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Chapter 453 Big Trouble Is Coming

In the face of Li Zhan, both Dahei and Little Hei felt they were being suppressed, which was terrible.

Even if they were human beings at the Heaven Stage, they might not be able to resist.

But they had been guarding a belief…

“Ow woo!”

Dahei roared and stepped on the ground with all his strength, making four 13-inch footprints.

At the same time, it jumped into the air and raised its huge fist in the direction of Li Zhan.

After Dahei straightened up, it could reach a height of 2.5 meters and it looked fierce.

It was a pity that the man standing in front of it was Li Zhan, ranking third on the list of Hong Kong martial artists.

“Your courage is admirable.” Li Zhan shook his head and hit Dahei with his left hand.


Next to Dahei, the outline of his palm turned into a two-meter-high palmprint in the form of burning clouds.

Then the huge palm hit Dahei from the side.


There was no reaction time for Dahei at all.

The giant palmprint fell on its body in an instant, and the fierce collision produced a dull, loud sound.

Daheis huge body fell to the side and rolled more than 10 meters, crushing countless flowers.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!”

Dahei was covered with blood and roared in pain.

The hair on the right side of its body had been scorched, and there was a continuous stream of blood flowing.

“Oh Your skin is very hard.” Li Zhan looked in surprise at Dahei, the first creature so far who had been hit by his Burning Cloud Palm and had lived.

Even Elder Xu nearby looked at Dahei in disbelief, and then he shook his head and said, “Elder martial brothers attainment in Burning Cloud Palm is almost at the peak and you can even use the invisible power to condense a visible outline.

I think it will not be long before you can reach the highest level of hurting people with the invisible palm.”

Li Zhan shook his head slightly.

In fact, Burning Cloud Palm was not his final hidden card; his younger martial brother could never imagine how powerful he was.


“Swish, swish, swish!”

Suddenly, a black figure rushed at Li Zhan like a flash of lightning.

It was Little Hei.

Staring at Li Zhan with cold and ferocious expression, Little Hei opened its mouth to reveal its sharp tusks and rushed at Li Zhans throat.

“Hahaha.” Elder Xu smiled sarcastically, waved his palm, and murmured calmly, “Elder Brother, let me show you the newly created Thunder Twister.”

With that, Elder Xu drew a circle with his hands, frantically mobilized the spiritual force in his body, and then patted forward.

Two miniature black twisters came out of his palm, moving forward two meters and converging together to form a small twister.

After moving another five meters, the twister began to flash electric light, which looked very scary.

At this critical moment…

Although Little Heis speed was very fast, its strength was so weak that in the face of it, Li Zhan did not intend to defend at all.

Looking at the attacker disdainfully, Li Zhan reached out his fingers and shook them slightly.

At this moment…

When Elder Xus Thunder Twister came from the side like lightning, Little Hei instantly detected it and tried to dodge, but its body couldnt keep up with its speed of thinking!


The Thunder Twister hit Little Hei and swept it sideways.

Little Hei rolled up a large area of lawn and finally stopped 30 meters away.

“Ow woo!”

Little Heis right hind leg was bending at a strange angle, but it still stood up shakily.

The expression in its eyes was still determined and cold.

Gathering all its remaining strength, it rushed at Li Zhan again.


Elder Brother, Ill show you another skill, Water Lotus,” Elder Xu said calmly and then rushed at Little Hei suddenly.

At a distance of 20 meters, Elder Xu waved forward with his hands, which seemed to have turned into sharp claws.

Suddenly, a translucent water curtain gathered into a lotus and began to attack Little Hei.

At this time, Little Hei growled in a low voice.

Opening its mouth, Little Hei made a hole in the water lotus.

Elder Xu frowned and made a gesture of casting.

His eyes were shining.

In an instant, the remaining 70% of the lotus seemed to turn into an ice thorn, which suddenly pierced Little Heis body.

With a tearing sound…

A large amount of blood splashed out as Little Hei fell back.

It rowed for more than 20 meters on the lawn before it stopped, and the blood left on the lawn was startling.

“Elder Martial Brother, I created this move in the process of alchemy.

What do you think of its power”

Elder Xu walked slowly to the top of the mountain and covered the five elements furnace with a layer of light.

Then, the five elements furnace was pulled to his side and stored in his Space Ring.

When he came back, he asked Li Zhan the above questions with a smile.

“Just so-so.

You cant even kill a Heaven Stage spirit beast with one attack.

Look, theyre standing up again.” Li Zhan shook his head slightly and pointed to Dahei and Little Hei not far ahead.

At this time, Daheis paralyzed body had begun to recover.

Although it was still suffering from the burning pain, it could move again.

Little Heis condition was worse, but it still stood up shakily and continued to glare at Li Zhan with cold and firm eyes.

“Ow woo!”

Dahei roared angrily and rushed at Li Zhan.

Although Little Hei had a broken leg, it was still much faster than Dahei.

Seeing this, Li Zhan sneered.

He was not in the mood to play with them anymore, so he mobilized his spiritual force and decided to kill them with one move.

At this moment…

Elder Xu stopped him and said in high spirits, “Wait a minute, Elder Martial Brother.

I have several new moves to show you and hope to get your comments.”

Hearing that, Li Zhan stopped and watched Elder Xu rush forward a few steps and make a casting gesture.

“This move is called Invisible Piercing, and it focuses on killing enemies silently.” Elder Xu made a move.

Dahei and Little Hei, with new wounds, were beaten and flew through the air again, making the lawn and flower sea on the front mountain a mess.

“This move is called Evil Chop, which is characterized by mystery.”

“This move is called Shadow-less Axe, which is characterized by mass destruction.

Its suitable for dealing with such a big monster.”

“This move…”

In the next minute…

Elder Xu made seven or eight moves in total.

And every move would leave a new trail of blood on the lawn.

When it came to the sixth move, Little Hei had lost its ability to move and could not get up.

As far as defense ability was concerned, Dahei was superior to Little Hei.

Although there were many bleeding wounds on its body, Dahei kept standing up again and again and rushing at the enemies without hesitation.

The seventh move, the eighth move…

Dahei resisted the attacks alone.

At last, he fell in front of Little Hei, still struggling to support its body with its arms.

But it had no strength at all, and it soon stumbled on the uneven ground.

“The display of moves is over.

Elder Martial Brother, lets go back.” Elder Xu took a glance at Dahei and Little Hei, sensing that their breath was weakening.

After they left, the two monsters would die soon.

At this moment…

Li Zhan, however, gave a slight smile and said, “Though you have tried so many moves, none of them was powerful enough.

Let me show you one of my unique skills, Flame Dragon Chop, which was created after I absorbed a dragons soul living in an underground vein.

Ill kill them with 30% of the moves power.”

As soon as Li Zhan finished, a golden dragon shadow flashed through his eyes.

The spiritual force within his body surged out like a wave.

The next second, a palm-sized dragon shadow appeared in his hand.

The dragon shadow rushed forward like lightning.

After moving five meters forward, the shadow of the dragon enlarged continuously, and at the same time, it began burning like a flame dragon.

Although the fire seemed to be part of the dragons shadow, its lethality was more amazing than real fire.

Dahei and Little Hei both felt the terrible crisis.

Dahei, filled with anger, struggled to gather the last drop of its strength and stood up.

Although Dahei could escape off to the side, looking at Little Hei, who was unable to move at all, and the approaching flame dragon, Dahei resolutely rushed to Little Heis front and tried to block the attack.

“Ow woo!”

The last roar rang through the Mount New Moon.

The flame dragon attacked Dahei with all its strength, seriously hurting Dahei and even exposing the muscles in its chest, head, and limbs.

“Ooh ooh…”


Daheis huge body fell straight down in front of Little Hei.

The two well-known Heihei powers were dying.

“Still alive” Li Zhan raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Unexpectedly, 30% of the energy of the Flame Dragon Chop could not kill them.

“Their defense is amazing,” Elder Xu said in surprise.

“Well, lets go.” Li Zhan snorted and led the way down the mountain.

When passing by Dahei and Little Hei, he gave them a Burning Cloud Palm without even turning his head to look at them.

The giant palmprint came down from the sky, aiming to kill Dahei and Little Hei.

They both slightly narrowed their eyes, recalling the images of their master, the hostess, and the little master playing on the mountain.

Maybe… they wouldnt be seen anymore on the mountain.

“Ooh ooh ooh…”


They cried feebly, waiting for the palmprint to fall.

At this moment…

“Clatter, clatter!”

All of a sudden, a blow of energy came from out of nowhere, rolled the Burning Cloud Palm away from its path, and fell on the ground with it.

Smashed pieces of earth and stones splashed everywhere.

“Hmm” Li Zhan frowned and turned his gaze to the right side.

“Lei Tiannan”

They looked in the direction of the energy and found Lei Tiannan running toward them at an extremely high speed.

Looking at the dying Dahei and Little Hei, Lei Tiannan was too angry to control his expression.

As he had feared, although he left home early, he still came too late!

“Grand Master Li, Elder Xu, have you gone too far” Lei Tiannan glared at them.

“Are you talking to me” Li Zhan suddenly opened his eyes, gathered all his spiritual force again, and was ready to use force to solve the problem.

Lei Tiannans face changed.

He realized that he had almost lost his mind because of anger.

If Li Zhan and Elder Xu attacked him at the same time, he would probably die here.

In desperation and helplessness, he said, “Grand Master Li, Elder Xu, we could have negotiated terms for the five elements furnace, and you could have taken it away peacefully.

Why must you kill the two spirit beasts Its unreasonable.”

“They are just two animals,” Li Zhan sneered and said.

“Even if Zhang Hanyang were here, I would kill them in front of him! And you, Lei Tiannan, why did you stay out of it when Zhang Hanyangs subordinate bullied my family members If you cant give me a satisfactory explanation for this, Ill make you disappear from the position of director.”

Lei Tiannan was furious and his expression froze, but he didnt say anything.

Elder Xu, who got the five elements furnace and was in a good mood now, didnt want to fight with Lei Tiannan.

So he suggested, “By the way, you must explain to the Heavenly Elixir Sect why you kept the five elements furnace for such a long time without our permission.

I dont want to embarrass you, so I just need you to visit the Li family and explain it in person before noon today.

Elder Martial Brother”

In the end, Elder Xu looked at Li Zhan.

Li Zhan thought about it and then waved his hand.

“Well, I have an appointment with two old friends at noon.

I heard that Zhang Hanyang is coming back.

At noon today, you come to my house with him to admit his error and ask for punishment.”

After that, Li Zhan and Elder Xu left without returning.

Lei Tiannan, who was about to explode with rage, stood in silence.

At this time, Protector Leng appeared from the side of the forest and rushed over to him.

Protector Lengs face changed when he saw what had happened here.

Looking at Li Zhan and Elder Xus back, he was at a loss of what to do.

“Director, what, what shall we do” Protector Leng asked.

“Ill try to save them from their final breath! Inform Zhang Han as soon as possible.

But if he cant help them when he comes back, they…” Lei Tiannan looked at Dahei and Little Hei sadly, and then took out eight medicinal pellets.

These were all his medicinal pellets for treatment, including one Heaven-grade pill and seven Earth-grade pills.

But they were dying, and these pills could only delay their death.

After feeding the pills to Dahei and Little Hei, Lei Tiannan began pouring his spiritual force into their bodies.

On the other side, Protector Leng dialed Zhang Hans number in a hurry.

He dialed several times.

On his seventh attempt, the phone was finally connected.

“Master, Master Zhang.

Have you arrived in Hong Kong yet That…”

Looking at Dahei and Little Hei, he didnt know how to explain it to Zhang Han.

But finally, he decided to tell the truth.

“The two spirit beasts on Mount New Moon are dying, and Director Lei is trying to delay their deaths.

Youd better come here as soon as possible.”

After hearing Protector Lengs words, Zhang Han hung up the phone directly.

“Alas…” Protector Leng sighed and shook his head.

“Big trouble is coming.”

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