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Chapter 85 – Gift

Very quickly, Zhang Han brought over a can of cola and a can of beer.

“Take a sip.”

Zhang Han opened the bottle and handed it over to Zi Yan.

Then, he lifted up the bottle of beer and touched it with Zi Yans cola.

Zi Yan looked at the smiling Zhang Han in a daze.

At this moment, she felt that Zhang Han was actually quite handsome.

One of the Four Young Masters of the Shang Jing who used to be insufferably arrogant had become such a carefree person, which made Zi Yan feel a little emotional.

Gurgle gurgle.

After drinking two large gulps of cola, Zi Yan completely suppressed the complicated feelings in her heart, and her entire being relaxed.


Zi Yan stood up and stretched, then said lazily: “Ive been really busy these past few days, and I can finally relax.”

Little did she know that when she stretched in front of Zhang Han, her enchanting figure was completely exposed, with her protruding front and back as well as her peerlessly beautiful face.

‘She…Compared to the looks of thes Holy Maiden, they were not any inferior.

Zhang Han praised in his heart.

Looking at the time, it was almost one in the morning, Zhang Han muttered to himself, planning to ask Zi Yan about the obsidian crystal on her necklace.

“Huh” Zi Yan suddenly exclaimed, and said: “You took a photo of Mengmeng Its so beautiful! ”

Zi Yans gaze fell upon the pictures on the wall of the piano, and due to her curiosity, she walked over.

“Yes, it was taken a few days ago.” Zhang Han replied, he put down the beer, got up and followed her.

“So beautiful.” Zi Yans eyes were full of love.

Her daughter was so beautiful, but as a mother, she was very happy.

However, when she saw the picture of Zhang Han and Mengmeng, she was immediately stunned.

“The two of you look good together.” Zi Yan pouted and said.

It was true that the picture was pretty, but Zi Yan started to feel jealous.

There were only Mengmengs and Zhang Hans pictures in the room, but not hers.

Mengmeng was her daughter, she was Mengmengs Mama.

What did the photos not have to do with her

“Wheres my picture” Zi Yan remained silent for a while, before suddenly speaking again.

“What picture” Zhang Han glanced at Zi Yan and asked.

“Put my picture in the frame.” Zi Yan pursed her lips, looked at Zhang Han and said.

“Oh, okay.

Ill buy a few frames tomorrow and put your photos on the second floor.” Zhang Han laughed lightly.

“That wont do.

I want the photos on the first floor.” Zi Yan pouted, her tone a little stubborn.

“The first floor is full of photos, these are all specially picked out by Mengmeng and I.” Zhang Han looked at her strangely.

Isnt it the same on the second floor

“I dont care.

I want my photos on the first floor.” Zi Yan breathed in slightly in a hurry, and looked straight at Zhang Han, with a gaze that showed that she would not give in at all.

“That wont do, I agree, Mengmeng would also not agree.” Zhang Han immediately shook his head and rejected.

“Mengmeng will agree.

My photo must be displayed here.” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han with her clear and large eyes.

Her eyes seemed to say, if he did not agree, then Zi Yan would continue to argue here.

However, there was also a sense of grievance and depression in her eyes.

In this restaurant, if she wanted to fight for a photo, how could she have the appearance of a hostess

It seems… She is not yet mistress.

Zhang Han looked at Zi Yan and was defeated.

“Alright, alright, lets put your photos away, but there are six frames here, you dont need all of them, right Ill just give you a picture frame.

“One” Zi Yans eyes slowly widened, she snorted lightly, and said: “How can one be okay “I need at least four …”

“Isnt four too much Why do you have so many photos ” Zhang Han replied.

“What is it You hate me Am I not beautiful Whats wrong with putting up a few pictures of me ” Zi Yan looked at Zhang Han angrily.

“Thats not it …”

Zhang Han felt like his head was about to explode.

After talking with Zi Yan for a while, it was like talking to a big saw and haggling over the price.

In the end, the two of them decided on two photo frames with Zi Yan in them.

“Hmph, Ill send you a photo now.

You get someone to wash them out, one on the left, one on the right.

Do you understand”

In the end, Zi Yan revealed a victorious smile, took out her phone, and took out two very beautiful self-portrait and sent a message to Zhang Han.

Zhang Han took a quick glance and sent a red packet for five hundred yuan over to the members of Shadow Tower, telling them to send the photo over the next day.

After settling this matter, Zi Yan was satisfied.

She strolled for a bit until she was in front of the piano.

“How did you buy the Steinway” Zi Yan stretched out her white and tender fingers and gently caressed the piano.

“Who said it was for decoration” Zhang Han laughed helplessly, why does it seem like in Zi Yans eyes, he is nothing

“What is it From your tone, you know how to play the piano ” Zi Yan said as she glanced at Zhang Han with her beautiful eyes.

“I dont know what Im going to do with it.” Zhang Han shook his head and said, “When I was eleven years old, I was already at the tenth level of the piano.

I didnt play very well anymore.”

“Are you for real” Zi Yan said in a rather strange tone.

Piano was ranked from one to ten, which was just an amateur level classification.

It wasnt difficult to reach level ten, but to go up there required a graduate student from the Music Academy.

However, even if he was an amateur, a Level 10 [Body Fusion] was still considered impressive.

Zi Yan also felt that since Zhang Han knew piano and loved music, he should have something in common with her.

Besides, a man who can play the piano is cool.

“Why would I lie to you” Zhang Han was speechless.

Why didnt this girl believe him ever since she interacted with Zi Yan again

“Then play the piano for me tomorrow.” Zi Yan said in a slightly bashful manner.


Zhang Han immediately agreed.

He felt that the time was right, and so he once again looked at the obsidian crystal.

When Zi Yan saw his gaze, she immediately felt her body becoming somewhat stiff.

Twisting her slim waist, she scolded: “What are you looking at”

Although her words were true, Zi Yan was still a little proud of herself.

The reason she was dressed up like this, wasn actually all for the sake of looking of Zhang Han-the pig brother!

“Cough, cough.” Zhang Han coughed lightly and said, “Your necklace is pretty good to look at.”

“Humph!” “Smooth talker.” Zi Yan snorted and walked back to the sofa.

After sitting down, she took a sip of the cola and rolled her eyes at Zhang Han.

From her point of view, Zhang Hans explanation was disguised as saying that she had a nice figure.

It seemed that she had good eyes, but why did he look like a big log in the past

Zhang Han sat beside Zi Yan.

After thinking for a moment, he said directly: “Can you give me your necklace”


Zi Yan was slightly taken aback, and subconsciously asked: “What do you want it for”

“Its useful to me.” Zhang Han truthfully said.

Seeing that Zhang Han was not joking, Zi Yan finally understood that he was really talking about how pretty the necklace was.

Thinking to this point, Zi Yan felt a sense of loss.

“Eh …” Zhang Han sighed lightly, and said with a helpless tone: “Its really useful to me, not just to me, Mengmeng, you, or anyone else.”

With obsidian crystal, not only could he evolve a Jade-fire dew into a second-stage spirit treasure, he could also transform a pure Yang.

The amount of water in his body increased by several times.

This way, Zhang Han could buy some adult animals like cows and sheep, and feed them directly to Pure Yang.

Water, before long can be eaten, and it can also indirectly nourish the soil and water of the territory, the use of it is still very big.

“Then tell me what its used for.” Zi Yans tone was a little hesitant.

Regarding Mengmeng, she would make the biggest concession possible.

“You only need to know that it can indirectly improve our physiques.” Zhang Han said as he nodded his head slightly.

“No.” Zi Yan rejected her once again.

“Why isnt it enough” Zhang Han didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Zi Yan.

“You havent even given me a present yet, why should I give you a present first And this necklace is a souvenir given to me by my grandfather when I was young.

” Zi Yan slightly pouted, her tone revealing her dissatisfaction.

After meeting for so many days, Zhang Han had never given her a present, nor did he say anything that he cared about.

“Present… Oh yeah, when Mengmeng and I were shopping, we saw that a piece of clothing was not bad, so we bought it for you.

Zhang Han said as he stood up and walked to the second floor.

It seems like Mengmeng was about to use the clothes PaPa bought for him.

After a while, Zhang Han walked out with a clothing bag in his hand.

“Take a look” Zhang Han laughed and passed it over.

At the same time, he felt a little guilty.

He thought that Mengmeng forced him to buy this set of clothes, but he had never thought of it this way.

“You really prepared a present for me”

Zi Yans big eyes faintly shone.

With a slightly happy expression, she received the clothing bag, and after taking out the white fur clothes from within, she looked at Zhang Han with an admiring gaze, and said with a slight smile.

“Hmph hmph, your eyesight isnt bad.

Your clothes are quite pretty.

I really like them, thank you.”

Zhang Han just listened and shook his head, smiling without saying a word.

Zi Yan took the clothes and looked around for a while.

Then, he put the clothes down, pursed her sexy red lips and muttered to himself.

In the end, she raised her slender arm and took off the necklace from her neck.

With a reluctant tone, she said.

“Then, then Ill give you this necklace.”


Zhang Han didnt hold back and immediately linked the two.

Looking at the black heart-shaped stone, he placed it on his nose and subconsciously took a long sniff at it with his Treasure-sniffing nose.

‘obsidian crystal…

The aura of the crystal stone was very familiar to Zhang Han, he squinted his eyes, and his face was filled with infatuation.

Zi Yan was startled when she saw his expression, then her charming face immediately flushed red as she looked in another direction with her beautiful eyes flickering.

‘What is he doing

‘Is he smelling, smelling my body scent

‘Why is he so brazen!

Zi Yan was startled by Zhang Hans actions, and for a moment, she felt slightly chaotic in her heart.


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