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Chapter 641 Hidden Dragon Village

Chen Changqing suddenly suffered such a heavy injury.

Both his Qi and spirit were weakened for a moment.

Fortunately, Zhang Han set up two arrays and helped him maintain consciousness.

Otherwise, Chen Changqing would lose consciousness because of the great pain, and then he would be in danger.

Even so, Chen Changqing could feel his body feel as if it was exploding.

He could feel his dantian and meridians now, and his organs were also weakened at the same time.

The Warlord of Chan Clan felt his heart in his mouth.

It was hard to imagine his feeling.

Even Gai Xingkong, Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanzong were very nervous.

A man without his dantian would still live as a cripple, but Chen Changqing could only live for a few minutes without both his dantian and meridians,

Chen Changqings breath was weakening, but Zhang Han didnt help him.

The Warlord of Chan Clan mouth gradually opened, and even his fists were tightened involuntarily.

He was so nervous.

“Can Chen Changqing survive when his breath disappears”

Now Chen Changqing was dying.

It was going to be too late if Zhang Han didnt help him.

But Zhang Han stood still.

He was still waiting for something.

“What are you waiting for”

The Warlord of Chan Clan felt so depressed.


Under the others nervous gaze, Chen Changqing breathed his last breath and his Qi gradually dissipated.

Dong, dong, dong…

They clearly felt that Chen Changqings heart had stopped beating.

If Zhang Han turned around and left, Chen Changqing would immediately fall to the ground.

“This… Failed” Gai Xingkong shivered.

If Emperor Qing died, the consequences would be too great, and the Warlord of Chan Clan would kill Zhang Han at any cost.

When they were worrying about it…


Zhang Han moved.

Under the others gaze, Zhang Hans right hand clenched.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

The dozens of crystal stones burst into pieces and turned into a wisp of strong spiritual Qi, which began spinning around Chen Changqing like a storm.

It was very strange that there were star like glimmering points in this spiritual Qi storm, which were linked to each other to form an array.

All the spiritual Qi in this treasure land, even within ten miles around Mount Red Leaf, had become a super storm, converging here.

This amazing scene stunned everyone here, including the Warlord of Chan Clan.

But what was more shocking was still to come!


Zhang Han flashed to Chen Changqings back, and there were black lights bursting out of his eyes.

He looked like a demon, and suddenly pressed his right hand onto Chen Changqings head.

At a distance of 10 cm, the palm stopped, but a plume of black air was injected into Chen Changqings head from Zhang Hans palm!

It seemed as if Zhang Han was filling Chen Changqings brain with knowledge in this way.

“The Lord of underworld suppresses all kinds of evils!”

Everyone heard Zhang Hans voice without seeing his lips moving.

His words, with the ancient and desolate atmosphere and the power of curse, began to torture Chen Changqings body.

“Hiss, hiss, hiss!”

Chen Changqings body withered at a visible speed, and he turned into a hundred-year-old man after only three seconds!

The others were shocked.

“What are you doing, teaching him or killing him”

But the next moment, they saw Zhang Han open his mouth and say calmly, “All eight drought demonic dragon.”


A strong energy forced into Chen Changqings body to form new meridians.

The new meridians lit up.

One cycle, two cycles…

When it came to the third circle, Chen Changqing had recovered some consciousness and started to control the circulation of a few spiritual forces in his body.

When it came to the fourth circle…


The Azure Dragon mark on Chen Changqings chest and back suddenly brightened, and a strong force of Qing Dragon blood swept in all directions.

After the fifth circles…

“Bang, bang!”

The dantian in Chen Changqings body was filled and reshaped by the power of blood.

Chen Changqings dantian used to be only five inches, but now it had directly expanded to seven inches!

After the sixth circles…


All the spiritual Qi in the sky and the earth were absorbed by Chen Changqing at a speed visible to the naked eyes!

His body seemed to be bottomless.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong were already stunned.

The seventh circle.

Chen Changqings body returned to its original shape, and his Qi gradually rose.

Obvious Strength, Inward Strength, Peak Strength, Qi Strength Master!


They heard a crisp sound.

Chen Changqing reached the stage of Martial Arts Grand Master.

Early Stage, Middle Stage, Last Stage and finally the Peak Stage.

All of this, like a cycle, was happening during the time when Chen Changqing learned the all eight drought demonic dragon.

He soon advanced from Obvious Strength to the Grand Master Peak stage.

The eighth circle.

The power of blood around Chen Changqings body was absorbed by him.

Even the light of Azure Dragon tattoo on his body passed through his clothes, which was so dazzling at this moment.

Although there was no wind, Chen Changqings hair and clothes were fluttering.

Suddenly, when it came to the ninth circle…


A dull beating of the heart came from all directions.

Chen Changqings dazzling tattoo began to glow a little black.

At the same time, Chen Changqings blood power was constantly improving.

The Warlord of Chan Clan felt it the most clearly, and he was astonished at that strong blood power.

10%, 20%, 30% and 40%.

There was silence around, the light of the tattoo faded, and Chen Changqing calmed down.

When he finished the new round of close-door cultivation to strengthen his meridians, he would be at God State Strong.

“Okay.” Zhang Han sighed with relief.

Zhang Han was the most attentive and tired person.

He did his best for Chen Changqings cultivation method.

“Lets leave.

Dont disturb him.

He is expected to break through and awaken in two or three days.” Zhang Han looked at Chen Changqings back and suddenly smiled, “Im afraid I cant defeat him after he finishes this round of cultivation.”

Originally, Zhang Han was at a disadvantage when they fought each other.

Now Chen Changqing had learned the method taught by Zhang Han and could use 40% of his blood power, while before he could only use 20%.

With the help of his new Seven Inches Dantian, his strength had increased by more than 10 times!

Realizing all this, the Warlord of Chan Clan was nearly moved to tears.

He didnt even know what to say, so he walked out of the cave in silence with Gai Xingkong and others, who also had complex feelings.

Chen Changqing was left behind.

When they left the cave and returned to the stone house, the Warlord of Chan Clan sighed softly, looked at Zhang Han with admiration and bowed down to salute him.

“Zhang Han, thank you for all this.

I once received the favor of Zhang Shenwang.

Now the Chen family receives your favor again.


Before he had finished speaking, Zhang Han reached out his hand and helped up the Warlord of Chan Clan, laughing, “Elder Chen, you are welcome.

How can I treat Changqing badly given his relationship with me”

“Hahaha, thats right.” After all, the Warlord of Chan Clan experienced a lot, and soon recovered his mood.

Then he said with a smile, “Its the blessing of Changqing to have you as his eldest brother, and its also the blessing of my Chen family.

Im sure that you will be the new Immortal King of this generation and the second Immortal King of Heavenly Knights Sect within ten years! Your achievements will surpass your father and even your grandfather!”

In normal times, his words would certainly shock Gai Xingkong, Wang Zhanpeng and Wang Zhanzong.

Because this was a super high evaluation from the Warlord of Chan Clan.

But now, not only were they not shocked, but they kept calm and felt that Zhang Han deserved it.

Because Zhang Han had conquered their doubts and thoroughly convinced them with his strength.

Even Gai Xingkongs eyes were shining.

After hesitating for a while, he coughed softly and said, “Han, do you have any inheritance of spear methods”

“Spear methods” Zhang Han looked at Gai Xingkong and sighed.

Gai Xingkong also sighed, “What a pity…”

He thought Zhang Han didnt inherit any spear methods, but…

“I know a lot of methods, but I dont know which one you want.”


Gai Xingkongs eyes lit up.

They went out, sat down on the chairs in front of the stone house, and saw Mengmeng and Zi Yan playing on the lawn not far away.

Zhang Han heard Mengmeng murmuring, “Big Heihei and Little Heihei are not here.

I want to play with them…”

Zhang Han smiled, his eyes were shining, and he said a few words to gai Xingkong.

Gai Xingkong moved quickly to the east cliff and jumped down.

Of course, he was not suicidal.

In a short time, he felt that there was a fierce Qi of Dragon-tiger spear at the foot of the 100-meter cliff.

Zhang Han stood up and walked to Mengmeng.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and two elders of the Wang family sat at the table and drank the special tea served by the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Looking at Zhang Hans back, the Warlord of Chan Clan could not help but sigh, “In my understanding, Changqings Qing Dragon blood is the top blood in the martial arts world, Zhang Han regards it as ordinary blood.

I cant imagine how powerful the inheritance he received from Han Yang Immortal is, but I can imagine he will grow up to be a great cultivator.”

“Thats what we think since he taught us the Hundred-formation Image.” Wang Zhanpeng shook his head slightly.

“All eight drought demonic dragon.” Chen family war gods eyes narrowed slightly as he murmured softly, “I felt the incredible and strong atmosphere, which was farfetched.

The future of Changqing is limitless, but its not what I gave him.

I used to be proud of my cultivating method, but it turned out to be a crooked way.

There are so many talents now, and obviously, Zhang Han is the best among them…”

The Warlord of Chan Clan sighed frequently today.

Although he was at the God Realm Peak-stage, considering his age and what Zhang Han did, he had a feeling that he was surpassed by the young generation.

“Look, they have grown to the point where they can talk with me equally, or even surpass me in knowledge.”

“Its horrible.”

Zhang Han ignored their discussion.

He went straight to the lawn and saw Mengmeng running to him.

“PaPa, when shall we go back to Hong Kong I miss Big Heihei and Little Heihei.

They must miss me, too.”

“Yes.” Zi Yan also said: “Mengmeng is about to start school in a week, and Zhou Fei is still helping me to arrange the next stage of work.

Maybe it will be decided in these two days, and I will be busy then, leaving you alone at home.

Will you feel lonely”

“Im lonely.

What can I do” Zhang Han took Zi Yans hand and said with a smile, “Will you stay at home with me”

“Oh, you are stupid.

You should accompany me.” Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

“Ha ha ha, yes.” Zhang Han burst out laughing.

It seemed that he was in a good mood.

“PaPa, why dont you accompany Mengmeng I dont like you.” Mengmeng pouted.

“Of course Ill accompany both of you.” Zhang Han hurriedly touched Mengmengs head, and said, “Well go back in three days.

Would you like to go to the Childrens Park and have some fun in the remaining two days”

“Okay, nice.” How could Mengmeng really be angry with her PaPa Hearing that they were going out to play, Mengmeng soon began to laugh.

They played for a while on this side of the grass.

Zhang Han checked the time.

It was already ten oclock and it would take more than one hour to get back to the Chen family.

Thinking about it, Zhang Han said, “Lets go back, have lunch and go to another place.”


The Warlord of Chan Clan immediately stood up and walked quickly towards them, “Youre going back I asked Wang to prepare the roast rabbit.

Wont you stay for lunch”

“No, thank you.

well go back to the urban area for lunch and go to another place in the afternoon.” Zhang Han replied.

“Where are you going” The Warlord of Chan Clan subconsciously asked.

“The countryside.” Zhang Han smiled.

“The countryside”

Zhang Lis asked, “Brother, are we going there”

“Yes.” Zhang Han nodded.

The others were all confused.

They all chose to follow Zhang Han in leaving, and the Warlord of Chan Clan sent them to the foot of the mountain.

After watching their motorcade leave, the Warlord of Chan Clan slowly turned around and looked at the direction of the strong fluctuation of Dragon-tiger spear.

He smiled lightly, “Ill go to play with you.”

The Warlord of Chan Clan wanted to get back his confidence in Gai Xingkong.

Gai Xingkong, who was practicing spear methods happily, would be defeated.

The departing people returned to Shang Jing City and had lunch in a specialty restaurant known to Zhang Han.

Then they went to what Zhang Han called the countryside using two cars.

The Wang family members didnt follow them.

Zhang Han drove by himself, with Zi Yan and Mengmeng.

Zhao Feng drove a car behind him, with Instructor Liu, Xu Yong and Zhang Li.

They drove all the way to the north, and soon left the city.

After driving on the highway for half an hour, Zhang Han turned to a mountain road to the right.

Zhao Fengs ears moved slightly.

Then he looked at Zhang Li and said with a smile, “Lily, dont play with your cell phone.

Ill tell you something.”

“Well Whats up” Zhang Li put down her mobile phone and asked.

Both Instructor Liu and Xu Yong looked at Zhao Feng curiously, wondering what he was going to say.

“Its my masters question, that…”

Zhao Feng thought for a moment and said, “Now you have some understanding of the martial arts world.

Martial artists are very powerful people.

They can freely shuttle between the heaven and the earth, just like my master, who is an immortal.”

“I know.

Of course my brother is good.” Zhang Li nodded.

“Do you want to be a martial artist or a heroine” Zhao Feng asked again.

“Heroine” Zhang Li was stunned.

“Yes.” Instructor Liu said with a smile, “How comfortable it is to be a queen and find two handsome young men to massage your feet!”

“A dogs mouth emits no ivory.” Zhang Li stared at Instructor Liu and then asked Zhao Feng, “Is this my brothers question”

“Yes.” Zhao Feng said with a smile, “Im serious.

Even if you are not talented, you can become a very powerful martial artist with your brothers help.”

“Eh Why does it sound like youre making fun of me” Zhang Li snorted, “I dont have much interest in it now.

Its boring to fight and kill.

Lets wait until Ive had enough fun.”

Zhang Lis words amused Xu Yong and others.

If those people in the martial arts world heard Zhang Lis words, they would beat their breasts and cry in anguish.

This chance which was not valued by Zhang Li was the dream of thousands of martial artists.

A village appeared in front of the car while they were chatting and laughing.

On the east side of the village was a small mountain, on which there were many trees.

On the right side was a piece of cultivated land, and they could see many paddy and crop fields.

It was not march yet, and the fields were not alive.

The village looked very large with many tile houses.

There were many children in cotton padded clothes playing with tops by the edge of the road.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The sound came from afar, with a special charm.

It could be seen that the development of the village was very good.

When Zhang Hans two cars entered the village, they saw an Audi A6L, a Toyota Highlander and an old Jetta leaving the village.

The prices of the three cars were different, but they did the same thing when they saw the two cars coming.

On this relatively narrow road, they collectively drove to the right edge.

“There are two Rolls Royces coming from the opposite side.

If I scrape them, I will lose a lot of money.”

Under their astonished gaze, the two luxury cars drove past them, plunged straight into the village and drove to the south edge.

“Is this the destination What are we doing here” Zi Yan in the back seat looked up and asked.

“I came here to pick up something my dad left behind.” Zhang Han replied.

Of course, Zhang Han didnt forget what had happened before.

The importance of a place marked on the map leading to a secret place could be estimated by seeing that Wind Snow School specifically sent large groups of people to search.

Zhang Han thought about it and finally thought there was only one possible place.

That was the village where his parents secretly brought Zhang Han and Zhang Li to visit several times in their childhood.

Moreover, the name of the village, in Zhang Hans eyes, was also very interesting.

Because its name was…

Hidden Dragon Village!

“Hidden Dragon”

“Is there anything hidden here”

Zhang Han now realized that his father had left behind a lot of clues.

The mysterious veil was waiting for him to uncover it by hand.

“Why didnt you tell me earlier about the Young Master of Heavenly Knights Sect”

Zhang Han looked at the tile house in front of him and smiled softly.

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