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Chapter 421 Younger Sister Is Coming

While Zhang Han was refining pellets in the morning, Zhao Feng watched for a moment at the back and then went to Zhang Han.

Looking very excited, he said, “Master, Im a Qi Strength Master now and I can feel the movements of the meridians inside.

I also can do the simplified version of some moves, but I cannot last too long for the last few ones.”


Zhang Han nodded.

After a light smile, his eyes lit up and some soul sense went into Zhao Fengs mind.

Zhao Feng suddenly felt it was dark all around and there was a blurred figure in front of him, doing all the moves and explaining notes of Big Dark Devil Shadow in detail.

After a series of movements were finished, an inexplicable force drove the spiritual force in his body to carry out a complicated route and complete a cycle.

Zhao Feng clearly felt that with it going on, he had a little more control of the qi, and its degree was also enhanced a little bit, which was nourishing his body.

“What an aggressive skill!”

Zhao Feng was very excited deep inside.

After two cycles, Zhao Feng had already memorized it.

Zhang Han took back his spiritual force and taught him several skills again after thinking about it.

Zhao Feng felt there was a picture in his mind, in which were the meridians of the human body.

Some bright light flew in the meridians, drawing a complicated route, accompanied by Zhang Hans voice.

“This is Thunder Tiger Skill.

Tell Xu Yong and the others to practice this.

If theyre familiar with this skill, their strength will be doubled when they attack others.”

Then, the route changed and the light changed its shape.

“This is Nine Cold Frost.

Teach it to Leng Yue.”

After that, Zhao Feng stood at the back for five minutes.

After digesting all the knowledge, he nodded.

“Yes! Ill go back and teach them tonight.”

Zhao Fengs face was shining with excitement after he said that.

He peeked at Dahei and said in a low voice, “Master, Im a master now.

I want to compete with Dahei at noon.”

Zhang Han was surprised and a strange smile appeared on his lips.

Then, he said, “All right.”

“Then I will go practice for a while.” Zhao Feng quickly went to the pond in the front of the mountain.

He sat cross-legged and began to practice the skills.

After Zhang Han practiced for a while, Wang Ming went over.

With some complicated expressions on his face, he said, “Han.”

“Mm.” Zhang Han glanced at him.

“I…” Wang Mings facial muscles trembled slightly and his look was sincere.

He said, “I dont know what to say, but… thank you.


After seeing that, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head slightly, saying bluntly, “Dont mention it.

This is what you deserve.

“Ive said it before.

I can see that the Wang family treats my aunt very well.

Shes one of my few relatives.

So, as a junior, Im very willing to help.”

With a powerful man, his whole family would flourish.

That sentence had been passed down from ancient times to the present and it was quite reasonable.

“This is just the beginning.” Zhang Han looked at the five elements furnace, saying, “Uncle, I think you should find a place with no one else there to practice and get used to the strength as soon as possible.

I guess a Qi Strength Master can feel your strength as a Grand Master now.”

“Hahaha, thats right.” Wang Ming shook his head and laughed.

Feeling touched, he looked at Zhang Han and said, “Ill go to find a place to practice.”

“The hill on the east will do.” Zhang Han pointed in that direction with his mouth.


Wang Ming nodded and walked over.

When he entered the jungle, he ran wildly and enjoyed the feelings brought by great strength.

Zhang Han naturally continued to refine pellets.

Because the medicinal pellets that would be refined were of a low level, Zhang Han was relatively relaxed and he went to check on Mengmeng from time to time.

The little girl was just 1.2 meters tall and looked very cute after being dressed up by Zi Yan.

With brightly colored clothes, she ran and jumped at the back of the mountain and her laughter was often heard.

Every time Zhang Han looked at her, there would be tenderness in his eyes and a gentle smile on his face.

Rong Jiaxin, Wang Ya, and Zhang Li were staying by her side, mainly watching the little girl playing with Dahei and Little Hei, but they would also play with the other dogs.

Wang Ya was quiet, but she preferred the husky who always did silly things.

She asked it to sit down and stretch out its hand, but the silly dog tried its best to stretch out its hind foot…

They were having fun and Zhang Han was also refining pellets happily.

It was quite efficient.

He refined three furnaces in the morning and got a total of 51 pellets.

Those pellets were all medicinal pellets, which were used to enhance ones strength, but the effect was not so strong.

Zhang Han didnt refine the second-order pellets.

He intended to refine all the first-order medicinal pellets, which were basically middle-class products.

In that way, nearly 100 people in the company could be promoted to the Peak Strength stage.

The reason why every member of Wolf Head Detachment could also get one was that they also had been very busy with tasks recently.

He didnt know that with a team of Peak Strength Warriors, Instructor Liu would be over the moon.

After the three furnaces of pellets were refined, it was 11:30.

Wang Ming went back happily an hour earlier.

After Zhang Han finished refining pellets, all the people went down the mountain—oh no, except Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng deliberately slowed down a bit.

After Zhang Han and the others walked into the jungle, he turned around with a smirk and went up to Dahei, who was at the back.

With his left hand pressing against his right hand to make some sounds, he said excitedly, “Dahei, Im a master now.

Ill let you taste my strength.

Dont worry.

I wont beat you too severely.”


Dahei was stunned and then its eyes widened.

It erected its middle finger to Zhao Feng and waited for his attack.

Little Hei was more direct.

It grinned and covered its eyes with its claws.

“This guy is too confident!”

So, when Zhang Han and the others were about to get in the cars…



“Be gentle…”

Zhao Fengs screams were faintly heard from the mountain.

About two minutes later, Zhao Feng, who had been totally beaten up, ran out with a lot of grass on his head.

After he got in the car…


Mengmeng was stunned.

She looked at Zhao Feng with confusion, saying, “You… What happened to you”


“I just… I just fell over…”

Zhao Feng didnt know how to explain it so he quickly started the car to drive to Mount New Moon.

At the same time, he complained in his heart.

He thought that Dahei had only broken through to the early Qi Refining stage like him.

Adding in the various movements of Big Dark Devil Shadow, he would surely beat it down easily.

Who knew that it wasnt the case at all Dahei wasnt at the early Qi Refining stage!

As a result… it turned out that in front of Dahei, those fancy movements were completely useless.

No matter what movements he was doing, it would still defeat him.

Back at the restaurant, Zhang Han started making lunch.

Rong Jiaxin, Mengmeng, and the others went to the second floor.

While cooking, Zhang Han dialed Zi Yans number.

“Honey, Im cooking now.

When are you coming back”

“I… I will skip lunch.

Ill be finished in two or three hours and will go to find you at Mount New Moon in the afternoon.”

“You cannot skip lunch.

How about I cook later”

“You can eat it first.

Ill have dinner with you guys.

I wont talk to you.

Theres some work to do.”

Zhang Han replied, “Okay then.”

After thinking about it, he started cooking.

The main dish for lunch was braised chicken.

Zhang Han used to like that dish very much.

The braised chicken was also called yellow chicken stew and chicken risotto, which was a home-cooked dish in Shandong cuisine.

The main ingredient was chicken thighs, then stew it with green peppers, potatoes, and other ingredients and it would be tender and tasty.

In general, the braised chicken had three main parts—soup, chicken, and rice.

However, with the ingredients from Mount New Moon, it would be the combination of the best soup, chicken, and rice.

The taste would be superb.

In addition to braised chicken, there was also braised eggplant, spicy shredded potatoes, and okra salad.

When the meal was about to ready, Zhang Han waved to Zhao Feng.


Zhao Feng was still sitting next to Sun Dongheng and was chatting with Liang Mengqi earlier.

After hearing that, he quickly stood up and walked over.

“Go buy two lunch boxes, bigger ones,” Zhang Han said directly.


Zhao Feng nodded and went out.

After thinking about it, he went straight to the restaurant next door.

Two minutes later, he came back with two large square lunch boxes.

Zhang Han put the food in the two lunch boxes, with more braised chicken and slightly less of the other dishes.

After putting in enough rice, he covered the boxes and put them into a food bag.

Then, Zhang Han and Zhao Feng took the dishes to the second floor.

During that period, Zhang Han told Zhao Feng to ask Leng Yue about their location.

“Mengmeng, eat your meal here.

Daddy needs to go out.” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs cute little head while speaking.

“Oh, I know.

PaPa, come back soon,” Mengmeng said obediently.


Zhang Han smiled and turned to go downstairs to take the food bag.

After Zhao Feng told him the location, he got in the panda car and left slowly.

It was the Bamboo Print Music Studio on the 9th floor of an office building near Zhu Keng District and New Moon Bay.

The boss, Wei An, had cooperated with Zi Yan several times.

It was half past 12 and Zi Yan and the others were in the instrument room.

Leng Yue and the others were sitting by the door.

In addition to Zi Yan and Zhou Fei, there were also Wei An and his seven employees in the room.

They just finished recording the first version of the accompaniment.

“The box lunch is coming!”

A staff member walked in with two bags of lunch.

Wei An clapped his hands and said, “Everyone, take a rest.

Have lunch first and well continue later.”

His seven employees put down the instruments in their hands and went to one side of the office.

They each took a box of lunch to eat.

“Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, eat with us,” Wei An said with a smile.

“I wont eat.

Ill listen to it and check it out again.

Its almost done.

I guess we only need to modify some details.” Zi Yan shook her head slightly and looked at Zhou Fei, saying, “Feifei, go ahead and eat a little.”

“I wont eat either.

I ate a lot in the morning and Im not very hungry now,” Zhou Fei replied.

“All right then, well eat.” Wei An smiled.

They began to eat while whispering to each other.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei could hear their words faintly.

“This song is pretty good.

Zi Yans voice is great.”

“Shes pretty with a sweet voice.

No wonder shes popular.”


“I will listen to it again.” Zi Yan was about to pick up the high-quality headset.

Just then, those peoples sounds suddenly stopped and the room became silent.

Zi Yan and Zhou Fei looked over with curiosity, finding that they were all looking at the door.

Once Zi Yan turned around, surprise filled her beautiful eyes.

Zhou Fei was more direct.

She jumped and said loudly, “Wow, brother-in-law, youre here with lunch! What is the delicious food”

While speaking, she ran to take the food bag in Zhang Hans hand.


Wei An and the others looked at each other and were a bit confused.

“Whats the situation… Is he Zi Yans boyfriend”

When they saw Zi Yan stand up with a smile and interact with him intimately, it confirmed their inner thoughts.

“It turns out to be true!”

“Oh my, she called him husband.”

“Zi Yan is married!”

“So, she retired from public life earlier because she was getting married.”

“That man is really lucky to have married Zi Yan.”

“Wow, look at them.

Theyre even feeding each other.

It seems that theyve gotten used to that.”

Wei An smiled with emotion.

They lowered their voices and didnt bother them when they were eating.

Zhou Fei was quite excited.

In fact, she was a little hungry.

But she just wanted to eat the food made by her brother-in-law, so she didnt eat with those people.

She hadnt expected hed come here to bring them lunch.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han were sitting next to each other.

There was a lot of food, so the two of them began to eat together.

About 10 minutes later, Wei An saw that theyd finished lunch, so he went over.

“Hello, sir.

Zi Yan, shall we continue”

Without asking much, he greeted him and was ready to continue working.

Just then, Zhang Han also looked at the computer screen.

When he saw the lyrics, he knew it was that song.

Looking at Zhang Han, Zi Yan licked her lips.

“Its all right if hes seen a little bit.

Ill let him listen to it after its done.”

“Elder Sister Yan, do you want brother-in-law to listen to the accompaniment” Zhou Fei asked after thinking about it.

Zhou Fei directly called Zhang Han “brother-in-law” and didnt care if others would know that.

She knew from Zi Yans reaction that she didnt mind telling others that she was married.

“Then, just listen to it,” Zi Yan replied.

“Okay, then I will listen.”

Zhang Han smiled and took the headset that Zhou Fei handed to him.

Wei An was somewhat surprised.

“Is this man also a professional”

Soon after, Zhang Han began to listen to the accompaniment.

After that, he gave some opinions according to his own feelings.

“The middle part is a bit complicated, with harmonica, finger cymbals, and rustling…”

Then, several sounds were removed and a little guitar melody was added.

When listening to it again, everyone was surprised and felt that it was better than before.

They discussed it again and changed some details.

Then, the complete accompaniment was recorded.

Later, they left the studio with Wei Ans company.

After going out the door, Zhou Fei looked around with curiosity, saying, “Where are Leng Yue and the others”

“When I came, I told them to go back for lunch,” Zhang Han replied.


They went downstairs and got in the panda car.

When they arrived at the restaurant, it was two oclock.

The little girl waited for them anxiously.

When seeing them, she was dissatisfied and said, “PaPa, you said youd be back soon.

Why are you back so late”

After Zhang Han and Zi Yan coaxed her for several minutes, Mengmeng went to Mount New Moon with them happily.

In the afternoon, another three furnaces of medicinal pellets were refined.

There were a total of 101 medicinal pellets and one remaining small Foundation Elixir.

It was almost six oclock when he finished refining, then all the people went back to the restaurant.

On the way, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went to the recording studio in New Moon Bay and planned to finish recording the song while Zhang Han was cooking.

Knowing that they went to record the song, Zhang Han first made the dinner for the ordinary patrons.

At about seven oclock, a lot of ingredients for hot pot were sent over by Zhao Feng.

The VIP members were very satisfied with having hot pot.

At about eight oclock, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei went back.

After dinner, everyone sat there and didnt leave until after nine oclock as usual.

Zhang Han handed a bag of medicinal pellets to Zhao Feng and asked him to hand them out later.

Just when they locked the door and were about to go upstairs, Zi Yan received a call.

“Hello Sister, its you.

Ah, are you coming Oh, I have time.

What university are you at South Technology You have a good result.

Its very good…”

After chatting for five minutes, Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han and said,

“My younger sister will pass by here tomorrow and she wants to see me.

Shes studying in Shenzhen South Technology University and will return to school the day after tomorrow.

Shell come to Hong Kong to meet her friends with two other classmates during the day tomorrow.”

“Then well go to pick her up tomorrow,” Zhang Han chuckled and replied.


Zi Yan nodded as an obedient girl.

She knew that when her younger sister went there, the news of her getting married would be spread over.

“But, he plans to go to propose the marriage.

Shell know about it sooner or later.

It doesnt matter.”

Thinking about that, Zi Yan was a little nervous with expectations.

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