.

Mengmeng could always make them feel at ease very fast.

The shock that Zi Yan felt gradually dissipated, and a soft smile also appeared on Zhang Hans face.

He walked over and sat down before holding Mengmeng in his arms and kissing the little girls cute face.

Zhang Han always liked to pluck up evil by the roots.

But he thought that a furious fight would make a big noise and disturb Mengmeng.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have shown them any mercy.

Zhang Han spread out his right palm and said with a smile, “Look what it is.

I brought a small gift for you.”

There was a small wooden horse made of jade on his palm, which looked like a cartoon character and was very cute.

“Youre so considerate.”

Zi Yan smiled and glanced at Zhang Han.

“When you were fighting with others, you even made such a small gift.

Its… its unbelievable.”


Mengmengs eyes lit up.

She stretched out her small hand and took the wooden horse, looking very happy.

“Theres a gift.

Its so pretty.

Mengmeng likes it.

Papa is the best.

Mwah, mwah, mwah, mwah.”

Looking at Mengmengs cute behavior, Zhang Li and the others laughed.

None of them asked what had happened outside.

Because Zhang Hans return represented victory!

“Lets go back.”

After Zhang Han said that, some of the cars of the Wang family went back home.

In addition to Zhang Han, there were Zhao Feng and others.

The people standing on both sides of the road looked at the motorcade in shock.

“Xiang… Xiang Qitian lost, and he lost in formations! My God!”

“This is incredible, but I saw it with my own eyes.

If the news is spread out, Im afraid that many people will be astonished.”

“Its terrible.

Its awful! This man must have an extraordinary background!”


Exclamations were given by the crowd, because the battle they witnessed earlier really shocked them.

Many of the martial artists with weak strength were amazed, but several Wu Dao Grand Masters were even more astonished.

When the motorcade was passing by, they even felt that their backs were freezing cold.

“What kind of martial artist can defeat Xiang Qitian with such ease”

“Obviously… hes a man with a horrible background.”

His ability made them feel that he was from a horrible and sacred sect, but they didnt know what it was.

Zhang Han could defeat a whole sect by himself!

Back then, he defeated 10 superb sects as if he were the king of the world.

Those people naturally wouldnt know that.

Even Zhang Han himself didnt recall his past very often.

Just let bygones be bygones.

He preferred his new life at the moment and cherished it more because he had a home.

Later, many people looked at the Wang family and saw them go on Mount Cyan Fog.

They sighed with emotion.

“Where did the Wang family find such a powerful man”

“He defeated Xiang Qitian so easily.

Thats horrible!”

However, they didnt know that the Wang family was discussing something on the way to the mountain.

“Xiang Qitian wont attack us within half a year, but what about things after that”

After thinking about it, they decided not to give him the chance to attack and theyd leave.

So at noon, an interesting scene happened in the Wang familys house.

Zhang Han and the others went back to Rong Jiaxins house to rest and play with Mengmeng.

At noon, Rong Jiaxin and Wang Ming returned with some good news.

At the place of worship, in addition to the Mountains and Rivers Flag, there were also the formation maps from 10 ancestors of the Wang family.

That was a very valuable inheritance.

All the members of the Wang family were delighted.

“Han, were going to Hong Kong with you today.”

Rong Jiaxin said with a smile, “Well stay there for a while.

If its possible, our old masters will bring some people to settle there later.

There are not many people in the Wang family, so its easy to move there.

But well discuss it carefully with the old masters, since theyve lived here for decades and theyre hesitant.

So, our family will go there first this time.

Han, I wonder if its convenient for you”

Theyre going to Hong Kong would definitely bother them, so she asked in advance.

If it wasnt convenient, theyd go there after a while.

Besides, Rong Jiaxin really liked Mengmeng and she wanted to spend a few more days with her.

Before Zhang Han could open his mouth, Zi Yan said with a smile, “Of course its convenient.

We welcome you at any time.”

“Yeah, welcome,” Mengmeng pouted her mouth and said.

“It doesnt matter whos coming, as long as PaPa and MaMa are with me.”


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