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“Zhang Hanyang!”

The Man in Bamboo Hats tone was as low and hoarse as ever, but at this time it was a lot crueler.

He said from a distance, “I will kill you with my own hands one day and suck your blood.

Youd better pray that day will not come too early.”


Zhang Han looked at the Man in Bamboo Hat and said calmly, “The rats who dare not even reveal their faces think they are very powerful because they have inherited some low-level vampires.”


Luo Disis face changed.

Then he sneered, “Zhang Hanyang, you have killed many vampires today.

And Ill bring your message to Lord Oran.”

Lord Oran!

The Warlord of Chan Clan slightly narrowed his eyes in astonishment.

Lord Oran was the king of the Oran family.

It is said that he has lived for thousands of years.

He appeared once a hundred years ago.

At that time, he easily sucked the blood of seven God State Strongs, five of whom were at God Realm Medium-stage and two were at the front stage.

A few people saw the scene, and it was said that Lord Oran took only three seconds from the beginning to the end of his attack.

Oran was at God Realm Late-stage then.

A hundred years had passed, and even if he hadnt reached the Earth Realm, he should be at least at God Realm Peak-stage and very close to the Earth Realm.


The Man in Bamboo Hat suddenly laughed a few times, while staring at Zi Yan floating into Zhang Hans arms with blood-red eyes.

Then he said in a low voice, “Zhang Hanyang, your woman… I will dry her blood one day.”


A cold light suddenly flashed in Zhang Hans eyes.

He looked at The Man in Bamboo Hat and said word by word, “Ill kill you in three days.”

“Okay, everyone heard that.

In three days, Ill wait for you, haha…”

In a burst of snickering, the figure of the Man in Bamboo Hat turned into a stream of light and rushed to the deep sea area.


Luo Disi looked at Zhang Han, laughed, and then turned away.

Their departure declared Zhang Hans victory of the battle!


There were a lot of people who screamed and yelled.


At the moment of victory, few people could understand the surging mood.

At the same time, the members of Mengmeng Security on the beachside ran to the cliffside with Instructor Lius stiff body.

Chen Changqing, Lei Tiannan, Zhao Feng, and Ah Hu all changed their faces when they saw this.


Zhao Feng trembled and ran towards them quickly.


Chen Changqing, Emperor Qing who was familiar with death, felt a little uncomfortable at this moment.

Perhaps they were going to face the problem that how many people were lost.

The joy of victory was suddenly diluted, and many people began to feel depressed.

Especially the sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect, who looked gloomy when he saw only eight disciples left.

Jiang Yanlan was the fastest, who reached Zhang Han and said in a hurry, “Zhang Hanyang, Instructor Liu is dying.

Go and have a look at him!”

At the same time, Jiang Yanlan choked.

She didnt know why she was like this, but she knew that she didnt want Liu to die, who she thought was different from the other men in her eyes.


Members of the security group ran down the side of the mountain and ran to the edge of the cliff.

Dahei and Little Hei also saw the rigid Instructor Liu.

“Ooh Ow…”

Daheis voice was a little low.

“Isnt this Instructor Liu whom I beat up Whats wrong with him Hes going to die…”

Xiao Hei also hummed and called twice.

They were very familiar with Instructor Liu and liked him very much.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Chen Changqing, the Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang, and Lei Tiannan all went to the cliff.

Looking at the members of the security group who were approaching the cliff, they fell into silence.

“Were doomed to die with great significance or as a nobody.

For us and this battle, the death of Instructor Liu is of great significance.

His spirit of not fearing death will be passed down in the security group.” Ji Wushuang narrowed his eyes slightly.

His voice was very emotional with regret in it, “When he fell, he said that although he was dead, he was still one of the Five-Tiger Generals.

He was indeed a hero of the generation.”

With Ji Wushuangs concluding words, the atmosphere on the field went silent.

Many people could be heard choking, including those men who would rather bleed than cry in the security group.

The death of Instructor Liu made them sad.

But at that moment…

Just as the atmosphere of sadness had just spread, a voice came from the side, which was a gentle rhetorical question from Zhang Han, “Who said he is dead”


The crowd turned their eyes and looked at Zhang Han one after another.

“Is it possible… Hiss!”

At this moment, many people were excited.

They felt that since the boss had said this, there must be a way.

The Warlord of Chan Clan and Ji Wushuang were still in confusion.

“Revive Its impossible!”

As soon as this idea appeared, they were both dumbfounded.

Zhang Han took out a black gem with his right hand, and a stream of dark energy rippled out.

Then the Soul-gathering Flag appeared with a ray of light that slipped into Instructor Lius body.

A holy object appeared in Zhang Hans hand, which was green and like a ball of marshmallow.

It entered Instructor Lius body from his chest.


Everyones nervous gaze was turned at Instructor Liu.

One second, two seconds, three seconds… Five seconds had passed.

Thump, thump!


There was a surprise in Jiang Yanlans eyes.

She was not sure at first, but then she heard…



The powerful heartbeat of Instructor Liu could be heard clearly.


The heartbeat was restored, the breath was restored, and the whole person recovered!

Although he did not open his eyes, the recovery of his heartbeat and breathing showed that he had survived.


The expression of the Warlord of Chan Clan froze.

He looked at the back and found Zhang Han holding Zi Yan, slowly walking into the jungle.

His steps were so light that they didnt even hear him.

He seemed to be afraid of disturbing Zi Yan by making noise while walking.

Dahei and Little Hei also stepped gently with Zhang Han.

Rong Jiaxin and Wang Zhanpeng noticed and followed them.

They knew that Zhang Han was taking Zi Yan back to the castle first, and then they still wanted to talk about it.

The sect chief of Heavenly Elixir Sect couldnt help asking, “Can you save others lives too”

Zhang Han stopped, turned his head, and shook it slightly.

Even if he reached the ninth stage of pass tribulation, he couldnt bring the dead back to life.

It was because of Instructor Lius tenacity of life.

Zhang Han galloped all the way from the Bone Cave.

He came out of the seal and sneaked in the sea.

The boat of curse took a shortcut, which appeared and slowly absorbed Instructor Lius soul.

It was at this moment that Zhang Han offered a helping hand from a long distance.

It could be said that everything was doomed.

Zhang Han shook his head, then continued to walk in.

He was very eager to see Mengmeng and to give Zi Yan a physical examination.

Where was the Boat of Curse

Did Zi Yan, in lethargy, have other problems These were the issues Zhang Han concerned about.

He had absorbed the thunder spirit god and Taiyi Wood Thunder had changed into the real Taiyi Wood Thunder, instead of just in the shape of it.

When Zhang Han had used his moves before, he showed a trace of power.

He had not yet broken into the Innateness stage, so he must suppress his strength.

He absorbed a lot of Lei Ling and increased the number of his thunder cloud to 8,000.

As for the remaining 2,000.

Zhang Han was ready to look for other opportunities.

Meanwhile, he wanted to check Zi Yans dantian with his 8,000 clouds and soul sense.

Soon after returning to the castle, Zhang Han saw Mengmeng accompanied by several people.

Under Wang Mings formation, the little girl was lying on the edge of the big bed and sleeping.

Seeing Mengmeng, Zhang Hans eyes softened.

He reached out his hand and gently touched Mengmengs face.

Then he put Zi Yan on the other side of the bed.

Rong Jiaxin waved to Zhang Li and other people in the room.

When the others went out, Zhang Hans eyes flashed.


He didnt know whether to cry or to laugh when he checked Zi Yans dantian again.

He was just unable to detect the position of her dantian before, but this time his energy was rebounded out.

The more of his spiritual sense energy, the stronger the rebound effect.

During this period…

In the hall on the first floor, a large group of people, including Chen Changqing, were discussing something.

They found that the red “kill” mark on their wrists was very clear.

“Whats this” Zhang Li asked.

“It should be Brother Hans spell.

Let him stop it later,” Chen Changqing replied.

Although he could not understand it, he knew that the ability to perform such a move must have something to do with Brother Hans terrifying spiritual sense energy.

His Brother Han had already been so powerful before he reached the Divine Realm.

How terrible would he be after his breakthrough

He was expecting it.

Zhang Hans incantation had no dead corner.

Even the more than 1,000 people who watched the battle were marked.

They were in an uproar after finding this.

“Whats this”

“I dont have a tattoo.

Whats going on”

In the discussion, gradually, they learned something terrible.

“Does Merciless Zhang regard us as the target to kill”


The stone stirred up high waves, and everyone was shocked.

“What can I do I dont want to die!”

“Im done!”

“I have to take care of my family…”

The forest was big enough for all birds to live in, and there was someone with a flexible mind among them.

“Lets go to the gate of Mount New Moon and ask Mr.

Zhang to remove this mark for us.”

This large group of people all ran to the side of Mount New Moon.

They were afraid to go in, so they stood outside the gate.

Still, Zhang Han had no time to deal with them.

After a thorough examination, Zhang Han suddenly found that there was a little black tadpole-like mark on the inner side of Zi Yans left wrist.

Zhang Han didnt know what it was.

Zi Yan was still in a coma.

Zhang Han gave her an examination and went downstairs.

He saw a lot of people who were healing themselves.

There were still a lot of seriously injured members in the yard.

It would take them a long time to recover.

With Zhang Han there, the time could be shortened to maybe a second.

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