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Chapter 744 You Cannot Leave

Zhang Han tilted his head slightly to look at him, when he heard what the First Elder said.

Without saying anything, he quickly left the Heavenly Knights Sect and disappeared into the mountain in the distance.

At this moment, the First Elder sneered, holding a token in his hand, “Show him the power of the Double-dragon Formation! Even a hair cannot come in, let alone a person!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the token in the First Elders hand lighted up all of a sudden, showing that he was connecting with the Heaven-earth Formation.


The river, more than 100 meters in width, which surrounded the mountains in the Heavenly Knights Sect, suddenly bubbled up.

The two dragons which were coiled around the whole Heavenly Knights Sect glowed and their eyes shone like diamonds.


Suddenly, clouds of light mist began to envelop Heavenly Knights Sect.

The Double-dragon Formation, as well as hundreds of formations inside and outside, were activated.

Many people on the mountain, especially the disciples who were training in the preliminary camp, noticed that something strange was happening and became confused, “What Why is our mountain gate formation activated”

“Are the enemies coming Now that the gate of the small world is open, the Wind Snow School must have strong support.

Are they going to attack our sect”

“Thats impossible, right The war drums should have sounded on the mountain if the enemies from the Wind Snow School are launching an attack.”

“Whats going on Alas, its a pity that we are not disciples of the Eight Peaks and cant join the battle against the Wind Snow School.”

“This isnt a battle but a war.”

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded in the training ground.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Jiang Bing, the chief disciple, with an indifferent look, walking slowly to the stone platform ahead.

There were over 50 people on the training ground, 90% of whom were men.

They were the best among the last group of disciples.

“Chief Jiang is here!”

“Chief Jiang is already at the God Realm Peak-stage though hes only a few years older than us.

We, on the contrary, are still at the Grand Master Late-stage.

Alas, there is a wide gap between us.”


Many people were chatting with each other in the crowd.

Jiang Bings expression did not change even though he heard what they said.

He slowly walked up to the stone platform and looked at the people coldly, “Combats are different from wars.

The war between our sect and the Wind Snow School has lasted for decades.

Do you think that killing enemies is a way to get resources and improve cultivation Ridiculous! How naive you are! What does war mean Death! Do you think people of the Heavenly Knights Sect will not die The Heavenly Knights Sect had a staff strength of tens of thousands of disciples several decades ago, but now, only 3,000 remain! Ive seen my Eldest Brother, Third Brother, Fifth Brother, Eighth Brother, Uncle Long and Uncle Ma being killed on the battlefield.

Men of the Wind Snow School arent fools! Theyre indeed shrewd, so you cannot underestimate the enemy and must take the war seriously.

When you become elites, your friends, masters and brothers may pass away.

Perhaps even you will also die.”

After giving that highly charged speech, Jiang Bing fell silent.

Staring at the quiet training ground, he ordered, “Keep training.

Practice basic body movements, basic footwork and basic battle techniques.

Ill test you personally in two hours.

Those who cant meet the requirements will pay the fiddler!”

He stepped off the stone platform and out of the training ground, as he spoke.

After jumping onto the roof, he looked at the faint mist in the distance and muttered in puzzlement, “Why is the Sect Formation activated Is the First Elder strengthening it”

The First Elder had contributed a lot to the Sect Formation and once controlled the Double-dragon Formation to prevent the enemy from attacking our sect.

Undoubtedly, a high-intensive maintenance array needed to consume crystal stones.

When all the crystal stones were used up, the Heaven-earth Formation would be broken in the face of on-going attacks.

Such attacks were launched by sheer brute force.

The First Elder felt somewhat skeptical at this point, “Two minutes have passed.

Did he disappear in the forest How can he break the formation Tackling it toughly He wont break it in five to ten years if he does so.”

“First Elder, dont be so sure.” Zhang Guangyou glanced at him and said, “My son is very powerful.

At least, he knows our Sect Formations name.”

“What is it” The First Elder raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Yin-Yang Double-dragon Heavenly Formation.”

“What” His response caused the First Elders eyebrows to unfurrow.

The First Elder said with a smile, “Young Master, dont fool me with such ridiculous news.

I can stimulate your sons fighting spirit by exerting pressure on him.

Actually, I want him to know the feeling of failure.

Otherwise, once such rumors spread, they will affect your reputation.”

The First Elder considered the news that the Heaven-earth Formation was about to be broken was definitely a joke.

It was impossible for the great formation to be destroyed since it had resisted the attacks from the Wind Snow School for decades.

“I think…” Dong Chen, who had remained silent, also said at this time, “Maybe he masters moves that are conducive to breaking the formations.

Although I know little about formations, I think the Hundred-formation Image I saw on Mount New Moon is also somewhat mysterious.

Perhaps he is able to break some formations, but it is impossible for him to break the one created by the Heavenly Knights Sect.

First Elder, he needs criticizing.

Recently, I observed that he lacks upward mobility.

He could have broken through the Divine Realm Stage, but he did not make it yet.

On the contrary, he accompanies his wife and daughter all day long.

The land of warmth and tenderness is indeed a heros grave.”

“I dont think its a big deal.

If he focuses on pursuing martial arts, he might not have improved so fast.

Its okay to have a rest.

What is most important is that he is still young.” Zhang Guangyou replied with a smile.

He would not have made such a statement in the past.

However, after staying on Mount New Moon for a few days and playing with Mengmeng, he began to long for such a carefree and comfortable lifestyle.

Having fought for a long time, he also longed to lead a peaceful life.

“How old is he” The First Elder asked.”

“27 years old.”


He is still a young man.

Considering that hes at the Grand Master Peak and about to enter the Divine Realm, he is talented.

But Young Master, you should not forget that Yun Feiyang, Uncle Dongs disciple, who is 28 years old, broke through to the Earth Realm Middle-Stage after cultivating for only more than five years.

Your son isnt a patch on him, or even Wang Xiaowu and Jiang Bing, on age and strength.

Ill ask them to compete with Zhang Han later and to show how many young martial artists are more powerful than him.” The First Elder responded.

“Lets talk about it later.” Zhang Guangyou did not give a direct response.

Instead, he looked at the forest in the mountains ahead.

“Why hasnt Zhang Han appeared yet”

“Logically speaking, one has to break the formation layer by layer beside the river surrounding the mountains.”

“Is he waiting for the moment when I let down my guard” The First Elder could not help saying, “My spiritual sense mind trick, connecting with the Double-dragon Formation, can cover the whole Heavenly Knights Sect.

In fact, I can even feel a mosquito, so he has no chance to break it.”

“If he intends to break the formation by force…” Dong Chen glanced at Zhang Guangyou and said, “youd better persuade him to give up.

The Heaven-earth Formation set by the Wind Snow School is too formidable to be broken.”

If a man wanted to break the formation with a Heaven-drilling Cone, he would likely be discovered in the first instance by the guards or the disciples who were patrolling the area.

“This guy is a bit interesting.”

After waiting for a while, the First Elder looked toward the front and said, “Why hasnt he showed up after 20 minutes.

Is he wasting time”

“I dont think so.” Dong Chen frowned slightly.

“If he doesnt appear in ten minutes, Ill go and have a look.

If he plays a trick on us, Ill ask Yun Feiyang to teach him a lesson.”


Zhang Guangyou froze for a moment and felt a little helpless.

Uncle Dong and the First Elder would definitely feel unhappy if Zhang Han was making fun of them.

If so, he had indeed gone too far.

Although Zhang Guangyou believed in him, he gradually became unsure as time went by.

After all, he had only heard about Zhang Hans deeds but had never seen how he got these matters done.

“Humph, Im so stupid to believe in you.” The First Elder snorted and said, “I was asked to come over before figuring out the Three Flowers Giant Cauldron Formation.

Until now I have not felt any fluctuations in the whole Heavenly Knights Sect.

Now that he wants to break the formation and asks us to witness it, he should at least have taken the correct attitude.

Now I truly suspect…”

“What are you suspecting”

Before the First Elder finished his words, a calm voice rang out behind them all of a sudden.


It was like a bolt from the blue, striking straight at the hearts of the three present.

Dong Chen slowly turned his head in amazement and could not stop blinking.

The First Elder was totally in a daze and stunned.

“What happened”

Zhang Guangyou only felt his heart beating faster.


When they turned their heads, they caught sight of Zhang Han, who looked like a grain more than ten meters away.

Then, Zhang Han approached them, holding a blue branch in his hand, “This is the branch of a blue willow growing at the edge of the north side of the mountains.

You should recognize it, right”

Zhang Han thrust the branch forward casually, while speaking.

“Ouch!” The First Elder was so scared that he trembled all over.

After he took the branch and checked it for a while, his face changed greatly, “Its real.

How, how did you do that No, its impossible!”


Dong Chen was also dumbfounded.

He rubbed his face with both hands, shook his head and asked in a hoarse voice, while staring at Zhang Han, “Tell me how did you do that”

“Did you use the diversionary tactic Or were you here all along” The First Elders eyes widened, “No, no! I fully activated my formation but didnt feel any energy fluctuations.

Even a mosquito couldnt fly in.

How could you do that”

“Ive told you that I have hundreds of ways to break the Sect Formation that would be regarded as a rare treasure by you.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly, “Im going to accompany my daughter if theres nothing else.

Then Ill go to the Wind Snow School to check the situation.”

Zhang Han was about to turn to leave.

“Wait, you cannot leave!” The First Elder moved quickly and grabbed Zhang Hans arm in great excitement, “You cant go anywhere today unless you tell me the secret!”

Zhang Han was unable to move because the First Elder was a Heaven State Strong.

Therefore, he said helplessly, “You wont understand it by right of your current strength.

Let me go.”

“No! Did you succeed in breaking the formation”

Why was he so clingy like a piece of sticky candy

If Mengmeng did that, Zhang Han would definitely feel delighted.

But he really detested the First Elder.

“Take your hands off me.

What do you want to do”

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