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Two days later, Zhang Han also heard some news.

He and Zhang Guangyou were sitting on the lawn, looking at Mengmeng who was playing not far away.

Zhang Guangyou said, “Yesterday in the secular world, Mu Xue killed a talent of a sect.

She appears to have broken through to the God Realm Late-stage.

Ye Longyuan killed a martial artist at God Realm Medium-stage.

Shi Fenghous speed seemed to be faster.

These are the three people who owe you crystals and there are other sects.

Many of them sent the elites from their sects.

The secular sect is complicated and has a lot of connection with the worldlet, It is estimated that the younger generation of martial artists will fight for a period of time.

In two days, Heavenly Knights Sect will send Yun Feiyang from the south of the mountain, Luo Feng from the north of the mountain and Wang Xiaowu as well.”


Zhang Han just responded vaguely to these series of information.

It didnt interest him at all.

“Those three people, however, said they wanted to kill you.

They do not intend to be merciful when they meet you.

Heavenly Knights Sect is not afraid of any force.

However, if Mu Xue comes to us, please spare her life.

Her father is also a hero who once fought against foreign enemies with me.” Zhang Guangyou said with some emotion.

“I see.” Zhang Han nodded to show that he would.

“By the way, how are you doing these days I see you running to Heaven Lake every night.” Zhang Guangyou smiled.

“Its OK.

Ive used almost all the items in my Space Ring.

I have not started yet.

I need all the spiritual herbs I got last time and whatever is available in the treasure house of Heavenly Knights Sect.

Ill try to break through with them.”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “As for spirit treasures, Ill personally instruct you on how to improve your strength and then it will be much easier to get spirit treasures.

The first one is Uncle Dong.”

Hearing what Zhang Han said, Zhang Guangyou felt a bit confused.

Zhang Hans words were always astonishing.

He even asked for all the spiritual herbs from Heavenly Knights Sect and wanted to instruct the Grand Elder.

“Although I know it is possible, I still feel a little shocked.” Zhang Guangyous mouth trembled, “Do you need so many treasures for your cultivation Arent the spiritual herbs enough”


“Fine, Ill pick it up in the afternoon.” Zhang Guangyou pondered a little and finally nodded his head.

He also wanted to discuss it with Dong Chen.

Perhaps this would not succeed, but with his sons talent, he felt that Dong Chen would not refuse.

“So many treasures are enough for many people to break through to high levels.

In other words, dozens of cultivators could advance from Divine Realm to Heaven Realm with these treasures.

When everyone has absorbed the treasures, they have to refine their energy, stabilize their cultivation and then continue to absorb the energy after the first batch is fully in control, which takes a lot of time You can absorb energy now, but you do not need to use so many treasures, right Or will your body explode with more energy than you can bear And what level can these treasures help you to reach Its not only spiritual force and soul sense, but also the state of mind.

This kind of comprehensive improvement is the right way.

In general, treasures only account for 30% of the cultivation.

The rest depends on ones own skills, mood, epiphany and talent.”

Zhang Guangyou felt that his son seemed to have some misconception about the natural precious materials.

He had a feeling that Zhang Han did not cherish them.

An ordinary disciple would fight for a long time for a divine weapon and would be too excited to fall asleep in order to cultivate with the exchanged divine object.

Why did Zhang Han regard divine objects as cabbages that were so easy to get

“Well… You have so many questions.” Zhang Han smiled bitterly and said, “First, these resources can only help me advance to the Middle-Stage of Innateness.

The second point is that I absorb these treasures not to transform the spiritual force, but to refine my body.

The third point is that my cultivation method is at the top tier.

With the help of Zi Yan, my talent is beyond my imagination.

My strength and background are only starting now.

You will know it in the future.

Im also thinking about the cultivation method I gave you, but its a little messy.

Youre my father.

At least I should give you the most powerful cultivation method.”

“Ha ha ha.”

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou smiled and said, “Okay, then Ill wait for your cultivation method.

Alas, when I reunited with you this time, I find that I cant give you any advice on the martial arts.

Anyway, its up to you.

Dont be rash.

Youre not only my son now, but also Yans husband and Mengmengs father.”

“I see.”

As they spoke, they looked ahead again.

Dahei carried Mengmeng and ran back and forth, followed by Little Hei, who was sneezing non-stop.

Zhang Guangyou said with a smile, “Little Hei has been sneezing a lot recently.

Is it related to the Treasure-sniffing nose I thought that supernatural powers like that were for special-power individuals, but it doesnt seem that way.”

“Its very simple.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “The gifted supernatural power is a kind of supernatural power awakened by chance.

Most of the cultivators have supernatural powers, which is closely related to the cultivation method.

It requires comprehension.

Gifted supernatural power is the secret method circulating within the human body according to the spiritual force, which couples with blood vitality and spiritual sense.

It is a kind of relatively erratic state.

For example, the combination of human and sword.

The supernatural power can be inherited, like some true ancient relics, the spiritual sense left by the strong cultivators will open up the small meridians of people.

If they have good comprehension ability, they will also succeed.

Its difficult to cultivate a gifted talent skill.

Whether it can succeed or not depends on Little Heis luck.”

“Look at the way it is sneezing, it sniffs everything for a few times, as if it is practicing the new skill.” Zhang Guangyou looked carefully at Little Hei.

“Even if it is not the same as mine, it will have its own supernatural power.”

“Its complicated.

Ill go to Uncle Dong and talk about it.” Zhang Guangyou nodded, “Oh yes, todays assessment of the outer-ring is over and about three hundred people have entered the Eight Peaks.

In the evening, they will choose the mountain they like.

Tomorrow morning, at 8 a.m., there will be the finals and the top 50 people will fight in the arena.

Those who lose the competition will be replaced.

Chen Changqing will be fighting.

It is said that his skill was taught by you and several elders are looking forward to his performance.”

That was to say, the Elders also wanted to see what level of skill Zhang Han had imparted to Chen Changqing.

Zhang Han was strong enough now.

They all knew that this guy was very good at setting arrays and refining pills, though they had not seen his level yet.

They did not about know anything else and were curious about it.

It was normal.

After all, he was the grandson of Zhang Shenwang.

As for Dong Chen, he was more curious and expectant.

He was very clear about how powerful Zhang Han was.

As soon as he broke through, he killed a cultivator at Earth Peak Stage and another at Heaven Early-stage.

His cultivation method should be good…

He wondered if he should try another cultivation method

He had not made any achievements in the past few years when he was at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Perhaps he could change to a better cultivation method which could also bring about some improvement.

He believed that if he could break the immortal legend at the Heaven Peak Stage, the structure of the worldlet would be completely changed and the Heavenly Knights Sect would be in an extraordinary position!

He was excited at the thought of it, but… was it possible

Dong Chen was skeptical about this.

He planned to watch Chen Changqings battle tomorrow.

While he was thinking, he did not expect that Zhang Guangyou would come soon and tell him about the… difficult thing in his opinion.

“All the spiritual herbs” Dong Chen asked again.

“I can leave some for our daily use.

Ill give him the rest.

He has just broken through and has practiced a relatively powerful cultivation method.

His meridians are re-cast and he has great potential.

Uncle Dong, you know, my son is a little weird and mysterious.

His opportunity…”

Before Zhang Guangyou finished, Dong Chen waved and said with a smile, “I know, you dont have to say that.

Maybe its not proper for you to give him all the resources.

I would not agree if someone else asks me.

But your son is really competitive and I regard him as the hope of Heavenly Knights Sect.

So dont say that.

Even if he wants more, Ill try to find a way.

Heavenly Knights Sect is not only for your family, but also for all of us.

Maybe some people are as gifted as Zhang Han and we will focus on cultivating them.

Of course, I will never worry about your son.

Go and get it.

Let him cultivate as soon as possible.

Only when he is powerful can his life be truly stable, let alone that he is now the target of Wind Snow School.”

Zhang Guangyou was also a little excited when he heard these words.

He nodded heavily, “Thank you, Uncle Dong.”

Zhang Guangyou respected Uncle Dong who had followed his father to fight.

It was no exaggeration to say that although Zhang Guangyou was a young master, Dong Chen was the actual spokesperson for Heavenly Knights Sect.

Of course this was also linked to strength.

“Lets go.” Dong Chen laughed, though he felt a slight heartache.

He not only had to give Zhang Han all the resources he had just robbed a few days ago, but he even had to use some from the inventory.

Heavenly Knights Sect… was so poor.

“Should we prepare for the trial in the Ancient Mine”

Dong Chen was thinking about it, but then he removed the thought from his mind.

There were many crises in the ancient mines, which were not suitable for cultivation.

“Ill take some Elders there when Im free.” He sighed.

In the afternoon, Zhang Han received a huge amount of resources.

There were countless spiritual herbs at the fourth and fifth stage.

According to a rough estimation, there were more than 200 kinds of divine objects and more than 500 holy objects.

These resources alone could promote all the members of security group to the Divine Realm, but their promotion had no effect on the whole situation.

What was needed now was high-end combat power.

Moreover, Zhang Han should firmly grasp the issue of safety, not his own safety, but the safety of Mengmeng, Zi Yan, his parents and Zhang Li.

That night, Zhang Han went to Heaven Lake again after Zi Yan and Mengmeng fell asleep.

The two protectors were depressed.

“Young Lord, there are no more divine objects.

Now we only have crystal stones to produce spiritual Qi.”

Pure energy could be obtained by consuming divine objects, such as fire bamboo, which provided hot fire attribute energy and the same was true for other divine objects.

Moreover, no one had been cultivating with divine objects in the sect until the arrival of Zhang Han.

It was the first time for the two protectors to see someone regarding divine objects as cheap cabbages.

“Here you are.” Zhang Han took out three kinds of divine objects, all of which were spiritual herbs for healing ones spirit.

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