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Chapter 705 How Could He Get So Many Points

“Well, I can get nearly 1,000 points, right Let me have a try!”

Chen Changqing and his grandfather had prepared sufficiently, bringing with them five holy objects in total and some Heaven-grade treasures this time, though these Heaven-grade treasures did not bring considerable benefits to the final points.

While speaking, Chen Changqing stepped into a room ahead.

As for Zhang Han, he did not move at this moment but looked around casually.

Most of the people who came out of their rooms were discussing with each other.

The ones who ranked last merely obtained 20 to 30 points, while the man who got the most points never met Zhang Han before.

However, the Warlord of Chan Clan knew that he was a senior martial artist in the Divine Realm, who got more than 7,300 points.

It was an open secret that how many points a man got because others would see as he exchanged something.

They, therefore, mentioned the points while chatting, during which many of them shook their heads and sighed with emotion,

“The Heavenly Treasure School probably has broken the record with the lowest points this time.

Whenever the gate of the small world opens, people will exchange for tens of thousands of points.”

“Thats right.

It was really easy for those big sects to get 70,000 to 80,000 points before, and they sometimes offered 10 or so divine weapons in exchange for what they wanted.

What a big deal.

Unfortunately, we wont see such a scene this year.”

“70,000 to 80,000 points can only make the owner go to the sixth floor.” One of the elders shook his head slightly and sighed.

“Since the Heavenly Treasure School is a truly mysterious place, no one dares to make trouble here.

Therefore, none of us know what treasures are on the seventh, eighth, and ninth floors.”

“No, I remember that Zhang Shenwang, the former patriarch of the Heavenly Knights Sect, once went to the seventh floor, but he never told others any details.

Moreover, Im not sure whether he was the first to go there.”

While they were chatting, Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, Ye Tianlang, and Jiang Yanlan came out.

“Hasnt Han gone in yet” As Gai Xingkong walked forward, he smiled and said, “Thats great.

With 980 points, I can exchange them for two desirable holy objects this time.”

“I only gained over 510 points and dont know if I can exchange for something Im stuck on.” Jiang Yanlan curled her lips.

“Dont you know that Mu Xue only got hundreds of points as well” Ye Tianlang glanced at Jiang Yanlan.

She was also the princess of a sect in the worldlet.

The people like her, including Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghou, did not have many practical treasures if the gate of the small world was closed.

“I only obtained more than 300 points, which are just enough to exchange for a holy object.” Mo Chengfeng sighed.

“Well enough.

I barely got 221 points,” Ji Wushuang said with a faint smile.

“Why did you get so few points” Gai Xingkong felt somewhat surprised.

His words stunned Ji Wushuang slightly.

After pondering calmly for two seconds, he slowly uttered several words.

“Im so poor.”

It was so heart-wrenching, old fellow.

“Its okay for you to get over 200 points.

I only got 28 points at the expense of all my belongings,” a middle-aged man said feebly after his mouth trembled a few times.

“Stop comparing.

I didnt intend to tell you that I just gained 21 points.”

Under such circumstances, the Warlord of Chan Clan and Gai Xingkong got more points than they did.

However, Zhang Han also learned that they borrowed some treasures from others in accordance with what they said.

Soon, Chen Changqing came out with a happy expression.


Thats not bad.

Brother Han, why havent you gone there yet Just have a try.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded and went straight to the room nearby.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The instant he moved, many people looked over.

“Merciless Zhang is about to go in.”

“Its said that he possesses two kinds of divine objects, large quantities of holy objects, and countless Heaven-grade treasures on the mountain.

I wonder if hell get loads of points.”

“Not necessarily.

He probably isnt willing to take out the divine objects.”

A lot of people were talking about the matter.

But Mu Xue suddenly considered a possibility.

“Will he sell my Demon Dancing Sword”

Zhang Hanyang once had said that he would sell the sword if there was a chance.

“If he dares to sell it, Ill kill him when the gate of the small world opens!” At this point, Mu Xue became a little angry all of a sudden.

Ye Longyuans face darkened.

After staring at Zhang Han for a while, he snorted but said nothing.

“Hum!” Shi Fenghou looked at Ye Longyuan, sneering as usual.

Little Roc Shi Fenghous sneer was indeed a mystery among the younger generation of the worldlet.

No one was aware of what he laughed at.

Since he sneered whenever others saw him, nobody could figure out what he was thinking.

He once got much credit from plenty of elders of the surrounding sects for making a great contribution, but he actually sneered in such a peaceful atmosphere, which cooled the air down and embarrassed everyone present.

Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han walked into the room, Then, the door was covered with rays of light.

Oh Puppets

The milky white room, with several shining gemstones, looked very tidy.

In the center, there was a large desk and two chairs on both sides.

A man in a blue robe was sitting there, with his face glowing, and Zhang Han failed to see his expression clearly.

Zhang Han knew the specific situation after taking a look.

The white-robed puppet outside was in charge of fighting, while the black-robed puppet, with greater strength, was the upgraded version of the white one.

As for the cyan-robed puppet, it consisted of soul sense and was used to detect treasures.

After Zhang Han sat down, the cyan-robed puppet said in a low voice, “Put the treasures youre going to exchange for points on the table.”

Zhang Han looked at it several times, and the Space Ring on his right hand flashed.

As a hot wave surged at him, the Roaring flame saber suddenly appeared on the desk.

The cyan-robed puppet habitually stretched out its bloodless hands and pulled out the Roaring flame saber.

This time, two dark whirlpools, like eyes, appeared on its face, which was hidden under the fluctuation.

After staring at the saber for three seconds, it opened its mouth and said, “87,000 points.”

“Oh, well.” Zhang Han nodded.

A divine weapon would exchange for at least 5,000 points.

Although the divine weapons were also regarded as the fifth-stage spirit treasures, their properties and power were widely divergent.

Just like the students in a good university, some of them were good at studying, while others performed poorly.

Therefore, the prices would vary from treasures to treasures, though they were all at the same level.

The Roaring flame saber was worth nearly 9,000 points, because the weapons, such as sabers, spears, swords, and halberds, were really popular.

Zhang Han, however, was aware that the value of the thunder yang tree would exceed 50,000 points.

According to their judging standard, the thunder yang tree was much more valuable than most of the fifth-stage spirit treasures.

After Zhang Han nodded, the cyan-robed puppet took the Roaring flame saber away directly.

Then, Zhang Han took out the Demon Dancing Sword.

The cyan-robed puppet drew out the Demon Dancing Sword and stared at it for three seconds.

The divine weapon was rare now, but it was not really valuable.

“431.” The cyan-robed puppet quickly gave a response and put the Demon Dancing Sword on the desk.


The Demon Dancing Sword, belonging to Mu Xue the female demon, was directly sold.

Then Zhang Han took out Ye Longyuans Golden Armor and threw it on the desk casually.



Zhang Han pondered for a while after nodding, and he eventually took out a jade bottle, in which there was a medicinal pellet that had just been refined recently.

The white medicinal pellet, with ripples on the surface, looked like a shining star.


One medicinal pellet actually was equivalent to half of a holy object, which would astonish other people once the news spread.

Zhang Han, however, shook his head slightly and said calmly, “No Action Immortal, cant you recognize this medicinal pellet”

As soon as he finished speaking, the cyan-robed puppet fell silent.

One second, two seconds… five seconds later, the cyan-robed puppet moved again.

It reached out its hands to pick the bottle up, glancing at it and saying slowly, “A Supreme-grade Daluo Pellet, 1,000 points.”

Hearing what he said, Zhang Han nodded, but he still sized up the cyan-robed puppet whose expression had changed.

Meanwhile, he took out another medicinal pellet.

“A High-grade Blue Flame Pellet, 700 points.”

Then, Zhang Han took out eight medicinal pellets in one go.

“A Top-grade Qi-repelling Pellet, 1,300 points.

“A Middle-grade Evil-destroying Pellet, 700 points.

“A High-grade Dew-condensing Pellet, 900 points.”

These ten medicinal pellets exchanged for a total of 9,300 points.

Their value indeed exceeded that of the Roaring flame saber, which was counted as a divine weapon.

Zhang Han took advantage of four holy objects and more than 30 Heaven-grade treasures to refine these ten medicinal pellets.

In fact, their recent value was several times higher than before after being refined by Zhang Han.

How terrible the profits they brought were.

But no one, except Zhang Han, was able to refine pills in such a method.

The next moment, Zhang Han took out some treasures that he gained from the disciples of the Wind Snow School, the Heavenly Elixir Sect, and the Halan Clan in the western world.

“A Low-grade Yuanzhen Pellet, 30 points.

“A Low-grade Stone Wind Pellet, 50 points.

“A Middle-grade Perfumed Promotion Pellet, 150 points.”

Their points apparently poled apart.

However, the medicinal pellet of the best quality from the Heavenly Elixir Sect was worth more than 400 points.

Together with various treasures, these objects exchanged for a total of 1730 points.

The divine weapon—Roaring flame saber, was worth 8,700 points, the Divine Object—Demon Dancing Sword, exchanged for 431 points, while the Golden Armor was sold at 421 points.

Although the last two holy objects did not exchange for considerable points, Zhang Han was satisfied with the result.

After all, it was indeed decent for these objects to be bought since they had owners.

The ten medicinal pellets refined by Zhang Han were worth 9,300 points, while the treasures he obtained from the forces, such as the Heavenly Elixir Sect and the Halan Clan, brought him 1,730 points.

Finally, he got 20,573 points in total.

This was truly a huge number, which was far enough to exchange for two fifth-stage spirit treasures.

Moreover, he could exchange for at most four fifth-stage spirit treasures, but those treasures costing 5,000 points each would possibly be of no use.

In fact, there were still several holy objects in Zhang Hans Space Ring, but he did not intend to take them out.

In his view, putting them back in the medicine field and keeping them for refining medicinal pellets were better than exchanging them directly.

“This is your token.” As the cyan-robed puppet took out a palm-sized token and transmitted some energy to it, the number “20573”, representing Zhang Hans points, appeared on it.

But at this moment, Zhang Han was about to say something.

The aura around the cyan-robed puppet changed slightly, which stopped Zhang Han.

He chuckled and said, “He ran so fast.”

After finishing speaking, he stood up quickly and walked out of the room.

The instant he left, two rays of light appeared on the cyan-robed puppets face.

They were no longer in the shape of dark whirlpools but looked like human pupils.

In the meantime, a murmur sounded.

“This guy is quite interesting.”

After Zhang Han walked out of the room, the Warlord of Chan Clan and some others were still chatting.

Lots of people on the right had gone upstairs to the second floor.

Chen Changqing approached Zhang Han quickly and asked with curiosity, “Brother Han, how many points did you get”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Warlord of Chan Clan, Gai Xingkong, Ji Wushuang, Mo Chengfeng, Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Zhao Feng all looked at Zhang Han at this point.

Everyone knew each others points clearly.

So far, it was Ye Tianlang who got the most points.

1,957 points in total.

They considered that Zhang Hans points would be more than Ye Tianlangs, so they were all curious.

Seeing their expressions, Zhang Han smiled helplessly and took out the token in his pocket.

The number on it stunned everyone present.

How many points did he get


“Oh, my God, what did he exchange for”

“How could he get so many points”

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