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Si Nan was still Lord of Dragon Scale City, though that title was only nominal.

The point of the existence of Dragon Scale City had changed.

As if it had opened to foreign trade, the members of the Heavenly Knights Sect could go in and out of the city at will.

It was the only sect in the worldlets that was allowed to do so.

After hearing about this huge change, countless people were speechless with astonishment.

One day, Zhang Han accompanied the others to Dragon Scale City to enjoy the scenery of the Alien Domain, which was very novel for those who had come for the first time.

Lord Liu welcomed them at the city gate in person.

At the sight of the grand Lord Hall, Liang Mengqi, Zhao Feng, Ah Hu, Elder Meng, and others were stunned.

They never knew that the cities in the Ancient Mine could be so magnificent.

“Welcome, Zhang Hanyang.”

Lord Liu looked enthusiastic.

When he saw that there were a few ordinary people in the crowd, he cottoned on.

With a smile, he remarked, “Dont worry.

They will be safe in my territory.

I, Lord Liu, give you my word.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

This was practically a visitor exchange program.

Zhang Han would take the people of the Dark Shadow Clan on a 10-day trip in the secular world in exchange for his own mens adventures in the Ancient Mine.

“My royal brother has sent his personal ride, the Dragon Carriage, to me, so as to welcome all of you, our distinguished guests.

Everyone, please get in the carriage and follow me to the Kings Domain.”

When they arrived at the side yard, King Liu pointed to the huge carriage next to him.

It was about the same as a normal carriage in ancient times, only it was dozens of times larger.

In front of the carriage stood several creatures with a horses body and a dragons head.

There were five of them in total, and each of them had strength at the Heaven Peak Stage.

They were tied with crystal chains that connected to the carriage at the rear.

Zhao Feng and the others climbed into the carriage.

“Zhang Hanyang, Ill leave them to you then.”

Lord Liu smiled and pointed at the 10 people beside him.

They were the members of the Dark Shadow Clan who were going to travel in the secular world for 10 days.

Of them, three were Real Kings.

The rest were relatively inferior figures.

But the interesting part was that Si Nan was also among the group.

Lord Liu had given him a wonderful job—being the tour guide.

Lord Liu also knew that Si Nan had cooperated with Zhang Hanyang several times and had been on good terms with him.

That was the reason he gave Si Nan this position.

“Your Majesty, rest assured.

This time, I will take our men on a fantastic tour around the secular world.”

Si Nan patted his chest and promised.

This time, he acted really kindly.

When he looked at Zhang Han, his eyes were exuding cordiality and kindness.


Because there were certainly some gains for him.

Shortly afterward, Lord Liu waved goodbye to Zhang Han and mounted the Dragon Carriage.

Then, the carriage rose into the air and rapidly flew away.

Zhang Han led Si Nan and the others down the road with great ease.

On the way, Si Nan was also much more well-behaved.

It could be inferred that he was a little afraid of the other kings in the group.

“Uncle Dong, you can take over from here.”

Zhang Han waved his hand.

As it turned out, the group picked the same place that Lord Liu had chosen.

Their first stop was Xiangjiang.

When the group saw black men by the sea, they were amazed.

Seeing that one of the Real Kings wanted to get nearer to check it out, Si Nan hurriedly explained, “Your Majesty, they are not our people…”

10 days passed in a flash.

Those Real Kings reluctantly left the secular world.

Even though they wanted to have another tour, they had to queue up first.

Like this, a group of people in the Kings Domain would come out to visit every month.

And on each visit, there were only 10 people.

But it seemed that others had noticed the unusual movements on Lord Nan Shans side and kept inquiring about it.

As for this matter, Lord Nan Shan and his men kept their mouths zipped and had not disclosed any information.

“Are you kidding me The seats on this trip that my force has are already too few.

How could I let you guys take a share”

Half a year later, since the cooperation went quite smoothly, Lord Nan Shan also took the trip under disguise.

Once he had tried it, he was addicted to it.

On the second and the third trip, he was still among the tourists.

At last, he finally revealed his real identity to Zhang Han and chatted with him for a whole hour.

From that chat, Zhang Han also learned more secrets about the Kings Domain.

However, he was not interested in visiting the Kings Domain at the present.

As for the security group and the Wang family, after cultivating in the Kings Domain for a while, they went straight to the Light Gate and had several battles against Bone Demons in succession.

Their strength kept soaring.

No matter how great ones mastery of the theories was, one could only enhance his strength in actual combat.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Chuan was already two years old.

The little boy followed Mengmeng here and there every day and called her “Sister Mengmeng”.

Once, Zhang Han was taking a stroll with Mengmeng hand in hand.

The little boy ran over and said, “Sister Mengmeng, I just saw two people on TV kissing.

If two people like each other, they kiss.

So, I want to kiss you, too.”

“What did you say”

Zhang Hans eyes widened.

He lifted the boy up by the collar and gave him a good beating.

The boys buttocks reddened after that.

Then, Chen Chuan ran back to Chen Changqing and Zhou Fei, bawling with grievances.

“Son, you must behave from now on.

Before Daddy becomes strong enough to beat your Uncle Zhang Han, you cannot hit on Mengmeng,” Chen Changqing said in earnest.

Yet, he was also wondering how long it would take for him to defeat Brother Han.

He himself had just reached the Heaven Realm.

But the aura Zhang Han previously emitted was too profound.

Indeed, Chen Changqing still had a long way to go.

Suddenly, Chen Changqing fixed his eyes on the horizon.

“Whenever Heaven invests a person with great responsibilities, it first tries his resolve…”

In the martial arts world, peoples aptitude varied.

Some were not suitable for cultivation.

The further they went, the more distinct the disparities between cultivators were.

Zhao Feng and the other four talents in the security group, together with Leng Yue, had outstripped all their peers and reached the early stage of the Heaven Realm.

Most of the others were still in the God Realm, and a small number of them had made it to the Earth Realm.

Needlessly to say, Yun Feiyan and the others had entered the Heaven Realm without any difficulty.

The days passed quietly.

It seemed that no one saw Zhang Han cultivating at all, only that vast numbers of resources disappeared one batch after another.

Their disappearance seemed to have proved that Zhang Han was also cultivating.

Wu Ming had come to Mount New Moon to chat with Zhang Han several times.

The two really hit it off.

Gradually, Chen Changqing joined them.

The three of them often talked, drank, and made toasts to the moon.

The speed of Chen Changqings growth had made Wu Ming marvel in private.

However, he was not the only person who was incredibly talented in the world.

Jiang Yanlan and Mu Xue, the two disciples, had stayed in Mount New Moon and focused on cultivation.

The once famous Vermilion Bird seemed to have almost been forgotten.

This generation of cultivators seemed to have quieted down, and the new stars began to rise in the martial arts world.

An endless stream of talented martial artists appeared.

Of course, in terms of strength, they were merely at the Peak Strength and Qi Strength Masters.

It appeared that this world had returned to the time when Zhang Han had just made his comeback.

Ordinary folks rarely bumped into a Wu Dao Grand Master.

And Qi Strength Masters had once again become distinguished guests of the wealthy and the mighty.

Gradually, the names of Immortal King Chen, Zhang Hanyang, Mu Xue, Ye Longyuan the Devil Incarnate, Shi Fenghou the Little Roc, and the other famous martial artists were seldom mentioned, as though those figures only existed in legends.

It was as if they had disappeared without a trace.

When Chen Chuan was two years old, he began to practice martial arts with Mengmeng.

This boy was indeed the son of Emperor Qing.

He was very gifted and would not complain even when he practiced all day long.

He was still happy to be Mengmengs follower.

“Chen Chuan! Youre too dumb, arent you I dont want to teach you anymore.”

At first glance, the speaker was a slender, five-feet-tall girl with a ponytail.

Her little face was as delicate as that of a princess in a fairy tale.

She looked extremely gorgeous.

Other than Mengmeng, no other girls could have such heaven-defying beauty.

At the moment, Mengmeng was crossly staring at the five-year-old kid in front of her with both hands on her hips.

At the side, Zhang Guangyou, whose chin was covered in stubble, was watching the two kids with a smile on his face.

Five years had passed in the blink of an eye.

Mengmeng was 11 years old now.

She was not as naive and childish as she used to be.

Now, she was more resourceful and playful.

On normal days, no one but Zi Yan could keep her in check.

However, Zhang Han was the real one who could make her behave.

In front of Zhang Han, Mengmeng was always obedient.

But the moment Zhang Han stepped out of the house, Mengmeng would be difficult to deal with.

“Sister Mengmeng, dont be angry.” Chen Chuan said in a childish voice, “Im not dumb.

Im just not as good as you.

I didnt see the movements clearly a moment ago.

Sister Mengmeng, please show me again.”

“Alas, I yield.”

Mengmeng waved at the boy and said, “Forget it.

Ill demonstrate it to you one more time.

This time, keep your eyes wide open and watch carefully.

If you still dont get it, Ill spank you.”

“I see.” Chen Chuan nodded solemnly, showing that he was taking this very seriously.

“Here it comes.”

Wearing a white exercise suit, Mengmeng suddenly took half a step back with her right foot, raised her arms, and clenched her fists with her left arm in the front and right arm at the back, which was a very standard posture.

Abruptly, Mengmeng raised her right leg, flung it out, and swept the area in half a circle on her left.

Her left foot then gracefully stomped on the ground and jumped up.

When she was half a meter above the ground, she slightly withdrew her right leg to accumulate strength.

Next, she whipped around and kicked again, causing the wind to nosily blow into her trousers.

She seemed to have mastered the spin kick.

At this, Zhang Guangyou couldnt help beaming from ear to ear.

“Did you get it clearly Try it according to what Ive told you,” Mengmeng said to Chen Chuan.

“Got it, Sister Mengmeng.”

This time, Chen Chuan had observed carefully.

He accurately mimicked Mengmengs every movement and seemed to have gotten the hang of it.

His postures were perfect.

“Well, I guess its all right,” Mengmeng snorted.

A faint smile climbed to the corner of her mouth.

She patted Chen Chuan on the shoulder and praised, “Chen Chuan, youre quite amazing.

Youve only been learning this for 10 days.

Even I spent a whole day on this move back then.”

“Hehehe…” Being praised, Chen Chuan scratched his head and laughed happily.

“Continue to practice.

We wont have breakfast until seven oclock.”

Mengmeng glanced at her mobile phone and hopped merrily to the castle.

“Got it, Sister Mengmeng.”

Chen Chuan agreed obediently and continued to practice.

Zhang Guangyou, whose mouth was slightly trembling, was left on the side.

If Chen Chuan ever learned about what Mengmeng just said when he was older, he would feel heartbroken.

“Well, that naughty girl!”

Zhang Guangyou laughed to himself.

So far, he already had a strong relationship with Mengmeng.

He took a sip of tea and just sat there.

A few seconds later, he murmured, “Why do I feel like Im already living like the retired Should I go visit Lord Nan Shan for a change It wouldnt hurt if I go to the Light Gate and let my blood boil on the battlefields once in a while.

Come to think of it, I havent been to the Light Gate for more than two years.”

Zhang Guangyou had also visited the Kings Domain twice.

In five years, his strength had soared to the Heaven Peak Stage.

At present, many of the members of Mount New Moon and the Heavenly Knights were already at the Heaven Peak Stage.

Yet, for those at this level, it was kind of difficult for them to make further progress.

In the past five years, Lord Nan Shan had spent countless resources on the trips to the secular world.

He had even come out to plunder resources so as to provide for his 10-day tour program.

Why did he and the others want to come out so frequently Of course it was because there were benefits for them to gain.

When the 10-day trip program went on for a year, they discovered that their bodys origin bloodlines had been purified during the days they spent in the secular world.

Therefore, the cooperation with Zhang Hanyang had become Lord Nan Shans priority.

Just as Zhang Guangyou was lost in thought, Zhang Li and Liang Hao, who had become more mature, sprinted toward him.

“Dad, Im also a Grand Master now.

Arent I amazing”

Zhang Guangyous face darkened.

“Hell no! How many times do you want me to say it You two jerks, how old are you now Can you give me a grandchild or not”

As soon as he saw the two of them, Zhang Guangyou was reminded of this matter, which made him feel frustrated and anxious.

The couple had been married for almost six years.

But they still hadnt had any child.

Was it a sign of rebellion or what

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