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Everyone was truly relieved now.

The last time when Gao Chuan had bombarded the formation for 24 hours, they were frightened, but now they had Zi Yan, a lethal weapon, who could kill him instantly.

They flew back to Mount New Moon happily.

Others were suppressed by the No-fly Zone and landed on the ground one after another.

They could only watch Zhang Han and Zi Yan fly back.

“What We have been practicing with them for so long, and yet theyre leaving without us.” Dong Chen started complaining again.

“So what Youre not an outsider.” Zhang Guangyou replied with a smile, “Besides, I think youre quite addictive to being beaten up.”

“Nonsense!” Dong Chen glared at him.

“Boy, I think you are pretty restless lately.

I cant beat Han, but I can beat you.

It seems that when your father comes back, Ill have to talk to him.”

“Well, I cant afford to offend you.


Everyone dispersed and went back to their villas to rest.

Zhang Han took off his coat and lay down with Zi Yan in boxers.

She couldnt fall asleep anymore.

“Honey, I am now a cultivator! Haha.”

“You can rest easy now.” Zhang Han stroked Zi Yans nose playfully.

“Honey, do you think that I am really at the Yuan Ying Stage” Zi Yans eyes were bright and she was very energetic.

“Of course.

Ive got sharp eyes.” Zhang Han gave an affirmative answer.

“I can hit anything” Zi Yan asked again.

“Of course, your attack should be a kind of supernatural power.

It can block the aura and make it difficult for others to evade.

Even the rules of this world cant suppress you.

You are better than me now.

I was right about it.

It seems that I will depend on you in the future.” Zhang Han had a strange feeling.

His left hand landed at Zi Yans slender legs and ran across them.

“Then I can protect you and Mengmeng from now on.

Its great.” Zi Yan smiled sweetly.

“You can do more than that.

We can go to the relics, the Kunlun Mountains, the Kings Domain, and the Ancient Mine together.

We can go to any place in this world.” Zhang Han smiled.

There was a slight scorching heat in his breath, and he tightened his right hand that was holding Zi Yan.

His left hand followed her legs all the way up over her waist and climbed up to a most fascinating place.

“Hmm, bad guy, how dare you defile me” Zi Yan stretched out her tongue and said mischievously.

“Then I will be a total villain.” Zhang Han turned over and pressed Zi Yan under him, and an erotic atmosphere filled the room.

“I… uh…” Zi Yan just wanted to say something when her sexy red lips were blocked.

Her arms wrapped around Zhang Hans neck involuntarily.

They longed for each others body, and within a short while, a beautiful melody started in the bedroom.

It was four oclock in the morning at this time, and it lasted until six oclock.

There was some noise coming from the bathroom.

After coming out and putting on her pajamas, Zi Yan nestled in Zhang Hans arms lazily, like a kitten.

Zhang Han lightly kissed Zi Yans forehead and said, “Why not sleep for a while”

“No, I wont sleep.

I will lie down for a few minutes and then make breakfast.

After breakfast, Ill have to show my strength in front of Mengmeng, haha…”

Zi Yan imagined how dumbfounded Mengmeng would be, and laughed for a while.

Her voice was sweet and soft, and it turned Zhang Han on again.

“Why dont we…”



They didnt do it again, but they lied in bed intimately for half an hour before she got up at 6:30 to make breakfast.

When the breakfast was almost ready, Zi Yan went to Mengmengs bedroom to wake up the little girl.

She didnt change her clothes.

After freshening up, Mengmeng came to the dining room in cute panda pajamas.

“Oh, how could it be called a vacation if you dont sleep late Dad, why did you get up so early today” Mengmeng muttered after taking a sip of porridge.

“Its not early.

The sun has come out.” Zhang Han smiled.

“I will take you to see something amazing after breakfast.”

“Oh” Mengmeng was stunned, and she even stopped spooning the porridge as if she was thinking about the meaning of Zhang Hans words.

Suddenly her eyes lit up.

“Are we going out to play again”

“Thats right.” Zhang Han replied, “We will prepare for one day and then enter the Kunlun Mountains again.”

“Dad, Im about to start a semester.

Do I still ask for leave this time” Mengmeng was a little confused.

This time she couldnt continue the vacation.

She would have a final exam three weeks later.

She could still have fun during the winter vacation, but the time was a bit tight now.

“There is enough time.

Finish your breakfast and you will know later.”

The family of three began to have a hearty breakfast.

After breakfast, Mengmeng ran back to her cloakroom and changed into sportswear.

She was wearing a white cap of the same style as Zi Yans.

“Lets go.”

They flew directly to the sea from Mount New Moon and stopped when they reached a certain area.

“Do you know why we are here” Zhang Han asked in a mysterious tone.

“Why Diving” Mengmeng asked.

“No.” Zhang Han coughed slightly and said solemnly, “In fact, your mother is a very powerful cultivator.

She has never told you because she stands at a height that makes people look up to her.

Now your strength has improved very quickly, and you will probably reach the Foundation Stage soon, so its time for you to see your mothers strength.”

“Huh” Mengmeng was bluffed for a moment.

“Mom is great” Mengmeng turned to look at Zi Yan.

Zi Yan rolled her eyes at Zhang Han with a suppressed smile and said, “Well, I have always been great.



“Oh! Mom, its amazing!” Mengmeng was taken aback.

She looked at the thing carefully and was suspicious.

“Mom, how come you made a fly swatter”

“What fly swatter It is obviously the Sea Moon Fan.” Zi Yan paused slightly.

The moon was bright above the sea, so she had named it the Sea Moon Fan.


The attack smashed the sea into a huge depression, and its power was earth-shattering.

Yue Wuwei trembled again somewhere else and wondered, “Is she attacking again”

“Wow! So powerful!” Mengmeng was dumbfounded.

Zhang Han dissipated the aftermath of the energy, executed more than 20 formations in all directions, and said, “Its just the beginning.

Honey, show Mengmeng with all your strength.”

“OK.” Zi Yan smiled.

“Mengmeng, look how amazing I am.

The older is wiser.

Sea Moon Fan!”

With full effort, the huge fan-shaped energy of more than one hundred feet long rippled and smashed down ferociously.


The monstrous energy seemed to break the void.

It was the first time Mengmeng had seen such a violent attack.


She was greatly shocked.

“Dissipate quickly,” Zhang Han said when it was about time.

“OK.” Zi Yan obediently dissipated the attack.

The huge aftermath continuously shattered the formations set by Zhang Han, and when it came to the second-to-last layer of formations, the monstrous wave was finally blocked.

One minute later, the sea returned to calm.

“Wow” Mengmeng stared at Zi Yan with big shining eyes.

“Mom, you, you are so powerful”

“See that” Zhang Han chuckled.

“From now on, both of us will have to depend on your mother.”

“Huh, we will,” Zi Yan said proudly with a grin.

Zhang Han laughed.

“Wow!” Mengmeng immediately hugged Zi Yans waist and looked very happy.

“Great, Mom is also a cultivator, wow!”

The reason why she was so happy was, of course, that they could go out for adventures together in the future.

Her mother was a cultivator, so she wouldnt stop her from going out to play.

The idea of playing freely satisfied her a lot.

“Im better than your Dad now.

Look, you dont have to please your Dad anymore.

Mom will take you to fly,” Zi Yan said with a grin.

“Oh, thats great! You can take her to fly.” A smirk flashed across Zhang Hans mouth.


Zi Yans heart skipped a beat when she saw his smirk, as if she had guessed something.

The next second.



Two beautiful screams rang out, and the two of them fell into the sea in free fall from a height of hundred meters in the air.

“Haha…” Zhang Han laughed and followed.

The sense of excitement rose quickly, and Zhang Han emitted a strand of soft energy as he approached the surface of the sea.


Zi Yan and Mengmeng fell into the sea very smoothly.

Zhang Han also plunged into the sea.

He had played in the sea many times, but this time he felt different, because Zi Yan had also become a cultivator, and her mood was good.

When the mother was happy, their daughter Mengmeng became even happier.

The mother and daughter smiled, and Zhang Han smiled too.

They were a happy family.

After playing for about two hours, they returned to the waters of Mount New Moon.

“Han, did you just come back Your grandpa is here, and he wants to try Yans attacks.”

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen were all waiting for Zhang Han.

“I heard that she became a cultivator at the Yuan Ying Stage overnight This is no joke.”

Zhang Mu frowned, walked up to Zhang Han, and said, “She has a lot of power.

But if it consumes some energy in her body or some treasure, it is easy to hurt her.” “Grandpa, youre right, but none of those situations is true.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“Im pretty sure its her own strength.

Grandpa, you can experience it first and then talk about it.”

“Okay.” Zhang Mu nodded.

“Brother Mu, prepare more defense layers.

Yans attack power is very strong.” Dong Chen reminded him.


Various defensive moves appeared, and Zhang Mu was covered by energy.

Zi Yan made one move.

As a result, Zhang Mu was sent thousands of meters high with a loud sound.

After coming back, he looked dazed.

What was going on

After the explanation, Zhang Guangyou added in a deep voice, “Dad, we can take revenge on them now.”


It suddenly became quiet.

Zhang Mus eyes were slightly red, and he took a deep breath.

“Its time for revenge, but I cant do it myself.”

“You will kill Nan Feng yourself,” Zhang Han said slowly.

Zhang Mu was shocked.

“Okay, Ill kill Nan Feng myself!”


“Hurry up to the Kunlun Mountains to find out the news.

“Tomorrow, we will enter the Kunlun Mountains.” Zhang Mu issued an order and they left quickly.

But here was the problem.

“The last time when Gao Chuan took the Nirvana Tree down, he didnt break the formation and went back without success.

I guess that he went back to get some formation-breaking treasures in the Wind Snow Temple.

Should we deal with Gao Chuan before going to the Kunlun Mountains” Dong Chen asked.

“All right, lets find out about the situation first.” Zhang Mu put away his thoughts and smiled.

“I didnt expect the hope of revenge to come from my granddaughter-in-law.

Thank you.”

“Grandpa, youre very welcome.” Zi Yan pursed her lips.

“Yes, dont stand on ceremony, Great-Grandpa.

You are my fathers grandfather, so for the sake of my father, my mother will lend a helping hand,” Mengmeng muttered.

This made Zi Yans face slightly stiff, and she looked back and pinched the cheek of the little girl.

“Youre getting naughtier.

This time I will go to the Kunlun Mountains, and you should go to school honestly.

You cant go anywhere!”

“Humph.” Mengmeng snorted faintly.

The slightly sad atmosphere quickly dissipated.

Mengmeng suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “Oh, Mom, why is Tiny Tot gone Where did it go”

“Oh!” Zi Yan was shocked suddenly.

Last night, she had a good time with her husband in the whole room, and they did it on the sofa, on the hanging basket, and in the bathroom.

Tiny Tot had gotten into her wrist, so it had probably seen everything.

She blushed.

“It seems to be asleep.

Honey, why dont you try to summon it” Zhang Han sounded a little uncertain.

“How should I do” Zi Yan asked.

“Just focus your mind and ask it to come out.” Zhang Han explained.

Now everyone else was also curious.

Tiny Tot had always played the role of a little penguin in Mount New Moon.

It was cute, but they knew how powerful Tiny Tot was.

“Then I will try.” Zi Yan looked at her wrist and muttered to herself, “Tiny Tot, come out quickly.

I hope you didnt see anything inappropriate last night.

You little guy, come out quickly.

Dahei, Little Hei, and Mengmeng are waiting for you to play.”

It seemed to work.

The mark on Zi Yans wrist was getting brighter.


In an instant, an ethereal voice rang throughout the world.


A black shadow appeared, and it was getting bigger and bigger.

It soon became more than 30 meters long, as huge as a whale, and its whole body was black.

There was a lot of faint black mist around it, which made it look quite mysterious.

“Coo!” Tiny Tot cried again with its mouth facing the sea.


A strong wind suddenly appeared, and the seawater flew into Tiny Tots mouth.

It tasted it and stopped after it found that it didnt taste good.

“Huh Tiny Tot has grown up This isnt Tiny Tot anymore!” Mengmeng said, confused.

“Coo…” Tiny Tot cried again, and its body gradually getting smaller until it became a small penguin again, and then it cried, “Coo.”

“Oh, your real body is so big!”

Mengmeng ran over and hugged Tiny Tot, caressing his hair frantically.

The others went back to Mount New Moon to rest, waiting for news.

In the martial arts world of South Africa, the passage was in the north, south, and west of Kunlun Immortal World.

During this period of time, cultivators from the Holy World were mainly active in these three regions.

A lot of things had been reported, and there were a few big battles.

In contrast, the martial arts world of the Hua nation was silent.

Were they any cultivators of Kunlun Immortal World


Since being slaughtered by Zhang Hanyang last time, none of them dared to come down.

How frustrating!

Why was the gap between people so huge Various views could be seen from the martial arts forums around the world.

“We have been bullied three times by the cultivators of the Holy World, why didnt we see a big shot like Zhang Hanyang” The cultivators from other regions were enjoying the show.

“Its really interesting.

The guys from the East Domain encountered a shocking obstacle, and they were beaten up in the Kunlun Mountains and didnt dare to come out ever again.”

“Indeed, Zhang Hanyang is so strong.

I just heard yesterday that he went to the East Domain and caused a lot of trouble.

Someone at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage could do nothing to him, and those at the Early-Stage and Middle–Stage are no match for him at all.

Such an opponent is intimidating.”

“Although this is the case, he shouldnt have been so ruthless.

There are many sects in the East Domain.

Those who went down were representatives.

He killed most of them and offended many sects.

Most of those sects want to kill him.

I just got the news that there is already a joint force of 26 sects, and they are planning to go to the inferior world with treasures to deal with Zhang Hanyang.

He is still too young to learn forbearance.

With his aptitude, he will certainly become a powerful figure in about ten years, but now he has to face the pressure from more than half of the East Domain.”

“Yeah, most of the East Domain is involved.

This time there will be a lot of fun.

I will go back to the East Domain to see the show.”


Countless voices sounded in various regions.

Some idle cultivators were all paying attention to this matter.

After all, this was the first time they had seen the Kunlun Mountains cultivators being defeated by a secular warrior in the past thousands of years.

At the same time, in the Wind Snow Temple, the Grand Master at the Yuan Ying Stage also heard of this.

“A secular warrior can reach this level.

Oh, he is very powerful.” His tone was affirmative, but then he said, “He and Nan Feng have been sworn enemies.

Hei Yi, you will accompany Gao Chuan to the inferior world to kill him and make sure there will be no future trouble.”

“Yes!” A black-robed man bowed and left.

Hei Yi!

He was a mysterious figure in the Wind Snow Temple.

Most people didnt know his identity.

Only Nan Feng knew it.

Hei Yi was a top-level expert, and he was likely to reach the Yuan Ying Stage in twenty years and become the ninth Grand Master of the East Domain!

Soon, he walked to Nan Feng.

Seeing him, Nan Feng cupped his hands and greeted him respectfully.

“Uncle Hei, Im sorry for my incompetence.

Thank you for making the trip.” Nan Feng sounded ashamed.

“It has nothing to do with you.

Even your father would not have expected such a person to appear in the inferior world,” Hei Yi said in a low voice.

“But this time I will go there, and I will kill him once for all.

Always remember to nip the crisis in the bud.”

“I will remember it.” Nan Feng nodded, and added, “I heard that twenty-six sects are united and they will go to the inferior world together tomorrow.

Uncle Hei, do you want to go with them Zhang Hanyang is weird, and its good to use some of them a human shield.”

“No need.” Hei Yi waved his hand and nodded lightly to Gao Chuan.

The two flew out of the window and left quickly.

“Uncle Hei is on a mission this time.

There should be… no accidents.”

Nan Feng looked at the backs of the two of them, and suddenly felt some sense of crisis, which made him a little upset.

It was the first time he had had such an uncertain feeling.

“Zhang Hanyang, what kind of person are you” he thought.

Nan Feng was curious.

“But unfortunately, you must die.

Uncle Hei is definitely much more powerful than Gao Chuan.”

Although both of them were at the Elixir Realm Peak-Stage, the gap between those at the same stage was huge.

Some of them were outrageously strong, while others may not even be able to defeat a Late-Stage expert.

It depended on their fortune.

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