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Chapter 485 A Wonderful Experience

“Hello, Mengmengs father.

Thank you for your invitation,” Martin went to the kitchen and said politely.

His mom was carrying a supermarket handbag with lots of toys in it.

All the parents who arrived with their children today brought gifts like this.

“Its my pleasure.” Zhang Han turned to smile and said, “Martins mom, please go sit down and have a rest.

Just wait for lunch.”

“Okay.” Martins mom nodded.

When she turned around, she saw Martin playing with Mengmeng on the sofa.

She smiled and went over to them.

“Mengmeng, this toy is Aunties gift for you.”

She put the bag in her hand beside Mengmeng.

“Thank you, Auntie.

I like the new toys very much,” Mengmeng replied contentedly and happily with her eyes shining.

She then opened the bag and said to her friends, “Lets play with the new toys!”

“Great!” The children got together and began to unpack the toys.

Looking at her cute smile, Zhang Han, who was cooking, chuckled.

As long as his little princess was happy, he would do anything for her as a father.

Two minutes later, a black BMW 7 Series parked in the parking space in front of the restaurant.

A blonde man in a formal suit and a yellow-haired woman in a ceremonial dress took Stefens hand and walked into the restaurant.

Stefen also wore a small suit, which showed that he attached great importance to the party.

“Here comes Stefen,” Martin said suddenly.

The little guys on the sofa all turned around and looked at the door.

Zhao Feng opened the door and welcomed the guests with a smile.

Stefens parents nodded and thanked him.

Stefens father looked carefully at Zhao Feng for a while.

“Mengmeng.” Stefen greeted Mengmeng politely like a young gentleman.

He did not go over to Mengmeng, but followed his parents closely.

The family of three went to the kitchen.

Stefens mother said in fluent Chinese, “Hello, Mr.


Thank you for your invitation and hospitality.”

“Youre welcome,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

After waiting for two seconds, Stefens mother did not hear her husband say hello to Zhang Han.

She looked back in confusion and found that her husbands forehead was covered with sweat, which made her face change slightly.

“Are you sick” she asked.

“No.” Stefens father wiped his sweat, bowed respectfully to Zhang Han, and said, “Hello, Mr.


“Hello, youre welcome.

Go sit down.

Lunch will be ready in a minute,” Zhang Han replied with a chuckle.

Zhang Han was surprised by Stefens fathers condition, so he secretly scanned the mans body with his soul sense.

“A vampire from the West

“Judging from the energy within his body, he is a Heaven-stage Master, or at level C under the Western classification system of strength.

“Why did he sweat”

Zhang Han realized than since vampires could sense the activity of blood and Qi within a human body, Stefens father had to be scared by his surging blood and Qi.

Therefore, Zhang Han covered his body with soul sense to prevent Stefens father from sensing his Qi.


Stefens father sighed with relief.

He didnt feel anything strange after he entered the restaurant until he approached Zhang Han, who could suppress him with the energy in his blood, just like the elders in his clan.

“Judging from his blood and Qi, he is at least a Last-Stage Grand Master, and his strength may be equal to the duke of vampires in my clan.

Its so frightening.”

Stefens father was astonished.

“Hello, Uncle Zhang.” Stefen, who didnt notice what had happened to his father, greeted Zhang Han politely.

“Well, hello.

I heard that you can speak three languages.

You are a good boy,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

While Stefens mother was an ordinary person, his father was a vampire, who gave him some vampire genes.

“Im still learning.

Mengmeng is the smartest, she can learn everything quickly,” Stefen replied seriously like an adult.

Zhang Han was amused by him.

However, Stefen soon looked at his mother and asked in a hurry, “Mom, can I go to play with my friends”

“Okay.” Stefens mother nodded and smiled.

Stefens mother was also a Westerner with a high nose and big eyes, who looked strict.

Seeing Stefen playing with his friends, his parents went to the table and sat down, nodding to the other parents.

At half-past 11, the rest of Mengmengs classmates and their parents arrived.

A little girls father seemed to be in a bad mood, as if he was unwilling to attend such a party, but was forced to come here by his daughter.

At 11:35 in the morning—

Zhang Han and Zhao Feng put all kinds of dishes on the table.

Each dish was divided into three parts and placed on the table separately for all the guests to eat.

This time, Zhao Feng specially prepared some napkins to make the lunch look formal.

“Well, everyone please wash your hands before lunch.” Zhang Han stood in front of the bathroom and clapped his hands.

“Im coming, PaPa.” Mengmeng took the lead to jump off the sofa and rush into the bathroom.

All her classmates followed her to wash their hands and then sat at the table.

Sitting in the chairs and looking at the delicious dishes, many of the children almost drooled.

Their parents were also attracted by the aroma of the dishes, especially Li Kai, who had been staring at them for a long time.

“Lets drink tea instead of wine since we have many children here.

Everyone, help yourself with the dishes,” Zhang Han raised his teacup and said with a smile.


Zhang, thank you for your hospitality.”

“Thank you, Uncle Zhang.”

“Thank you, Mengmengs PaPa.”

All the adults and children thanked Zhang Han and then began enjoying the meal.

“Wow, its true that Mr.

Zhangs cooking skills are excellent.”

“So delicious.

Mengmeng, your father is amazing.” Li Muen looked at Zhang Han with admiration.

Wang Lan was upset and made up her mind to practice cooking after going back home.


“How can I make such delicious food” Wang Lan thought desperately.

These dishes were so delicious that she thought it was the best meal she had ever had since childhood.

How could she reach the same level

“The chicken wings and cakes are delicious.

Mengmeng, your father is excellent.”


Mengmeng smiled proudly and happily while hearing her friends praising her father.

At 12 oclock, the guests had almost finished eating.

They began to drink tea and occasionally took an extra bite of food.

“Ha, I havent been so full in a long time.

Its very comfortable.” Li Kai laughed and said to Zhang Han in a high mood, “Junior brother Zhang, why not open more branches of your restaurant”

“Junior brother Zhang

“How dare you call him in this way”

Stefens father looked at Li Kai in confusion.

He felt it was ridiculous.

Most of the martial artists at Mr.

Zhangs level were moody and even liked to kill those who dared to offend them.

For example, there was a duke in his clan who preferred sucking the blood of his enemies.

Even Zhang Fengs lips were quivering.

The words “junior brother Zhang” sounded so funny.

But he knew that Zhang Han didnt care about it, because all of the parents were brought to Mengmengs party by their children.

Zhang Han liked his little princess the best, so everything would be OK as long as she was here.

Sure enough…

Zhang Han smiled and nodded.

“You have a point.

I already have a branch.”

“Oh, thats good.

I havent been to New Moon Bay in half a year, and I didnt expect to see such a good restaurant.


Zhang, you are amazing,” Li Kai nodded and said.


The adults sat at the table and began to talk.

Mengmeng and her friends ran to the side of the sofa.

After more than 10 minutes, the little girl ran up to Zhang Han again, lay down on his lap, and asked him, “PaPa, when will we go to the Xanadu”

“When do you want to go there” Zhang Han touched Mengmengs head and asked.

“Now” Mengmeng asked.

“Certainly,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Great! Yihan, Martin, lets go to our Xanadu,” Mengmeng ran to the side of the sofa and said happily.

The 20 people quickly went through the door and got in a minibus arranged by Zhao Feng.

10 minutes later, they arrived at the foot of Mount New Moon.

When the guests went up the mountain and saw the fairyland-like environment, they began to marvel again.

“Oh my God! Whats that” Stefens mother was stunned when she saw Dahei.

“Wow, the gorilla is so tall! What a giant black dog!”

“Is it a real gorilla Is it safe”


All the parents had heard about Mengmengs Xanadu from their children and made some preparation before seeing Dahei.

But they were still scared by the 3-meter-tall gorilla.

Seeing Mengmeng running to Dahei, they were all worried about the little girl.

“Its fine.

Dont worry.

My daughter has played with Dahei several times.

They are very human,” Su Yu said with a smile.

When all the parents saw Mengmeng sitting on Daheis shoulder and taking the lead to the back mountain, they were relieved and felt that it was unbelievable.

After walking to the back mountain, many people were stunned to see the different functional areas.


Zhang, you are great.” Martins mother made a sign of praise to Zhang Han.

She was so shocked that she couldnt describe Mengmengs father in words.

“You can go there and sit for a while.

There are several sets of fishing rods and you can fish…” Zhang Han suggested.

It was not just the children who were happy here.

Their parents also ran to the pet area to play excitedly.

While Li Kai was playing with a husky, Wang Lan was having fun with some golden retrievers, and the other parents were sitting and chatting.

For them, this little party was really a wonderful experience.

Just a few minutes after Zhang Han sat down, his cell phone rang.

He took out his mobile phone, looked at it, took a few steps up the mountain, and stopped under the thunder yang tree.

As soon as it was connected, he heard someone saying in a loud voice, “Zhang Han, something has happened! Dammit, a class-B relic was found in Nan Xing Lake, and it will open in two days!”

Lei Tiannan began swearing.

It seemed that he had just heard the news and was in a complicated mood.

“I know already.”

“You know about that” Lei Tiannan was stunned, and then asked, “Are you going there We havent found many class-B relics yet.

There must be holy-level treasures in the relic, and you should seize the opportunity!”

“Okay, I will go there,” Zhang Han replied.

“Well, I didnt expect that you knew about it.

Im a little embarrassed.” Lei Tiannan smiled and then said in a low voice, “Oh, by the way, I have something to tell you.

You should be careful about one person there.”


“Ye Longyuan, a core disciple of the Lihun Sect in the worldlet.

I didnt expect him to be in the main world.

Ive gotten the exact news that he has been doing closed-door cultivation in a blessed region of the He family in Xiangxi.

He is an aggressive man known as Devil Incarnate in the worldlet.

If he knows that you are a newly advanced Grand Master and a young talent, he is likely to challenge you.”

“I see,” Zhang Han replied calmly.

There was no change in his expression, as if what he heard had nothing to do with him.

“Zhang Han, you really need to be careful this time.

Ive learned that…” Lei Tiannans voice became more serious, “half a month ago, there was a class-B relic discovered in the north of Sloan, our neighboring country.

The news was blocked by Sloan, but some sects on the mainland who were involved with Sloan learned that and they also sent their men there.


“Ye Longyuan had a fierce battle against Emperor Qing.

Though they had just exchanged three moves, it seemed they were equally matched in strength.

Before the battle, Emperor Qing had killed two of Sloans martial artists at the Grand Master Late-stage, and Im afraid that he has already advanced to the top of the Grand Master stage.

In that relic, Emperor Qing got Nine Colors Flower, a holy object, and after he went back to Shang Jing, he began closed-door cultivation.

When he finishes the cultivation, his strength must be greatly improved.”

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