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“Er… Jiang Bings swordsmanship is very brilliant.

Hes mastered the Eight Wind Sword Art.

But even so, he is still suppressed by Chen Changqing regarding momentum.

If the fight continues, Jiang Bing wont have many chances to weaken his momentum.

According to the moves they use, Chen Changqing will win in the end.”

The eyes of these elders and peak heads were very sharp, and they had a thorough understanding of the progress of the battle.

But the one who knew it best was Jiang Bing himself.

At this time, he couldnt help cursing in his heart:

“Damn it!”

“F*ck, what kind of bizarre move is this

“He wasnt this fierce when fighting Ma Zhan.

How come he gets so mighty now Why can he absorb my strikes to enhance his offensive moves What is going on

“I cannot let this continue…”

A glint of savageness flashed across Jiang Bings eyes.

He forced himself to fend off several Chen Changqings heavy strikes.

It turned out…


With a muffled sound, Jiang Bing was kicked out of the ring.

“So embarrassing!”

Jiang Bing lay on the ground and didnt want to get up, but he seemed to feel the gasping around him.

He knew that if he continued to lie there, it would be more embarrassing.

“Emperor Qing, youre really amazing.”

Jiang Bing stood bolt up, jumped back in the ring, and made an obeisance by cupping one hand in the other before his chest.

“Its a good fight.

Without the secret method, itll be hard for me to beat you.”

His expression was a little surprised, and so was his tone.

It also gave people the illusion that Jiang Bing still had a powerful killing move, but he chose not to use it and so lost the match.

But did the other party also have a killing move

Jiang Bing knew that there must be, but he wouldnt point it out.

With that one remark, he looked away.

Chen Changqing cupped his hands and smiled, then jumped onto the sixth arena.


At this, the place was bustling with noise and excitement.

“Is he going to fight Lin Shi”

Even the peak heads present were a little astounded.

“I remember that since Lin Shi had advanced to the Divine Realm, he has never been defeated.

He even has the makings of our Mountain Head.

He is invincible in the Divine Realm.

If Lin Shi can maintain the legend of invincibleness after this battle, he will really be matchless in the Divine Realm.

It is even possible for him to get the new title of Immortal King.”

A peak head rated Lin Shi quite highly.

However, Dong Chens eyes lit up.

Hearing that remark, he shook his head slightly to object.

“In terms of the cultivation realms, Zhang Han, who is in the Divine Realm, can kill even ones in Heaven Realm.

What realm is he really in then Even Brother Mu was not so heaven-defying back then!”

After observing the two battles, he also noted that Chen Changqings cultivation method, the Eight Drought Demonic Dragon, had greatly increased his strength.

“What an excellent Cultivation Method!”

Dong Chen couldnt help glancing at Zhang Han, thinking that maybe Zhang Han could really provide a cultivation method that could benefit him a lot.

“You want to fight me”

Lin Shi, who was on the sixth arena, had his eyes closed the whole time.

When Chen Changqing came to the arena, he suddenly opened his eyes.

His pupils were sort of small, like a wolfs, and they were filled with a threatening aura.

Seeing this, Chen Changqing was not afraid at all.

He conjured a divine sword in his left hand, and put his right hand on the hilt of the sword.

“I only need one strike to defeat you!” He said calmly.

“What did you say” Lin Shi frowned slightly and said, “I need three moves to defeat you, but only one move to kill you.”

In other words, he would vanquish Chen Changqing in three moves.

As soon as his words were out, a black stick appeared in Lin Shis right hand.

When he was about to make a move, Chen Changqing instantly drew out his sword.


A cry of the sword made the entire arena square shudder!

Under everyones shocked gaze, Chen Changqing shouted, “Eight Drought Demonic Dragon—Blood Dragon Slash!”


The ordinary sword shadow tended to be dazzling, but Chen Changqings sword was emitting the smell of blood instead.


He let out a roar of a dragon, with his imposing aura dashing to the sky.


With a loud noise accompanied by dazzling light, the spectators involuntarily screwed up their eyes.

Three seconds later, when they finally saw what was happening in the ring clearly, they heard a burst of exclamation.

“Whats going on”

“Didnt he just make a move”

The two people in the ring were still standing on their spots staring at each other, as if they hadnt fought at all.

However, the elders present were a little stunned.


They exchanged a look and noticed the shock in each others eyes.

In particular, Dong Chen seemed quite excited at this time.

Even the peak heads werent sure what had happened.

However, what Lin Shi said next made them unable to sit still.

He said with some bitterness, “You… are amazing.

I admit my defeat.

I cant figure out who else in the Divine Realm can beat you.”

“Invincible in the Divine Realm” Chen Changqing sheathed his sword and smiled.

“Youre wrong.

“My martial arts were all taught by Brother Han.

“He has gone beyond the Divine Realm, and I feel that he can crash me only using one hand.

Perhaps you dont believe it.

But when he was at the Grand Master Peak stage, he already made me feel as if I were facing a formidable enemy.

“So, if there is someone invincible in the Divine Realm, then it must be him.”

At last, Chen Changqing pointed to Zhang Han, who was sitting in the audience stand.

Then he glanced at the thousands of disciples present and said boomingly, “You can question his strength, but dont gossip.

I dont want to hear it.

My Brother Han doesnt want to hear it either.”


With that, Chen Changqing leaped out of the ring and strolled back toward Zhao Feng.


“Smack! Smack!”

Instructor Liu shouted and vigorously patted his hammer again.

Looking at his proud face, Zhang Guangyou seemed to be a little amused and gratified.

After all, Instructor Liu loved his gift so much that he carried it with him every day and thumped it frequently, which even caused his hands to swell several times…

As Chen Changqing returned, the people around him began to discuss his performance more zealously.

“Hes a kick-ass!”

“Hes indeed strong.

Defeating Older Martial Brother Lin in one move.

Thats merciless.

He said that he had learned all his martial arts from Brother Han.

Does that refer to our Young Lord”

Everyones attention once again fell on Zhang Han.

Even the elders, protectors, and peak heads cast their eyes on him.

The two peak heads, whom Zhang Han picked to fight with, looked completely baffled.

One of them, who was a middle-aged man with a flattop haircut, said, “It seems that our Young Lord has a deep understanding of Cultivation Methods.

Why dont I lower my cultivation today to learn about our Young Lords power What do you think, Young Master Dont tell me that you dont approve of it because its your beloved son”

Hearing this, Zhang Guangyou almost laughed out loud.

However, before he could speak, Wang Xiaowu, who was in the ring, smiled and said, “Peak Head, isnt it a bit of a bully if you come up and fight Young Lord is still young, and hes of our generation, so if he wants to spar with someone, it should be one of us.

How about it, Young Lord If you want, Ill spar with you.”

Wang Xiaowu was doing this out of good intentions.

He had reached the Earth Realm.

Although he was in the early stage, those in the Divine Realm definitely couldnt be comparable with him.

Moreover, each peak head was basically at the peak of the Earth Realm.

From where he was standing, if Young Lord went to fight those old guys, he would suffer a huge loss, wouldnt he

So, Young Lord had better fight against him instead.

At least, he would always cut him some slack.

Some people present had also figured out what he was thinking.

The two peak heads shook their heads and smirked.

They didnt feel like fussing about it and were ready to agree.

But Zhang Han opened his mouth to speak.

“Among the young disciples, there are five who have reached the Earth Realm.

That looks pretty good.”


“Pretty good Youre telling me Of course, its good!”

The eight peak heads all looked at him, waiting to hear what he would say next.

But to everyones surprise, the next sentence he uttered was completely different from what they had expected.

“Its just that theyre still not up to standard.”

Qing Ming Steal!


Zhang Han stretched out his right hand and cast five blue seals at the same time, which appeared above the five disciples.

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