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Chapter 490 Talents from the Small World

“You made good preparations.” Zhang Han nodded and said peacefully, “Master Wang, though you are at the Grand Master Late-stage, with the Mountains and Rivers Flag, you can have the capability to defend yourself while facing those at the Grand Master Peak level.

However, Master Wang, your understanding of the deployments is too poor.”

“What” Wang Zhanpeng was at a loss instantly.

He was somewhat excited about the journey to the relic this time and felt that he had done many preparations.

Though he was somewhat happy and contented, why had Zhang Han given him a blow

He thought, “My friend, your words break my heart!”

However, what Zhang Han was going to say next made Wang Zhanpengs eyes light up.

Zhang Han shook his head as he said, “If we come back this time and you live permanently on the mountain, I will set up the Hundred-formation Image for you.

You can only be officially enrolled after studying it thoroughly.”

“What is the Hundred-formation Image” Wang Zhanpeng asked in a hurry, “Is it that you are going to develop one hundred formations”

Speaking of the quantity of the formations he had known so far, it would be at least 800 if not a thousand.

Consequently, after Wang Zhanpeng brought up this question, he negated it on his own.

Zhang Han replied slowly, “There is only one image in the Hundred-formation Image, which is quite sophisticated and mystifying.

You wont understand it at all if I only explain it to you by talking.

You can be a beginner of the formation art if you can develop more than one hundred formations out of the Hundred-formation Image, which is a basic skill.

After you are adept at the Hundred-formation Image, only after thoroughly studying the Thousand-formation image could you be called a master.”

Zhang Han did not give a profound explanation.

There was a Ten-thousand-formation Image after the Thousand-formation Image.

Only after one thoroughly studied the Ten-thousand-formation Image could one be a master of the formation of art.

However, after that, there were higher levels.

As the saying goes, knowledge has no limit.

The saying looked like the wisdom of four characters and fit every field.

“Hundred-formation Image Thousand-formation Image” It was not until Wang Zhanpeng had been pondering on his own for a while that he asked somewhat tentatively, “Then, based on my level, could it be that I can directly study the Thousand-formation Image”

“As for this…” Zhang Han glimpsed at the old master, pondered for a while, and said quite peacefully, “It would be best if you take it step by step.”

Wang Zhanpeng replied somewhat emotionally, “Han, what you said makes sense.

As the saying goes, the rice should be eaten bite by bite and the journey should be taken step by step.

After we come back from the trip to the relic this time, I will start studying the Hundred-formation Image.

I wont say anything polite.

We are not biologically related, however… as the saying goes, time reveals a persons heart.”

“You are polite.”

Zhang Han replied and stared out the window.

Soon, the plane traversed Hong Kong, arrived in Shenzhen, and flew over the northern suburb area.

The morning sun just rose.

Everything in the world was vigorous and energized.

The northern suburb area was overgrown with green and leafy trees.

If one overlooked the whole area in the air, the scenery would incur a special sensation.

“Nanxing Lake is ahead,” Wang Zhanpeng said all of a sudden.

They looked from afar and found there was a lake with a moderate area among an area of forest, which looked like a flat cake if they observed it from the sky above.

There were many wooden boats near the central lake.

More wooden boats were parked on the shore.

There was a vacant piece of land on the shore by the side of the wooden boats.

It was crowded with people.

It could be seen that many onlookers were among the crowd.

As for those who were going to enter the relic site, most of them were sitting on the wooden boat and were floating on the lake.

The pilot turned around and said in a loud voice, “Boss, there are not any places suitable for landing ahead.

We can land on the vacant land on the mountain top below us.”

Zhang Han nodded and replied, “Then, lets land here.”

“Roger that!” the pilot responded.

The plane descended slowly and landed on the mountain top below in the end.

“Boss, we will wait for you here.”

The driver reminded Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng once again before they left the chopper.

“All right.”

Wang Zhanpeng smiled and got out of the helicopter with Zhang Han.

He glimpsed at his watch and said, “20 minutes to go before the relic site will open.

Another ferocious battle will be on soon.

I hope we can have some amazing gains.”

“Supposedly, there are some amazing things in a class-B relic.”

Zhang Han smiled gently and took the initiative to move first.

Though he walked forward step by step, he walked with pretty fast paces.

Wang Zhanpeng whispered the rhyming formula as he pinched his right hand.

It seemed that a puff of wind was blowing from under his feet, which followed Zhang Han by his side and accompanied him as he walked inside.

It took them five minutes to cross six hills.

They arrived at the front of the Nanxing Lake eventually.

About 700 to 800 people were standing near this side of the shore.

There were 60 to 70 wooden boats on the surface of the lake.

Most of the wooden boats had only one passenger.

A minority of them had three to five passengers.

As for the groups made up of many people, they were usually at the Grand Master Early-stage or Middle-Stage.

As for the groups made up of a few people, they almost all were at the Last-Stage.

Of course, there were some specific exceptions.

Zhang Han even saw multiple familiar figures among the crowd.

Lei Tiannan, the director of the National Security Agency of Hong Kong, was on a wooden boat on the right side.

Protector Leng, who had been promoted to Wu Dao Grand Master, along with the other two protectors, was standing behind him.

Fang Rushan, the Grand Master of Divination, whom Zhang Han had met once, was on another wooden boat nearby.

On the other side was Xiang Qitian, the leader of Mystical Fog Sect.

Even Mo Chengfeng, who was ranked second on the Hong Kong Ranking Board, was there.

A healthy and old senior was standing by his side, whom Zhang Han had never met before.

However, Zhang Han was somewhat doubtful.

He thought, “Could it be that the old man is Ji Wushuang”

Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng walked to the front of the crowd.

While they were walking among the crowd, they heard the continuous exclamations from the people in the crowd, who said enviously and respectfully, “Its such a grand meeting for all the Grand Masters of martial arts.

Only a relic can attract so many Grand Masters of martial arts, making them converge together.”

“Those influential figures who are rarely seen normally come out one after another.”

“As for the one wearing a grass hat, he is Tian Fengshan, who is second on the Xichuan martial art ranking board, right He is indeed a great big shot.”

All of a sudden, a senior among the crowd who was a Heaven-stage Master said somewhat emotionally, “To us, they are big shots.

However… the real big shots have not arrived yet.”

What he had said implied that the group of talents from the worldlet were not here yet, who were authentic influential big shots.

“Shh, your words make sense.”

About 30 percent of the people on the scene were at a loss at first.

After that, they gasped and acknowledged the seniors words.

Right at this moment…

A hearty, as well as somewhat perturbed voice, rang out.

“Grand Master Zhang”


“Swish, swish, swish!”

The people who were standing nearby all looked over.

Even Zhang Han and Wang Zhanpeng took a glimpse back.

They saw Ma Di, the Eldest Brother of the Heavenly Talisman Sect, and Junior Brother Lu walking over.

“Grand Master Zhang, you are here!”

After Ma Di saw Zhang Hans appearance and confirmed his identity, he smiled as he greeted Zhang Han.

“Grand Master Zhang”

“He is Merciless Zhang!”


Though a lot of people nearby did not change the looks on their faces, they all stepped backward a few paces, leaving the 10-meter-radius around Zhang Han empty.

If it were the kind of Divination Master like Fang Rushan, who was good-tempered, that had shown up, they might have greeted him.


The name of Zhang Hanyang made a chill creep up their bones.

Zhang Hanyang was at the Grand Master Peak.

Almost nobody survived his attack.

He had annihilated the martial artists of the Li family with a single move…

The news lingered around their hearts one by one.

Zhang Han asked casually, “Why are you here”

Ma Di smiled as he said, “Hehe, we followed our leader here.

The leader is inside, wearing a gray robe.” All of a sudden, the look on his face froze.

He looked around, came close to Zhang Han, and whispered in a low voice, “I heard that some talents of the worldlet will also be here this time.

Back when they explored the relic at that time, none of them went back to the worldlet.

I was also an onlooker at that time.

The scene at that time was so… F**k, here he is!”

As Ma Di talked, he opened his eyes more widely and looked forward.

Following Ma Dis eyesight, Zhang Han found that on the side of the surface of the lake, a figure jumped from the topmost point of the trees.

The figure glided to the central lake rapidly at a low altitude of 10 meters.

Because of the extremely rapid speed, the figure looked like a flashing light.

Within a blink, a man dressed in green stood at the central lake.

He turned around, took a glimpse at the many wooden boats nearby, and frowned slightly.

After that, he waved his arms.

“Clatter, clatter!”

The surface of the water below his feet sagged down a few meters all of a sudden.

After that, a huge wave swept backward violently, which was accompanied by the mans overwhelmingly spiritual force.

“Bang, bang!”

Several sounds rang out.

There were 15 wooden boats nearby in total.

Among them, nine exploded and splintered into tiny pieces.

The people on the wooden boats all retreated backward with quick paces.

Five of the passengers on the boats had mixed looks on their faces.

The corners of the four other passengers lips quivered gently.

However, they dared not say anything at all.

A gust of ray lingered above the other six wooden boats, which stopped the huge wave directly.

The wooden boats stayed on the spot.

The passengers on these boats had more powerful strength.

Even the looks in two passengers eyes indicated that they were somewhat displeased.

However, they were hesitant for a while and did not say anything at all.

They reacted like this because of the mans strength and identity.

Ma Di took a deep breath and said word by word, “He is the disciple of the Wind Snow Schools young generations talents, Shi Fenghou, whose nickname is Little Roc.”

Junior Brother Lu shook his head as he said, “As expected, based on the rumors, talents from the small world are proud.

However, they are qualified to act so.

Hmm, only the kind of people like Grand Master Zhang can be compared to them.”

People among the crowd who knew Shi Fenghous background also exclaimed continuously.

“It is Shi Fenghou.”

“All the sects in the worldlet are full of talents.”

“He behaves and acts overbearingly.”


Even Zhang Han glimpsed at him more.

He was not interested in Shi Fenghou at all.

He had taken a glimpse at him again because of the Wind Snow School.

The Wind Snow School was the Heavenly Knights Sects sworn enemy.

As for how to deal with the kind of opposing force like this, one would be rewarded in his sect if he killed the disciples of the opposing sect outside.

The hatred and enmity between them could be hardly resolved unless one of the parties was annihilated.

Zhang Han thought, “I am curious about the fathers role in the Heavenly Knights Sect.

As for the title of Young Master…

“Its not an easily accessible title.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

As for what was going on exactly, Zhang Han would figure it out after the door to the worldlet opened.

It seemed that the arrival of Shi Fenghou was just the beginning of the arrival of all the disciples of the worldlet.

Or, probably he was speedy.

Though Shi Fenghou had just been here for less than one minute, on the spot where he had just shown up…

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Three more figures moved in Shi Fenghous direction quickly.

After they arrived at the central lake, they stepped on the surface of the water as if they were standing on flat ground and saluted Shi Fenghou.

It was unknown what they had said to Shi Fenghou.

It was evident that they should come from the same sect.

Otherwise, they would not have stood by each other so closely.

As a result, the place they were standing seemed to become the focus of all the audience present.

Mo Chengfeng shook his head slightly as he said, “Shi Fenghou, the talents disciple of the Wind Snow School.

I wonder who the more amazing one will be between him and Zhang Hanyang.”

The senior behind him replied peacefully, “It should be Shi Fenghou.

He is more amazing currently.

However, Zhang Hanyang will be more powerful once he reaches Shi Fenghous age.”

Mo Chengfeng was at a loss at first and smiled as he said, “Master Ji, your words make sense.

After all, Zhang Hanyang is too young now.

Shi Fenghou is almost 10 years older than him.

It seems that among those talents disciples of the worldlet, only Ye Longyuan is under 30 years old.”

As they spoke, figures showed up quickly one after another and landed in the forest surrounding Nanxing Lake.

They all shared one thing in common, which was that they all were about 30 years old.

Within less than five minutes, 19 people were standing in the central lake.

“Shi Fenghou, as always, you prefer to arrive early.

Could it be that you did so to show off your speedy pace”

All of a sudden, a female voice rang out above Nanxing Lake.

A long-haired woman dressed in black was standing peacefully on the topmost point of the trees on the west side.

“The female demon of the Luo Fu Sword sect, Mu Xue, is here!”

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