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There were 18 people standing next to the car doors.

Adding in the three standing in the front, there were 21 in total.

In particular, of the first three people, one had mastered Inward Strength and the other two were close to that.

“With so many martial artists, a lot of things could be done at ordinary times!”



Instructor Liu, Xu Yong, and the others greeted them loudly.


Zhang Han nodded slightly.

Zi Yan smiled while Mengmeng made some cute sounds, looking very happy.

Zhang Hans family and Rong Jiaxins family got in the extended-version Phantoms, while Zhou Fei, Zhang Li, Instructor Liu, and other people got in the other cars.

After everyone got in the cars, they slowly drove to New Moon Bay.

During that period, many passers-by stopped to watch them while discussing.

“Its magnificent.

Which big shot is in there”

“Look at those poker-faced bodyguards.

Theyre really awesome with white gloves.”

“That is not an ordinary powerful man.”

There were several martial artists among them.

They looked carefully and suddenly found that the man was the one who had killed He Qingtian in an instant.


They couldnt help taking a picture of his back from a distance and sending it to their friends.

“I met the ruthless Master Zhang today.

They just got off the plane…”

Imperceptibly, Zhang Han had become well-known and many martial artists had seen him from a distance.

They were not deeply impressed by Zhang Han, but Zi Yan…

In the martial arts world of Hong Kong, who still didnt know that Zi Yan was Zhang Hanyangs woman

It could be said that in all of Hong Kong, except for the four largest families, no one would have the courage to provoke Zi Yan.

The two events that happened in the Dragon Triumph Club and Strange Peak Island had reflected a lot.

After driving for more than half an hour, the cars stopped at the road in front of the restaurant at six oclock.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

Zhang Han, Zhao Feng, Zhang Li, and the others got out of the cars.

“Han, youre really living a leisurely life!”

Wang Ming looked at the restaurant and smiled.

He thought that the restaurant he was running was very luxurious, but it turned out to be a small restaurant with a cozier atmosphere.

After seeing that 40 or 50 people were lined up in front of the restaurant, Wang Ming shook his head slightly.

Zhang Han had a great reputation as a Wu Dao Grand Master, so many disciples from a lot of families would go there, trying to establish a good relationship with him.

He saw clearly that more than half of the people in the queue were well-dressed with an extraordinary temperament.

Obviously, they were also some powerful people.

Many of those people were famous CEOs.

That stunned a lot of people who frequented the restaurant.

“Isnt that Bai Songwu, the president of the Bai Group Hiss, why did such a big shot come to line up here”

“Isnt the beautiful woman sitting there Han Zhaoqing, the chairman of Yake Company”

“There are so many.

Hiss, why are so many powerful people waiting in line My God, whats going on”

Just then, a person who knew about something reminded them in a low voice, “Keep it down.

I heard something from Brother Sun.

You know that all the membership cards here have been sold.

Many big shots have come over to buy that, but theyre all too late.

So, they can only line up here like us to eat the ordinary food.

Do you know why they came here”



Its not only because the food here is delicious.

The most important reason is that the boss here is awesome! “Hes a powerful man with a great background! Do you get it”

“What does that mean These bosses are already very powerful!”

“Do you need to ask They definitely cannot be compared with the boss.

All right, Ill tell you some more.

More than half of the people lined up here are CEOs or disciples from big families.

The man whos cooking there is Master Chef Wang Long.

He came to cook for free.

Do you know what that means Also, one membership card here has been speculated to cost 50 million yuan, but I havent heard who will sell it.”

“The boss is back!”

Under everybodys attention, the motorcade slowly stopped at the road not far from the door.

After they got out, people saw Zhang Han and the others, who had been gone for several days.

According to their habits, they would all sit there and greet them with enthusiasm.

But as the boss and the others approached, all the CEOs and disciples from various families stood up with respect and said politely, “Hello, Mr.






A lot of patrons around were surprised.

They subconsciously stood up and said hello.

“Hi boss!”

Humans like to follow the crowd subconsciously.

Therefore, except for a few people who lowered their heads and concentrated on playing with their mobile phones, everyone else stood up and said hello.


Mengmeng was stunned.

Looking at the people who were standing there, she was a little confused and held Zhang Hans neck with her arms more tightly.

Zi Yan looked around with her big eyes and faintly knew the reason.

She felt it a little weird.

“Whats going on…”

Zhang Li and Zhou Fei curled their lips and were confused.

They entered the restaurant.

The restaurant was very quiet.

Few people were talking, and even if they were, they all talked quietly.

All the tables for VIP members were occupied.

Wang Qiang, Wu Liying, and Wang Jiawens family were sitting at a table for four people.

Wang Yihan was sitting on Wang Jiawens lap.

Because the host was absent, they could only eat at the restaurant.

They were the only ones on the scene who could eat the food for VIP members without a membership card.

Xu Yong knew that they were on good terms with the boss, so he broke the rules for them.

At the middle table were Sun Dongheng and a tall beautiful woman.

At the back, there were Liang Mengqi and her brother, Yu Qingqing, and Zhao Dahu.

At the table on the other side were Lin Xue, Mr.

Sheng, his subordinate, and two other reserved yet gentle middle-aged men.

They were new VIP members of the restaurant.

After Zhang Han and the others went in, all the people looked over.

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, Mengmeng! Youre back!” Wang Yihan shouted while jumping down from Wang Jiawens leg and running up to Zhang Han.

“Wow! Yihan” Mengmengs big eyes lit up.

She was surprised and twisted her little body in Zhang Hans arms.

“PaPa, PaPa, hurry up.

Let me go.”

Zhang Han grinned and put Mengmeng on the ground.

The little girl had been able to run and jump on her own for a long time, so she ran over to Wang Yihan quickly.

Looking at her running, people felt that the girl seemed to have put on some weight, but she was not obese.

She was just a little chubby, looking very cute.

“Mengmeng, where have you been these days I came here every day, but didnt see you,” Wang Yihan said before hugging Mengmeng.

“I… I went to travel with PaPa and MaMa.

We went to Xihang and ate Dragons Beard Candy.

It was so sweet.

We also went to an amusement park…”

The two little girls began to talk.

Wang Jiawen and Su Yu also stood up to greet them.


Zhang.” Wang Jiawen smiled.

He went there both the previous night and that night, only to find that… many people present had a higher social status than him.

Besides, everybody was very honest, which had confused him!

“Whats wrong with those big shots A lot of them are even lining up outside.

“Lining up in person

“They can ask their subordinates to do that for them!”

Wang Jiawen was very confused, but he was also very surprised deep inside because he vaguely felt that they seemed to come for Mr.



A second thought incurred profound fear.

“What kind of person can make these powerful men rush in like this”

After seeing Zhang Han and the sensation outside earlier, he confirmed his inner thoughts.

“I really got to know a top-level powerful man!”

“Mm, lets go upstairs.” Zhang Han nodded.

Then, the group of people walked to the second floor.

When they passed by the kitchen, Wang Long put his hands in front of him and politely nodded and greeted him.

“Hello, Mr.


Zhang Han nodded and then took the lead to the second floor.

Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, and Instructor Liu put the suitcases on the second floor, and then left.

Rong Jiaxins family had been watching it all silently during that period.

It was a big occasion, but they felt that it should be justified.

Even if there was another Wu Dao Grand Master, he would still be treated like that.

“Han, this is…”

Rong Jiaxin couldnt help asking when everyone was sitting on the sofa.

“They are our friends here.” Zhang Han chuckled.

Before Zhang Han made the introduction, Wang Jiawen stood up.

He extended his right hand and said with a smile, “Hello, my name is Wang Jiawen.

This is my wife, Su Yu, and that is our daughter, Wang Yihan.”

“Oh, hello, Im Hans aunt…”

They introduced each other.

After learning that the person was Zhang Hans aunt, Wang Jiawen began to worry if his family had disturbed Mr.

Zhangs family gathering.

After thinking about it, he tipped Su Yu a wink.

Then, Su Yu called Wang Yizhan.

“Yihan, your grandfather hasnt finished talking to you yet.

Lets go downstairs and check it out, all right”


Wang Yihan just met with Mengmeng again.

How could she leave easily

Rong Jiaxin seemed to have seen through their thoughts, so she said with a smile, “Just stay here.

Look how happy they are.”

“Yeah, stay here,” Mengmeng echoed seriously.

So, Wang Jiawen and Su Yu nodded smilingly and didnt refuse.

While they were talking, Zhao Feng began to serve the dishes.

He put them on a round dining table near the window.

“Aunt, lets eat first,” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Yeah, okay.”

All the people went to the table and sat down.

In less than five minutes, many dishes had been served.

Zhao Feng and Wang Long, who was dressed in a white chefs uniform, went over with the last two dishes of staple food.



Wang Long smiled politely.

He served noodles while introducing it to everyone.

“This is braised qilin noodles.

Its a traditional dish and was also a famous one in the royal Nine White Banquet before.

Its also called stewed noodles with mutton.”

Wang Long used small bowls to contain the noodles and gave them to everyone respectively.

He also introduced the other dishes at the same time.

“This is lotus seed porridge made from some of the high-end ingredients I brought, but they are nothing compared to Mr.

Zhangs ingredients.

“This is spicy tendon, which is also one dish in the royal Nine White Banquet.

It is good for the skin and improves the growth and development of adolescents.

Considering Mengmeng, I didnt make it very spicy.

“This is ducks paw with mustard.

It has a strong flavor, which is spicy and crisp.

“This is stewed tofu made from Mr.

Zhangs ingredients.

The tofus quality is the best I have ever seen.


Zhang often cooks dishes with cucumbers and shredded potatoes, so I cooked them for the VIP members.

“I wish everyone a happy meal.”

After Wang Long introduced it all quickly, he nodded with a smile and then left.

“Are all of these made from Hans ingredients” Wang Ming asked curiously.

“Yes,” Zi Yan smiled lightly and said, “he rented a mountain nearby.

The ingredients are all from there and he also raises a lot of livestock.

The scenery there is very beautiful.

Ill take you to have a look tomorrow.”

“Also Big Heihei and Little Heihei are there.

There are many, many dogs.

They are all there.

Thats my Xanadu.

PaPa built it for me,” Mengmeng added very seriously.

“Really” Wang Ya laughed and said, “Then we should all thank Mengmeng for giving us this opportunity to have these dishes.”

“Right!” Mengmeng laughed happily and looked very proud.

“That mountain is very beautiful and large.

Big Heihei is very tall and Little Heihei is very handsome.

I also want to go there tomorrow,” Wang Yihan said eagerly.

“Then lets go there together tomorrow,” Mengmeng muttered.

“Mm, together.”

Wang Yihan happily decided to go there tomorrow, without knowing that Wang Jiawen was smiling bitterly over there.

“How can we have time to have fun there”

After talking for a while, they began to eat.

After having the first bite, Wang Jiawen was surprised.


“The taste… Why is it so delicious”

“Yeah, its amazing.” Wang Ya nodded and couldnt stop eating.

“Aunt, I told you that my brothers ingredients would certainly attract you and you wouldnt put down your chopsticks after that,” Zhang Li said with a smile.

“Its really like this.

This is the most delicious food I have ever eaten.” Rong Jiaxin nodded heavily.

Her appetite had always been average.

She wasnt picky about food and always made herself only 60 or 70 percent full after a meal.

But on this day…

She became gluttonous and always wanted to eat more.

She felt that she had become an energetic young girl again.

That feeling was so wonderful.

“Right,” Wang Jiawen smiled and said, “Mr.

Zhangs ingredients are indeed the best I have ever seen.

His cooking isnt as exquisite as this, but I think it tastes more like the food at home.

Its really amazing.”

Zhang Han smiled lightly after hearing that and said nothing.

“The ingredients on Mount New Moon will be more and more high-end and delicious, even far better than those for royal banquets.”

“Hey” Wang Ming suddenly found something was weird.

It was the first time that he had eaten such a delicious meal in so many years.

It was not because he hadnt seen much of the world.

Hed tasted a lot of food throughout the country.

So, the only reason had to be that mountain.

Suddenly, he thought of the sacred treasure that Zhang Han mentioned earlier, so he asked, “Is it… related to the thing that you mentioned”

“Mm,” Zhang Han nodded and said directly, “Ill take you there to have a look tomorrow.”

“Thats great!” Wang Ming laughed and said, “Im really lucky to have tasted such ingredients.

Its equivalent to… well, having an LV bag or an Armani coat.

Its luxurious! Oh no, its more precious than that.”

He had heard of sacred treasures and sacred weapons before, but no matter in which sect, those things were all used for cultivation and were enshrined and worshiped.

However, Zhang Han even used that to make the best ingredients.

“Oh Wait!

“Is it that the sacred treasure can only improve the ingredients”

Thinking of that, Wang Mings mouth trembled and he got worried.

“No matter how good the ingredients are, it would be better if it could improve peoples strength!”

He did not ask anything after thinking about it and devoted himself to the grand feast.

He began to eat the noodles.

Wang Ming didnt stand on ceremony and the sound of him eating noodles resounded through the whole second floor.

However, others also had a better appetite because of him.

Even if it was an ordinary meal, eating with someone who had a very good appetite would also improve ones appetite more or less, let alone eating the food made with ingredients from Mount New Moon.

After the hearty dinner, everyone was very full.

Wang Ming even couldnt help hiccupping a few times.

He was just too full.

He also paid more attention to the food, finding that those ingredients were easy to digest and all kinds of nutrition had begun to nourish his body.

It was so strange that he could detect such changes so soon.

Obviously, eating the food there all year round would prolong life and bring great benefits to the body.

“I havent had such a meal in many years.” Rong Jiaxin shook her head with a smile.

Just then, Zhao Feng walked up, followed by Sun Dongheng.

“Boss, boss.” Sun Dongheng looked around quickly and ran over to Zhang Han.

Then, he whispered, “A lot of big bosses have been asking me to sell my membership card to them.

The highest price is even 50 million.

Im tempted, but I didnt sell it.”

Yes, he was tempted, but he didnt sell it.

There were several reasons.

First, the membership cards value was constantly increasing.

Second, he was reluctant to sell it because his family would still often go there to eat in the future.

The most important reason was that Zhang Han was the savior of his whole family, so he didnt want to use the bosss membership card to make money.

Although it was a lot of money, Sun Donghengs income was also getting higher and higher.

The fans of his stream had exceeded one million.

If he hyped it up again, hed probably earn 10 million annually very soon.

He thought that he didnt need too much money.

He wasnt a particularly greedy person.

“Oh, if you want to sell it, just do it.”

Zhang Han shook his head indifferently.

He wouldnt interfere with the dealings of membership cards.

After hearing that price, Wang Ya was surprised, thinking that it was so easy for her cousin to make money.

“I wont sell it.

I just came here to tell you about this.

A lot of powerful people with great status have come here recently.

Ill go downstairs.

My girl is still waiting for me.” Sun Dongheng grinned and then ran away quickly.

“Boss, the Qiao Clan gave the membership card back yesterday, and also sent 100 million as an apology for the incident some time ago,” Zhao Feng nodded while saying.

When the Qiao Clan heard that… He Qingtian was killed in an instant, they were scared out of their wits.

They hadnt expected that their family would have offended a Wu Dao Grand Master.

Therefore, they did what was mentioned earlier.


Zhang Han smiled and said bluntly, “Send it back.

I dont accept it.”

He hadnt done anything to the Qiao Clan, not because hed forgotten that matter, but because he didnt have the time.

At present, even if he didnt make a move, a sentence would make a second-tier family such as the Qiaos suffer heavy losses and even collapse.

If the Qiao Clan knew about that, they would be scared to death.

“Forget it.”

Just then, Zi Yan, who was sitting next to Zhang Han, held his arm and said, “Were doing very well now.

I dont want to deal with all that mess anymore.”


Zhao Feng glanced at Zhang Han and then glanced at Zi Yan.

He didnt know what to do.

“Then forget it.”

Zhang Han nodded lightly to Zi Yan.

Then, he looked at Zhao Feng and waved his hand, saying, “Send the bank card back and ask them for 10 times the number.

Then Ill let them go.”

“One billion”

Zhao Feng swallowed his saliva and nodded before walking back.

But after two steps, he stopped and turned back, saying, “I forgot to tell you something.

More than 20 people want the extra membership card.

They discussed it and then asked if this membership can be auctioned.”

Many people knew that there was one last membership card.

Rich people were worried that those with great power would use their connections, while those powerful men were worried that rich people would crazily drive up the price.

Therefore, some rich people proposed to auction it so that they could spend their money fair and square.

However, was the membership card really worth it

After learning about Mr.

Zhangs restaurant, they made a detailed and thorough investigation.

Then, they heard about something.

Lin Xue, a VIP member from the Lin family, dealt with a batch of antiques through her connections and earned hundreds of millions.

They heard that the VIP member, Sun Ming, had cancer before, but he was cured later.

They also heard that Zhao Feng wasnt Mr.

Zhangs disciple in the beginning.

He stayed in the restaurant for a while and was shot in front of the door, but ended up being fine.

He was also promoted to be a martial artist…

He also bought the membership card first, which showed that…

“Right, hanging around in front of Mr.

Zhang may also bring me a great opportunity someday!”.


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