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“Youd better take precautions.” Zhang Han couldnt see through it and couldnt help becoming cautious.


He released several formations around Dong Chens body one after another and used three kinds of defensive treasures.

“Uncle Dong, run the Four Symbols Formation to defend yourself.” Zhang Han smiled slightly.

“Dont you want to try your own attack methods” Dong Chen looked suspicious.

He was right.

“Well, then I will try your power after you broke through.”

Dong Chen displayed the Four Symbols Formation and the Black Tortoise Formation.

The light waves flowed layer by layer, and the defense had reached the limit.

Listening to Dong Chens words, Zhang Guangyou, the First Elder, and Mu Xue couldnt help laughing.

“Grand Master, youre so mean,” Mu Xue said with a smile.

They also believed Dong Chens words, as if Zhang Han were about to try his moves.

“No matter what the attack is, just bring it on.

If I flinch, I will lose.” Dong Chen patted his chest.

With so many layers of defense, he felt that Gao Chuan couldnt get through with a single blow a few days ago, let alone Zhang Han, who didnt have that kind of treasure.

“Okay, Uncle Dong, then you should be careful.” Zi Yan pursed her lips.

“Huh” Dong Chen was surprised.

Wouldnt Zhang Han attack Zi Yan was really going to fight with him

Did he need such much defense if she attacked It was really weird!

“Im going to attack you, Uncle Dong.” Zi Yan reminded again.

“Well, you two, just bring it on!” Dong Chen said out loud.

Although he was puzzled, he was not afraid.

“OK.” Zi Yan nodded slightly, and suddenly raised her right hand.


In an instant, Dong Chen felt that the surrounding space seemed to be sealed, and he couldnt even move his body.


What was going on! Under the stunned gaze of everyone, a fan-shaped energy body that was somehow smaller than Dong Chens physique converged instantaneously.

It moved downward as if it was going to hit a fly.


All of Dong Chens defense skills, including the Four Symbols Formation, were broken.

He was sent flying.

One kilometer, two kilometers…

He flew to the depths of the ocean, and quickly turned into a black spot and disappeared.

How far did he fly

No one knew it, but what was clear was that the attack was made by Zi Yan!

“My, my goodness!” Mu Xues eyes widened and her mouth opened wide in shock.

“Well, it…” Zhang Guangyou, the First Elder, the Third Elder, and others looked dumbfounded.

“This is Zi Yan” Even Zi Long and Zi Hu were shocked.

“Maam… is so strong” Zhao Feng and Jiang Yanlan were dumbfounded and didnt know how to express their shock.

Maam had always had the temperament of a goddess, and she was gentle, cheerful, lively, and generous as if she were an embodiment of all virtues.

But her only flaw was that she couldnt practice.

In the past few days when they saw Zi Yan, they could also feel her distress, and they were secretly anxious, but they could not intervene in it.

So what could they do

But now…

Zi Yan casually raised her hand and sent Uncle Dong flying He was nowhere to be seen.

Oh God, Uncle Dong wasnt dead, was he Zhang Guangyou shivered.

“Han, how is your Uncle Dong”

“What!” Zi Yan was also taken aback.

“I, I, I… what should I do Where is Uncle Dong” She sounded anxious, and she never wanted to hurt her friends.

“Hes fine.” Zhang Han touched his forehead.

“Hes a little hurt, but its nothing serious.” He was also shocked.

The fan that she had made before was hundreds of feet in size.

In other words, when it was reduced to the size of Uncle Dongs physique, its power was reduced by more than a hundred times.

It seemed that the attack that Zi Yan had made before had the power of the Yuan Ying Stage

The real Yuan Ying Stage It must be close.

It was insane.

The crowd gradually fell into silence.

Apart from the sound of the breeze blowing the leaves and the sound of the waves, there was no human sound.

Everyone looked at Zi Yan blankly, with astonishment in their eyes, as if they were wondering if she was the real Zi Yan.

“I…” Zi Yan hadnt expected that her attack would be so strong that she sent Uncle Dong flying directly.

Was Uncle Dong too weak

It didnt seem so.

She remembered that when she had arrived at the Heavenly Knights Sect, Grand Elder Dong Chen was well-known in the five worldlets.

Everyone had heard of him.

At that time, he was already a master, not to mention that he was a half-step to the Elixir Realm now.

The Heavenly Knights Sect was dominant and Dong Chen was quite powerful.

He was one of the top figures in the martial arts world now.

But such a powerful man couldnt even handle such a small attack.

“Uncle Dong did it deliberately” Zi Yan looked doubtful and asked while holding Zhang Hans hand.

“If he did it deliberately,” Zhang Guangyou smiled bitterly and continued, “he wouldnt have flown so far backward.

Look, hes back, and now he looks like a black spot from here.

Well… how should I put it Yan, how did you suddenly become so strong”

“I dont know.” Zi Yan pursed her lips.

All the eyes were focused on Zhang Han.


What was going on They were eager to know it.

“Well, Zi Yan had been very strong in her own right.

For some reason, her strength was sealed.

It was some kind of energy that she couldnt grasp before the right time came, so she couldnt practice at all in all these years.

Now the right time has come, so she became powerful naturally.” Zhang Han gave a vague answer.

Everyone understood it, but they didnt know the real meaning.

At this time, Dong Chen flew back quickly.

His aura was a little weak, and he sounded shocked.

“Really I didnt see it clearly just now.

What was that It almost killed me!” “Im sorry, Uncle Dong, I, I havent mastered the attack power well,” Zi Yan said apologetically.

“No It was you Well…” Dong Chen couldnt believe it.

He thought for two seconds and then said, “Hit me again with just half the attack power.

Han, give me a few more defense layers.” As he spoke, Dong Chen used the Four Symbols Formation and even the card.

Zhang Han also used several defensive moves.

So Zi Yan made another attack.

A fan that was much smaller than just now appeared out of thin air and hit him again.

Unlike those supernatural powers and secret techniques, this move appeared silently.


It shattered all the defense layers like a cannonball, and Dong Chen flew backward again with a cry.

He soon turned into a black spot and fell into the sea.


The sound of gasp appeared again, and Zhang Guangyou was stunned.

D*mn, Zi Yan had become so powerful

It was unbelievable!


Two minutes later, Dong Chen came back again.

His wet hair proved that he was as confused and shocked as he had been just now.

“What was going on” Dong Chen suddenly smiled.

“Oh, Yan, you turn out to be so amazing.

Great! It seems that in the future, everyone here will regard you as, um…”

While speaking, Dong Chen gave her a thumbs up.

“Finally I wont have to rack my brains to ask treasures from him anymore.

Yan, you have become so powerful and youre nice and considerate.

Look, now that youve become a cultivator, your husband wont have to worry about the resources…”

It seemed that he knew that it would definitely be much easier to get treasures from Zi Yan than from Zhang Han.

But he underestimated Zi Yan.

“Well” Zi Yan paused, blinked her eyes, and replied, “But I dont know any treasures.”

“Take it easy.

You cannot know them overnight.” Dong Chen looked serious and said, “Han, how is her strength…”

“Thats right.” Zhang Guangyou and others also quickly gathered around.

“How is Yans strength”

“Is she really at the Yuan Ying Stage Isnt she even more powerful than a Grand Master!”

“Oh, a real, beautiful Yuan Ying cultivator.

My God.”

They talked about it earnestly.

In the face of the heated discussion, Zi Yan pursed her lips and her eyes lit up with happiness and relief.

Now she felt completely relieved, and the negative emotions such as depression and unhappiness over the past days were all gone.

She was happy and a little shy.

Oops, the way they looked at her was so weird.

It was mixed with worship, surprise, and dazedness.

They were dazed because they wondered how she could be so different from others in terms of practice.

After so many years of hard work, they hadnt even arrived at the Elixir Realm.

They had even regarded someone at the Elixir Realm as the most powerful person.

Now she was at the Yuan Ying Stage, which was overwhelming.

“Why dont you feel it” Zhang Han smiled jokingly and asked the crowd in front of him.

“No, no.” Dong Chen shook his head repeatedly.

“My bones will fall apart if I try again.

Guangyou, why dont you try it”

Before Zhang Guangyou refused, Zi Yan hurriedly shook her head.

“No way, how could I hit my father I dare not.” Dong Chen was speechless.

God, she really could tell her family from outsiders! “Well, why dont you try it, Third Elder” Dong Chen said as he glanced at him.


Do you think Im stupid I dont want to be beaten up,” the Third Elder said with a look of contempt.

Dong Chens face darkened and he snorted, “First Elder, you go try it.”


“No, thanks.

If you didnt have enough, you can try it again,” the First Elder replied unhappily.

“What a bunch of cowards,” Dong Chen muttered.

He stopped talking about it, and then looked at Zi Yan with bright eyes.

“How much power did you use just now Was it 80%”

“80%” Amused, Zhang Han said, “It was less than one percent.

Honey, exert the strength that you just attacked Uncle Dong with on me, and Ill try.” He intended to try it himself, ascending to a low altitude, and deploying layers of defense.

Zi Yan bit her lips and didnt know what to do.

She hesitated for a minute, and finally only made a fan that was half the size of the one just now.


A series of blasting sounds emerged, and various defense layers were broken.

She eventually blasted Zhang Han into the air as high as 100 meters.

“Wow, its really powerful.” A hint of surprise flashed in Zhang Hans eyes.

The attack just now gave him a feeling that he couldnt hide.

There was no doubt that the energy of the attack was pure as if it possessed some unknown attributes.

A casual attack was as powerful and mysterious as a supernatural power.

“How is it” Dong Chen saw the gleaming fan more than half a meter high, and his eyelids trembled.

Zi Yan was really partial.

Why was she not so cautious when she hit him just now Wasnt she afraid of accidentally killing him “Well, what a loving family.” After saying it, Dong Chen felt that the irony was not enough, so he curled his lips and added, “What a well-matched couple!”

“Oh” Zhang Han raised his eyebrows.

“Uncle Dong, it seems that you want to continue to try the power of attack, right”

“No.” Dong Chen laughed embarrassingly.

“What do you think of it When I was attacked, I felt like I was facing an overwhelming power.

I couldnt avoid it and could only resist it.”

“Thats right.

In a way, this energy has detached from this world.

My wife should be at the Yuan Ying Stage now,” Zhang Han said slowly.

“Yuan Ying Early-Stage, Middle-Stage, or Late-Stage” Zhang Guangyou trembled.

“It seems to be around the Early-Stage.

Im not sure.

Were suppressed here.

Even if she is not at the Yuan Ying Stage, she should be at the same level as the Grand Masters in the Kunlun Mountains,” Zhang Han replied.

“In other words, can the Grand Masters of Kunlun Immortal World make an attack as powerful as Yans” Dong Chen asked.

“It seems not.

I suspect that the rules of this world have no restrictions on her.” Zhang Han looked serious.

“Lets go to the depths of the sea to try it.”

“Lets go.” At this moment, everyone was energetic and flew to the deep sea area one after another.

When he reached the sky over a small island, Zhang Han stopped and said, “Lets all spread out.

After Zi Yan attacks, well be responsible for calming the aftermath.

Lets stay some distance away.”

“All right.”

Zhang Han said to Zi Yan, “Strike that island with all your strength.”

“OK.” Zi Yan pursed her lips slightly and then slightly raised her right hand a second later.


The light of the bright moon was directly condensed in the void, and it gathered into a huge fan that was more than five hundred meters in height.

Seeing this scene, Dong Chen was stunned.


Zhang Guangyou, the First Elder, the Third Elder, and Zhao Feng, etc.

were shocked too and their expressions became extremely exaggerated as they looked dumbfounded.

“Oh, its so big!”

“Maam is invincible! Maam is invincible!”

In their eyes, the huge fan seemed to tear the space and there was a sizzling sound.


Before the fan reached the ground of the island, the entire island broke into pieces, as if it were dissolved, and even the surrounding seawater was constantly sinking under the pressure of the airwaves.

One hundred meters, two hundred meters, one kilometer, two kilometers… more than three kilometers.

Only 10% of the energy of the fan was consumed when it bombarded the island into the same level as the deepest place nearby.

It was horrible!

“Will it break the earth”

Such a majestic attack shocked everyone.

Even Zhang Han was scared.

“Okay, okay, make it dissipate.”

“Yeah.” Zi Yan hurriedly controlled her move, and the energy slowly dissipated.


The aftermath had just been revealed, and all kinds of huge waves tens of meters high, mixed with energy, swept in all directions.

“Quick, quick! Defense!” Dong Chen exclaimed as if the aftermath was very tricky.

Dozens of people made various moves to dissipate the terrifying energy.

They fell silent again.

“Is, is it the power of someone at the Yuan Ying Stage”

“Pretty much.” Zhang Han licked his dry lips.

Everyone looked at Zi Yan with a different gaze once again.

The Mistress of Mount New Moon suddenly became such a terrifying master, even the rules of the world couldnt suppress her.

She was simply too strong.

“How much energy in your Dantian did you consume” Zhang Han asked with a light gasp.

“Uh, it seems I didnt feel anything,” Zi Yan blinked and replied in confusion.

“Then continue to try, and we have to master this move first,” Zhang Han replied.

So Zi Yan began to play a series of extremely powerful moves that seemed to have ignored this worlds suppression.


In the meanwhile, in the void of the Sea Dragon Star Area, Yue Wuwei was standing in front of the blue storm.

His face darkened and his scalp was numb.

If one looked closely, he could find a little sweat on his forehead.

He vaguely muttered, “God, stopping fighting or you will ruin those bans!

“D*mn, what if she poked a hole in the sky

“Oh, I have a headache.”

Two hours later, Yue Wuwei wiped away his cold sweat and took out a palm-sized orb.

Watching it carefully, one could find that the orb at this moment was exactly like the azure blue earth, with a halo flowing on it.

Yue Wuwei said with distress, “How much energy is wasted

“I must hurry back.

One day or two days is fine if it goes on like this.

If it lasts for a few more days, I cant stand it.”

In Mount New Moons southern deep-sea area:

“Huh, you cant fly Cant you do anything else” The corners of Zhang Hans mouth couldnt stop trembling, and Zhang Guangyou and the others were also stunned.

Zi Yan was a little embarrassed to be stared at by so many people and replied in a low voice, “I, I dont know how to fly.”

“Use your energy.” Zhang Han was surprised.

He touched his forehead and said, “You can mobilize the energy in your Dantian, lift your body while controlling the airflow, and you can fly easily.”

“Hmm, I will try.”

Five minutes passed… “It doesnt seem to work.” Zi Yan was discouraged.

“Then try to make a small attack” Zhang Han said again.

“All right.”

Zi Yan lifted her hand, and the fan-shaped attack was familiar to her.

A half-meter fan appeared, and it dissipated after smashing forward for hundreds of meters.

“Now why dont you try to control the energy with the method you made moves and fly” Zhang Han suggested.

“Okay.” Five minutes later, Zi Yan said anxiously, ” I cant.”

“Well.” Zhang Han didnt quite understand.

But after several hours of exploration, some conclusions were drawn.

Zi Yan was almost at the Yuan Ying Early-Stage, and her attacks were extremely powerful.

But she couldnt control other energies, so she couldnt fly or make attacks in other shapes.

She could only use this move and couldnt operate any cultivation methods, and her meridians would swallow other energies.

Could it be that the move just now was exclusive to her

Zhang Han meditated for two minutes and took a deep breath.

“It may be that Yuan Ying formed too fast.

Although its yours, youve just begun to cooperate.

Theres no need to rush.

Lets go back first.

I believe we will know the specific situation soon.”

“Lets go back.

Weve been scared for quite some time in the middle of the night, and its time to get some rest.” Zhang Guangyou laughed.

“Next time if Gao Chuan dares to come again, Yan, dont show mercy.

Just beat him to death.” Dong Chen snorted.

“Yes, yes!” Mu Xue ran to Zi Yan, took her arm, and said admiringly, “Maam is now invincible.

Grand Masters will have to bow down to you.

When Gao Chuan comes next time, you can beat him to death!”

“Now we are invincible in the secular world no matter who comes.” The third Elder muttered, “Han, you said that Yan has the power at the level of Kunlun Mountains Grand Masters.”


Under everyones gaze, Zhang Han nodded and gave an affirmative answer, “Those cultivators cant block Zi Yans single attack.”

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