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Chapter 780 A Dispute

“So he is the hope of our Heavenly Knights Sect, right”

“That must be the case.

I was wondering why Grand Elder agreed to give him all those divine and holy objects.

It turns out that he had his reasons.”

“Why didnt you tell us earlier” The two peak heads, who prepared to test Zhang Hans strength before, smiled bitterly and said, “Didnt we make a fool of ourselves just now He could even kill those in the Heaven Early-stage.

What kind of freaking strength is his”

“I finally see hope!” Sixth Elders eyes reddened a little.

With a trembling voice and an exultant look, he exclaimed, “After decades of war, our Heavenly Knights Sect finally sees hope!”

“This is great! Zhang Han is a real man.

Hes really made Mountain Master proud,” Fifth Elder said with a beam, “Hes better than his father.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone looked at Zhang Guangyou and couldnt help voicing their opinions.

“Yes, hes much stronger than Young Master.”

“Dont say that.

Young Master has been working hard to cultivate for many years and has gone through a lot of hardships.

Now, hes also quickly reached the Earth Peak Stage, hasnt he Of course, compared with his son, he really has nothing to brag about.”

“Perhaps things will always turn to their opposite when pushed to the extreme.

Look at the Zhang Family.

How unbeatable our Mountain Master was back then! But when it came to our Young Master, there was no more big news about the Zhang family.

After all these years, the Young Lord abruptly soared and became the most powerful cultivator ever.”


Zhang Guangyou: “”

At this time, he, who had been complacent about himself, was a little dumbfounded.

“Whats with them

“Why do they start to ridicule me again”


Zhang Guangyou curled his lips and said, “You are envious that I have a great son.

No matter how strong he is, he is still a work of my genes!”


The crowd burst into laughter at once.

Although they mocked him, it was because that the depression they had endured for so many years was finally vented.

They could not help but say it out loud, and it could also be said that they were just joking around.

Zhang Guangyou was also aware of this.

In fact, everyone knew it.

After laughing for a while, Dong Chen waved his hand helplessly.

“Your focus is a little different from mine.”

“What focus”

Everyone looked at Dong Chen again, only to hear him say in a slightly cheerful tone—

“Didnt you notice what I said The cultivation methods that kid provided are all top-notch.

How could Chen Changqing be invincible in the Divine Realm when he is still at the Last-Stage Its all attributable to his Eight Drought Demonic Dragon.

You also saw how powerful his cultivation method was and how formidable Zhang Han was when he conjured the seals.

He is a man who went to the main sect of the Wind Snow School and quietly assassinated 10 Protectors.

How forbidding are the skills he knows I cant imagine.

And how powerful is his formation art Since he is capable of breaking the formation of all sects in the world, it must have exceeded our understanding.

I heard that his elixir refining skills were even more impressive.

Gai Xingkong also said that aside from the knowledge of cultivation methods and secret techniques regarding battling, Zhang Hans attainment in formation was only second to his elixir refining skill.

He told me that personally.

From that, we can imagine how powerful this guy is.

If he hadnt been so close to Guangyou, I would have suspected that he had been possessed by an old monster.”

As soon as he said that, the expressions of everyone present froze.

“He is even better in elixir refining”

The pupils of Sixth Elder and Head of the Elixir Peak contracted.

“Thats right.” Gai Xingkong said with a smile, “He almost never made a furnace explode when making elixir.

I only heard him mess it up once or twice, and that was because the quality of the furnaces was too poor.

His success rate is nearly 100%.”

“One, one hundred percent”

Sixth Elder and that peak head looked at each other and made up their minds at the same time.

“Im going to consult him about the Way of Elixir Refining.”

The two of them immediately rose up to leave.

Recently, they had been trying some kind of elixir, but they had not succeeded.

But they said that Zhang Han was best in elixir refining, and his second best was the formation art.

Considering that he was already able to undo all the formations in the world with his second-best skill, how mighty would his best skill be

They didnt know the exact answer.

So, they just wanted to consult Zhang Han in personal and then would know.

With a few words, they would be able to know what level he was at.

If he really was freakishly learned, then they would properly ask for his guidance.

“Dont rash it.” Dong Chen waved at them and said, “What Im concerned about is that Zhang Han has top-level Cultivation Methods.

He is going to hold his wedding on September 9th, and there is still half a month to go.

Young Lord needs to go back and prepare for his wedding.

Our Heavenly Knights Sect has the Heaven-earth Formation, so we should be safe.

But Mount New Moon, where he is living, is not protected.

For that reason, Zhang Han plans to go back and set up the Heaven-earth Formation there.

And I also prepare to take two elders there to guard it…”

At his words, the eyes of several elders lit up at the same time, and even the peak heads could not sit still anymore.

They all got up and gathered around Dong Chen.

“Ahem, since he wants to set up the Heaven-earth Formation, First Elder must go there, and that leaves us only one opening.

You can have a discussion first.”

Dong Chens words made First Elder burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha, great.

Good luck finally favors me.”

At this moment, no one paid attention to the smug First Elder, but were all scrambling for the only opening left.

Sixth Elder said, “My cultivation method has always been my weak point.

This time, no one wants to compete with me.

Zhang Hans elixir attainment is very high, so we have a lot to share.

With my need for a better cultivation method and my study in elixir, the gain will be maximum if I go there.”

Third Elder snapped, “Bullsh*t.

If you have a second thought, lets take this outside.

Except for Dong Chen, who else is my opponent Zhang Han is somewhat brilliant.

Maybe the Cultivation Method he will give me can help me reach a higher level.”

Fifth Elder advised, “Hell give you cultivation methods sooner or later.

There is no hurry.

But lately, our Beast-taming Peak has practically been emptied by his spirit beasts.

For this matter alone, it should be me, dont you think Also, I want to switch to a more potent cultivation method, and I need to talk about how to raise the spirit beasts with him.

Look at his spirit beasts.

How protective they are of their master”

The peak masters also joined the discussion.

“I figure it should be me instead.

If I break through to the Heaven Realm, I can also become an Elder.”

“Right! Our room for improvement is the biggest.

Grand Elder, think about it, we are all at the Earth Peak Stage, only one step away from the Heaven Realm.

But Young Lord can already kill those in the Heaven Realm right after he broke through to the Divine Realm.

He must have very valuable experience.

Why not pick me Besides, Yun Tianyang is also very excellent.

I think he can be the next peak head.”

“Not only Yun Feiyang, but also many members of the Protector Group are qualified to be the peak head.

Its the most urgent thing for us to break through to the Heaven Realm.”


Looking at the people who had fallen into a quarrel, Dong Chen felt he was having a headache.

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Zhang Guangyou grinning.

Then, he said nonchalantly, “Since Zhang Han is Zhang Guangyous son, Young Master should be the one to pick the candidate.”

“Haha! Young Master, you know who to pick, dont you” Third Elder stared at Zhang Guangyou nervously.

The others also fixed their eyes on him.

At that moment, Zhang Guangyou was a little confounded.

“Who should I choose” He indicated that he was somehow clueless about the right answer.

“Dont you already know it” Sixth Elder said blandly.


Zhang Guangyou was driven mad.

“What fu*king answer do I have

“This is so hard!”

Two seconds later, Zhang Guangyou suddenly became serious.

“This time, we heard the wind that the Wind Snow School might attack Mount New Moon.

So, as for the other elder to go with me, he must be great in battles.

So, I pick Third Elder.

The rest of elders, dont worry, youll have your chances in the future.”

“What Since there might be a fight, you should put in more people.

I can avoid my duties…”

Like that, these people began the second round of the debate.

“How many people should be taken on this trip”

While the discussion went more and more intense, the thousands of disciples at the audience stand were a little confused.

“What are the elders doing”

“Seems like theres a quarrel.

Whats going on Theyre having a big row.

Look, Sixth Elders saliva is spurting out of his mouth like a rainbow.”

“Damn it.

Looks like Third Elder is gonna kill someone.

Why does Fifth Elder look so ferocious What in the world are they doing”

“The peak heads are also very active in the quarrel.

Is it because what happened just now is too shocking Our Young Lord is really remarkable.”


The competition was now completely discontinued.

The contestants were all waiting for the elders and peak heads in the audience stand to finish their talk.

Eventually, more than 10 minutes later, Zhang Guangyou helplessly offered another term.

Three more peak heads could be brought there, but the others would have to wait for the next opportunity.

Although they were unwilling to give up, the others didnt say anything.

They decided to wait and see what gains the first batch would obtain after the visit.

So after removing the soundproof layer with a wave, Dong Chen looked at the audience stand.

“The Sect Competition will continue and will last for only two more hours.

The final ranking will determine the reward for the resources youll receive.

The rewards youll receive this year will double those of last year.”


At this remark, many peoples eyes gleamed with excitement.

As a result, a new round of fierce battles broke out.

The new disciples, however, watched the competition with their blood boiling over.

They felt that the Sect Competition was too fierce, but what impressed them most were the scene that their Young Lord easily suppressed the five strongest disciples as well as Chen Changqings invincible bearing.

There were bound to be a lot of people who would find this day hard to forget.

After the Sect Competition, Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen went to Zhang Han as soon as possible.

Having talked about the schedule, Zhang Han decided to leave the Heavenly Knights Sect the next day and go back to Hong Kong.

In this trip to the worldlet, Zhang Han not only got a lot of resources, but also a haul of crystals, Formation Stones, as well as the necessary divine weapons to set up the Heaven-earth Formation.

Now the opponents he had to face were the Wind Snow School and those from the Caprice Mo Sect.

It was no longer possible for him to protect Mount New Moon on his own.

The Heaven-earth Formation was a must-have.

Moreover, coupled with the thunder yang tree and other two divine objects, Zhang Han already had a plan for the Heaven-earth Formation to be laid on Mount New Moon.

With the third transformation ability of the thunder yang tree, Zhang Han felt that it would take him only three or four hours.

However, Mengmeng and Zi Yan still needed more protection.

“It seems that I wont be idle in the near future.

At the very least, I have to absorb and digest these spirit treasures, cultivate the Skin of Demon, and acquire a new kind of innate divine ability.

If I break through the Middle-Stage of Innate Realm, even if I run into someone at the Heaven Peak Stage, Ill be able to put up a fight against him.”

Zhang Han felt the long-lost pressure.

“I still need to teach Uncle Dong and the others new cultivation methods.

Although they are at the Heaven Peak Stage, they have cultivated for a long time, and so have a relatively large barrier to get over the Elixir Realm.

Theres still a long way to go.

However, if they change their cultivation methods, they will have the ability to break through the Elixir Realm.

Im afraid that they wont be able to achieve it in a short period of time.

I cant count on that.”

“Ill only have time to relax when the overall strength of Heavenly Knights Sect is enhanced.”

Zhang Han gradually figured out everything he needed to do next.

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