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“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

The worldlet suddenly shook.

Everyone felt that a white world suddenly appeared again before their eyes, and then it soon returned to normal.

They were transported to Nanxing Lake, in different but regular directions.

Their sudden appearance excited hundreds of people gathered around the lake, who had been waiting for seven hours.

“Theyre out! Theyre out!”

“Lets guess whether our sect chief managed to get any treasures” Ma Di opened his eyes wide and said excitedly.

While he was looking around, he was suddenly dazzled by a light.

“Whats that”

The crowd began shouting in surprise.

“My gosh, a holy object!”

“Its Merciless Zhang.

He has a holy object!”

“Look! Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou, Mu Xue and the other martial artists are all staring at Zhang Hanyang.

Did they fight for the treasure and were finally defeated by Zhang Hanyang”

At the same time…

All the people on the coast were looking at the holy object with wide open eyes, feeling that the diamond-like stone was so dazzling!Visit website NovelFull

The stone was as tall as a man, and they were wondering why Zhang Hanyang did not put such an attractive treasure into his Space Ring.

“Isnt he afraid he will be the target of other martial artists waiting outside”

In fact, Zhang Han wanted to hide his trophy, but the serene world stone was a fourth-stage spirit treasure and could not be stored in the Space Ring.

The level of his Space Ring was much lower.

“Whatever he obtained in the ruins may not belong to him, and it depends on whether he can protect and keep it.”

Someone at the Grand Master Early-stage, who had not dared to enter the ruins, shook his head slightly.

As soon as he said this…

What everyone expected happened.

They heard Shi Fenghou shouting angrily,

“Zhang Hanyang! I will kill you today!”

Following behind him, Ye Longyuan sneered and stared at Zhang Han, “I can spare your life if you give me the serene world stone!”

“Ha ha ha, Zhang Hanyang, Grand Master Zhang, Merciless Zhang.” Mu Xue the female demon laughed in a charming manner and said, “Ill protect you, if you give me the serene world stone, and I can exchange it with another holy object.

Its a good deal, isnt it”

Mo Chengfeng was surprised and then shook his head slightly.

He was going to be a quiet audience and would not help anyone.

Ji Wushuang remained calm and quiet.

Instead of looking at Zhang Han, he followed the Man in the Bamboo Hat, who was going further and further away, with his eyes.

As for the others who had just left the ruins they did not say anything, except for a worldlet disciple at Grand Master Peak stage, who was staring at Zhang Han and warned him,

“Im Fang Han.

Since that is a serene world stone, Ill also fight for it.”

In the face of so many threats, Zhang Han remained calm.

Holding the serene world stone with his left hand, he said in an indifferent voice, “Try to get it if you want it.”


As soon as he said that, the atmosphere on the field became tense.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All of the martial artists started to take action.

While there were three to five people following Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue and Shi Fenghou separately, Fang Han was followed by a group of 13 men.

Wang Zhanpeng frowned.

He flashed towards Zhang Han and stared angrily at those who dared to provoke Zhang Han.

Lei Tiannan curled his lips and glanced at those famous talents from the worldlet, including the two Grand Masters from the main world.

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Lei Tiannan also came to Zhang Hans side, and began observing the surroundings.

“When we were in the ruins, the treasure belonged to the one who got it.

Now we have left the ruins, and you think you have the right to snatch it.

But Zhang Hanyang is the director of National Security Agency of Hong Kong, if you…”

He was interrupted by Ye Longyuan,

“Except for your ancestor, all of you in the National Security Agency are rubbish.

Stop embarrassing yourselves!”

“What are you saying” Lei Tiannans face changed.

At this moment, someone laughed from behind and said, “Ha ha, Grand Master Zhang, Ill help you!”

Many people turned their heads to take a look at the man.

“The sect chief of Heavenly Talisman Sect!”

He also came over to Zhang Hans side.

Protector Leng went to Zhang Han and stopped about five meters behind him, without uttering a word.

He had just reached Grand Master Early-stage and dared not attract the other sides attention, otherwise they might kill him.

However, at this critical moment, he chose to support Zhang Han without any hesitation.

First, he believed in the promising young talent.

Second, he thought he could not just stand by and do nothing.

Third, there were also some Grand Master Early-stage martial artists at the other side, and he could compete with them to test his strength.

Seeing what was happening…

The hundreds of martial artists on the shore gasped in astonishment.

“Wow, our sect chief is excellent! He dares to challenge the talents from the small world.” Ma Di said enviously.

“But the worldlet side has 167 martial artists in total, while there are only five people on the side of Grand Master Zhang.” Junior Brother Lu was worried for Zhang Han.

“They may not fight.” said Ma Di, looking at the silent center of the lake.

“They may not fight” All of a sudden, a middle-aged man near Ma Di sneered and said, “Ye Longyuan is so ill-tempered that he cannot avoid fighting.

Lets wait and see, theyre going to have a fierce fight!”

“Yes, a fight is inevitable.” A man behind the middle-aged man, shook his head and said, “The wordlet side has the advantage of numbers, and now it depends on whether Grand Master Zhang can hold on.”

“Its impossible for them to hold on, unless Grand Master Li and Grand Master Mo, who are now standing behind, are willing to help them.”

Fang Rushan, the Divination master who had just retreated from the center of the lake, said slowly, “As far as the current situation is concerned, only if Grand Master Zhang gives the serene world stone to Mu Xue the female demon, and cooperates with her, can he survive the crisis.

Otherwise, he is doomed today!”

A lot of people on the scene thought there was a large strength gap between the two sides.

Even Ma Di began to worry for their sect chief.

“Ha ha ha, now that you dont have a clear estimation of yourself, I have no choice but to kill you.”

A long sword appeared in Mu Xues hand, with a white scabbard and black hilt.


She pulled out the long sword slowly, and the Demon Dancing Sword seemed to sing softly.

“Now that Ive pulled out my sword, I wont put it back until I kill someone.” The female demons smile sent shivers down everyones spines.

“Stop talking nonsense.”

Ye Longyuan said impatiently.

As he summoned the long whip, he grinned at Zhang Han.

“Ill show you the whole set of Soul-swallowing wind!”

“Soul whip, come out!”

Suddenly, there was a chilling wind swirling around Ye Longyuans body.

His clothes were flapping in the wind, and the ten-meter whip in his hand made a dull sound.

The whip was suddenly shortened by five meters, and there was a layer of black fog around it, which was actually the combination of countless Yin soul, which were roaring and waiting to launch an attack!

Meanwhile, from the whip in Ye Longyuans hand, an amazing kind of Qi emerged!

“Sacred weapon!”

Everyone around him gasped in fear.

Even Lei Tiannans eyelids were trembling.

“Damn it! How come they have so many sacred weapons”

For talents like Ye Longyuan, they were able to make the most of the sacred weapons, not to mention that the whip suited his cultivating skill well.

“Zhang Hanyang! Ill kill you! Blazing fire roc!”

Shi Fenghou took the opportunity to attack Zhang Han with his famous move.

One of his secret skills was the blazing fire roc.

After absorbing the soul of the blazing fire roc in his childhood, he had been cultivating the relevant skills, and was able to form an image of blazing fire roc with his spiritual force several years ago.

Though the image was not a real blazing fire roc, it had some of the rocs actual strength.

Shi Fenghou poured his spiritual force into his wings, which soon turned into a ten-meter-tall flaming roc, with a pair of 30-meter wings.


The flaming roc raised its head to the sky and let out a sharp cry.

Its voice resounded all over Nan Xing Lake.

“Clatter, clatter!”

Countless birds in the surrounding jungle flew into the air in fear, losing all sense of direction and were in an utterly chaotic state.

“Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!”

At this moment, the people on the shore were also dazed by the sounds.

Shi Fenghous strike astonished them.

Their expressions altered greatly.

“It is his last card!”

“The last card of the talent from the small world!”

“He is absolutely amazing!”

Though they were so far away from the battlefield, they were still afraid of this attack and almost forgot to breathe!

“Soul-swallowing wind!”

A black light flashed across Ye Longyuans eyes as he began wielding his whip.

A ten-meter thick, black whirlwind began to revolve around his five-meter whip, surrounded by countless Yin soul!


The Yin soul seemed to be crying, and the complicated sound tore at everyones soul!

“Darkness Broken Sword!”

Mu Xues eyes were shining with a cyan light.

As she attacked Zhang Han with her sword, the furious energy from the blade converged into a five-meter-long curved Qi, which flashed towards Zhang Han, along with the Demon Dancing Sword!

The sword was emitting a cold light.

Although Mu Xue seemed to be using the general sword controlling skill, her moves packed tremendous power!

“Do you think we dont have sacred weapons”

Wang Zhanpeng sneered and summoned the Mountains and Rivers Flag.

Suddenly, everyone around could feel the Qi of the sacred weapons

“Confusing Array, Killing Array, Shield Array, Spirit Sealing Array…”

Almost in an instant, Wang Zhanpeng took out 15 arrays from his Mountains and Rivers Flag and laid them in front of Zhang Han.

All these arrays had been arranged by him before, whose energy had been absorbed by the Mountains and Rivers Flag for unexpected needs.

Therefore, all these finished arrays were disposable, and if he wanted to use them again, he had to get enough materials to arrange them first.

“Yin Destroying Talisman, Extreme Yang Talisman, Dark Dragon Talisman…”

The sect chief of Heavenly Talisman Sect summoned three sacred-level talismans and turned them into layers of energy.

Lei Tiannan summoned a palm-sized metal cube and began to show his special skill.

Icy Silk Cage!

Judging from the Qi that emanated from it, the cube was actually a sacred weapon!

Countless thin, cold threads sprang out of the metal cube and rushed forward.

Protector Leng, who was standing behind, was confused and inadvertently touched his storage treasure.

“I have no treasures or powerful weapons!”

On the other side, Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue took the lead to attack Zhang Han with their famous skills and moves.

Following them, their fellow disciples also launched a round of attack to defend against Lei Tiannan and the other martial artists supporting Zhang Han.

Their purpose was to hold back Zhang Hans helpers.

In the middle of Nan Xing Lake, there were all kinds of violent energy, which made the lake churn continuously and raised huge waves.

Although the onlookers stood on the shore, they felt as if they were in the deep sea.

The battle among all the strong ones made the people on the shore feel great pressure and hold their breaths!

“They are starting to fight”

“Master Ji, should we help them” Mo Chengfengs face changed several times.

He had to admit that in his opinion, Zhang Han would be killed in ten seconds, unless something unexpected happened.

He was optimistic about Zhang Han and did not want the young Grand Master to be killed by the talents from small world.

But he alone could not change the situation, and the only one who could protect Zhang Han now, was Ji Wushuang.

Though he knew Ji Wushuang was unlikely to take action, he could not help asking Master Ji.


As he expected…

Ji Wushuang remained calm and shook his head slightly.

“Now that he has made the choice, he has to bear the consequences himself.”

Mo Chengfeng was stunned.


“Now that Grand Master Zhang had chosen to fight to keep the treasure, he has to suffer the consequences on his own.”

“What a pity…”

In his opinion, Zhang Han had no chance to win.


He heard Zhang Hans calm voice.

Then he turned his gaze on the young man.

Facing the attacks, Zhang Han did not even change his expression, as he said calmly to Wang Zhanpeng and the others trying to protect him.

“Just deal with those little minions and leave their masters to me.”

As soon as he said this.

Lei Tiannan, Wang Zhanpeng and the chief of Heavenly Talisman Sect looked at Zhang Han in surprise, but they were soon relieved when they saw Zhang Hans calm eyes.

Nodding their heads slightly, they flashed towards their opponents.

Soon, Wang Zhanpengs arrays were all broken, and the energy of Heavenly Talisman Sect chiefs talisman was exhausted.

At this time, Shi Fenghou, Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue and Fang Han began attacking Zhang Han together!

“Just the mark of blazing fire roc.

Dont forget, I have a flood dragon soul!”

Facing the attack of Shi Fenghou, the Little Roc, Zhang Han stretched his right hand forward.

With a flash of light in his eyes, a total of 18 cards flew towards his enemy.

The 18 cards headed by the flood dragon card formed a formation in the process of flying, and Zhang Han was constantly transmitting energy to it through his spiritual sense energy.

“Clatter, clatter!”

A huge translucent wave appeared in midair.

In the wave, a ferocious flood dragon roared angrily, and then rushed toward the blazing fire roc.

When it approached the roc, the eyes of the flood dragon soul shot out rays of light, which was actually the energy of its soul.

The light pierced the blazing fire rocs body and forced it to stop.

In this short period of time, the flood dragon rushed out of the waves and grabbed the rocs neck.

The rocs neck snapped at once.

Then, the body of the flood dragon soul doubled up, and it swallowed the blazing fire roc!


Shi Feng looked at his roc, and his face paled.

He could not believe it!

The Blazing fire roc was his special skill, and he could not believe that it had been destroyed so easily.

“As for your Soul-swallowing wind, Ill resist it with my Qing Ming Steal!”

Zhang Han was still calm.

Glancing at Ye Longyuan, he held out his right hand.

At this moment, he no longer suppressed the clouds above his soul sense sea.

Instead, his spiritual sense energy erupted like a hurricane, as he began exerting the Qing Ming Steal with his spiritual force!

A huge and complex pattern with a width of 10 meters appeared in front of the Soul-swallowing wind.

This pattern sparkled with a dazzling light.


The huge pattern began to vibrate, sending out a mysterious and profound Qi, making the people around feel as if their souls were shaking along with it.

In front of the soul-swallowing wind, countless Yin souls were still roaring.

However, after feeling the energy of the pattern, the whole soul-swallowing wind retreated rapidly.

Ye Longyuan felt the pressure of the pattern, and it reminded him of the simple version of his soul-swallowing wind, which had been destroyed by this type of three-meter-wide pattern before.

Therefore, he withdrew the soul-swallowing wind to protect the Yin souls in it, which he had collected for many years…

Although his plan was good, it was too late for him to implement it.

Under Ye Longyuans gaze, a nameless energy flew out of that pattern.

Within several seconds, it killed one third of the Yin souls in his soul-swallowing wind!

“Zhang Hanyang!”

Ye Longyuan shouted angrily.

Ignoring Ye Longyuan, Zhang Han turned his gaze on Mu Xues sword.

Zhang Han was so familiar with swords.

Seeing her moves, Zhang Han paused to think about how to deal with it.

There were too many methods to resist Mu Xues sword, and Zhang Han had difficulty in selecting one.

Finally, he waved his hand casually,

“Darkness Broken Sword You cant even master it.”

With the movement of his hand, a wave of luminous energy surged toward Mu Xue.

That arc of sword Qi, like the curved moon, had been gathered by Mu Xue using a secret method, but was broken down by Zhang Han in an instant.

Mu Xue frowned and immediately recalled the Demon Dancing Sword.

Finally, Zhang Han turned his gaze and Fang Han, who was rushing towards him from the right side.

He had just reached Grand Master Peak, and was much weaker than the three talents, in terms of strength.

“Its strange that you did not control the weapon remotely but rushed in yourself.”

Zhang Han was amused by Fang Han and smiled meaningfully.

Although it seemed that Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue were attacking Zhang Han with all their might, they had not used all of their strength.

For talents as smart as them, they would not show their last card, until their lives were at stake.

Zhang Han knew that they had only exerted 70% of their efforts.

As for Fang Han, who was rushing towards Zhang Han with a huge axe, he seemed to have been deceived by his teammates.

The huge axe was a Heaven-grade treasure and should be a powerful weapon.

However, when it approached Zhang Han…


Zhang Han raised his right hand slightly.

A five-meter-tall Hand of Earth Killing Intent formed beneath Fang Han and began attacking him within one second.

To everyones surprise, Fang Han did not notice the palm and kept rushing toward Zhang Han.


Fang Han exploded into a blood mist five meters in front of Zhang Han.

In the place where Fang Han had stood earlier…

Only his axe and a space bracelet were left!

“Was he… killed by the palm”

All the people on the shore shivered.

They were all looking at Zhang Han in fear.

“Zhang Hanyang, Grand Master Zhang, he… He is so merciless.”

Most people gasped in disbelief.

Fang Hans death alerted his helpers, and dozens of disciples from the worldlet retreated in a hurry, to avoid getting involved in the chaos.

Even all the martial artists following Ye Longyuan, Shi Fenghou and Mu Xue took several steps back.

Obviously, they did not want to join the fight anymore.

“How, how… How powerful Grand Master Zhang is! Has he reached the Divine Realm stage yet” Mo Chengfeng looked at Ji Wushuang in confusion.

Ji Wushuangs attitude changed for the first time.

Looking at Zhang Han with a meaningful expression, he said in a low voice as if talking to himself.

“It can be said that, but his real strength has not reached that level.

In other words…”

Ji Wushuangs voice was amplified and echoed over Nan Xing Lake.

“No one below the level of Divine Realm can defeat Zhang Hanyang!”


His conclusion was like a thunderclap that shocked the crowd.

“No one below the level of Divine Realm can defeat him”

“Invincible Grand Master”

“My gosh!”

“How come Merciless Zhang is so powerful”

Many people did not believe what they had just heard.

It was a piece of terrifying news indeed!

Ji Wushuang was also astonished at the truth.

Zhang Hanyangs soul sense was even stronger than his!

But his Qi had not reached the Divine Realm stage yet.

Ji Wushuang was confused, so he announced his discovery in public.

He was implicating that Zhang Hanyang was an Invincible Grand Master, so there was no need for the talents from the small world to compete with him.

After issuing this warning to all the martial artists, he left Nan Xing Lake, within several seconds.

As everyone knows…

He did not know that his words provoked all the talents from the small world.

“No one below the level of Divine Realm can defeat him”

Ye Longyuan stared at Zhang Han, and gnashed his teeth in anger,

“Invincible Grand Master”

“Ha ha ha ha…” Ye Longyuan burst laughing.

In one second, the concentration of energy in his body increased rapidly and reached the critical point for him to advance to the Divine Realm.

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