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Chapter 586 Disbelief

Some people present were cheered up after hearing Wang Sibeis words.

In fact, they felt that sometimes they werent very interested in the praised members, and the criticized ones would make them feel better.

They would be greatly satisfied when those poor guys were extremely embarrassed, ashamed and angry.

“First of all, there may be some achievements in the fifth uncles branch, but in the whole year your performance was not appropriate.

For example, Rong Wus son caused several problems during the year.

I remember that he once hurt the child of Director Liao of the Western District, and spent a lot of money to deal with this matter.

As for the other troubles, I will mention them one by one.

But you all know what you have done.

Those who didnt work hard shall behave this year.

If you keep acting like this, some of your positions will be changed.”

Her words were not serious, but the faces of some members from the fifth masters branch were contorted.

They looked helpless, ashamed or even pale.

“Will their position be changed”

“Are we going to be demoted”

They couldnt refute Wang Sibeis words.

After all, what she said was the truth.

But her bad intentions made them angry.

Seeing their depressed expression, Wang Sibei snorted to herself, then turned her gaze to the right side, where Rong Sheng was.

“Id like to stress the performance of the sixth uncles branch in particular.”

Wang Sibei looked at them ironically.

“Did you embarrass me yesterday”

“Although I endured it yesterday, I can get even with you today.”

Her voice was calm, but her words were very sharp, “From the beginning, sixth uncle was a little cowardly.

I remember that he has two sons and two daughters.

Rong Sheng is the eldest, Rong Yong is the second, Rong Jiali is the third and Rong Jiaxin is the fourth.

“Rong Sheng is a reliable person and I appreciate that he has always been in line with the rules, not making any mistakes.

But your son Rong Nan is a bit disappointing, who doesnt make much contribution to his family.

He often goes to the nightclubs, sometimes drives cars and causes trouble.

I dont know how you teach him! Childrens wrong words and deeds are the fault of their parents.

Rong Sheng, you should reflect on yourself!

“As for Rong Yong, you have achieved nothing.

You could have been promoted to deputy director general the year before, but what did you do You are so arrogant that you always execute your own plans without consulting the patriarch.

Whats the result Didnt you lose the position of deputy director Its so ridiculous that you are just a normal staff member in your department, and I dont know when that is going to end.

“I dont want to talk about the sixth uncles branch anymore.

But I want to make everything clear.

Do you remember Rong Jiali, who insisted on marrying that man in Shang Jing, despite her familys opposition Did you see her end”

“Shut up!”

A cold voice interrupted her and rang through the hall.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

Everyone looked back and saw Zhang Han turning his head to look at Wang Sibei; his expression and eyes were very calm.

But they could tell from his tone that he was dissatisfied.

Just as they expected…

Under everyones eyes, including Wang Sibei, who had slightly changed her face, Zhang Han continued, “As a big family, you allow such an ignorant woman to preside over the annual meeting Does it mean that your patriarch is too incompetent”


A lot of people were staring at the scene.

Before that, Wang Sibeis criticism on the members of the fifth masters branch was not too harsh, and they could bear it.

After all, the decision-making power of the family was in the hands of Wang Sibei and her husband.

They couldnt defend themselves, or that might even have the opposite effect.

When Rong Sheng was criticized, he wanted to refute immediately, but Wang Sibei spoke quicker than him.

While Rong Sheng was still organizing his speech, Zhang Han began to speak.

Rong Yong had always been more stable, like a knowledgeable old dog.

Although he was very dissatisfied, he intended to wait for Wang Sibei to finish, and then he would retort.

But they didnt expect that Zhang Han would scold Wang Sibei so mercilessly.

They didnt expect it, but Wang Ming and Rong Jiaxin did.

“If you hadnt mentioned Jiali, Han would have forgiven you however murderous your heart was.”

Wang Ming laughed in silence.

Mengmeng beside Zhang Han also felt the change in the atmosphere.

As a clever little girl, she closed her mouth at this time and looked around with her clear big eyes.

Zi Yan licked her red lips and kept silent.

She didnt want to say anything.

“Ha!” Zhang Li sneered at Wang Sibei.


Wang Sibei blushed with anger.

There was a clear change in the faces of Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch of the family sitting beside her, and his brother Rong Zhenmao.

“Yesterday you dared to contradict me, and I forgave you.

Why do you still do this at the annual family meeting today Do you think we dare not drive you out You really have no self-awareness.”

As for the others, such as Rong Fan, the major of the second masters branch, and Rong Jin, the businessman of the third masters branch, all looked at Zhang Han with interest.

“This young man, who remained silent before, is really interesting.”

They didnt expect him to scold Wang Sibei.

“Indeed, just like a Shang Jing young masters character.”

“Its a pity that they are in the Rong family of Lin Hai, where he cant be so arrogant.”

Apart from them, the others were even more surprised and confused.

But many of them were secretly happy to see Wang Sibei being reprimanded.

But they knew that as the wife of the patriarch, Wang Sibei had great power.

Her counterattack would be very swift, and perhaps those people would be driven out by her.

So everyones focus was gradually directed at Wang Sibei.

She suddenly stood up and stared at Zhang Han, angrily saying, “What did you say Arent you too presumptuous You…”

“You are too presumptuous.” Rong Jiaxin raised her eyebrows and stood up.

She said seriously, “As long as you preside the annual meeting, we will only come here to accompany eldest brother and second brother.

Our arrival has nothing to do with you, let alone our business.

Besides, Han has been tolerating you, and if it werent for your kinship status, Im afraid you would have been killed by him.

Dont be too ignorant, you are only challenging his patience.

Its no exaggeration to say that even the third master has to be respectful to Han if they met.

Do you understand”

“What do I understand Haha!” At this time, Wang Sibeis mind was also filled with anger.

Regardless of fearing Rong Jiaxin, she said with a sneer, “I want to say that if you dont want to stay here, or if you think Im not qualified to serve you, you can leave now.

No one wants you to stay here.”

At this time, Rong Zhenxing stood up, looked at Rong Sheng and said slowly, “Sibei is right.

Although she may be a little impolite, I do feel that you are even more impolite.”

“Patriarch, thats her own problem,” Rong Yong stood up and replied, “Our branch does make contributions to the family.

First, Im going to be a director at the Yilin Office.

Last year, we stayed in the right place and didnt make any mistakes or cause many troubles to our family.

Even if there were some troubles, wouldnt my position as a director be enough”

“Its normal that there are more members and more contributions in large branches.

Although there are fewer members in my branch, Im going to be a director with great power.

Isnt that enough”

Yilin is a region known as the rich peoples area, next to a development zone.

The Yilin Office, or the Yilin Administration, was mainly in charge of the development of land by large enterprises, and it had the authority of supervision and allocation of land resources.

It could be said that Rong Yong was going to master the lifeblood of many rich businessmen.

This position gave him the same power as Rong Zhenmao.



Wang Sibei laughed and said, “You are the director of Yilin Are you joking Rong Yong, why do you have even more problems now I just talked with Director Ma on the phone the day before yesterday, and he is fine.

Are you cursing him”

“Dont do something stupid,” Director Rong Zhenmao raised his eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “Especially Rong Yong, you are still in the system and should be careful about your words.

Fortunately, you said it to your own family, not in public.

Otherwise you would be blamed for your words.”


Rong Yongs face darkened, “How could I joke with this”

“He is telling the truth,” Rong Sheng stood up and echoed, “My brother will be promoted to the post of director, which was promised by Secretary Liu.

It cant be false.”

“Stop!” Rong Zhenmaos face slightly changed as he couldnt stand by anymore.

“Stop playing jokes with Secretary Liu! Its the last time I warn you.”

“How can this be a joke” Rong Sheng bit his teeth and said, “Do you know why Secretary Liu met us in person It was because of Han.

I can tell you that he is a General! Do you understand”


His words were like a tossed stone that raised a thousand ripples.

“But why would their gazes be a little strange”

Rong Zhenmao covered his forehead with his hand and said helplessly, “OK, just say whatever you like.

Someone is coming here, and if you dare to say that again, I wont forgive you.”

“Haha!” Wang Sibei sneered.

When the woman was about to make a comment, Rong Fan shook his head and said, “Well, stop it, everyone.

Its eleven twenty-five and the guests are coming.

Lets stop talking nonsense.

Sister Wang, although you are a bit impatient, you are actually helping the Rong family and we all understand it.

Now youd better calm down.

As for Sheng and Yong, you should also understand her.

Although sister Wangs words were a little impolite, she is a kind woman and you cant take it too seriously.”

“What I said is true!” Rong Sheng explained anxiously.

His expression surprised many people.


“Such a young General.”

“Its impossible.”

No one believed it, especially Rong Fan, who clearly knew what the word General implied.

“All right, all right.” Rong Fans tone was gentle, which calmed down the crowd.

“Lets stop talking about it.

Happy new year, everyone.

Dont worry about the other business too much.

The guests are coming, and maybe we can talk about the matter at the end of the annual meeting.”

“Hmph!” Wang Sibei snorted, then turned her head to stop arguing with Rong Sheng.

Rong Zhenxing, the patriarch of the family, also frowned at Rong Sheng.

After turning around, he shook his head slightly.

It could be seen from his expression that he didnt like Rong Sheng and his branch at all.

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