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Chapter 573 So Fierce and Powerful

Zhang Han suppressed the talent from the worldlet and got the fourth-stage spirit treasure.

Only through his exquisite refining, he made two fixed-point transmission gates.

The transmission gate and the guarding magic weapon based on hair were Zhang Huans guard for Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

When Zhou Fei was calling Zhang Han…

In Peninsula Hotel…

Zhang Han was sitting on the sofa, holding Mengmengs little palm in his left hand, while the others were still talking.

When Zhang Han picked up the phone and heard the content, his eyes froze.

“Ill be right there.”

Zhang Han said and hung up.

At this time, the others around turned their gaze at Zhang Han.

Zhang Han asked Mengmeng in his arms, “Do you want some ice cream”

“Huh I want it!”

“Dad will pick up Mom and come back to buy you ice cream.”

“Can I go with you”

“Mengmeng should wait here, and Dad will be back soon.”

“Okay, Ill stay here.”

After exchanging a few simple words, Zhang Han got up and went out of the door.

At the moment he left the room, his face changed.

Instead of going to the elevator, he came to the stairway.

As he went down, Zhang Hans figure gradually faded and disappeared.

A light wind seemed to blow through the window.

Wang Ming just came out of the room.

After he looked around for a while, his mouth slightly quivered.

“Where is he

“Why did he leave so fast”

About ten seconds later—


A Mercedes was started in the parking lot.

Zhang Han appeared in the drivers seat and drove the car out very quickly.

At the same time…

On the street not far from Ru Xin Hotel, an Audi A8L was running forward, followed by a Mercedes Benz at the back.

In the car headed by Zhao Feng, his face was a little white, and he called Ah Hu.

“Ah Hu, are you with Miss Liu Check the information about a car, whose license number is XXXXXX, and a man named Young Master Gu.

Theyre two who look alike…”

Zhao Feng didnt know who the enemy was, but his mater would soon be here.

Therefore he would arrange the logistics work and check the information of their enemy.

He knew that anyone who dared to bully his Maam would die.

Not far from the back of the Mercedes Benz team, Uncle Ge was following them in his Pagani with a leisurely expression on his face, as if he had nothing to do with this.

Ten meters away from Pagani, Ning Xiaotian dialed a phone number while driving his Ferrari.

“Hello, Third Uncle, the fish has been hooked.

Now Im driving to the villa of Gu Pengs Garden of Water Charm.

Im sure that the guy name Zhang will come.


Ill take care of them here.

If anything happens, Ill report the situation to Third Uncle as soon as possible…”


Hanging up, Ning Xiaotian took a long breath.

“Ning Zhanqi was seriously injured because of me.

What I have done now is to make up for my mistakes.

If things go well, Ill get great benefits.”

“Ill be able to keep on messing.”

Ning Xiaotian was concerned about this.

Among the leading Audi cars, Gu Shuai focused on the ones behind.

“Damn it.

Theyre as disgusting as a gummy candy.

Ill kill them!” Gu Shuai in the back seat scolded, took out his mobile phone and dialed someones number.

“Hello Uncle Liu, are you in the Garden of Water Charm Im driving there on Sanshui Road.

A group of people is following us, and you can take someone to clean them up.

My brother and I are driving an Audi A8.

After hanging up, Gu Shuai looked at Zi Yan with a smile.

“Your bodyguards are very loyal.”

“Theyre not just bodyguards.” Zi Yan was a little nervous, but she tried to keep her tone and expression calm.

“Then what else” Gu Shuai asked casually.

“Friends and family members.”

“Hahaha…” Hearing this, Gu Shuai laughed, “Zi Yan, I didnt expect that you are not only beautiful, but also lovely!”

“I thought that the beauty of Miss Zi I saw on the screen was the effect of makeup and photography.

Today, I found that you are more beautiful than you on the pictures and TV.

Its amazing.” Gu Peng turned his head and looked at Zi Yan.

“Im flattered.” Zi Yan said calmly.

“Its not just the appearance, your heart is also very strong, and you dont panic at all in the face of such a situation.” Gu Peng smiled meaningfully, “Dont you wonder what we are going to do with you”

Zi Yan shook her head slightly, with no words.

“Im afraid youve been through this before, havent you Are you used to it” Gu Shuai evilly chuckled.

Zi Yan frowned slightly and looked at him in the rearview mirror.

But Zi Yan was still silent.

She knew that she needed time now.

It was better not to let them have too much mood change.

Zi Yan didnt speak, and the brothers were more and more excited.

“See the tall buildings in front Behind them is the villa area, where I have a villa.” Gu Peng smiled and said, “We are very interested in you.

Whether you agree or not, we will do something primitive with you today.

If you cooperate with us, youll get money, fame, and fortune easily.

Even in the future, we will make you a super front-line international star.

Now you can make a choice.”

“But before that, lets watch a play here.” Gu Shuai saw several cars coming quickly from the front, clapped his hands and said, “Brother, they are here.”

“Well, well see the play first.” Gu Peng smiled softly and stopped the car.

The Mercedes Benz, Pagani, and Ferrari following them also stopped.

“Wow, the bodyguards of the Gu brothers are here.

Do they want to trample Zi Yans bodyguards first Damn it, wheres the man who is said to be powerful Are the Gu brothers going to realize their hope without difficulties”

Ning Xiaotian thought for a moment, got out of the car and walked to a tree beside the road.

He lit a cigarette, smoking while watching several cars getting closer and closer.

On the left and right were the school grounds.

Now it was winter vacation and there was no student.

In front of him were the crossroads and some cars were passing by.

“Why are there two cars behind”

Ning Xiaotian saw two Audi cars blocked at the traffic light intersection more than 100 meters away from the front, and four men in black suits came running to this side.

Obviously they were also the bodyguards of the Gu brothers.

However, before they ran past the intersection…


The sound of a sharp tire rubbing against the ground came out.

In the sight of those in the dozens of cars at the intersection, and under the gaze of Ning Xiaotian, Zhao Feng, Zi Yan, Gu brothers, and many others on the other side…

A black Mercedes Benz, like a ghost, came with a long drift from the side of the road, then was driven forward quickly.

When it reached the front of Audi, it was stopped with a tail flick.

“Whose freaking man is it” Gu Shuai shook his head and asked in confusion.

“He is here!”

Uncle Ges eyes lit up in the Pagani, but he soon became a little nervous.

“Am I a little too close”

He lowered himself involuntarily, as if he wanted to hide himself in the car.

Under everyones gaze…


The door of the Mercedes Benz opened, and a leg in skate shoes and jeans appeared.

Then the whole body left the drivers seat.

It was a… somewhat handsome and resolute man.

He looked serious and went straight to the Audi A8L.

At this time, in the six cars arriving from both sides, Gu Pengs bodyguards, including two Heaven-stage Masters, found that they could not move at this moment.

They could only watch the man walking step by step towards the Audi.

Soon, he went to the copilots position and gently opened the door, “Lets go.”

Zi Yan raised her head a little, gave him a smile, noddedeh, got up and got out of the car, took his arm and walked back to the Mercedes.

During this period, both Gu Peng and Gu Shuai found that they could only move their eyes, and could not even speak.

“What is going on”

Under the gaze of everyone, Zhang Han and Zi Yan got on the Mercedes Benz and slowly drove forward.

The other Mercedes Benz at the back followed them.

“He just… left like this”

Uncle Ges expression in the Pagani in the back was a little complicated.

“Isnt he called Merciless Zhang In the face of such provocation, why didnt he…”

Before Uncle Ge could finish thinking…


All of a sudden, a wisp of wind drifted over the cars in the front, and he felt several huge energy palms converging rapidly.

The energy in the palms surprised him.

“He finally takes actions.”

Just when the idea came up…


The first car on the right side of Gu Pengs bodyguards was suddenly broken like a board.

They were ordinary people who couldnt find the energy palm, so they only saw the sudden scene.

They were all stunned.


The second sound came out, and the second car on the right was crushed into a pancake by unknown energy.

“Bang, bang!”

Two more sounds.

The two cars on the left were crushed.

The whole car now looked less thick than a mattress, and the people inside… He dared not to think about it.

At this time, in the vehicles on the opposite side of the street, everyone was stunned and couldnt believe what happened.

“What is it Psychic events”

After four cars were crushed, Gu Peng and Gu Shuai found that they could move.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

They yelled and pushed the door, only to find that they couldnt open it.


In the shouting of the two people, suddenly, there was another sound.


They widely opened their eyes and looked up, finding that the shape of the cars roof was changing, like being pressed down by a mountain.


This was the last scene they saw.

“Hiss! No wonder he is called Merciless Zhang!”

Uncle Ge in Pagani gasped in fear and exclaimed, “He dared to do this in the urban area.

Obviously hes a merciless man.”

His palm moved to open the door, but he found…

The door…

He couldnt open it.


Uncle Ge immediately fell into a panic.

He felt the crisis coming from the top.

However, just when he started to activate the spiritual force in his body…


A huge voice came out, and the whole Pagani was crushed.


Ning Xiaotian beside the roadside tree looked at all this in a daze and even just now heard Uncle Ges scream.

The cigarette in his right hand fell to the ground, but he didnt realize it.

He was stunned and didnt know what to do now.

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