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Right at the moment that Zhang Han initiated the attack, everyone was dumbfounded.

Even Ye Longyuan himself did not ever think of the possibility that someone would dare to belittle him in such a way in the world.



It was a contempt!

Naked contempt!

Ye Longyuan thought, “You are simply a fresh beginner in the secular world.

You dare to treat me like this!”

Right at this moment, Ye Longyuan became angry.

The look in his eyes became cold.

Facing the Hand of Earth Killing Intent, he did not even look back and patted to the side with his left hand directly.

In an instant, a light-purple ray flashed across and collided with the Hand of Earth Killing Intent.

However, the Hand of Earth Killing Intent was not so simple.

The Hand of Earth Killing was a vicious attack formed at the highest point by the spiritual force and the soul sense.

In some places where the vicious force prevailed, its power could be multiplied by 10 times.

It was a trick that Zhang Han could currently use suitably.

Ye Longyuans light ray swept out.

However, he found that the Hand of Earth Killing Intent still came at him ferociously and determinedly.

At this moment, Ye Longyuan was not hesitant at all.

He stepped backward five miles speedily.

Shrewdness flashed through his eyes.

A blue lotus sprung from his palm in an instant and collided with the Hand of Earth Killing Intent directly.

The two assaults collided with each other.

A deep sound rang out and died away gradually.

The look on Ye Longyuans face became completely cold.

He stared at Zhang Han and found that his counterpart looked calm.

He frowned and thought whether he should attack his counterpart directly or say something first!

At this moment…

“Interesting, interesting!”

Shi Fenghou was dumbfounded at first.

After that, he applauded.

The look on his face showed that he found the scene to be funny.

He thought, “Ye Longyuan, it did not occur to you that you would end up in this situation today, right Hahaha…”

“Then, the situation becomes interesting!” Mu Xue, who had been standing on the top of a tree far away, smiled cutely, moved, and glided across the surface of the lake dozens of miles to Ye Longyuans back.

She watched the bustling scene calmly.

“This, this is too capricious, isnt it”

Lei Tiannans eyelids shuddered continuously.

Though he found the scene incredulous, he found it reasonable.

It seemed that Zhang Han had acted this way all the time.

Never would he talk nonsense with his enemies.

He always launched his attack determinedly and resolutely.

“Oh my goodness.

What if they fight with each other…” Protector Leng did not know what he should say.

Mo Chengfengs fingers trembled slightly.

He squinted as he mumbled, “Master Ji, in your opinion, which one of them is more powerful”

The look on Ji Wushuangs face was still calm.

The way he talked was even.

It seemed that he was illustrating a fact as he said, “It seems that they are almost at the same level.

But… it seems that they will not end up fighting.”

“What do you mean they will not end up fighting”

Mo Chengfeng was dumbfounded.

He stared at the nearby location in front of him all of a sudden.

Rays and rays of fog were converging at the entrance to the relic.

After that, he was somewhat enlightened.

Since the entrance to the relic would open soon, of course, they would not end up fighting.

As for those martial artists who were standing by on the shore, at that moment, they became more excited.

Even some people wondered whether the scene a moment ago was an illusion or not.

However, as they heard the discussions, they knew clearly that a fight between Zhang Hanyang and Ye Longyuan was about to start.

“As expected, he is Merciless Zhang.

How f**king amazing he is.

He fought directly without saying anything, who was more resolute than Ye Longyuan.”

“Based on Ye Longyuans temperament, I am afraid he is on fire now.

Look at his expression.

It is somewhat shocking.

I guess ferocious fighting is unavoidable this time.”

“I wonder who between the Devil Incarnate and Merciless Zhang will be more amazing.”


At this moment, all eyes were fixed on Zhang Han and Ye Longyuan.

“You… are very good!”

The spiritual force inside Ye Longyuans body was exerted crazily on the long whip in his right hand.

As Ye Longyuans voice died away, he waved the long whip all of a sudden.

In an instant, an extremely mystifying aura rose.

A gust of tornado seemed to be whirling on his whip.

More creepily, the color of the tornado changed continuously, which turned green, purple, and colorless one after another.

However, everybody could sense that a gust of spiritual ripping was coming from within the tornado.

The leader of the Heavenly Talisman Sect, who had been at the back, constricted his pupils as he said, “Soul-swallowing wind!”

“Soul-swallowing wind” A middle-aged man, who had been standing 10 miles away, changed the look on his face as he said, “Is it one of the three secret tricks of the Lihun Sect”


Another senior shook his head and sighed as he said, “Surprisingly, Ye Longyuan learned the secret trick of Soul-swallowing Wind at the Grand Master Stage.

However, it is difficult to set up a defense while facing this kind of soul-swallowing secret trick.”

The seniors words made everybody within dozens of miles fix their eyes.

Even Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue, who were not far away, changed the looks on their faces slightly.

Mu Xue smiled cutely as she said, “Even Soul-swallowing Wind is used.

It is evident that Ye Longyuan intends to kill his opponent.”

In the Divine Realm, it was difficult to defend against soul tricks.

Except for those with some treasures, namely, those people who were adept in psychokinesis, others would feel it that it was a thorny problem while facing the soul tricks.

“Clatter, clatter!”

All of a sudden…

Ye Longyuan raised the long whip in his hands and swung it.

The layer of tornado disappeared into the void instantly and pressed down at Zhang Han.

“Soul-swallowing Wind is one of the secret tricks of the Lihun Sect.

Though I have been studying this trick for 10 years, I just figured out its superficial knowledge.

This is the first time that I have used this trick today.

The reason why I choose to beat you with this trick is to make you understand that there is a gap between the secular world and the worldlet!”

Ye Longyuan uttered the sentence coldly.

His expression and the look in his eyes were even colder.

He wanted to see the confused look on Zhang Hans face.

However, he found that the look on his counterparts face did not change at all.


As Ye Longyuan felt somewhat confused, Zhang Han glimpsed at him gently and said, “If it were someone more powerful who exerted this trick, it might be somewhat effective.

However, it is you…”

Zhang Han did not say anything further.

Then, he looked at the void in front of him and said calmly, “Shake!”

Shrewdness flashed across his eyes.

He pinched his right hand as he mumbled the rhyming formula.

A Qing Ming Seal showed up.

A shining and complicated pattern formed in the sky in front.


It seemed that the nearby sky shuddered.

Following that, everybody opened their eyes wider.

That was because…

The Soul-swallowing Wind used by Ye Longyuan disappeared quietly.


“How is this possible”

Ye Longyuan narrowed his eyes.

He looked at Zhang Han somewhat peculiarly.

“How did you break it”

As one of the secret tricks of the Lihun Sect, the combat power of the Soul-swallowing Wind was beyond doubt.

Though he had spent great effort to exert a hint of the power of the secret trick, it would not be easy for one who was at the Grand Master Peak to solve it, not to mention break it that easily.

If it were someone in the Divine Realm who was across from him, it would be understandable.

However, Zhang Han was not in the Divine Realm yet.

Even Ye Longyuan could sense that his cultivation should be more profound than Zhang Hans.

This was because there was only an inchs distance remaining before he could make a breakthrough and enter the Divine Realm.

He even suppressed his cultivation and waited to make a breakthrough until after he returned to the holy land of his sect.

Due to many factors, Ye Longyuan was somewhat doubtful and astonished.

Mu Xue, who had not been far away at the back, said, “In this case, the situation is interesting.” Deep inside the look in her eyes, there was a hint of solemnness.

“Interesting.” Shi Fenghou narrowed his eyes.

A strange smile showed up on the corner of his lips.

It seemed that he was pleased to see Ye Longyuan suffering from the defeat.

However, he knew in secret that even if Zhang Hanyang could break Ye Longyuans trick, he might not necessarily overwhelm Ye Longyuan.

At that moment, everybody on the shore was more excited.

“After all, he is Grand Master Zhang, who is indeed powerful.

He is even so formidable while facing the Devil Incarnate, Ye Longyuan.

He is indeed the model and idol of our generation!” Ma Di opened his eyes wider.

The look in his eyes was filled with envy and admiration.

“Grand Master Zhang is not weaker than the talents of the small world.

I feel that they will end up fighting with each other today.” The look on the Junior Brother Lus face was solemn.

It seemed that he was somewhat nervous about the upcoming battle.

Others were in an uproar.

What had happened a moment ago made them feel extremely shocked.

At that moment, Zhang Han, who had everyones attention, still had a calm look on his face.

After he heard what Ye Longyuan had said, he replied evenly, “Its because the power of your secret trick is too weak.”

“What did you say”

Ye Longyuan opened his eyes wide.

Ferociousness and aggressiveness filled his eyes.

“Do you want to die”

Ye Longyuan moved his body, ran at Zhang Han, and raised the long whip in his hands.


It seemed that a grand fight was about to be on.

The atmosphere on the scene became intense all of a sudden.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

As Ye Longyuan was 10 miles in front of Zhang Han, he raised the long whip and initiated his attack.

Zhang Han raised his hands and fought with his opponent.

In an instant, several dull sounds rang out on the spot.

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