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Chapter 746 Entering the Wind Snow School Once Again

The three of them sauntered over to the willow in front of the lawn.

Wang Xiaowu came up from the mountain and happened to see them at this point, so he walked over to them.

“What do you think Did you enjoy your meal” Wang Xiaowu asked with a smile.

“Woo, woo, woo, woo, woo.”

Dahei spared his feelings and gave him a thumbs-up.

That tasted great!

“Haha.” Wang Xiaowu chuckled and said, “Im going to catch a few higher-level spirit beasts for you in a few days.

Those as powerful as Qi Strength Master are more delicious.”

“Woo, woo, woo, woo.”

Dahei shook its head repeatedly.

“No, no, we can catch the prey ourselves and their meat is more palatable than what you said.”


Wang Xiaowu burst into laughter, feeling Dahei very amusing.

He thought that they were afraid of something, so he explained, “Dont worry.

Ordinary spirit beasts, without spiritual intelligence, cannot reach the Divine Realm Stage.

As for those with spiritual intelligence, they will not be eaten by ordinary disciples of sects.”

The spirit beasts with spiritual intelligence are qualified to be trained by martial artists, which would help their masters cultivate.

Certainly, these martial artists needed to learn the beast-commanding skills.

For instance, the beginner at the Command Beast Peak will always capture some spiritual beasts at the Grand Master Stage, to practice his skills.

After being promoted to the Divine Realm Stage and developing spiritual intelligence, they could make better use of martial arts.

“Woo Woo, woo Woo, woo.”

The beasts with spiritual intelligence might taste just as good.

Wang Xiaowu could not figure out what it meant and thought the chimpanzee was replying to him.

He, therefore, waved his hand and said, “All right, Ill bring you some delicious food in a few days.

See you.”

After saying that, Wang Xiaowu flew quickly to the mountain.

Hearing what he said, Dahei scratched its head helplessly.

“What a silly boy.

We told you that we can catch it by ourselves.

Why does he persist in doing that”

Daheis thoughts originated from the innate nature of the beast race.

The law of the jungle was the wisdom of the beast race.

They had to fight against not only the enemies in other areas, such as the human race, but also the ones much stronger than them.

The strong spirit beast would eat the weak, which meant that they would not stay together in peace, unless all the spirit beasts were granivores.

Originally, chimpanzees seldom ate meat, but Dahei…

Little cursed roc generally did not eat meat, but it was greatly influenced by Dahei and Little Hei and enjoyed gnawing on bones.

After Wang Xiaowu left, no one else disturbed them.

Dahei, therefore, lay under the willow tree and started snoring within one minute.

Little Hei lay beside it and slowly fell asleep.

Its stomach and claws were on the ground so that it could move immediately if something urgent happened.

Tiny Tot had the same posture as Dahei, lying on Daheis belly and falling asleep.

They slept quite freely.

Mengmeng was also ready to take a rest.

The size of the bedroom in the big house was good and new beddings were placed on the wooden bed.

However, the bed was not as comfortable as that in the mansion on Mount New Moon, for Zhang Han had the room specially decorated with a meticulous design.

However, Mengmeng was satisfied with the size of the big wooden bed!

The three of them could sleep on it together, so she did not have to awaken in her small bed when she opened her eyes in the morning.

“Hum, I dont like small beds.”

Zi Yan patted Mengmengs little butt as she lay on the quilt, “Put on your pajamas.”

After putting on her pajamas, Zi Yan and Mengmeng lay in bed, leaving a space in the middle for Zhang Han.

“Papa, come to bed quickly and tell us a story.”

“Here I am.”

Zhang Han quickly took off his coat and went to bed, wearing only his boxers.

“Ahem, I have to tell you something before I tell the story.”

Zhang Han sat with his arms around his wife and his daughter, looked at Mengmeng and said, “I have to go somewhere tomorrow during the day and will come back before dark.”

“Huh Where are you going”

Mengmeng was stunned, her expression turning serious.

“Im going to do deal with something urgent.

You can play with Mom, Dahei and your other friends here.” Zhang Han negotiated with her.

“PaPa, why are you going out again” Mengmeng said as she pouted.

“I have something to do with your grandpa…”

Mengmeng eventually nodded and agreed after a long time.

So, after breakfast the next day, Mengmeng waved to Zhang Han and said, “PaPa, come back as soon as possible!”


Zhang Han smiled at Zi Yan and Mengmeng, then turned around and left with Zhang Guangyou.

He had to complete his task even though he wanted to accompany Mengmeng.

Zhang Han sighed as he walked, “Their childhood only lasts for a few years.

Alas, I will concentrate on accompanying her after I break through to the Innateness Stage.”

“Okay, I support you.” Zhang Guangyou laughed, “Kids wont be willing to stay with their fathers when they grow up.

Just like you and Lili, youre happy to go out with your friends.”


Zhang Han froze for a while because this was really the case.

After pondering for a while, he said, “I should spend more time with her during this period.”

“You can do whatever you want to and Ill always be with you.”

Zhang Guangyou did not say much.

He looked at the figure ahead and said, “Uncle Dong and I will go with you this time.

“I see.”

While talking, the two of them approached Dong Chen.

“Lets go.”

Dong Chen nodded and took the lead in flying up into the sky.

After flying for nearly three hours, they reached the outskirts of the Wind Snow School.

Thereafter, they flew forward cautiously.

They passed through a region and finally got to the edge of the jungle behind the Wind Snow School.

“Be careful.” Dong Chen glanced at Zhang Han and reminded him, “The Wind Snow School is right in front of us.

Itll take you more than half an hour to get to the Main Mount of the Wind Snow School, but we cannot go forward.

Its easy for us to be discovered since there are plenty of hidden formations on the periphery.”

“You can just wait here.”

As Zhang Han waved his right hand with a smile, 18 medium-grade crystals appeared, followed by nine formation flags, Misty Yang Flowers and Ten-square Wood that were all connected by strings.

This was a removable formation.

Dong Chens eyes narrowed slightly.

Meanwhile, Zhang Han slowly faded and was totally out of sight.

Only then did Zhang Guangyou and he realize that they could not detect him even with their soul senses.

“How awesome he is!”

Only when he saw what happened in person did he feel amazed again.

Zhang Han had truly mastered extraordinary methods.

Since they did not know where Zhang Han was, they could only wait for him.

Surrounded by the formation, Zhang Han moved at a relatively high speed from the outermost area of the Wind Snow School.

When he reached the Main Mount, he rose into the air and kept rising.

He could perceive the energy released by the Mountain-protection Array of the Wind Snow School flowing, which completely covered all the dark clouds above.

But these obstacles could not put off Zhang Han, who cherished a large number of treasures.

The Sky-drilling Cone appeared as the formation eye and the formation beside Zhang Han kept changing, merging with the Wind Snow Schools mountain-protecting formation.

Zhang Han was moving in it.

A few minutes later, he broke out of the formation.

He appeared in the clouds above.


Suddenly, a flash of lightning appeared, which stunned Zhang Han.

He had nearly been hit by it.

However, the lightning seemed to contain great energy!

Zhang Han walked forward carefully and eventually arrived at the top of the Main Mount of the Wind Snow School.

Once he looked down, he could see the layout of the building.

In the middle of the mansion was a Thunder Stone.

Sky Dragon from the Wind Snow School, the First Elder from the Main Sect, as well as 16 or 17 other men were all there.

More than a dozen people at the back were refining various kinds of spirit treasures with surging auras and injecting the energy into the Thunder Stone.

Sky Dragon from the Wind Snow School in Kun Xu World, also known as Zhan San, said with great excitement, “Ill refine the lightning energy to the extreme within a day, which will definitely enable my battle axe to be upgraded to the sixth-stage.

At that time, Ill cut Dong Chens head off in person!”

“Such energy may not be enough.”

The First Elder of the Main Sect raised his eyebrows and said while looking at the dark clouds containing surging energy in the sky, “Do not act rashly if there is insufficient energy.

You should refine the battle axe step by step and it will likely be upgraded to the sixth-stage by right of its excellent quality.

Later, Ill go back to the Main Sect and bring a batch of spirit treasures.

If you succeed, youll become the first general under the command of the Wind Snow School and be the first person to kill the experts at the Heaven Peak Stage!”

As he spoke, the First Elder looked at Zhan San from the corners of his eyes.


He felt a chill on his back in an instant and quickly bowed to him and said, “First Elder, you rank first in the Wind Snow School.

If I succeed in upgrading the battle axe to the sixth-stage, Im willing to offer it to you!”

Humans were all selfish and everyone wanted a sixth-stage spirit treasure which had an extraordinary energy.

Who wouldnt covet it

As Sky Dragon and the rising star of the Wind Snow School, he left his lifeblood and a wisp of soul in the Main Sect and no one knew that it harbored a tracking function.

The First Elder would be seriously injured if he performed his skills.

However, if he lost his top strength, he would absolutely be no match for the First Elder.

“I need to take the long term view.”

Zhan San was aware that he had to be loyal to the First Elder.

At the very least, he could not openly offend him before his battle axe was upgraded.

Not only did he want to become the Sky Dragon in Kun Xu World, but he also intended to replace the First Elder, or to become a Supreme Being after suppressing him.

However, the First Elder was so cunning that no one knew what he was thinking, as he always kept a bland countenance.

“Im not good at using the battle axe.

If you succeed this time, youll go down in history.

If you manage to hurt the Heavenly Knights Sect seriously, youll be the Second Elder of the Main Sect of the Wind Snow School.

Besides, Ill open another hall, named Zhan Hall, for you and give you any resources as well as disciples if you want.” The First Elder said calmly.

His words made Zhan Sans heart skip a beat.

If the First Elder greased his palm rather than ask for his battle axe, he would accept all the benefits.

But Zhan San was still afraid that he would play a trick on him.

After thinking for a while, Zhan San bowed and replied, “Thank you very much, First Elder.”

“Youre welcome.” The First Elder waved his hand gently, “A wisp of the Sect Leaders spirit mind floated back a few days ago and I got a message that he is expected to return to the Kunlun Immortal World within ten years.

The spirit treasure will be upgraded to a higher level and youll break through the Heaven Peak Stage.

If the Sect Leader comes back and sees the contributions youve made, he probably will take you to the Kunlun Immortal World.

I hope you can make good use of this precious opportunity.”

“Ill definitely do my best for the Wind Snow School!”

He was a little excited, but he felt surprised and uncertain at the same time.

Did the Sect Leader really send him a message

Did the Kunlun Immortal World really exist

“You guys stay here.

I need to go back.” The First Elder said to the dozen or so people.

Then he moved and flew away.

At this moment, Zhang Han felt that he had gleaned enough information.

However, he was afraid that he would meet the First Elder of the Main Sect.

Therefore, he continued to stay and observe after pondering for a while.

Feeling the energy flowing through the medium-grade crystals, he found that they were indeed powerful.

18 medium-grade crystals were equivalent to 1,800 low-grade crystals.

They were undoubtedly of extremely high value.

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