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Chapter 745 Daheis Fists


Zhang Han glanced at Zhang Guangyou, finding that he was completely dumbfounded as well.

He was overwhelmed by helplessness.

“Ill tell you when I have a chance in the future, okay” Zhang Han added.


The First Elder did not listen to him at all.

Fortunately, Dong Chen came to his senses quickly.

After taking five deep breaths, he sighed and said, “Let him go.”


He wont tell me the truth once he leaves!” The First Elder answered stubbornly.

He completely forgot about Dong Chens status as the Grand Elder!

Dong Chen gave a wry smile and then his expression became serious.

He added, “Hell be staying at Heavenly Knights Sect for a month.

First Elder, as a senior, you should exercise self-control and calm down.”

He understood the First Elders point of view because he was also feeling confused.

The Sect Formation set by the Heavenly Knights Sect had actually been broken by this guy!

Damn it! No one else would believe the news.

Dong Chen became a little frantic.

At this moment, his opinion of Zhang Han completely changed.

“What exactly is going on with this guy”

Dong Chen was clear that it was impossible for Zhang Han to break the formation in the face of the First Elder isolating the formation on full power even if he mastered some magic that could shift positions in an instant.

The only possibility was that he quietly broke the formation and came in from the outside!


What a terrifying man.

If the enemy grasped such extraordinary skills, they could slaughter all the disciples at night and then leave… Hiss!

Dong Chen felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave at the thought of this.

“Let him go!”

Seeing that the First Elder was still holding Zhang Hans arm, Dong Chen raised his voice.

Only then did the First Elder let Zhang Han go.

“Hahaha, good job, my son!”

Zhang Guangyou burst out laughing.

Then, he approached Zhang Han and patted him on the shoulder.

Seeing his behavior, Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

It was not strange.

By virtue of his cultivation, he certainly could make it.

Moreover, he did not concentrate on studying array skills.

As for those powerful martial artists in the Cultivation World who specialized in array skills, they were capable of breaking the formation easily though they were only at the Innateness Stage.

“Did you really break the formation from outside Why didnt we feel any fluctuations” The First Elder calmed down and asked Zhang Han hankeringly.

He could not figure it out at all.

Zhang Han also realized that he would be trapped if he refused to tell him something.

After pondering for a while, Zhang Han had a serious look and said, “Someone promised that his surname would be written upside down if I broke the formation.”


The First Elder froze and then he said in an embarrassed smile, “Alright, my surname will be upside down in the future.”

“His surname is Wang.” Dong Chen reminded Zhang Han unconcernedly, “He always uses this to make fun of others.”

Hearing what he said, the First Elder smirked.

Since Zhang Guangyou found their conversation interesting, he stood aside and watched his son talking to them.

“Oh.” Zhang Han kept calm, nodded and said, “You also told me that as long as I broke the formation, you would…”


The First Elder froze and hesitated.

He glanced at Dong Chen, then looked at Zhang Guangyou and finally fixed his eyes on Zhang Han.

Two seconds later, he cupped his hands and said, “Ill do what I promised.

Now that you broke the formation today, Ill take you as my master…”

The First Elder was in high spirits as he spoke, for he thought that he had seized the opportunity to learn how to break the formation.

But before he finished speaking, Zhang Han waved his hand, “Its hard to be my disciple.”

At this point, catching sight of Zhang Hans expression and moves, Dong Chen suddenly felt as if he was facing Zhang Shenwang!

Their extraordinary aura and disdainful gazes were quite similar.

“Hes not an ordinary man!”

Dong Chen was somewhat startled.

As for the First Elder, he did not know what to say, “So…”

“Ill simply tell you the method I used, that is, I injected my power into the formation and turned it into part of the formation.

Only then could I enter the formation silently.

I took advantage of the fickle formation to hide between heaven and earth.

It can isolate and trick the spiritual sense mind so that others cant easily perceive me.”

Zhang Han explained, “I, therefore, took only five minutes to break the formation and was on the road the rest of time.

Even so, you did not notice until I moved more than ten meters nearer to you, which showed that you were bad at using your soul sense.”

“He actually knows how to use the soul sense.”

Dong Chens eyes narrowed and thought that this guy was undoubtedly extraordinary.

“The formation methods need to be cultivated step by step, so its enough for you to learn this information.

Knowing too much will not benefit your improvement.

Besides, since you may not even fully understand the Hundred-formation Image, youd better go to Mount New Moon later.

I once saw you operating the formation and think that youll be able to comprehend the Hundred-formation Image in a few days.” Zhang Han added.

Hearing what he said, the First Elder was at a loss.

“I… Alas.” He sighed all of a sudden, “Although I fail to understand what you mean, I can tell that youve done something beyond my imagination, Young Lord.

Anyway, I approve of you.

Youre right.

The array methods should be improved step by step and Ill go to Mount New Moon later.

Young Master, Grand Master, I need to go first.”

After saying that, the First Elder, who looked a little forlorn, turned to leave hurriedly.

“He must have been shattered.” Dong Chen sighed with emotion, “I think the First Elder will now study the methods day and night.”

The next moment, Dong Chens eyes lit up and he looked at Zhang Han, “Can you bring other people into the formation with this skill If possible…”

“If possible, well defeat the Wind Snow School!” Zhang Guangyou continued, “Even if you can bring Uncle Dong alone, the Wind Snow School will be seriously damaged!”

Both Dong Chens and Zhang Guangyous eyes brightened as they were chatting.

If it worked, this skill would be a big trump card of the Heavenly Knights Sect!

“You do think too much.”

However, Zhang Han directly threw cold water on his plans and said, “I cannot bring in others.

Even if I can, he needs to cooperate with me.

If he makes any noise and is caught by the formation, well definitely be at risk.”

“You cant bring others with you.”

Dong Chens face changed slightly because one would die if he was trapped in the enemys formation.

“Alright.” Dong Chen froze for a while and said, “Well, it doesnt matter that you cant bring others with you.

My Heavenly Knights Sect will spare no efforts to help you break through the Divine Realm Stage, the Earth Realm Stage and the Heaven Realm Stage! I believe that you absolutely can break through to the Innateness Stage within ten years by virtue of your talent.

Youre indeed our trump card to defeat the Wind Snow School!”

As Dong Chen spoke, the aura surrounding him rose.

In fact, the aura emitted by a person at the Heaven Peak Stage was very oppressive.

Dong Chen was truly hopeful this time.

Formidable as he was, he was under too much pressure when it came to facing the Wind Snow School.

The disciples at the Heaven Realm Stage of the Wind Snow School were more powerful than those of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

They were so powerful and cultivated many new talents.

He was indeed afraid that he could not hold on before Zhang Shenwang returned.

If so, he would feel very guilty.

“Fortunately, I see daylight!”

After thinking for a while, Dong Chen smiled at Zhang Han and nodded to Zhang Guangyou with great satisfaction.

He wanted to tell him that he had given birth to an outstanding boy.

Then, Dong Chen flew up the mountain.


Zhang Guangyou felt very comfortable and repeatedly said, “Son, you must know that Uncle Dong hasnt laughed that much for many years.

You do bring credit to me and have done a good job.”

“Youll know my real strength later.” Zhang Han smiled.

He was apparently in a good mood on account of Zhang Guangyous smile.

“Lets go back and see your daughter.

My dear granddaughter.”

Zhang Guangyou laughed and caught up with Zhang Han and walked beside him.

They did not walk hurriedly, but chatted all the way to their own residence.

It only took them less than an hour to reach the destination.

“Mengmeng!” Zhang Han called to her from a distance.

He was aware that the little princess would run happily over to him now.

As expected…

“PaPa!” Mengmeng let out a cry when she saw Zhang Han.

She moved her legs quickly and ran over.

Then, Zhang Han held her in his arms and kissed her several times.

Playing with his family here, he felt that he was far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoying a quiet and fulfilling time.

As darkness fell, Zhang Guangyou asked the servants to prepare dinner.

The food was taken from the kitchen and placed in the living room.

After visiting some areas in the Heavenly Knights Sect in the afternoon, Wang Zhanpeng and Chen Changqing thought that the sect was so large as disciples who had reached the Divine Realm Stage could be seen everywhere.

Once the gate of the small world opened, those at the Divine Realm Stage were very common, while those at the Earth Realm Stage became the backbone of martial artists.

Only those at the Heaven Realm Stage possessed high-end combat power.”

Moreover, once people reached the Heaven Peak Stage, they were acknowledged as big shots since they were unlikely to be killed.

Like Dong Chen, the Grand Elder of the Heavenly Knights Sect, he was well-known all over the world.

During this period, Zhang Guangyou also asked Wang Xiaowu to hand two big geese to Dahei and Little Hei at the edge of the lawn.

“Come on, here is your dinner.”

Wang Xiaowu smiled and ignored Tiny Tot, for he deemed that it could only eat a goose leg at most.

However, it was able to eat up all of the azure bulls legs.

“Woo, woo, woo!”

Dahei patted its chest to express its gratitude, but it rolled its eyes at the same time.

After Wang Xiaowu left, Dahei opened its big mouth and ate up the two geese within two bites.

Then, it waved its hand, “Woo, woo, woo!”

“Lets go, brothers!”

“Coo, Coo!”

After Tiny Tot flapped its wings, Dahei picked it up and put it on its shoulder, quickly sneaking to the back hill with Little Hei.

They received the same message.

But this time, they went upstream in a certain direction and saw a small pool, beside which a white-haired bear was eating a fish.


Dahei took a deep breath and gestured to Little Hei.

Its time to attack it!

In the blink of an eye, Little Heis gaze turned savage.

It crouched and carefully approached the bear from the side wing.

The reason why Little Hei was so alert was because the bear was hard to deal with.

It was even stronger than Little Hei and was close to the Grand Master Peak.

However, it was not afraid.


Little Hei moved in an instant, as fast as lightning and turned into a black shadow, frightening the white-haired bear.

It had no time to react before a shadow approached it and bit its neck.

It was in a lot of pain!

However, the white-haired bears skin was so resilient that Little Hei only tore the surface and its teeth was stuck in its taut muscles.


The White-Haired Dog bear became enraged and swung out at Little Hei.

A loud thud sounded.

Little Hei was sent flying through the air.

Fortunately, Little Hei had a good physique so he only sustained minor injuries and bled slightly.


The white-haired bear stood up with a fierce gaze and opened its big mouth.

It revealed its sharp claws which were like short daggers and that was its main weapon for fighting!

Its deep roars and violent aura showed that it was going to tear the enemy into pieces.

However, it suddenly saw a shadow looming over it at the next moment.

The shadow grew increasingly larger.

“What was it”

The white-haired bear turned its head slowly.

He saw a chimpanzee, more than 10 meters tall and several times bigger than a two-meter-high bear, standing in front of it.


Dahei shouted all of a sudden, jumped and wrestled the white-haired bear to the ground.

In the meantime, its huge fists rained blows upon the bear.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

The azure bull was beaten to death by Dahei within three punches at noon, but it took eleven punches to kill the white bear.

After that, Dahei picked up the while bear, glanced at Little Hei and shook its head slightly.


“Lets go!”

“Lets go and eat!”

“Damn it, I must kill you since youve hurt my little brother.”

So, Dahei and Little Hei walked forward, followed by Tiny Tot, who had fallen to the ground and was running behind to keep up with them.

Half an hour after they left, two young men walked over.

They chatted while walking, “Have you heard that Lu Biaos azure bull is missing Haha, this guys taming skills are so bad that he even lost his spirit beast.”

“Thats right.

I think he will go to the Beast Mountain again in a few days to catch another spirit beast.

Senior brother, I heard that your spirit beast has reached the Grand Master Peak.”

“Yes, the spirit beast named Dabai captured by me last time is really fierce and shows a great aptitude.

It has broken through to a higher stage yesterday and will be more powerful when it reaches the Divine Realm Stage.

Ill show you how awesome it is later.”

When they reached the edge of the pool, the tall man shouted, “Dabai, come here.”

Five seconds later, no beast responded.


“Dabai, come out!”

“What Isnt it here Thats impossible…”

“Wheres Dabai Damn it, did it escape as well”


“Coo, Coo.”

At this moment, in the woods in the depths of the lawn where Zhang Hans residence was, flames started burning as Tiny Tot flapped its wings with all of his strength, which thoroughly braised the bear.


Dahei pulled off another thigh for Tiny Tot but gave Little Hei more.

After all, it was injured.

“Woo, woo, woo.”

They began to eat.

Pouncing on the bear paw with happiness, Tiny Tot nibbled at the meat obediently.

More than 20 minutes later…

After the last bone was eaten by Little Hei, all its wounds were healed.

The faint sound of flowing water rang out from Daheis body.

Its Qi blood surged wildly and even the drop of blood that he had not absorbed was still burning.

If Zhang Han saw what was happening, he would have guessed that Dahei was about to make a breakthrough.

“Woo…” Dahei opened its mouth and exhaled.

“Why am I feeling so hot”

However, it could also feel that its power seemed to be increasing again.

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo!”

Dahei thought of something and gesticulated to Tiny Tot.

After a long while, Tiny Tot understood what he meant.

It seemed that its second brother was a little weak and needed some gems because of its wounds.

“Coo… Bah.”

Tiny Tot spat out a gem.

The gem, crystal blue and beautiful, was a fifth-stage spirit treasure.

Little Hei did not mind kissing it indirectly, so it swallowed the gem in one gulp.

Clatter! Clatter! Clatter!

A burst of sound like exploding firecrackers rang out.

Little Hei was promoted to a higher stage in this way and its aura became increasingly stronger.

It seemed that it would reach the Grand Master Peak soon.

“Woo, woo, woo.”


The two of them were showing their gratitude to Tiny Tot.

“Coo, Coo.”

The little guy did not understand, but integrated into the small group, both rejoicingly and thoroughly.

The two Heihei powers turned into the three Heihei powers.

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