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Chapter 461 The Purple Moon Entertainment Company

“Well, theres no wine.”

As Zhao Feng thought of the appearance of Dahei after drinking, he looked anxious and replied in a low voice.

“Whoa Whoa…”

“Never mind.”

Dahei was attracted to the hotpot.

It took three plates of meat and poured them into the pot directly.

After dousing them several times, it scooped them out with a strainer and gave two spoonfuls to Little Hei.

Then it ate one spoonful of meat itself.

“Yum yum…”

The sound of Dahei eating was all over the restaurant.

Zi Qiang sat at the round table, looking at Dahei in surprise.

“The animal behaves like a human!

“With such a huge size.

“It seems to have a good appetite.”


Zi Qiang smelled the meat and was tempted to taste it.

He picked up one piece of meat, dipped it in the sauce, and then brought it into his mouth.

The unique flavor of mutton instantly spread in his mouth, and the meat was tender.

He had no trouble chewing it.

“The mutton tastes good.”

Zi Qiangs eyes brightened as he picked up a long piece of mutton chops.

It also tasted tender.

He looked at Zhang Han.

He thought that his granddaughter was right and the food was really delicious.

Everyone was immersed in the hotpot, and the restaurant was quiet.

Zhang Han felt that something was missing.

After thinking for a while, he formed his spiritual force into a silk thread.

He opened the notebook and played some music quietly.

In the middle of the meal, they slowed down and began to chat.

Wang Ming and Zi Qiang discussed go fervently.

They were about the same age, so their conversation was happy and relaxed.

Xu Xinyu and Rong Jiaxin, Zhang Li and Zhou Fei also chatted with each other, and Zi Yan would occasionally join them.

Zhang Han put a plate of prawns into the pot.

The size of the prawns from the mountain was larger, and they turned red and fully cooked after a while.

Zhang Han scooped some of the prawns out and put them on his plate for two minutes.

Then he started to peel them.

He took off one prawns head, removed its shell, pulled the body out, and then put it on Mengmengs plate.

Mengmeng gladly looked at Zhang Han, then picked up the prawn with chopsticks and ate it.

When Mengmeng finished eating the first prawn, Zhang Han peeled the next one for her.

And it went on like this.

Mengmeng took a small bite.

“I need some sauce.”

Mengmeng murmured, she dipped it in a little sauce, held the prawn with her chopsticks, and slowly handed them to Zhang Han.

“Eat, PaPa.”


Zhang Han looked at Mengmeng, his eyes full of tenderness.

A gentle smile rose on his face.

He leaned forward and ate the rest of the prawn.

One couldnt tell exactly what being a father felt like.

When Zhang Han was alone in Shang Jing, he was everything to himself.

He could do whatever he wanted to do and eat whatever he wanted to eat.

After he had Mengmeng and Zi Yan, he would first think about what Mengmeng and Zi Yan wanted to eat.

Mengmeng and Zi Yan had become his first priority; the most important thing in his heart had changed.

The simplest change was that he was willing to give his favorite food to his beloved.

Mengmeng giving the food to him was a small act, but Zhang Han was satisfied.

He continued to peel dozens of prawns and give them to Mengmeng and Zi Yan.

Zi Yan ate them and fed Zhang Han in return.

They had been sleeping together for a while, but still they couldnt get enough of each other.

They were madly in love.

They would make out once they had the time.

However, they didnt have much time as other dating couples did because of Mengmeng and other things.

Zhang Han didnt even have the time to buy the black silk stockings for Zi Yan…

Zi Yan fed the prawns to Zhang Han.

She suddenly remembered that she had eaten at this table before.

At that time, she used mustard and kissed Zhang Han indirectly, and she was shy.

But Zhang Han pretended to eat mustard and made her eat more.

She remembered that Zhang Han was already a martial artist then.

Then she thought of how obvious her little tricks were and Zhao Fengs expression when he sat opposite and tried not to laugh.

Zi Yan couldnt help smiling.

For a long time, they all knew about the mustard, she was the only one who didnt know!


“Yan, are you going to work later” Xu Xinyu suddenly asked.

“Yeah.” Zi Yans beautiful eyes blinked, and she was a little excited.

She said, “I almost won Best Actress at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

I already have a Golden Horse Award, but still I was a little sorry.

I plan to work hard for it in the future.

If I can, I would go for an Oscar.”

Zi Yan smiled as she spoke.

Zi Yan was a little sorry that she had not won a Hong Kong film award.

When she returned, she intended to make up for her regret.

Besides, there was a financial problem, and she wanted to make money.

But now, she didnt worry about money at all because of her super-excellent husband!

And an Oscar, the most famous and influential film award in the world, was the dream of every actor.

Zi Yan didnt hold out much hope for it.

She would be satisfied if she could get a Hong Kong Film Award.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yans serious expression and grinned.

If people knew what she was thinking, a random script or film could make her win the award.

Zhang Han thought his strength was not enough and he was just a beginner.

But his influence in Hong Kong could get things done more easily.

However, Zhang Han chose not to do it.

The best way for Zi Yan to accomplish her dreams was through her own efforts.

Xu Xinyu didnt quite agree with Zi Yan, so she thought and said, “You cant be so busy all the time.

You have a husband and children, you should spend more time on them.

Besides, if Han has something to do and leaves, who would look after Mengmeng”

She hadnt mentioned that since Zi Yan wasnt short of anything, there was no need for her to work.

Moreover, the entertainment industry was very complicated.

Xu Xinyu was more worried about the relationship between the married couple.

If Zi Yan was always on a business trip, she and Zhang Han would be separated for a long time.

Beautiful women were always coveted by other men, and vice versa.

If something did happen, they would get hurt, let alone Mengmeng.

Hearing Xu Xinyus words, Zhang Han smiled and said, “I have nothing to do.

I could always take care of Mengmeng.

If Zi Yan wants to work, she has my support.”

“Right, PaPa will always stay with me,” Mengmeng muttered.

Zi Yan was delighted as she looked at Zhang Han thoughtfully.

“I know…” Zhang Han looked back at her.

Zi Yan looked at Xu Xinyu and said, “Mom, dont worry.

I wont be that busy, and the company will be renovated soon.

We make our own decisions and have more freedom.”

“It nearly finished.

On the 11th to 14th floors, pieces of equipment we ordered will arrive in two days,” Zhao Feng said.

“Oh, all right, its up to you.”

Xu Xinyu smiled and said nothing more.

She planned to remind Zi Yan about it in private.

A married couple shouldnt live apart all the time.

“Hey, its their own business, you dont have to worry about it.” Zi Qiang had just finished a conversation with Wang Ming.

He looked at Xu Xinyu and said with a smile, “I believe that Han can handle it.”

“Fine, I will leave them alone.”

Xu Xinyu shook her head and smiled.

“Ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei shouted at them.

They turned to look at it, and Dahei stared at Zhao Feng and pointed at the table.

Daheis table was empty, no food was on it.

Its expression seemed to say: “Bring more food!”

OK, so they would bring more food.

Zhao Feng and Ah Hu got up and took more dishes from the small table on the other side.

Dahei and Little Hei ate enough.

“They know what people say,” Zi Qiang looked at Dahei and Little Hei and said.

“Just know” Wang Zhanzong seemed like he heard a joke, and he chuckled.

“They can understand what people say, and they are smart and powerful.

They are not normal beasts.”

“Yeah, they are my friends,” Mengmeng pouted and said.

“Ooh, ooh, ooh!”

Dahei expressed its affection to Mengmeng.

Mengmeng finished the last prawn, then she slipped to the ground.

“Im full.”

She ran to Daheis table and saw that it had another table of food, she said in surprise, “Oh, you eat so much.”

“Ooh… ooh-ooh-ooh.”

Dahei scratched its head and patted its belly.

It had a big stomach for so much food!

“PaPa, where shall we go to play later” Mengmeng turned to look at Zhang Han and asked him.

“The mountain,” Zhang Han replied.

“Yeah, were going to Xanadu later! Big Heihei, Little Heihei, wait for me.

Ill get your present.” Mengmeng mumbled and ran to the second floor.

All the gifts from Singapore were on the second floor.

“Oh, I havent had such a good meal in a long time.”

Zi Qiang put down his chopsticks, let out his breath in a long exhalation, and said, “Ill take another look at the chessboard.”

Then he went to the sofa and sat to study the game.

Two minutes later, everyone finished eating.

Zhang Han said, “Lets go to the mountain.”

“Is everything OK there” Zi Yan leaned over and whispered in Zhang Hans ear.

“Lets go and find out,” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Zi Yan asked about the damaged places on the front mountain.

Zhang Han didnt answer her directly, but his eyes had explained everything.

Zi Yan understood and smiled.

“Then Ill clean up.” Xu Xinyu stood up and wanted to clean up the table.

“No, no, no, Auntie, you dont need to do this.

We will clean up later,” Ah Hu stopped her and said in a hurry.

Then Xu Xinyu didnt insist.

Before they left, Zi Qiang still sat on the sofa, studying the game.

Zhang Han looked at it, then smiled and said, “You could continue when we come back at night.

Its a tight game and it may take some time to have a winner.”

“Uh, youre right.” Zi Qiangs eyes brightened and he said, “Eh” “Han, you have nothing special to deal with this afternoon, right”

“Well… yeah.” Zhang Han felt something indistinct.

“Now we can play several games on the mountain.”

Zi Qiang laughed and waved his hand.

The composition on the chessboard was ruined.

He picked up the board and started to urge everyone.

“Xinyu, Yan, lets go.”

“We are coming.” Zi Yan couldnt help laughing.

She took the bag and everyone went out.

Dahei and Little Hei sat in the back seat of Zhao Fengs Land Rover.

As soon as they got in the car, the car seemed to sink several centimeters.

The beasts weighed too much.

The cars drove to Mount New Moon, during which time, Zhao Feng made a few phone calls and asked people to send some tables and chairs.

10 minutes later, they arrived at Mount New Moon.

“The air here is quite fresh.

Take a look at the forest.

Maybe there will be mushrooms after the rain.”

When they walked into the forest, Zi Qiang looked around.

“Grandpa, this is Xanadu, PaPa specially built it for Mengmeng.

Its beautiful on top,” sitting on Daheis shoulder, Mengmeng said earnestly.


Zi Qiang looked at Dahei and was stunned.

“The beast seems to be bigger”

While talking, they arrived somewhere and had a better view.

“Oh, this place is really good! Well done, Han.” Zi Qiang looked around.

The lawn, pond, and flower sea formed lovely scenery.

“The tree is magnificent.

It must be worth a lot.” Zi Qiang praised it.

“Worth a lot…”

Wang Mings mouth trembled slightly.

“It is a divine object and cant be valued in money, its priceless!”

He didnt expect that the place would be restored this much in such a short time.

Han seemed to be an omnipotent person.

Wang Ming sighed to himself.

“Mom, the flowers over there are very beautiful.

Let me show you.” Zi Yan smiled and walked Xu Xinyu to the flower sea on the right.

“Big Heihei, lets go!”

Mengmeng pointed to one side of the flower sea, and Daihei followed her step by step.

Little Hei raised its head and walked slowly beside Dahei.

“The flowers look pretty.” Xu Xinyu kept praising everything.

“Pretty, arent they” Zi Yan chuckled and said, “The back mountain provides food for us, and there are many dogs there.

Zhang Han has planned to build a lot of houses.

Then you could come to live here when you are old.

By the way, there are many night-luminescent pearls in the pond, which will be bright at night.”

When they finished looking at one side of the flower sea, they went to the pond.

There were many night-luminescent pearls in the clear water.

They were gorgeous.

Then everyone finally got to the top of the mountain.

Wang Zhanzong and several people kept touching and hugging the thunder yang tree, and Zi Qiang was confused.

He wondered if the tree was a beauty!

Mengmeng, Dahei, Little Hei, Zhou Fei, and Zhang Li all ran to the pet area.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood hand in hand on the other side of the thunder yang tree and looked at the territory.

After a few seconds, Zi Yan put her forehead on Zhang Hans shoulder and said gently, “Its nice to have you here.”

Zhang Han smiled and put his hand around Zi Yans waist.

He whispered in her ear, “Remember what I said last time”

“Er, what” Zi Yan raised her head and pondered.

“That…” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yans good figure.

Zi Yan blushed when she felt his eyes on her.

She said nothing and just leaned her head against his shoulder.

She agreed!

Just then, a quiet cough came from behind.

“Er, Master and Masters wife.” Zhao Feng called them from two meters away.

“Whats wrong” Zi Yan turned to ask.

“The entertainment company is going to make a plaque.

Whats the name of the company Ill have Xu Yong register later,” Zhao Feng asked.

“Mengmeng Entertainment.”

When he said those words, Zhang Han felt a pinch at his waist.

He looked back at Zi Yan, who rolled her eyes and said, “You have only one Mengmeng in your mind, dont you”

“What” Zhang Han confused.

“Is she jealous of our daughter”


Zhang Han pondered for a moment.

“Arent you a romantic Now you have me, so you become careless and make no effort on me.” Zi Yan said angrily in Zhang Hans ear, “What you want, dont even think about it now.”

“Eh Wait, I just said the wrong thing.”

Zhang Han was at a loss.

After he said that, he coughed softly.

Then he kept a straight face, looking at Zhao Feng, who tried hard not to smile.

Zhang Han said, “If its an entertainment company.

Call it… the Purple Moon Entertainment Company.”

Zhang Han thought of Zi Yans nickname when they were on Dark Wind Island in Singapore.

He thought it was funny and memorable, so the company was named after it.


Zhao Feng smiled and left after answering.

He didnt intend to stay there and interrupt the couples flirting.

At the same time, he thought that only in front of his wife could the master have this kind of reaction that ordinary men had.

In front of Mengmeng, he was a parent who spoiled the child.

In front of his relatives and them, he was a steady leader.

Sometimes, fate was intriguing.

Zhao Feng felt very lucky to have met the master.

A few minutes later, dozens of tables, chairs, and tent umbrellas were sent up, and they were placed in the pet area on the back mountain, beside the fish pond, and under the thunder yang tree.

“Probably less than a month…”

Zhang Han suddenly stopped talking.

He just wanted to say that in less than a month, the thunder yang tree would transform the territory for a second time, and then the buildings here would rise from the ground.

But when he thought about it, he decided to wait and leave it as a surprise for Zi Yan.

“What is it” Zi Yan asked curiously.

“Well, I said that the companys night show, restaurants, and entertainment companies, as well as the airport behind the company, will soon open,” Zhang Han said.

“Oh, why do you care about that stuff Are you talking about something else” Zi Yans big eyes blinked.

Just then, Zhang Hans cell phone rang.

After picking up the phone and listening for a second, Zhang Han replied, “Come up.”

Then he hung up the phone.

“Who is coming” Zi Yan was distracted.

“Its Protector Leng, he brought something.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Then, go on.

Ill stay with Mengmeng,” Zi Yan said.

She stood on tiptoe and wanted to kiss Zhang Han on the cheek.

When her face came closer, Zhang Han turned his head toward her and kissed her on the lips.

Zi Yan pouted and rolled her eyes, running to the pet area.

Looking at her running away cheerfully, Zhang Han shook his head with a smile and walked to the front mountain.

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