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Chapter 760 Sweeping Clean

Zhang Guangyou frowned and remained silent for two seconds.

Then he said, “I havent heard that the other seven sects have anything to do with Wind Snow School.

I guess it must have cost Wind Snow School a lot to invite them here,”

Zhang Guangyou felt a little aggrieved and kept silent for a second before he continued.

“If we destroy their sects, we will be enemies.

No matter what Heavenly Knights Sect does in the future, we will face more enemies.”

He was also helpless, but this was the truth.

He also wanted to fight adamantly, but he had to consider Heavenly Knights Sect.

The other seven sects were not small sects without strength.

Although he knew that the other party would rule out the largest number of soldiers when they attacked the city, they would not leave enough Heaven-Realm cultivators in their own sect because there was the Heaven-Earth Formation, their last card.

But no one had ever thought that Zhang Han would be such a freak.

Although Zhang Guangyou was eager to do something, he didnt recommend it.

For Heavenly Knights Sect, development was the key.

His strength had regressed too much, and he needed time to bridge the gap between him and martial artists.

It could be said that Zhang Guangyou had thought it clearly, but Zhang Han didnt think so.

He just said lightly, “They can be invited two times as long as there are enough interests.

You dont need to worry about these kinds of sects.

Just destroy them.

Even if their masters return, will they dare to attack Heavenly Knights Sect”

They dared not!

Who could give up their own sect to attack others If there were too many people going, and the safety of their own back was unpredictable; if there were too few people going, they could do nothing in the war.

Who could not have a headache in such a situation

“The distribution of forces in the worldlet should also change.” Zhang Han smiled.

In the era of the martial world, the sect leader could take the sect elders away at will, but from now on, they had to think it over, because the legend of the invincible Heaven-Earth Formation was proved to be false.

Of course, they didnt know that yet.

Zhang Guangyou thought for a while and sighed.

“I planned to talk about martial arts with you out of the worldlet.

Because of the crisis in the past, I didnt dare to let you enter, and even your grandfather thought so.

He didnt dare to meet you with his own identity, fearing that someone would pry into your memories.

But my son is not a coward, and I want to cultivate you to be a martial artist.

I didnt expect you to step on this road yourself.

You are so powerful, which makes me feel a little, a little depressed.”

Upon seeing that Zhang Han wanted to say something, Zhang Guangyou raised his hand and continued.

“But Im happy at the same time.

Youre already stronger than me.

Killing Qing Zhen Zi proved it, and Im very proud of you.

But I know a little more about Wind Snow School.

The other seven sects may send all their Heaven-Realm disciples to challenge you.

Tell me, what level are you at now”

Zhang Guangyou looked serious.

It was related to the safety of the two of them, so they had to be cautious.

“I see.”

Zhang Han thought for a while and said, “Heaven Early-Stage cultivators will escape when they see me, while Middle-Stage cultivators have the ability to fight with me.

I may not defeat Last-Stage cultivators, and I have to escape when I encounter Peak-Stage cultivators.

I have just broken through and havent learned more methods or cultivated my supernatural power yet.

But there is still no problem for me to escape.”

He had just broken through and needed to stabilize his realm.

Besides, Zhang Han knew a lot of secret techniques, such as Pluto Incantation, Divine Walking Trick, Secret Disappearance, and so on.

There were many methods providing him with too many choices.

Unfortunately, treasure-searching formulas only helped him in the aspect of invisibility and speed, and some practical arrays could also achieve the purpose of invisibility.

As for his Treasure-sniffing nose, it was like a dogs nose.

Zhang Han had long thought of teaching Little Hei this supernatural power.

He had thought that when he was searching for treasures with Little Hei, it would be a little shameful for him to act like a dog.

After thinking for a while, he decided to give the dog nose to the dog.

He had better plans and would take actions.

“Although I was strong in the past, I was too weak to fight against the divine thunder over the sky, and it was too late after I learned the high-end cultivation methods and supernatural power.

I will start all over again.

The Ten Inches Dantian and the thunder seal soul sense are incredibly strong.

The opportunity must be in my hands.”

Zhang Han shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

He had already thought about it and had a plan, but he had to wait for the proper time.

Now, he had something else to do.

Zhang Guangyou was astonished to hear what Zhang Han said.

“You, you mean you can defeat Heaven Early-Stage cultivators What about the Middle-Stage, can you defeat them”

“As for those at the Middle-Stage of Heaven Realm, it depends on their real strength.

Im confident in at least beating them away,” Zhang Han replied.


Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

Three seconds later, a hint of excitement flashed across his face.

“Lets do it!”

“Lets go! Caprice Mo Sect and Limitless Sect are in the Seven Harmony World.

They are not very powerful, and there are only three or four Heaven-Realm cultivators in each sect.

This time, since they planned to attack Heavenly Knights Sect, I guess that they must have taken even the Earth-Realm cultivators with them.

Although they are evil, we should keep them alive.

This time, we can just grab their treasure tower…”

Zhang Guangyou said to Zhang Han while flying northwest.

He planned to give them a warning that they should not stand out after the withdrawal of the troops.

After all, there were only a few high-level masters.

It could also be seen that Wind Snow School was very powerful.

There were nearly 20 cultivators at the Heaven Realm in total.

In other sects, there were no more than ten high-level warriors, and some of them even had only one.

There were only six Heaven-Real masters in total in Heavenly Knights Sect.

He had thought that the other party would leave one or two powerful cultivators behind to guard their sect.

To his surprise, after Zhang Han arrived at Caprice Mo Sect, he sensed only five Earth-Real cultivators with his soul sense.

“Everyone in Caprice Mo Sect…”

Zhang Guangyous voice echoed in Caprice Mo Sect.

Before he could finish speaking…

“Hand of Earth Killing Intent!”

“Qing Ming Seal!”

“Heavenly Star Strike!”


Zhang Guangyou was stunned again.

Dozens of seconds later, less than ten people of the whole Caprice Mo Sect escaped, leaving only ruins.

Zhang Guangyou was astonished.

“Lets go and get the trophies.”

Zhang Han withdrew his indifferent Qi and smiled at Zhang Guangyou, which gave his father the feeling that… He had changed from an immortal overlooking all living beings to a spring breeze.

Zhang Guangyou was a little dizzy and went to the treasure house.

All the treasures had nowhere to hide in front of Zhang Han.

After hollowing out the treasure tower, they flew into the air again.

“Son, I finally know how the nickname Merciless Zhang came from.

Are you… Influenced by the martial arts heritage of predecessors Although I dont feel your murderous spirit, it seems that you are a little merciless,” Zhang Guangyou said with a bitter smile.

“Why should I spare our enemies lives”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and sighed.

“Dad, you are too soft-hearted.”


Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

“How can I be soft-hearted It should be called a heros style, right If you are upright, you wont feel guilty about others and yourself.

Its also a way to punish evil and promote good.”

“So we are punishing evil.” Zhang Han said with a smile, “What is a hero Take punishing the evil and promoting the good for example.

Sometimes, there is no clear distinction between right and wrong, gratitude and resentment.

Being honest to oneself is the right way, but it doesnt mean one cant kill someone else.

I have heard that since a warrior enters the martial arts world, they must be prepared for fighting to death.

This is only for martial artists.

As an immortal, the boundary between good and evil is really different, and we have to abide by our own principles.

It is right to follow the original intention, and there is no saying of punishing the evil and promoting the good.

Some people have done both good and bad things in their lives.

Its hard to distinguish good from evil.”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a few seconds.

He looked at Zhang Han strangely and said, “I cant refute you, but I dont think its right.”

“Hahaha, dont think about it.

They cant live if you do evil.

Since they went to attack Heavenly Knights Sect, they have to prepare for the price of failure.” Zhang Han sneered.

“Whats more, if I go back one day late, Mengmeng will not be happy.

Who will pay for my time”

“Well, youre right.”

Zhang Guangyou shook his head.

“Next, Limitless Sect.

They are stronger than Caprice Mo Sect.”

Half an hour later…

Limitless Sect was reduced to ruins, along with one cultivator at Earth Peak-Stage, two at Earth Realm Middle-Stage and six at Earth Realm Early-Stage.

Zhang Han and his father got 350 pieces of medium-grade crystals, 13,000 pieces of low-grade crystals, 6 divine objects, and 13 holy objects.

“Its too easy to make money.”

Zhang Guangyou was stunned for a while and then said, “Where is the next destination”

“The disciples that escaped are slow and will need time to reach the Kun Xu World.

We will go to the northeast first and finish the sweeping.

It is estimated that they will arrive at the gate of Kun Xu World when we are going to the southwest, and they will be late for any reaction.”

After pondering for a while, Zhang Han said, “Wind Snow School has sects in five realms.

Lets sweep the four realms, and it will be painful enough for them.”

“Wind Snow School has spent decades connecting the five realms.

Now, we have wiped out the four realms.

This is a herculean feat!”

Zhang Guangyous eyes were bright, and he felt great.

At this time, he forgot that he had not participated in the battles…

Upon seeing his smile, Zhang Han also revealed a smile.

The happiness of his family was his simple happiness, and also what he wanted to protect.

Mystical Martial World in the northeast…

At the entrance of the ancient mine…

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A line of more than a dozen figures quickly flew out, most of them bloodstained.

There was a beautiful figure with a pale face.

The middle-aged man beside her looked at her and said with a smile, “Lanlan, your blood training is enough this time.

When we return to the holy land, you can break through to the God Realm Medium-Stage.”

The middle-aged man spoke with pride, but the woman shook her body.

“Oh, I said, dont call me Lanlan.”

The woman was Jiang Yanlan.

The first thing she returned to do was to refine her blood in the ancient mine.

Now, she was ready to break through.

Her father heard her words and laughed several times before he said, “Okay, okay, its up to you.

My daughter doesnt like her nickname.

Its so sad.”

“No!” Jiang Yanlan bit her lip.

“I will think of an *sshole as soon as hear this name.”


The middle-aged mans Qi surged and his eyes narrowed, “Someone bullied you Who the hell is that Dad will go to kill him!”

“No.” Jiang Yanlan was depressed.

“Just a… Friend.”

“Male or female” The middle aged man was alert.



He got angrier.

“Who is he”

He was going to explode.

More than a dozen people around were all confused.

“This seems to be the first time our young madam has said that she has a boyfriend, oh no, a male friend.”


Before they could understand, a real roar came from a distance.


Everyone was stunned and their faces became dignified.

“Is that the direction of Wind Snow School Is there a fierce war that generated such a big fluctuation”

The middle-aged man pondered, waved his hand, and took the lead in flying towards that direction.

“Lets go and have a look.”

In about 20 minutes, they arrived.

What they saw, however, was astonishing.

“What! Wind Snow School… Has been destroyed”

“My God, who did it Who are those two figures that just flew out How strong are they to destroy the sect”

“The sub-sect of Wind Snow School in the Mystical Martial World has been destroyed.

Im afraid that there will be a big earthquake in the martial arts world.” Jiang Yanlans father frowned.

“The two seem to be flying south”

“Yes, they are flying south.”


All of a sudden there was silence, and then there were a few roars.

“Isnt south the direction of our sect”

“Go, go, go back!”

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