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The Heaven Peak Stages Elder Gray did not even look at Barger.

At this very moment, he had been thrown into a pit in the mountains which was more than 10 meters deep.

He was in tremendous pain and his injuries were not minor.

However, the pain in his heart was even more unbearable.

He had lost!

“I lost!”

“How could I lose to the trash from the martial arts world”

“Ah ah ah ah!”

The killing intent in Bargers heart was increasing in intensity.

It seemed that he could not hold it in any longer and was about to make a move.

He took out two elixirs and ate them quickly.

His plan was to recover a little and then kill Emperor Qing.

Although he could not win in a head-on confrontation, he was very good at sudden attacks!

A hint of madness flashed across his eyes.

He could not afford to lose, and he did not want to either.

Somewhere far on the other side, there were also several people hanging in the air.

It was Ye Longyuan, the Devil Incarnate.

When he saw this scene, his gaze became heavy.

“I did not expect Emperor Qing to improve so quickly.

Even just 50 percent of his bloodline power is already terrifying.

Even I may not be his match.

Was he able to make such rapid progress because of the cultivation method that Zhang Hanyang had taught him I cant believe that Zhang Hanyang… is from the Heavenly Knights Sect.”

Not far away from him, Shi Fenghou hid in the void and did not dare to show himself.

“Fortunately, no one from Heavenly Knights Sect came.

Only Zhang Hanyang is here.”

Shi Fenghou heaved a sigh of relief, and then frowned.

“The destruction of the sects Heaven-Earth Formation is Zhang Hanyangs doing.

It will be a great contribution to have him killed, but why did the Elders tell me that I should not find trouble with Zhang Hanyang Why is that so Is there something going on”

He was also thinking about it.

It seemed that the elders of his sect knew something, but they did not tell him.

Many talented disciples were warned not to provoke Zhang Hanyang, but the Elders did not state why.

However, one of the young disciples overheard the conversation between the Caprice Mo Sect Leaders while they were chatting.

“Zhang Hanyang is so sick! How can someone like him exist His strength is so crazy!”

What did they mean by that

Shi Fenghou had once pondered about it for a long time, but he would never have figured out that they were referring to Zhang Hanyangs powerful potential.

The elders of the Wind Snow School did not say anything because it would be too much pressure for talented disciples like Shi Fenghou and Long Ye or they might feel despair because Zhang Hanyang, who was of the same generation as them, was so powerful.

They had thought that they were going to be invincible in the God Realm.

With a solid foundation in the God Realm, it would be much easier to advance to the Earth Realm.

For martial artists like them, there would definitely be no problem in the Heaven Realm.

As a result, this became one of Shi Fenghous doubts.

There were many other martial artists on the Divine List who came to watch the battle.

However, they did not come near and just watched quietly from a distance.

“Ah ah ah ah!”

Suddenly, a loud roar exploded in the sky.


Barger was spotted flying out of the deep pit rapidly with a trident in his right hand.

He flew towards Chen Changqing and roared, “Im going to kill you!”


Seeing this, Elder Grays eyes lit up, and endless energy filled the air surrounding Chen Changqing.

He, he had made his move!

He had only wanted to trap Chen Changqing and let Barger kill him.

After all, this was a fight between the younger generation.


Zhang Han frowned, and the spiritual force in his body went surged immensely and he was ready to make a move.

Right at that moment.


A muffled sound came from Bargers body.


Another thunderous sound was heard.


Barger cried out in pain quickly moved backward.

He lowered his head slowly, and the scene that entered his eyes almost made him faint.

He saw cracks appearing on his chest and his internal organs were slowly being devoured as if they were set on flames.


His face turned pale at that instant.

“What, what is this”


The crowd became dumbfounded as they watched the scene unfold.

What was going on Why did Barger look like he was going to die

“Come out!”

Elder Grey was enraged and furious.

The Sound of Thunder shook furiously and he could sense a black shadow backing up quickly.

While he shouted and as everyones gaze was wandering…

… A beautiful shadow of a hot figure wrapped in a black suit made appeared.

It came accompanied with a burst of laughter.

“Ha ha ha…”

Listening to this soft voice, Ye Longyuan and Shi Fenghous faces fell.

“Isnt this Mu Xue”

After Mu Xue appeared, she said something that shocked everyone.

She looked at Elder Gray and her voice turned cold.

“Who do you think you are How dare you put on airs in front of my master”

“You! Mu Xue!”

Elder Gray was shocked and angry, but he did not have the time to ask any questions.

With a flash of his body, he rushed to Bargers side and took out a bunch of medicinal pellets.

“Its useless.

No one can be saved after being struck by my sword.”

Mu Xue suddenly held the long sword in her right hand upright, and the blade of the sword suddenly shook.

The energy hidden in Bargers body exploded like fireworks.


Bargers body was still extremely hard, just like a rock.

An earth-shattering act was happening inside him, but he still looked perfectly fine from the outside.

However, his breath quickly dissipated.

He heaved out a long breath and pointed at Mu Xue with his right hand.

He wanted to say something but no words came out of his mouth.

His body fell onto the ground directly.

He died!

Barger was dead!

The thousands of spectating martial artists were flabbergasted.

They could not believe their eyes.

“Ah! Barger!”

Elder Grays face fell drastically.

He quickly ran over and hugged Bargers body, although he was very well aware of the fact that Barger was already dead.

“Mu Xue, youve gone too far!”

Elder Gray instantly turned around and his face was full of killing intent.

How many years had it been since he was last so enraged

However, Mu Xue ignored him and did not even bother to look at him.

Instead, she rushed to Zhang Han excitedly and asked with a big smile, “Master, how is it Ive done a pretty good job at displaying the secret skill that youve taught me, right Ive been hiding down there for 10 minutes, and then I gave him a fatal blow! I managed to hold it in, right”

There was admiration in Mu Xues eyes.

If the simple moves taught by her master were so powerful, what about the powerful moves

She felt that it was really a great opportunity.

After all, she had fought for this opportunity.

If she had not used the Goldfish Taichi Diagram, she would not have known how powerful Zhang Hanyang was!

“Not, not bad.

You did well.”

Zhang Han almost blurted out, “Its alright”, but when he saw Mu Xues expression and gaze, he tried to think from her perspective.

She had cleverly killed the unprepared Barger with one move.

No matter what, Barger was also ranked sixth on the Divine List.

She was considered very good.

“Haha, its because Master had taught me well!”

Mu Xues hearty smile and expression showed that her happiness was flowing from the bottom of her heart.

“You guys, you guys are asking for it!”

Elder Gray was so angry he was starting to lose control and want to keep them there.

Hearing this, Mu Xue turned around.

Her smiling face faded instantly.

She said in a cold voice, “What Do you want to fight Bring it on! Whos afraid of you Do you still want to talk Shut up! Today, if you speak one more word, I will immediately go back and ask my father to bring people to destroy your sect! Let me tell you this! This person beside me is my Master, and he is also the Young Lord of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He can kill you as easily as killing a dog! If you dare to provoke us today, be prepared to face my Luo Fu Sword Sect and the Heavenly Knights Sect!”

These words made Elder Grays face turn pale.

He wanted to say something, but…

How could their sect fight against the great army of Heavenly Knights Sect and Luo Fu Sword Sect


He was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Being at the Heaven Peak Stage, Elder Gray eventually grabbed onto Bargers corpse and left quickly without saying a word.

As their subordinates, the near 20 people from the Wuzhen Sect, left immediately without daring to make a sound.

Seeing this, the surrounding martial artists broke into an uproar.

“Mu Xue is Zhang Hanyangs disciple Are you kidding me”

“It cant be a joke.

If the arrogant Mu Xue admitted it in public, it must be true.

Besides, earlier on I saw Mu Xue looking at Zhang Hanyang very affectionately.

Im afraid… Alas, its really helpful to have good looks.

I dont think Im ugly, but I dont know when I can rely on a powerful female martial artist…”

“They have a master-disciple relationship.

I think there must be something different about Zhang Hanyang.

Otherwise, do you think Sect Leader Mu would have agreed”

“Barger is now dead.

I cant believe he died in Mu Xues hands.”


Almost everyone was talking about it.

Even Ye Longyuan could not help but step forward.

“Hahaha, my dear Mu Xue, we have all fell for his spell once.

We were once suppressed by him in the Grand Master Realm, but now we have all broken through and have reached the God Realm Peak-stage, but you still treat him as your Master Its really an eye-opener for me!”

“What are you laughing at” Mu Xue frowned and said, “Come over here if you dare, Ill kill you with one strike.

Given what youre capable of, you dont even deserve to carry my Masters shoes!”


Ye Longyuan did not argue with her because he had never won.

Although his words were frivolous, he looked at Zhang Han with a fearful gaze.

Mu Xue acknowledged him as her Master And she was also so respectful

This piece of news was too peculiar.

Given Mu Xues pride, this proved that there were too many problems.

Zhang Hanyang had already passed the God Realm, unlike what others thought.

His capability was a lot stronger!

“Could it be that he has already broken through the Earth Realm”

Ye Longyuan could not figure it out.

He took another glance at them before turning to leave.


Shi Fenghou knew that they had also found him.

He revealed his figure and was sneering as usual.

At the very end, he looked at Zhang Han with a deep gaze before turning around and left.

Most of the crowd also left one after another.

Emperor Qing was ranked sixth on the Divine List, and Barger was also now dead.

That meant that the original 11th place would now become 10th place.

The rankings would be moved around and it would affect the 50th place.

Many people would now fight for it.

Zhang Han did not pay attention to these people.

He lifted his head and stared at a corner in the sky with a casual smile hanging from his lips.

“You guys go back first.

I have something to do.”


After saying that, Zhang Hans figure moved and he quickly ascended into the sky.

This big battle of the Divine List had come to a close, but the crowd had not expected such a dramatic ending.

Zhang Hanyang had shown up!

He had become the Master of Mu Xue, the female demon.

Meanwhile, with just one strike of her sword, Mu Xue had killed Barger, who was ranked 6th on the Divine List.

She was the First Princess of the Luo Fu Sword Sect, and she acknowledged Zhang Hanyang as her Master.

Zhang Hanyang was also the Young Lord of the Heavenly Knights Sect.

He was the First Prince.

Many people had just learned of this news.

They felt as if they had discovered a secret and spread it to their friends.

Apparently, this information would soon be known to the martial arts world.

“Although Zhang Hanyang is not on the Divine List, he has now become Mu Xues Master! Amazing.”

The most shocking thing was the death of Barger.

Seeing her Master leave, Mu Xue was more relaxed and had no fear of her surroundings.

She looked at Chen Changqing and said, “Are you coming with me”

This boy was her Masters little brother, so she could not make him look too awkward in front of others.

“Uh, okay.”

Chen Changqing nodded and left with Mu Xue as well as Warlord of Chan Clan, who was smiling but not saying anything.

As for Zhang Han, he went all the way to the north and finally arrived at a small waterfall.

Someone was standing on a huge stone in front of him.

It was Yue Wuwei, the leader of the Stander-by Sect, whom he had not seen for a long time.

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