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The middle-aged Housekeeper Fang came out quickly.

He looked at Ah Hu, smiled, nodded, and said kindly, “Mr.

Ah Hu, lets go in.”

Housekeeper Fang spoke while observing Ah Hu quietly.

He knew that Ah Hu was the bodyguard that Liu Dong had arranged for Miss Liu, but he didnt know how powerful Ah Hu might be.

The interior of the villa was decorated magnificently.

On the white leather sofa on the left, there were two young girls, one of whom was wearing loose short sleeves and super-tiny shorts, and her two long white legs were casually placed on the tea table in front of the sofa.

She kept shaking her feet, and her fingernails were painted red and looked lovely.

The girl had an oval face, big eyes, and beautiful arched eyebrows.

Though she was not as mature and charming as Zi Yan in Ah Hus eyes, she represented another kind of beauty.

“Wow, Liu Jiaran looks much better than her picture.”

Ah Hu stared at Miss Liu.

As for the girl with the round face who was fatter than Miss Liu yet lovely, she was ignored by Ah Hu directly.

After Ah Hu entered the villa, the round-faced girl began to look at Ah Hu curiously, while Liu Jiaran was still looking at her mobile phone and typing quickly.

10 seconds later, she put down her mobile phone and turned her gaze to Ah Hu.

“Wow,” Liu Jiaran shouted, “why are you so dark”

Ah Hu was stunned for a while.

Then he touched the left side of his face and said, “Im sorry, but I have healthy sun-kissed skin.”

“Where did my father get this bodyguard Hes too ugly.

I dont like him, make him leave.” Liu Jiaran frowned and waved her hand.

“ ” Ah Hus mouth twitched.

“You mean Im ugly”

Liu Jiaran didnt pay attention to Ah Hu anymore, and she looked at her mobile phone again.

“Er…” Housekeeper Fang said awkwardly, “Miss Liu, he is the bodyguard that the master specially found for you.


“I know.

Take him away.

Ill call my dad in a minute,” Liu Jiaran said impatiently.

“This…” Housekeeper Fang was in a dilemma.

Ah Hu curled his lips and said, “Just a little girl who has not developed well.

She has no charm at all.

Do you think I am willing to protect her”


For a moment, the whole villa was quiet.

Liu Jiaran stared at Ah Hu angrily, unable to speak.

The girl beside her looked at Ah Hu with a complicated expression, while the face of Housekeeper Fang began to twitch.

“Oh my god…”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Liu Jiaran jumped up, stood on the sofa with arms akimbo, and glared at Ah Hu.

“You bastard, what did say”

“Who hasnt developed yet

“Are you blind”

Ah Hu did not answer her, but looked at her chest and buttocks with an imposing face.

Two seconds later…

“Alas…” Ah Hu sighed and shook his head slightly.

“Im so angry!” Liu Jiaran picked up her mobile phone, dialed Liu Qingfengs number directly, and said in a very aggrieved tone, “Dad, I was bullied.”

“Who dares to bully my daughter”

“That bastard you hired…”

“What did you say The signal here is not good.

Hello Hello… Beep, beep, beep…”

“Hmph!” Liu Jiaran stamped her feet angrily and said to Housekeeper Fang, “I dont care.

He must leave here.

Im tired of seeing him.

What a dark and ugly guy with old fashioned cockscomb hairstyle! If I take such a bodyguard out, he will be regarded as a refugee.”

“Ranran, sit down first…” The girl with the oval face took Liu Jiaran to the sofa and whispered in her ear for more than 20 seconds.

The comfort of her friend calmed Liu Jiaran down.

Housekeeper Fang seized the opportunity to say, “Miss, the master said that if you want to go out of the villa, you must take Mr.

Ah Hu with you.”

“Haha.” Liu Jiaran sneered, looked at Ah Hu, and said, “Look at your weak body, how can you prove that you can protect me”

“How do you want me to prove it” Ah Hu raised his eyebrows and asked in a casual tone.

“Im no longer the former me.

Im a martial artist now!”

“If you want to stay, defeat Uncle Kang first!” Liu Jiaran sneered and said, “If you cant even defeat Uncle Kang, call my father and go back to where you came from!”

She couldnt help it.

Every time her father said “Bad signal”, it meant that it was non-negotiable.

Now she could only use indirect methods to make Ah Hu leave.

“Well, who is Uncle Kang” Ah Hu asked.

“I am,” Housekeeper Fang replied with a kind smile.



The moment Housekeeper Fang admitted that he was Uncle Kang, Ah Hu raised his right leg and quickly kicked him on the hip from behind.

Housekeeper Fang shouted, covering his buttocks and lying on the ground.

Then he looked back and stared at Ah Hu in disbelief.

The two girls on the sofa were stunned.

They asked Housekeeper Fang, “Uncle Kang, are you okay”

“Ouch, Im fine.” Housekeeping Fang stood up covering his buttocks.

There were blue veins on his forehead.

“You dared to sneak attack him You are so insidious.

It doesnt count!” Liu Jiaran looked at Ah Hu and shouted, “How could you attack him without my permission Try again, you must defeat Uncle Kang using proper means!”

“No, Miss Liu.

He is better than me, I cant defeat him.” Housekeeper Fang covered his buttocks and shook his head, indicating that no matter what Miss Lius order was, he would not fight against Ah Hu.


“This time, I was injured in the butt.

Next time, if Im injured in the front, Ill suffer a lot!

“How could Ah Hus attack be so well designed” Housekeeper Fang realized that Ah Hu was much more powerful than him.

“Top Peak Strength stage

“Or Qi Strength Master”

“Uncle Kang, how can you admit defeat before fighting, hmph!” Liu Jiaran said disappointingly, “Im going to change my clothes.”

With that, Liu Jiaran stood up and walked to the second floor.

“Hello, little bodyguard.

Im Xuanxuan.” The girl with the oval face waved at Ah Hu, and then looked at him in a strange way.

“Oh, hello.” Ah Hu looked at her, feeling that this little girl was more horrible.

Although she seemed to have a good temperament, she had just whispered a lot of tricky ideas in Liu Jiarans ear.

Thinking of this, Ah Hu couldnt help being vigilant.

“What does this little girl want to do

“The weasel goes to pay his respects to the hen—not with the best of intentions.”


Ah Hu, take a rest here.

Ill arrange the formalities and other things for you,” Housekeeper Fang said and then looked at Xuanxuan.

“Miss Xuan, Ill leave first.”

“Okay!” Xuanxuan replied with a smile.

When Housekeeper Fang passed by Ah Hu, he looked at the young man and was about to warn him.

But he felt the pain in his buttocks and said nothing in the end.

“Why should I warn him

“Thats impossible.

“Let him deal with the trick of the two little devils!”

Housekeeper Fang went out happily.

“Cough.” Ah Hu cleared his throat, went straight to the refrigerator on the right, opened the door, and looked inside.

“Why dont you even have beer”

“As a bodyguard, why are you so rude How can you look in my refrigerator at will while Im still sitting here” Xuanxuan asked in confusion.

“What a weird bodyguard.”

“I drink whenever I want at my bosss place.” Ah Hu curled his lips.

Ah Hu was not interested in cold drinks, so he closed the refrigerator, went to the side of the sofa, and was about to sit down.

“Oh, wait!” Xuanxuan stopped him.

“Whats wrong” Ah Hu was surprised.

“You are so dark, are you all dirty” Xuanxuan sniffed and said, “You have a sweaty smell.

How many days has it been since you bathed”

“A sweaty smell Thats impossible.” Ah Hu smelled his collar and said in confusion, “I took a bath last night.”

“You smell so bad.

Come with me.” While talking, Xuanxuan took Ah Hu to the right corridor.

Ah Hu followed her to the innermost glass door.

Behind the door was an indoor swimming pool with several white lounges beside it, and at the side of the lounges was a shower.

“You can swim for a while and take a bath here.

Uncle Kang will bring you new clothes later,” Xuanxuan suggested.

“You have a lot of rules here.” Ah Hu curled his lips and waved.

“You can leave now.”

“Hmph!” Xuanxuan snorted, turned around, and walked out.

Ah Hu didnt see her crafty eyes.

Ah Hu took off his clothes and threw them aside.

After taking a shower, he jumped into the pool.

After the ripples on the water disappeared, the door of the swimming pool was pushed open again.

“Was that bastard taken away by Uncle Kang” Liu Jiaran came in wearing a bikini.

Xuanxuan, holding two cups of cold drinks, followed her in and nodded seriously.


I didnt see him either.”

“Im right.

My father still obeys me.

Hmph, I dont want to be followed by anyone every day.” Liu Jiaran smiled happily after hearing Xuanxuans words.

She warmed herself up as she walked to the pool.

“Whats that” Just as she was about to enter the pool, she suddenly saw a black shadow under the water.

“Pfft…” Ah Hu surfaced and shook his head.

Liu Jiaran was drenched with water.

For a moment, Liu Jiaran widened her eyes.

She looked at Ah Hus upper body and then looked into the water.

It seemed that… he was wearing nothing.

Then she suddenly remembered that she was only wearing a bikini…

“Ah!” An earth-shaking cry resounded in the pool area.


“How is this a mans voice”

Ah Hus amazing bodyguard career had begun.

On the morning of the appointed day, when Mengmeng arrived at the square of the kindergarten, she began to look around with her big bright eyes.

“Stefen hasnt come yet.

Lets go to invite Martin and Li Muen first,” Mengmeng mumbled and walked toward the crowd with Wang Yihan.

At this time, Martin and Li Muen were chatting with several students behind the crowd.

“Martin, Martin.” Suddenly, they heard Mengmengs voice.

“Mengmeng, you are here.” Martin looked at Mengmeng and smiled, revealing two rows of white teeth.

Mengmeng said to Li Muen, who was nearest her, “Muen, PaPa and MaMa promised to invite you to my house.

Would you like to come on Saturday”

“Yes, yes.” Li Muen nodded happily.

“Great, Ive been longing to play with Mengmengs Big Heihei and Little Heihei.”

“I want to play with them, too.” Martin scratched his head and laughed.

Several other children looked at the two enviously yet hesitantly.

They wanted to go with them, but they were afraid of being refused by Mengmeng.

“My MaMa said that you should get your parents permission before coming to my home,” Mengmeng said seriously.

“Okay, Ill tell them.” Li Muen nodded at once and said, “Ill tell them as soon as I go back home today.”

“My father is not at home.

Ill ask my mother tonight.

My mother is also a black woman living in Hong Kong,” Martin said.

“Then, can I come to your home I want to be with you, too,” suddenly, a little boy who was somewhat fat said shyly.

“Mengmeng, I want to come, too.”

“Mengmeng, Mengmeng, take me to your home.”



Soon, another seven or eight students asked to go with them.

Mengmeng was surprised, for she hadnt expected to invite so many friends.

But she found herself at the center of attention, which made her in a particularly good mood.

She answered with a smile and a wave of her little hand, “Okay, as long as you ask your parents for permission.”

“By the way,” Wang Yihan thought for a while and added, “youd better not come with us if you dislike dogs.

There are so many dogs on the mountain and you will be so scared that you will cry.”

“Ah” A boy who was afraid of dogs began hesitating after hearing Wang Yihans words.

But he soon made up his mind and said, “Im not afraid of dogs.

Im a real man…”

“Here comes Stefen.” Wang Yihan looked back and found Stefen walking toward them.

“Stefen, my PaPa and MaMa agreed to our plan.

You should…” Mengmeng repeated the requirements.

Stefen thought for a few seconds after hearing the words, and subconsciously replied in English, “I will ask my parents to agree with me.”

After inviting all her friends, Mengmeng was satisfied.

She was a little surprised that many unfamiliar students also asked to go and play with them.

At 8:30 in the morning, Mr.

Lu Guo took the students to class.

The day passed quickly.

On Friday, Zi Yan would go on a business trip to attend a TV program.

Only Zhang Han and Mengmeng would be at home this weekend.

The anticipated Saturday of Mengmeng finally arrived.

At nine oclock in the morning, Zhang Han was busy in the kitchen.

This was his little princesss classmate party, so he had to make them happy.

Zhao Feng and Elder Meng were also busy preparing.

They put a members table and an ordinary table together into a long rectangular table, surrounded by a circle of chairs.

“PaPa, what are you doing” Mengmeng jumped onto the sofa and tried to look into the kitchen.

“Dad is making little cakes,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

“With cream” Mengmengs big eyes were shining.

“Just cakes without cream.”

“What will we have for lunch” Mengmeng asked again.

“Youll like todays lunch.

We have roast duck, roasted chicken wings, vegetable balls, boiled sticky corn, roasted sweet potato, braised loach, Luohan prawns, some soup dumplings…”

“Wow!” Mengmeng was surprised and giggled.

“So many things! They will surely be happy when they see so many delicacies.

My PaPa is the greatest.”

Seeing the girls proud expression, Zhang Han shook his head and laughed.

“PaPa, when will Yihan and the others arrive Its almost noon.

Why havent they come yet” Mengmeng felt a little anxious.

As Zhang Han prepared all kinds of ingredients, he replied, “They cant come until 11 oclock.

Yihan will come earlier.”

Seven students would come to the party this time.

Their parents all called Zhang Han in advance to get the location of the party and made an appointment.

Most of them would arrive at around 11 oclock.

“Well, eh Here comes Yihan!” When Mengmeng was about to say something, she saw Wang Yihan running toward the restaurant.

Hurriedly jumping off the sofa, Mengmeng put on her shoes and rushed out to welcome her friend.

“Mengmeng, Im coming.”

“Why are you so late Ive been waiting for you and feel anxious.”

The two little girls ran to the sofa hand in hand and began to chat like two happy birds.

Seeing the happy and excited appearance of Mengmeng, Zhang Han smiled.


Zhang, I brought some cherries from my friends orchard,” Su Yu said with a big bag of red cherries in her hands.

“Okay, thank you.” Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

“Let me deal with them.

Ill clean them up.” Zhao Feng took the bag of fruit into the kitchen.

Then Su Yu went to the sofa and sat down, playing with the two little girls.

Time went by fast, and it was soon 11 oclock in the morning.

Mengmengs guests came one after another.

“Mengmeng, Yihan, Im here.” Li Muen entered the restaurant with Li Kai, her father, and Wang Lan, her mother.

After entering the room, Li Muen released her hands being held by her parents and ran to the sofa.

Li Kai walked into the kitchen with two bottles of red wine and said with a smile, “Hello, Mr.


Its the first time weve come here, and we dont know what you like, so we brought two bottles of red wine.”

“Dont be so courteous, Mr.


Thank you,” Zhang Han looked at Li Kai and replied with a smile.

He was strong, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, but he had a very nice expression.

Li Kai had been investing in the mainland, so of course he was very good at dealing with people.

Wang Lan took a glance at the kitchen and smiled.

“It seems that we are going to have a sumptuous lunch.

Mengmeng has a wonderful father.

Muen often tells me that Mengmengs father is good at cooking, and he wouldnt like my meals anymore.

If there is a chance, I want to get some experience from Mengmengs dad.”

“No problem.” Zhang Han replied with a smile, “Please take a seat and help yourself to some fruit first.”

“OK, lets not disturb Mr.

Zhang.” Li Kai nodded and went to the seat with Wang Lan.

“Sit down, please.” Zhao Feng welcomed them with a warm smile and got two chairs for them.

“Thank you,” Wang Lan replied politely, straightened her dress gracefully, and then sat down.

Then Zhao Feng took out two small plates with small forks for fruit from the side.

Several plates of fruit had been placed on the table.

Li Kai began to eat the fruit with the fork while looking around.

He was interested in the piano and the decoration of the restaurant.

“It seems that Mr.

Zhang is wealthy.”

When he found the drinks cabinet, he was stunned and began looking at the bottles carefully.

“If these wines are genuine, they are of great value.”

Zhang Hans position in his mind had risen a little.

In his imagination, Zhang Han was just a nameless person who ran a small restaurant.

Now he found out that this man might also be rich.

They had just sat for a few minutes when another mother and son arrived.

It was Martin and his mother.

“Hello,” Martins mother said to Zhao Feng in poor Mandarin, “are you Mengmengs father”


He is.” Zhao Feng pointed to Zhang Han, who was busy in the kitchen.

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