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They simply surrounded him but they didnt make a move.

Bei Jinnans elder brother looked at the other party with frosty eyes.

“Brother, come here.”

He waved at the boy at the rear.

As Bei Jinnan walked over, he was quite nervous as well.

After all, he had rarely experienced something like this.

“Didnt they want to outnumber us a moment ago Check how many people there are now.

How do you want me to deal with these people Hey, dont move! Ill break your legs if any of you move a bit!”

Seeing that Xiao Ma and the others panicked and attempted to run, Bei Jinnans elder brother shouted angrily.

Many were so scared that they became silent like a cicada in cold weather and didnt dare to move at all.

Even their faces were a little pale.

No one had thought that this freshman in the first year of junior high had such a fierce elder brother as his backer.

“Youd better not show your face in front of me again…”


Before Bei Jinnan could finish his words, the door of the passenger seat of the front Audi opened.

A man in his thirties got off and came over with a calm face.

The beefy men wearing T-shirts outside immediately parted to make way for him.

Those who looked fierce might not always be tough guys.

And those who looked gentle and cultivated might not always be good people.

“Who are you”

In the face of Bei Jinnans elder brother, he curtly said three simple words.

Bei Jinnans elder brother knitted his brows.

He felt that the other partys aura was extraordinary.

So, he figured that this man should also be an important figure, only that he didnt know him.

“Wu Zhaokong.”

“Whats the relationship between you and Wu Shanxing”

“He is my uncle.

Who are you then” Wu Zhaokong asked.

“Zhou He from the Zhou family.”

“The Zhou family”

Wu Zhaokong was slightly taken aback.

He turned out to be that Zhou He of the Zhou family in the Jiansha District.

The Zhou family was also quite powerful, almost on par with the Wu family.

Wu Shanxing was basically the magnate in the Jiansha District and Dragon City.

That time when Zhang Li was in Brother Longs bar, Zhao Feng provoked a junior follower of Wu Shanxing, but that incident was eventually left unsettled.

He had become Bei Jinnans big brother because Bei Jinnans mother, Wu Sisi, was the younger sister of Wu Shanxing.

She was also an important figure in the Bei family and was in charge of part of the business of the Bei family and Wu Shanxing.

She did have the business acumen.

Wu Zhaokong was in good relationship with Wu Sisi, so he came to pick up Bei Jinnan from school when he had time.

The Zhou family was a family with a long history.

They had only gained strength and risen to power in recent years.

The patriarch of the Zhou family was a big shot.

At the very least, he was not someone that Wu Zhaokong could mess with.

As for Wu Shanxing, he was not someone that Zhou He could afford to upset, either.

Therefore, when the two faced each other, they both planned to sort things out in an amicable manner.

Even the brown-haired man, who had been slapped in the face before, did not say a word.

“My little brothers mother is Wu Sisi.

I usually come to pick him up from school.

I really didnt expect to bump into you today,” Wu Zhaokong said.

At this time, the two sides were standing up against each other.

But when he played the Wu Sisi card, he could slightly get the better of Zhou He.

“Regarding this matter…”

Zhou He also felt troubled.

If he made a big fuss about this and caused Wu Sisi or Wu Shanxing to take action, it would not be worth it at all.

“Youre the one who crossed the line.

Perhaps you still have no idea whats going on, do you Your little brother is too meddlesome, isnt he”

“Now that you are trying to use your sister to threaten me, I will have to just reason with you.

For those with high socials status, they gotta see reason.”

Of course, the few who were powerful enough to care for no rules were exceptions.

“Whats the matter”

Wu Zhaokong raised his eyebrows slightly.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Leis expression became a little stiff.

He really didnt expect that the other party was also so mighty.

His big brothers tone and attitude had already indicated a lot of information.

It was clear that he couldnt do anything to the other party.

Be Jinnan was also sort of dumbfounded.

Previously, he had absolute confidence in winning this fight.

But now, things seemed to be going down in a different path from what he had imagined.

Judging by Wu Zhaokongs countenance, Zhou He knew that he had guessed right.

He shook his head slightly and said with a sigh, “Everyone knows that men always have the desire for beautiful women.

Its normal for a young gorgeous to be pursued by several boys at the same time.

But the boys have to play by the rules.

It has to be a fair competition.

My younger brother, Zhou Lei, wants to be friends with her.

But your little brother tried every means to stop him and even made harsh remarks.

Dont you think hes a little out of the line”

Hearing that, Wu Zhaokong didnt know how to refute.

After musing for a while, he relaxed his eyebrows and said, “So thats what youre talking about.

My little brother didnt tell me that.

For all I know, there is someone who wants to hit him.

I thought it was for something else.

But what I heard is kind of different from what you just said.

Ive been told that my brothers girlfriend is being pestered.

I believe any man would give a warning to that troublemaker as my little brother did.

It is the one who tries to steal another mans girlfriend that is out of the line.

What do you think”


Zhou Hes face stiffened.

His brains were racing.

As if in a business negotiation, both of them wanted to have reason on their side.

But at this precise moment…

Bei Jinnan said timidly, “Brother, she is not my girlfriend yet.”


“Thats gonna hurt, brother.”

Wu Zhaokong turned his head and glanced at Bei Jinnan.

His eyelids quivered and he didnt know what to say.

Zhou He perked up and almost laughed out loud.

But he managed to keep a straight face.

“Look, I told you.

Its your little brother who is being too overbearing.

Hes just in the first year of junior high.

So, he still doesnt understand when to give in to prevent from being crushed.

Do you agree”

“Haha, my uncle likes Beibei the most, so theres nothing such as being crushed.” Wu Zhaokong laughed calmly and sighed softly in his head.

Then, he gently shook his head and said, “Brother Zhou, weve really been rude this time.”

“Brother Wu, you dont have to feel guilty.

Its just a small misunderstanding.

Its all sorted out now that weve had a talk.” Zhou He put on a smile and said, “The middle school students have no idea what love and relationship mean.

So, this is just a little dispute between the kids.

Zhou Lei has been spoiled at home and couldnt bear to be wronged in the real world.

Thats why I came here in person.

Since the misunderstanding has been resolved, were good.

Well, as Ive said, men always have the desire for beautiful women.

Since the two boys like that girl so much, lets just let them have a fair competition.

Whether they win her heart over or not, I think itll be a precious experience in their youth.”


Its a little inappropriate for us adults to meddle in this kind of matter.

We shall let them compete fairly.” Wu Zhaokong no longer wanted to continue the conversation and was ready to leave.

At this time, Zhou He finally patted Zhou Lei on the shoulder with a smile and said, “Did you see that This Beibei is also one of us.

In the future, you should take good care of him at school.

Dont let him be wronged.”

“Thats not necessary.

No one can wrong him as long as Im here.” Wu Zhaokong replied flatly.

Then, he called, “Lets go.

Get in the car.”

Just like that, the storm passed.

But the scene still scared many students in this junior high school.

They were frightened by the beginning of the event.

But when they watched the leaders of the two parties talk as if they were in a negotiation, the pleasure of being an alpha man seemed to have made their blood boil.

“I will compete fairly with Younger Brother Bei for Zhang Yumengs heart in the future.

Of course, if anyone else dares to interfere, dont blame me, Zhou Lei, for being harsh.”

Zhou Lei abruptly took this opportunity to make the speech.

That speech sounded a little selfish.

But it was also made to warn some of his own followers.

After all, that junior girl schoolmate was too good-looking.

If those guys also eyed on her, it would be a headache.

“If someone else comes to bother Mengmeng again, I wont let him off the hook.”

Bei Jinnan vowed angrily before he was taken away by Wu Zhaokong.

Wu Zhaokong reckoned that these two boys were too silly.

After all, which familys daughter could be good enough to make both of them get so competitive

Yet, many other students expressions changed.

They were now curious about the girl named Zhang Yumeng.

Some of them even wanted to go for a peek at her the next day.

However, they were not interested in chasing her.

There were a few who liked to have fun at the scene, but they already had girlfriends.

In middle school, the boys that girls liked were either good at having fun, studying, playing basketball, or were good-looking.

Their unique personalities could play a huge part in the game.

But once they stepped into society, the importance of their personalities would be reduced, and the influence of the money and power they had would gradually increase.

The two groups of people left one after another.

On the tree, Instructor Liu curled his lips.

“Oh, it seems that Zhou Lei is going to be added onto the List of Dangerous Figures, isnt he”

“That goes without saying.” Jiang Yanlan gazed at the backs of all those cars and mumbled, “A couple of days ago, Master personally told us that we must keep an eye on that Bei Jinnan.

Now, there is that Zhou Lei we must be on the lookout for.

Its only been a few days.

I guess there will be more and more people on the List of Dangerous Figures in the future.

I hope they know what they are doing.

Its okay to court Mengmeng with normal means.

But if they play tricks, given Masters character…”

“Its horrible.

Mengmeng is just in middle school.

When she gets to high school, especially to college, there will be more and more boys on the list.”

Instructor Lius tone suddenly became a little resentful.

“Lets go and cultivate.

Wed better have a cute boy as soon as possible.

Chen Chuan is already five years old.

We must hurry up if we want a share of hot sh*t.”

“Who are you talking about Who wants sh*t Youre the one who wants to have sh*t!”

“Ouch, sorry, sorry, I made a slip of the tongue…”

After teasing for a while, the two of them concealed their tracks and went back to the car and departed.

The next morning.

The news about the incident had spread among the students in the third year of this junior high school.

“I heard that among the first-year students, there is a particularly powerful figure.

His name was Beibei, and his big brother is a leader of a gang who is quite a bad*ss.

Yesterday, he even got violent.”

“Last night, I was at the scene.

That Beibeis big brother hit Brother Leis friend so hard that he spat mouthfuls of blood.

Later, Brother Leis older brother showed up.

But the two parties actually knew each other.

Thats why they settled the matter peacefully.

Otherwise, he would have stabbed a hornets nest.”

“Stabbed Yesterday, the big brother of that freshman called Beibei got stabbed.

His blood flew everywhere.

When the ambulance arrived, the doctors all shook their heads.

It seemed that he could not be saved.”


The rumors got more and more dramatic as they were passed on.

In the end, everyone had learned that there was a boy called Beibei in the first year of junior high.

At last, someone in the know told the truth.

“What nonsense you guys talking about There was no fight yesterday.

That first-year student called Bei Jinnan in Class 8 and Brother Lei both had a crush on a girl in our school named Zhang Yumeng.

The two of them got so angry with each other that they asked their older brothers to come.

After chatting for a while, the matter was sorted out.

However, that older brother of Beibeis did get violent.

He hit one of the followers of Zhou Leis older brother.

But it was nothing serious.”

“Zhang Yumeng.”


“Brother Lei.”


There came the topic about the three people.

When the third class was over, many students in the third year couldnt help but scramble to Class 8 in the first year.

“Who is it Which one Wow! Thats her.

No wonder, Brother Lei has sharp eyes!”

Those in the third year of junior high school were all wily old birds.

Some bold boys even called out to Mengmeng, “Mrs.

Lei, good morning!”

It caused an uproar in the class.

This also caused the color on Bei Jinnans face to turn ashen.


Mengmeng was stunned when she heard the title for the first time.

Just when she was about to say something, the third-year boys already ran away.

She now had nowhere to vent her anger.

Mengmeng was depressed for a minute.

Then, she suddenly stood up.

“Everyone, I want to set up a club.

This club only wants girls.

We girls can not only play together and have fun but also do something chivalrous and righteous.

Anyone want to join in”

“Im in!”

Li Muen immediately held up her hand and said, “Im in.

Ill be the secretary of the president of this school club.”

“Count me in as well.”

At that moment, five other girls also raised their hands.

They all liked to join in the fun.

“Okay, the six of you are now the earliest members of the club.

Next, our club has the first task to do.

Come on… Lets have a meeting.”

Mengmeng gathered everyone together and they began to discuss in low voices.

Seeing the lively Mengmeng, Bei Jinnans face looked less livid.

Those boys calling her “Mrs.

Lei” just now really pissed him off.

The break was soon over.

The next class began, and everyone focused on the study.

When the next break came, the seven members of the club gathered together.

“Which one is Zhang Yumeng”

Another three male students in the third year had come and stood at the entrance of the classroom, brazenly searching for someone.

“Its her”

They found the target at just one glance.

But why was this junior girl schoolmate having a wicked smile on her face

“Get them!”

As soon as Mengmeng gave the order, several mineral water bottles were rapidly flung at them.

“Bang, bang, bang…”

The three male students were dumbstruck.

In the daze, they vaguely saw that one of the bottles was still full of water.

“If that bottle hits my head, wouldnt there be a bump on my forehead”

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