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Chapter 524 Elimination

“A sweet song.” Da Hua commented while looping the song in his mind.

“They did not use too many skills to achieve the perfect cooperation, and they handled the details of the song very well, especially the timbre of the two of them.

Originally, Hanyangs voice was not suitable for this pure soft song, but driven by Zi Yans timbre, his hard voice matched Zi Yans soft voice and made a great change to the song.

There is no doubt that they will win this competition.”

The evaluation of the mentors made the two trainees who cooperated with them envious.

For them, performing on stage was difficult, and they admired Zi Yan and Zhang Han so much.

In fact, they didnt care about who would be resurrected.

“Chinese New Voice, the resurrection competition is over.

Now lets invite 100 media reviewers to make their own choices.

Everyone has only one chance to vote, and the group with more votes wins.

Now, the voting begins!” Chief Director Cheng Xu said as he stepped onto the stage.

Three groups of names appeared on the large screen behind him.

Zi Yan, Gu Fan, and Zuo Dong and Da Hua.


The voting began.

The number of votes of all three groups began to grow rapidly.

Three votes, five votes, 10 votes…

After getting their 15th vote, the votes for Gu Fans team and Zuo Dong and Da Huas team slowed down.

The number of Zi Yans votes was still growing.

20 votes, 30 votes, 50 votes…

55, 58, 59…


The final tally was 59 votes.

Zi Yan and Zhang Han took up more than half of the votes, leaving the other two groups far behind.

As for the number of votes Gu Fan got…

The growth slowed down after the 15th vote.

16, 17…

It finally stopped at 18 votes.

Zuo Dong and Da Hua got 23 votes.

“Well, thank all the media reviewers for your votes.

Now I will announce that the team that won first prize in the resurrection challenge is Zi Yans team.

She has two resurrection places, but because her team has six people, only one resurrection place can be used at this time.

The team that won second prize is Zuo Dong and Da Huas team.

They have one resurrection place, and the team that won the third prize is Gu Fans team, and there is no resurrection quota for them.

“Mentors, please go to the elimination room to select the members to be revived.”

After Cheng Xus voice had faded, Zi Yan, Zuo Dong, and Da Hua all walked toward the elimination room.

There were dozens of singers in the room who had been eliminated before.

In this case, the music director could revive TQ with Zuo Dong and Da Huas help.

But after TQ was eliminated last time, Tian Zhong, the chief executive of the program group, had a special conversation with the music director.

No one knew the content of the conversation, but many people saw the music director come out of the office with a pale face.

Then TQ disappeared from the program.

Maybe he was too embarrassed to continue.

He didnt have the courage to sing a complete song, which was his fault.

The exit of TQ enabled Zuo Dong and Da Hua to choose freely.

In the end, the two chose a player they were optimistic about but had made some mistakes in the last round.

Zi Yan chose a female singer with a nice voice, who was eliminated because she was too nervous on stage.

Zi Yan decided to give her another opportunity.

As they chose singers, the audience began to leave the hall, while the judges took a rest.

“Well, the two groups of mentors have made their own choices.

The next round is the five-hour challenge!”

Cheng Xu, the director in chief, stood on the stage and spoke loudly to the camera.

“Every contestant has to create songs in five hours, no matter whether they are adaptations or new songs.

During the creation period, they can ask their mentors for help.

Five hours later, there will be a competition in each team.

In this round, only five members of each team can stay.

This time, 100 media reviewers will evaluate the competition.

All the individual studios are ready.

Please go to a studio.”

Upon hearing Cheng Xus words…

All the people who stayed were in an uproar.

There were six people in Gu Fans team, and they should eliminate one, but both Zuo Dongs team and Zi Yans team had seven singers, that was to say, two people in each group would be eliminated.

The problem was that the evaluation right was not in the hands of the mentors, but in the hands of the hundreds of reviewers.

It depended on the individual performance of the singers.

As for the singers…

Most of them were nervous.

“We only have five hours to create and adapt, which is too difficult!”

Fortunately, a small number of them had made some preparation in advance, and there were no difficulties for them as long as it was determined along with the tutor.

This part of the competition was also a test of the singers sense of preparation in advance or the ability to produce on-site.

For example…

“Fortunately, I made some preparations.” Sun Dongheng was complacent.

Taking a look at Tong Jiajia, he said, “Little sister, come on, dont get eliminated before me.”

Tong Jiajia rolled her eyes at him.

“It will be a personal show of guru Cute again.” Ah Yan grinned and said, “Im looking forward to the songs created by guru Cute.”

“Lets try our best.” Zhang Han chuckled and nodded at them.

Everyone went to their own studio.

In fact, these five hours were boring for Zhang Han.

Four mentors were chatting in the lounge.

They decided to give the singers an hour to think and then go back and help them.

“This program is really becoming more and more cruel.

The singers are all good now, but someone will leave next.” Zuo Dong sighed and laughed.

“But thats what the game is like, and there is only one winner.

There is no doubt who will win the championship, right” Gu fan spread out his hands and said.

“It depends,” Zi Yan replied.

Zhang Han had talked with her before.

When the competition reached a certain level, he would choose to quit.

He just came to have fun with Zi Yan on this program, not to get first place, which couldnt attract Zhang Han at all.

He would like to give this chance to others who wanted it.

Zi Yans words surprised the others.

“Theres only one possibility.

He doesnt want to,” Gu Fan said confidently.

“Yes.” Zuo Dong and Da Hua echoed him.

After chatting for a while, they rushed to each students room for assistance.

In total, there were 20 people, 15 of whom chose to adapt a song, and only five of whom chose to sing new songs.

There was a large gap between the two numbers.

Five hours passed quickly.

Zi Yan sat in Zhang Hans studio for no more than 10 minutes.

She had been helping other trainees before entering Zhang Hans room.

But five hours later, it was three oclock in the afternoon.

Knowing that Zhang Han was sure to go back to pick up Mengmeng, Zi Yan took the lead in finding Cheng Xu and chatted with him briefly.


“Now the internal competition begins.

The first singer isIm Cute, the strongest dark horse of the season, welcome.”

With Cheng Xus words, Zhang Han went on stage.

“Hello, everyone.

Lets get started.”

Zhang Han simply said hello; he didnt even chat before singing, but just started the performance directly.

Soon after, the accompaniment was heard.

Zhang Han sang in a low voice.

In the beginning, his voice was not special, but he had the ability to make people sink into it.

“I like the way you look when youre angry.”

“I like your little stubbornness.”

“I like you.

Without you, I would be short of oxygen.”

“I still remember that in the street in the early morning, it suddenly began to rain, and I gently held you in my arms.”

“Thats how I love you.

Please dont doubt it.

Id like to give you all of myself…”

The song was greeted with cheers and screams.

“It is still a love song.

He is excellent!” Zuo Dong kept applauding for Zhang Han while looking at Zi Yan curiously.

He felt that the relationship between the two should be closer than he thought.

But he only guessed and was not prepared to speak out his views.

“The more you know him, the more you touch him, the more you admire him.

Hes amazing.” Gu Fan almost became Zhang Hans fan.

Not only them, but also the jury was conquered by Zhang Hans songs.

This led to Zhang Hans rapid rise in the number of votes at the time of voting, far surpassing others.

“Im Cute” was the name at the top of the screen.

Finally, two singers in Zi Yans team were eliminated.

One of them was the singer who had just been resurrected.

The other familiar singers were still in the team.

Zhang Han, Lu Ze, Sun Dongheng, Ah Yan, and Tong Jiajia.

After the announcement of the results, Zhang Han left directly and returned to Hong Kong to pick up Mengmeng from school.

Todays show was over after the elimination competition in other groups.

The next day…

The program group again gave the singers a surprise.

“Originally, next was going to be the team competition, and five members of each team would sing a song together.

But the program group temporarily decided to add a round of in-team elimination, and one member of each team will be eliminated in the competition.

After that, the mentors will lead their team to compete against each other.

The songs of the in-team elimination are now in the drawing box, and three mentors will draw lots to select the songs for their team…”

“In-team competition again…” Zuo Dong forced a smile.

He could do nothing but go to draw lots.

So did the other mentors.

Zi Yan got a Cantonese song named Depression, which should be very difficult, but Lu Ze and Sun Dongheng had language advantages, for they both knew Cantonese.

Only Ah Yan didnt know Cantonese very well.

Therefore, when he was singing, Ah Yan misread the pronunciation of two words, which led to his unstable rhythm in the latter part of the song.

It made him desperate.

He knew that he would be eliminated.

Sun Donghengs performance was not the best, but he made no mistakes.

In contrast, Lu Ze and Tong Jiajia performed better.

As for Zhang Han, he successfully sang the most difficult part of the song and showed his strength again.

However, in this round of competition, the singers who would be eliminated were chosen by the mentors of their respective teams.

“Its very sad news.

I dont want any of you to leave the stage, but the competition is cruel, and I have to make a choice.”

Zi Yan pursed her lips and said, “Everyones performance was very good, but there were still some mistakes.”

Hearing Zi Yans words, everyone knew who would be eliminated.

Ah Yan!

But before she finished speaking…


Zhang Han cleared his throat and smiled.

“I want to say something.”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

All the other singers were clear about what would happen.

Their hearts suddenly shrank!

Zuo Dong and Da Hua stood up involuntarily.

“From the audition of the program to now, I think this show has been very successful.

It will add some fresh blood to the singing industry.

Many people need this opportunity, but I… dont need it.

“So Im going to give up my place.

“Of course, I want to state that Im busy, and I need time to handle my own business, so…”

Zhang Han chuckled and looked at Ah Han, who was crying.

“Dont be so sentimental.” Zhang Han comforted him.

Zhang Han finished speaking, but the whole room was in an uproar.

Many people couldnt believe their eyes.

They couldnt believe what had happened.

But that was the truth.

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