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Chapter 537 The Arrival of Childe Bai

The whole room heard the voice.

All the guests fell silent.

They were stunned.

“They are not troubles at all”

“Who is it”

“Who dares to say that”

“Doesnt he want to live”

They all saw Wei Zhaodongs expression.

And they knew that Sun Dongheng had already lost the last chance to negotiate with him.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone in the room began searching for the owner of that voice.

They wondered who dared to provoke Wei Zhaodong.

Bai Jing was the only one present in a higher position than Wei Zhaodong.

Even Wei Zhaodong was surprised when he heard the voice.

He was soon filled with anger.

His face darkened as his eyes ran down the room.

“Who is it”

Everyone was looking around in confusion.

After a few seconds…

Finally, they found someone unusual.

In the corner on the right side of the room…

There were four young men.

And most of the guests were familiar with three of them.

The one sitting on the edge was Jiang Tongtongs boyfriend, Fu Hongshan, a man of ability but who had never had a chance.

The two men sitting face to face with Fu Hongshan were his friends, Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui.

They were all nonentities.

But all the dozes of guests standing around Fu Hongshans sofa were still looking at them.

Their focus was on the fourth man, whom they had never seen before.

Right at this moment…

They knew that it was one of Fu Hongshans friends who had provoked Childe Wei just now.

They tried to find that man according to Fu Hongshans and his friends facial expressions.

Fu Hongshan, Chen Man, and Zhou Xiaohui were all sitting still with pale faces and dodging eyes, and they were also looking at the fourth man.

It was worth mentioning that the fourth man still remained calm.

“Childe Wei! He was the one who just spoke!”

Suddenly, on a sofa 10 meters away from Zhang Han, a man stood up.

It was astonishing, and all the guests faces changed.

Especially Chen Man, Fu Hongshan, and Zhou Xiaohui, who looked ghastly pale.

“Brother Han, why did you say that What can we do now Can we escape from here” Zhou Xiaohui whispered, his hands still shaking.

He was frightened by Wei Zhaodongs fierce look.

“How can we escape from here His men have blocked all the ways out,” Zhou Xiaohui added anxiously.

Chen Man, who was calmer than his friends, looked around, gritted his teeth, and said fiercely, “Dammit.

Xiaohui, Hongshan, do you dare to fight against them with me There are just 10 of them and we may be able to break through them.

Then we can follow Brother Han to Hong Kong.”

“Dont be impulsive.

Ill go ask Tongtong for help.” Fu Hongshans face changed.

Then he added in a low voice before standing up, “If it doesnt work, Ill… Ill do as Big Man said.”

Then he rushed to Jiang Tongtongs side.

Zhang Han was surprised by his friends attitude.

Finding that Chen Man had secretly grabbed two wine bottles as weapons, Zhang Han chuckled and comforted him.

“Dont worry.

Take a rest and let me deal with them.”

Then he was silent, as if thinking about something.

Even if Zhang Han didnt say anything, everyone present had turned their gaze to him.

Jiang Tongtong almost lost her balance when she saw Zhang Han.

“What is he doing Why did he say that Why did Hongshan make friends with someone like him”

While complaining about Fu Hongshan silently, Jiang Tongtong saw her boyfriend and followed him to the other side of the room.

They whispered and decided to call for Jiang Tongtongs brother.

Zhang Han saw what they were doing.

It was surprising that Jiang Tongtong was willing to help Fu Hongshan and his friends.

It seemed that although this girl always complained about Fu Hongshans business, just as Big Man and Hui had told Zhang Han, she still loved her boyfriend.

However, she came from a big family and sometimes couldnt decide her own destiny.

Bai Jing, who was standing behind the crowd, stopped eating snacks to look at Zhang Han with interest.

She was young and curious about everything.

“He looks so calm, and thus he may be either a fool or an influential person with great power.

Where does he come from Well… He is sitting with Jiang Tongtongs boyfriend, so perhaps he is a friend of Fu Hongshan.

Now that he is not native, maybe he is just a shrimp who doesnt know how powerful the local families are”

Wu Ying, who was standing nearby, took a glance at Zhang Han and then leaned toward Bai Jing to whisper in her ear, “That man is pretty handsome, but Wei Zhaodong is going to make his face swollen.”

“Hahaha.” Bai Jing burst out laughing with one hand covering her mouth.

The other guests present were also discussing Zhang Han now.

“The last one who dared to provoke Childe Wei had to stay in the hospital for three months.

Now that this man dares to do so, isnt he afraid of being killed”

“Wei Zhaodongs supporter is Childe Bai, and thus no one dares to offend him.

This impolite guy must be beaten to a pulp.”

“Look, Childe Wei is walking toward him.”

As Wei Zhaodong took the first step, the whole room fell into silence again.

All the onlookers gradually grew nervous.

With a darkened face, Wei Zhaodong strode toward the right corner.

While four of Wei Zhaodongs men were following him, the rest of the bodyguards were all standing at the door to block Sun Donghengs way.

But Sun Dongheng didnt want to escape at all.

“Boss!” Sun Dongheng murmured in excitement and then rushed over to Zhang Han.

“Boss Sun Donghengs boss Hiss!” Sanpang almost bit his tongue.

Then he began to look at Zhang Han in astonishment.

“Dammit! Is he the boss who Sun Dongheng always mentions That amazing boss

“No wonder he dared to provoke Wei Zhaodong!

“Wow, maybe Wei Zhaodong will meet his Waterloo today.”

Sanpangs eyes lit up with excitement.

Without hesitation, he followed Sun Dongheng to meet Zhang Han.

According to what he had seen in Sun Donghengs livestreaming room, Zhang Han had his own company and helicopters, and a mansion area that covered a whole mountain at New Moon Bay in Hong Kong.

“He must be so rich!

“He may be even more powerful than the Wei family.

“How can Wei Zhaodong suppress him


“We cant let Donghengs boss fight alone.

Lets go help him,” Sanpang said to his two friends and then they rushed over to Zhang Han.

Both sides took action quickly.

Wei Zhaodong soon arrived at Zhang Hans side and looked at him indifferently.

“You said those words, didnt you”

At this moment…

Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui were even more nervous.

Though they were determined to fight against Wei Zhaodong, they couldnt help feeling frightened.

The cold sweat on their foreheads flowed down their faces.

Wei Zhaodong was amused by them.

He ignored the two cowards and look into Zhang Hans calm eyes.

Zhang Han put his glass of red wine on the tea table.

Then he leaned back on the sofa, put his right leg over his left leg, looked at Wei Zhaodong, and calmly replied, “Yes.”

“Dont you know who I am” Wei Zhaodongs face darkened.

He was ready to give orders to his men.

“I havent been provoked in two years.

Have they forgotten how powerful I am Why would such a shrimp dare offend me”

Under the gazes of Wei Zhaodong, Bai Jing, Wu Ying, and every guest…

Zhang Han reminded calm, as if he was not interested in Wei Zhaodong at all.

He seemed to be quietly expounding a fact as he said, “I know you.

“You damaged my snowmen last night and bullied my man today.

“So Im going to punish you along with your supporters.

What do you think about that”

“What did you say” Wei Zhaodong at him and asked.

He thought he had heard it wrong.

As Zhang Han replied, all the people on the scene were shocked.

“Is he crazy”

Even Chen Man, Zhou Xiaohui, and Fu Hongshan, who supported Zhang Han, were confused by him.

“What did he say”

“My gosh!”

When his friends were all stunned, Zhang Han shook his hand as if he didnt want to defend himself.



Knowing what Zhang Han was going to do, Sun Dongheng replied in excitement, picked up a red wine bottle, walked toward Wei Zhaodong and raised his arm.

“Is he going to take action before Wei Zhaodong”

Under everyones gaze, the wine bottle flashed toward Wei Zhaodong and became larger and larger in his eyes.

“I want to move!

“Why cant I dodge it”

Wei Zhaodong found himself unable to move, as if he was scared silly by the stranger.


A dull noise came from Wei Zhaodongs head.

Wei Zhaodong felt pain in his head and then numbness.

He did not know whether it was wine or blood that flowed down from his head.

“Double or nothing!”

Sun Dongheng picked up four more bottles and smashed them at Wei Zhaodongs men.

“Dare you bully me again Why arent you arrogant now Dont you know that I planned to put up with you Why didnt you seize that opportunity Now my boss is here, and you can bark at me again!” Sun Dongheng pointed at Wei Zhaodongs nose and scolded him.

Wei Zhaodongs expression froze.

When he was about to say something, he again heard Zhang Hans calm voice.

“Kneel down!”


Wei Zhaodong and his men felt an irresistible force, like a mountain, pressing them to the ground.

“Bang!” He kneeled down on the ground.


Wei Zhaodongs face turned pale as he looked at Zhang Han, as if he didnt believe what had happened.


Not only Wei Zhaodong, but also everyone present was shocked.

Bai Jings hand paused with snacks in it, she dared not blink her eyes.

It surprised her that Wei Zhaodong was beaten without warning.


Fu Hongshan was stunned.

Then he looked at Jiang Tongtong and said, “Im sorry for ruining your birthday party.

But I have to do something in return for Brother Hans help all those years.

Perhaps Ill leave Ice City with my friends.”

Then he stepped forward, getting ready to fight for Zhang Han.

Jiang Tongtong stopped him anxiously and whispered, “Dont do that.

Ill call my brother and he can deal with it as long as Childe Bai doesnt know about it.”

Fu Hongshan stopped to look at his girlfriend in surprise.

Then he nodded and said with a smile, “Thank you.”

At this moment, he understood that his love for Jiang Tongtong was worth it.

However, when Jiang Tongtong finished talking with her brother…

Zhang Han checked the time and then turned his gaze to Wei Zhaodong.

“You refuse to obey me, right You have half an hour to call for your supporter,” he said indifferently.

Upon hearing Zhang Hans words…

Many people were stunned again.

“What did he say just now”

“Wei Zhaodongs supporter He wants to challenge Bai Pingyuan”

“Really Bai Pingyuan is the eldest son, representative, and even the patriarch candidate of the Bai family.

How dare he challenge Bai Pingyuan”

Everyone was confused by Zhang Han and didnt believe his courage.

The powerful image of Bai Pingyuan had been deeply rooted in their minds, and they didnt believe that anyone else, except for the other three young masters in Ice City, would dare to challenge Bai Pingyuan.

“Yes, Gai Rulong is not afraid of Bai Pingyuan, either.

But… Gai Rulong is the supporter of Bai Pingyuan!”

Hearing Zhang Hans words, Bai Jing frowned slightly.

“Its brave of him to challenge my brother, but he is still a reckless man.”

At the same time, Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui were again stunned by Zhang Hans words.

Fu Hongshan felt a headache.

While covering his forehead with one hand, he thought anxiously, “If they call for Bai Pingyuan, well be done.”

Jiang Tongtong, who had just hung up the phone, felt nervous.

“Ive turned to my brother for help.

Why did you mention his supporter My brother cant save you in front of Bai Pingyuan!”

On the other side, Wei Zhaodong gnashed his teeth in anger and asked, “You dare to do that”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Sun Dongheng stretched out his leg and kicked Wei Zhaodong down without hesitation.

Sun Dongheng was so angry just now and he wouldnt give up such a good chance.

But he was not satisfied with just kicking them or smashing a bottle at them.


If Brother Feng were here, he would beat you half-dead!” Sun Dongheng stared at Wei Zhaodong and his men.

Sanpang and his friends were already stunned.

While standing behind Sun Dongheng, they looked at each other in confusion.

“How powerful is Donghengs boss”

There was again dead silence in the room.

Wei Zhaodong looked around fiercely, and then made a phone call in a low voice.

At this moment…

All the guests knew that something terrible would happen.

“He is calling for Childe Bai, right”

“I guess so.

Childe Bai will definitely suppress all those guys, and they will be in trouble.”

“Does he still have the courage to challenge Childe Bai”


They could do nothing but shake their heads silently and guess what would happen.

They all believed that Childe Bai would soon turn the tables.

Even Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui felt that they couldnt stay here any longer.

“Brother Han, shall we…”

“Just wait and see.” Zhang Han smiled and sat still.

“This…” Chen Man and Zhou Xiaohui looked at each other and sighed helplessly.

“Just let it be.”

Jiang Tongtong approached Bai Jing with Fu Hongshan.

“Elder Sister Jing, could you please…”

Though Jiang Tongtong was older than Bai Jing, she had to respect Bai Jing and call her “elder sister”.

However, before Jiang Tongtong could finish speaking, Bai Jing shook her head and said, “My brother is upstairs with several friends, and he will definitely come down after hearing about it.

This time, I cant help you… Did you see that Childe Weis head was broken I cant stop my brother from avenging him.”

Jiang Tongtongs face turned pale.

“What can I do”

She was at a loss.

Right at this moment…

The door of the room was opened again.

Two of Wei Zhaodongs men who stood at the door with a nervous look were cheered up immediately and said in a loud voice, “Childe Wei!”

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone present looked in their direction.

They saw 15 or 16 men come in, and the leader was Bai Pingyuan in a black leisure suit!

Then they saw the man beside Bai Pingyuan.

They all gasped in fear.

“Look! Childe Tian Ming is here! My gosh, here are two of theFour Young Masters in Ice City!”

“The other men following them are also powerful in Ice City! A great disaster is coming!”

“Now that those poor guys hurt Childe Wei, they must pay for it.”

Now everyone was looking at Zhang Han with pity.

They even began mourning for Zhang Han.

“Yo” After entering the room, Tian Ming looked around and smiled with enthusiasm when he saw several men kneeling on the ground, including Wei Zhaodong.

It was none of his business and he was willing to be an onlooker.

Bai Pingyuan frowned slightly and walked toward Wei Zhaodong.

Behind him were five well-trained men, apparently his bodyguards.

As they arrived, the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped.

It was a little cold.

Even Sanpang shrank his neck in fear.

“The real guru is here, and I hope that Donghengs boss can survive.”

As for Sun Dongheng, who was standing near a tea table with a wine bottle in his hand, he was not afraid of the newcomers at all.

“You are done! He is here! What can we do” Jiang Tongtong almost burst into tears in fear.

She knew that her brother was useless this time.

Under everyones gaze, Bai Pingyuan went over to Wei Zhaodong.

Though he was unhappy, he remained calm.

A man who had thunder in his chest yet could keep a calm expression like the surface of a lake could be a general.

Bai Pingyuan was this kind of man, who didnt like to show his feelings.

As one of the “Four Young Masters in Ice City”, he was very capable.

But he was not a magnanimous person.

He waved to the followers behind him, beckoning them to carry Wei Zhaodong and his men away, and then asked, “Who did this”

The indoor temperature seemed to have dropped a lot again.

Turning around to look at Zhang Han, Sun Dongheng found his boss still in silence, which amused him.

“All these guys are not worth my bosss words.

“What would Brother Feng do if he was here

“He must punish all these guys together.”

Sun Dongheng hesitated for a while and saw someone was about to help Wei Zhaodong up.

“Stop!” he shouted.


“You beat them” Bai Pingyuan saw Sun Dongheng and the bottle in his hand.

When he spoke, he waved again, and three of his men immediately went to surround Sun Dongheng.

“What a reckless guy.” Tian Ming felt bored and sighed, “I expected to see someone with an amazing background.

Its so boring.

Childe Bai, just take them away.”

“Okay,” Bai Pingyuan said indifferently.

When Bai Pingyuan was about to order his men, Sun Dongheng turned his gaze to Zhang Han.

“Its me who had him do so,” Zhang Han said.

“You” Bai Pingyuan looked at Zhang Han and sneered, “Dont you know Im his supporter”

“Is there any difference” Zhang Han replied casually.

Bai Pingyuan was surprised and burst out laughing.

“Yes, there is no difference since you did that.”


Many guests gasped in fear because of Bai Pingyuans words.

“He is going to take action!”

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