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Quite a number of students eyes brightened, for they felt that their teacher was very interesting and not the dull type.

Mengmeng, on the other hand, was stunned at first.

Then, she covered her mouth and giggled.

There was no other reason.

Her mothers surname was Zi, which meant purple.

She found it so strange when she thought of having purple skin.

“There are a total of 46 students in our class, 15 of whom are from other countries.

They have blond hair and blue eyes and look unique and fresh.

There are five multiracial students in our class, and the rest are twenty locals and six students who are from other cities.

We come from all over the world.


Bai hopes that what is being taught in the next three years will not be in vain, even though my surname is Bai which also means nothing in our language.”

Bai Yilin smiled.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

He took off his glasses, wiped them clean, and put them back on.

“Oh, its true.

I thought my eyes were blurred.

I saw a student with light pink hair.

This lovely girl, could you show us your black and beautiful hair”


Mengmeng was stunned.

She was a little startled by the sudden request and being the center of everyones attention.

Mengmeng pursed her lips, took off her pink cap, and smoothed her hair.

Her hair was tied in a ponytail and there were two strands of bangs on her forehead, which cascaded down both sides of her cheeks.

Her beautiful face, which was as exquisite as a girl from a fairy tale world, was now completely revealed.

“Well… I did not see your face earlier.

Youre so beautiful.

Your parents must be very good-looking.”

Bai Yilin was a little amazed.

At this moment, the class seemed to fall silent.

Many male students were amazed by her beauty, while many female students were a little dazzled and envious at the same time.

Ning Hui pouted.

She was jealous and a little irritated.

“I seem to understand why youre wearing a cap,” Bai Yilin said with a smile.

“Because I like it,” Mengmeng replied.

Bai Yilin supposed that it was to cover up her good looks so as to avoid being disturbed by some boys.

This kind of matter was common in high school because there were numerous boys in every grade.

Although most of her face could be seen under the cap, her eyes were covered.

It was said that the eyes were the windows of the soul.

Mengmengs big bright eyes were particularly attractive.

It turned out that hats were one of her areas of interest.

Zi Yan also liked hats, such as round hats, caps, felt hats, brimless caps, fascinators, berets, and so on.

There were a variety of hats at home.

Under Zi Yans influence, many of Mengmengs interests were also inspired by Zi Yan.

Her life was filled with various activities and entertainment.

Mengmeng learned how to swim from Zi Yan, play the piano with Zhang Han, and was taught by Zi Yan to play the guitar.

This was also what Mengmeng often did when she was studying in primary school.

She always liked being with Zhang Han, so she was skillful at playing the piano, but not the guitar.

She could not draw well, but she was very proficient in swimming after lessons with Zi Yan.

It could be said that Mengmengs childhood was extremely diverse after they got together with Zhang Han, except for the dreary days when she was with Zi Yan at the beginning,

The shy and introverted girl also became a cheerful little girl.

She was not afraid of being the center of attention.

She was only stunned when Teacher Bai addressed her earlier.

She was a little embarrassed, but she was very natural when she took off her cap.

Bai Yilin said with a smile, “Dont wear a hat when you are in class, because the teacher needs to look into your eyes to check if you are paying attention in class, being absent-minded, or sleeping.”

“I know, Teacher Bai.

I just forgot.

I wont do it again.” Mengmeng stuck out her tongue.


Bai Yilins smile became even more genial.

They just exchanged a few words, but he had a good feeling about Mengmeng already.

The new Vice Principal, who had a powerful background, came directly to her and called her by her nickname, which indicated that she had a powerful background and she was also polite to the teacher.

Mengmeng looked good and was respectful to her teacher, which helped her win the heart of the teacher.

“Well, lets get down to business.”

Bai Yilin looked outside the door.

There were students from Grade 1 passing by.

He then continued with a smile, “As you can see, our classroom is quite dirty and messy, because the former freshmen are now in the second grade, so they have moved to the third and fourth floors.

This time, the classroom will be cleaned by the new students.

I think the other classes have started.

The bathroom will be crowded.

Why dont we wait for a while Lets get to know each other and then break up into groups to clean up.”

“Lets start with the first student in the first row.

Please come up to the podium.”

At Bai Yilins prompting, the female student in the first row on the left rose to her feet.

She was a bit shy.

She bit her lips and her hands were clasped tightly together.

“Im Elina Onapvin and I am from France.

My father works here.

Ive been in Xiangjiang for three years.

I like this place very much.

Ill settle here with my parents in the future.”

“Very well, Elina.

I know you now.” Bai Yilin said with a smile, “What are your hobbies”

“I like singing.

I like the songs here very much,” Elina replied.

She was a little nervous and did not know what to say next.

“Okay, you can go back to your seat.”

Bai Yilin led in giving her a round of applause, together with the other students.

Then there came the second student, and then the third student…

The students were of various sizes, including tall, short, fat and thin ones.

There was a very cute little chubby boy.

He introduced himself by saying that his hobby was to eat, and his dream was to go around the world and savor all kinds of food, which made the whole class burst into laughter.

Even Bai Yilin said that this was a great dream.

He was aware that it was not easy to go all over the world to savor the various food.

Many people had such dreams, but there were very few of them who managed to make it come true.

Mengmeng giggled at his words.

An enchanting smile appeared on her face.

Several male students looked at Mengmeng from the corners of their eyes.

Their hearts seemed to melt when they saw her smile, especially Bei Jinnan.

His heart was pounding as if he were in love.

It was very similar to the self-introduction in the first grade.

At that time, the first person to come on stage was Li Muen.

“My name is Li Muen.

Im a local.

I studied in Dongli Elementary School before.

Mengmeng and I have been classmates for many years.

We met in Saint Kindergarten.

We are very happy to be together in middle school.

Nice to meet you all.

My hobby is listening to music and painting.”


Accompanied by the applause, Li Muen returned to her seat with a smile.

The expression on her face clearly indicated that she was a bit nervous.

It was human nature.

Bai Yilin totally understood it.

People who were not familiar with the environment would definitely be a little uneasy.

It was Mengmengs turn.

Zhang Yumeng.

Bai Yilin glanced at Mengmengs eyes and did not spot much nervousness.

She was quite straightforward.

“Hello, everyone.

My name is Zhang Yumeng, and my friends call me Mengmeng.

My hobby is to be a hero, travel with my family, and play games.”

“To be a hero”

Bai Yilins lips twitched slightly.

He then asked, “It must be great to travel with your family.

Where have you been”

“Ive been to many places,” Mengmeng replied.

“For example” Bai Yilin liked Mengmengs crisp and pleasant voice, so he could not help wanting to prolong the conversation with her.

“Ive been to Los Angeles.

I lived in San Diego for a few years.

Ive been to Shang Jing, Ice City, Linhai, Xihang, Singapore, Hawaii, Maldives, Paris, Moscow, and many other places.

Ive forgotten what they are called.”

“Well… thats great.

I havent traveled to as many places as you have.” Bai Yilin touched his forehead.

He could not compete with Mengmeng at all.

She was only eleven or twelve years old, but she had gone to so many places.

No wonder she was so confident and not timid at all.

It turned out that her experience surpassed those of ordinary teenagers of the same age.

“Then, do you usually hang out with your dad or your mum” Bai Yilin seemed to be interviewing Mengmeng.

He was also a little curious about this beautiful little girls family background.


Mengmeng was slightly stunned and replied, “We go out together every time.”

“Your parents need to work, dont they” Bai Yilin was confused.

“My fathers job is to be with me and my mother.

My mother is quite idle and doesnt really go to the company these days, so she stays with my father every day.”

If Zi Yan heard this, she might have rolled her eyes.

“What are you good at Like singing and dancing,” Bai Yilin asked with a smile.

With such a pretty appearance, if Mengmeng performed at a cultural show, Class 8 would definitely attract everyones attention.

Mengmeng answered seriously, “Yes.

I learned how to play the piano from my father and learned to play the guitar, sing and dance from my mother.

But I usually dont have time.

I have something important to do.”

“Something important Can you tell me about it”

“To be a hero.”

“All right.” Bai Yilin stroked his chin subconsciously.

He thought to himself, “What the hell is being a hero Is it some kind of costume play”

“Well said.” Bai Yilin smiled and took the lead in applauding.

Amid the applause, Mengmeng stepped off the stage.

When the students were giving their self-introduction, the teacher took another look at the list and memorized some students names.

“Lets split up.

There are three rows in total, which will be divided into three groups.

Is there anyone who is willing to be the group leader”

Bai Yilin said, glancing at Mengmeng subconsciously.

However, she did not pay any attention to him at all.

She was not willing to be a group leader.

After being the class monitor for six years, she found it rather taxing.

In the end, more than a dozen people raised their hands.

Bai Yilin chose two boys and one girl and assigned them their cleaning tasks.

“Mengmeng, what should we do”

“Arent we responsible for cleaning the tables Lets do it.”

“Will you do housework at home” Li Muen asked.


Theres nothing to do.

My dad wont let me do it either.”

Mengmeng blinked.

It seemed that the big castle was always spotless.

They did not have any maids to clean up and cook, but they used to have several of them.

But now, it seemed that as long as her father was there, the house would always be clean.

Maybe it was cleaned with a blow of air by her father.

“Oh… My fireball skill is already as big as a football.

When will it become as big as me It must be super powerful.”

Thinking of the cultivation again, Mengmeng felt a little restless.

She wanted to practice for a while, but the conditions did not allow her to do that.

Feeling helpless, Mengmeng took a rag, wiped the tables, chairs, and blackboards with Li Muen and some other students.

While the students were working, Bai Yilin was watching from the side.

Some of them liked to show off and worked very hard.

Some of them were lazy, but Bai Yilin noticed everything they did.

In fact, the cleaning task was the first class for these students.

Bai Yilin had already assessed them in his mind.

Whenever he forgot any students name, he would flip through the files.

However, he couldnt help but gaze at Mengmeng from time to time.

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