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Chapter 709 Teaching at the Heavenly Talisman Sect

“Brother Han!”

Chen Changqing greeted Zhang Han with a smile.

His attitude made the others a little speechless.

“When has Emperor Qing ever put on such a bright smile and come out to greet others in person

“Perhaps… only Zhang Hanyang can make him do that.”

People on Mount New Moon were already used to it, but the others had not seen it before.

As it was their first time, they were all sort of astonished.

However, this was nothing compared to the fact that Zhang Han had visited the seventh floor.

With the arrival of Zhang Han, the murmurs gradually quieted down.

If Ye Longyuan, Mu Xue, and the others saw this, they would probably be very cross.

“Why is Zhang Hanyang the one who is in the limelight again”

“Han, you are amazing.” Rong Jiaxin approached Zhang Han with a beam and gave Zhang Han a thumbs-up.

“Im also impressed.” Gai Xingkong repeatedly shook his head in defeat.

He felt that he was no match for Zhang Han.

The boy made his debut only a year ago, but he was already very capable.

The worldlet would soon appear.

When Zhang Guangyou came out, he would surely be elated.

“Given his temper… Well, in the past, he never showed his emotions on his face.

But now, Im afraid he would laugh continuously for several years this time.

When he comes out, I will definitely drink with him for days!”

Gai Xingkong digressed after making one remark.

The others also gathered around Zhang Han and congratulated him, which made Zhang Han feel that he had done something really amazing.

In fact, for these people, it was indeed a very amazing achievement.

“Do you still have points left” Zhang Han nodded to the crowd and asked.

Before going upstairs, he had 20,573 points.

Then, he bought the serene world stone, which cost him 20,500 points.

There were still 73 points left.

It might not seem to be a big fortune, but the cheapest holy object here was only sold for 450 points.

Zhang Han had something else he wanted to exchange for since he still had a small number of points to spend.

He just wanted to see if others had any points left, so they could put their points together and exchange for more treasures.

“I still have 58 points.

But I dont know what to exchange for.”

Chen Changqing smiled and said, “There are 170 points left in my grandfathers account.

We just discussed it.

Lets gather all the points and see if we can exchange for a better one.

We have 480 points in total, and we want to exchange for a holy object and plant it in Brother Hans medicine farm on the mountain.”

Zhang Han looked into the eyes filled with sincerity of the people around him, such as Rong Jiaxin, Gai Xingkong, Chen Changqing, Zhao Feng, and so on.

It could be said that their sincerity came from their hearts, and the warmth and gratitude Zhang Han felt also came from his heart.

Though there was a saying that the world is rich in varieties, this large group of people was very united.

Zhang Han knew he was not a good person.

But he also knew that he would be a real good man to these people in front of him.

Brotherhood was fostered through company.

These people had long been acknowledged by Zhang Han.

“Then I will not stand on ceremony.

Please give me your points.”

Zhang Han beamed.

Everyone transferred their points to Zhang Han.

Then the points in Zhang Hans token reached 743.

“Brother Han, what do you want to exchange for” Chen Changqing asked curiously.


Zhang Han replied and then went straight to the side.

There was a thick pile of talisman papers, which was a Heaven-grade treasure.

The talisman paper was a consumable made of a special material.

When Zhang Han passed by before, he already saw the talisman paper there.

The material was the Shadow Pine Wood, which was quite good.

He prepared to buy some of the talisman paper and then send some to the Heavenly Talisman Sect.

Last time, people in the Heavenly Talisman Sect had come to help them at the risk of their lives.

Zhang Han had born their kindness in heart and promised to hew out a field for them on Mount New Moon.

This was a generous offer.

But the head of the Heavenly Talisman Sect shook his head and politely declined it.

He said that they were used to live in the sect.

Zhang Han didnt insist, thinking that he would repay them if there was a chance.

Certainly, now the opportunity had come.

There was a display cabinet, more than half of which was occupied by talisman paper.

The quantity was huge.

A sheet of talisman paper was worth five points.

Zhang Han directly spent all the 743 points.

One thing buyer-friendly was that the last three points successfully bought a sheet of talisman paper.

Even so, as long as there were treasures being traded for points, the Heavenly Treasure School would be able to make a profit.

The points it assigned to the treasures were all deducted by 10% from the base of value as a commission.

Everyone knew this.

Still, they rushed to purchase the treasures.

After all, the Heavenly Treasure School was the only one doing such business.

He tucked the thick stack of talismans into his Space Ring.

“Lets go,” Zhang Han said.

With no intention to look for other treasures, he led the others to the door.

Wang Ming and the others had been accustomed to it.

When Zhang Han got out of home, he never went on a leisure trip.

Instead, he just went for business.

And he would go home to babysit his child as soon as he finished his work.

Company was the most long-lasting confession of love.

As far as they knew, Zhang Han was doing a good job in it.

“Master, are we paying a visit to the Heavenly Talisman Sect”

After they got in the car, Zhao Feng posed the question as he started the car.

“Well, lets go there tomorrow.” Zhang Han nodded.

“But the worldlet will open at any time in the next two days.” Jiang Yanlan, who was sitting in the front passenger seat, couldnt help reminding them.

“Youd better be fully prepared.

Once the gate of the worldlet is open, Ill go back to the Saint Serene World.

If anything happens, Ill ask Captain Xuanwu to inform you of it.”

“Go back to make a breakthrough” Zhang Han glanced at her and said with a chuckle, “Be careful when you make a breakthrough.

Dont recklessly expand the power of your bloodline when you make a breakthrough, or you will suffer from it.

The little guy in your body is not really like what Changqing has been dealing with.”

“You know it” Jiang Yanlans eyes suddenly stiffened.

“The bloodline forcing its way into your body that you felt when you launched attacks last time doesnt belong to you after all.

Its a good thing that there is a seal.

You can tell the elder members of your family not to rush.

Its best to keep less than 50% of the seal activated while you slowly swallow and digest it,” Zhang Han explained.

Yet, he did not go into detail, for he didnt know about the bloodline in Jiang Yanlans body.

Nevertheless, he knew perfectly well about how Jiang Yanlan absorbed the spirit beast and integrated its bloodline into her body.

So, he gave her some advice.

If one does you a small favor, you should pay back with a larger favor.

Zhang Han had always been like this.

What was more, there was something going on between Jiang Yanlan and Instructor Liu.

Perhaps one day they would really hook up.

So, Jiang Yanlan was basically half of his people.

“Alright, got it.

Thanks.” Jiang Yanlan was still a little skeptical.

But she thanked Zhang Han at once.

Although she was a little absent-minded, she still attached great importance to Zhang Hans words.

Because she knew that Zhang Han had once instructed Gai Xingkong, and since then on, Gai Xingkongs spear skills became fiercer and fiercer.

Zhang Han had also persuaded Chen Changqing to change his cultivation method and converted the security group from a group of ordinary people into a team of several Grand Masters within a year.

He was also on speaking terms with the Warlord of Chan Clan.

Rumor had it that Zhang Han had been left in the worldlet and could return by opening the space door…

There were too many records to evidence his magic-working means.

After figuring this out, Jiang Yanlan bore these words in mind, preparing to discuss the method with her father in detail.

“Does the seventh floor contain treasures of higher grades”

All of a sudden, Chen Changqings question brought Jiang Yanlan out of her reverie.

She turned her head to look at Zhang Han.

“Just the same grade,” Zhang Han replied nonchalantly.

“Oh, theres nothing special about it then.” Jiang Yanlan curled her lips.

“But the quality is much better,” Zhang Han added dramatically.

The other three people in the car were a little surprised.

“The quality is many times higher than that of common Divine-grade treasures So its the best kind” Chen Changqing said, slightly raising his eyebrows.

“Yes, there are some real Divine-grade treasures worth 20,000 points or above each.”

“Wow! Are you saying that you only exchanged for one”


“Two How come”

“I chatted with No Action Immortal for a while.

Maybe he was a little moved.

Anyway, he gave me an extra.”

“Er…” Chen Changqing grinned and gave Zhang Han a strange look.

He guessed that Brother Han must have purchased the other treasure with a certain powerful cultivation method or something like that.

Theres no such thing as a free lunch.

One always has to pay the price for what he wants.

“How much is the extra treasure worth in points” Jiang Yanlan asked with curiosity.

She also felt that she was on good terms with Zhang Hanyang and the others.

If they were not close, they would not talk about points.

Besides, they did not seem to mind chatting in her presence.

“46,000 points.”


The group was a little shocked again.

46,000 points! Boy! The lowest a divine object cost was about 5,000 points.

But that price was 10 times more than that.

How could there be such a big difference

Then, the group didnt pose more questions about the treasures but only talked about some other things, most of which were related to the worldlet.

When Jiang Yanlan learned that No Action Immortal said the worldlet would open in two days, she chose to believe it.

After all, No Action Immortal was stronger than those old monsters in the Heaven Realm!

In this world, the origin of the Heavenly Treasure School and the strength of No Action Immortal were both mysteries.

No one knew much about them.

But since this moment on, Zhang Han had known them through and through.

Half a step away from the Elixir Stage!

It seemed a long way to go, but in fact…

“Its not far away.”

Zhang Han looked out of the window.

They had arrived at the villa area as they chatted.

The villa ahead was the one he lived in.

He got off and opened the door of his house.


A cry of surprise, accompanied by a scuttling little figure called Mengmeng, greeted him.

This was his favorite voice, also his favorite scene.

He opened his arms and let Mengmeng race into his embrace.

At that moment, his heart was at peace.

In the afternoon, the family of three hung out by themselves.

Zhang Han drove his family to two nearby tourist attractions.

The next morning, they took a flight heading for Haikou.

When the plane landed, the head of the Heavenly Talisman Sect and a large group of disciples were already waiting at the airport to pick them up.



They said hello to each other warmly.

“Welcome, welcome.

The Sect has prepared lunch.

Lets go over and talk while eating,” the Sect Leader said with a smile.

“Thank you for your hospitality, Leader Qi.”

Zhang Han and his family got in one of the cars of the arranged motorcade.

Although they were going to have lunch, the ride actually lasted for two hours.

The cars traveled from the South Airport to a mountain in the far north of the city and finally arrived at the Heavenly Talisman Sect at two oclock in the afternoon.

The architecture here was modern, almost the same as that on Mount New Moon.

The motorcade progressed directly to the restaurant.

For lunch, they had many wild animal dishes, as well as a lot of seafood and other local specialties.

The dishes tasted good.

Zhang Han put a lot of wild animal meat in Mengmengs bowl.

After all, they seldom had a chance to have such dishes.

There were more than a dozen people at their table.

Aside from Leader Qi, there were also Eldest Brother Ma Di, who had dreamed of becoming a hero, and Junior Brother Lu, who was quite talented.

Junior Brother Lu was not far away from becoming a Grand Master, and his progress was very fast.

After the meal, Mengmeng, Zi Yan, Zhou Fei, Wang Jiaxin, Zhang Li, Wang Ya, and the others went to the back mountain to enjoy the scenery, while Zhang Han and the others were welcomed into the lobby of the main residence.

Drinking the best Maojian Tea prepared by Leader Qi, Zhang Han went straight to the business.

With a wave of his right hand, a stack of talismans appeared out of thin air and floated to Leader Qi.


Leader Qi gazed at Zhang Han.

“These were treasures displayed in the Heavenly Treasure School.

I reckon they are fine treasures, so I bought some,” Zhang Han replied with a smile.

“Oh, thank you for your kindness, Mr.

Zhang.” Sect Leader Qi did not stand on ceremony and accepted the talismans at once.

This also made Ma Di, Junior Brother Lu, and a few other people laugh merrily.

They were also proud of their good relationship with Zhang Hanyang.

After all, there were still discussions about how difficult it was to get along with Zhang Hanyang in the martial arts world.

“Im not here just to give these talismans to you,” Zhang Han said abruptly.

“Then…” Leader Qi was stunned and then said, “Is it about the opening of the worldlet”


Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

As everyone gazed at him with interest, he slowly made a speech that made all their faces freeze.

“Im here to teach.

Youre a sect studying talismans.

I happen to know three kinds of talismans—one offensive, the other two defensive.

The offensive talisman is controlled by seven stars.

After thorough research, hundreds of offensive talismans can be derived from it.

The defensive ones are Yin and Yang holy talismans.

The first one throws off forces; the second one fends off soul attacks.

They are also major talismans.

If you understand them thoroughly, you can develop more than 100 talismans from the two.”

Hearing what he said, everyone, including Leader Qi, was sort of stupefied.

“What did he say

“After studying a single talisman thoroughly, one can also master several hundred other talismans Is that even possible”

However, Zhang Han didnt give them much time to be immersed in shock.

He then proposed, “You find a suitable place.

Ill show you.”

“Ah! Okay, okay.” Leader Qi stood up, feeling a little dizzy.


When everyone got to their feet, they were suddenly all stunned.

So was Chen Changqing! They cast their eyes on Zhang Han at the same time, and their eyelids couldnt stop trembling.

“Heavens, he even has knowledge of talismans”

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