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Xi Ning did not refuse.

Not long after he got in the car, Xiao CongYi took out a brand new lunch box and handed it to him.

“Mian Mian hasnt wanted to see me lately, so please pass this lunch box to him and just say that its from me.”

Xi Ning only suffered a loss yesterday, so he shook his head several times.

“Of course you have to deliver your things personally.

Lin Mian stays in the classroom all day.

Even if he doesnt want to see you, where can he hide”

Xiao CongYi took back the lunch box silently, and it didnt take long for Xi Ning to receive a prompt for added mission points.

[The plot is slightly drifted from the original plot, but the probability of the protagonists repaired their broken relationship is increased by 30%, thus you are rewarded with 2 mission points.


Xi Ning is still very happy, Even if the mission points received are a bit less, it is better than nothing.

When he arrived in the classroom, Song Zhou was already sitting in his seat.

Xi Ning took out a small cake and quietly passed it under the table.

Song Zhou glanced towards him, but he didnt accept it.

“Thank you for your bread yesterday,” Xi Ning explained, taking out another cake with his other hand, indicating that he had one too.

“This is for you.”

Song Zhou retracted his gaze, “No, thank you.”

Xi Ning withdrew his hand and took a bite of the cake.

However, he is not feeling right.

Song Zhou was also next to him this time, so why couldnt he eat anymore

Xi Ning turned to look at Song Zhous face and took another bite.

He felt very hungry, but he still couldnt eat the cake anymore.

The strawberry slices on the cake were sweet and cloying.

Xi Ning couldnt help but get up and go to the corner of the classroom to vomit all the cake in his mouth into the trash barrel.

The cake that was bitten in his hand was also thrown into the trash.

The system comforted him, “This person is a BUG so maybe his ability is not stable.”

Although the system didnt want to say it, as a caring system, it still evaluated another possibility, “Or maybe master can only eat the food that belongs to him.”

The closer he got to Song Zhou, would indeed reduce some of his resistance to food, but if the food wasnt from Song Zhou, he still couldnt eat it.

Xi Ning was very angry.

He stared at the other cake for a while, and then suddenly stood up and walked towards Lin Mian and put the cake on his table.

Lin Mian was shocked by his actions.

When he raised his head, Xi Ning had already left.

The people around him were looking at him as he hurriedly put the cake into his drawer and his ears turned red.

Did Xiao Ning give this cake to him, or did Xiao CongYi ask Xiao Ning to give it to him Lin Mian actually had some expectations for both of the possibilities while silently scolding himself good-for-nothing.

Song Zhou saw Xi Nings actions and he rubbed the pages of the book with his fingers twice, but there was no expression shown on his face.

Before the last class, the driver brought Xi Ning his lunch.

There was a full three-layer luxury lunch box, Xi Ning looked at it, but he was not really in the mood.

“Second Young Master, the lunch box is still warm, you can just open it at noon and eat it.”

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Xi Ning nodded silently and returned to his seat with the huge lunch box.

The students along the way were all staring at him.

But no matter how delicious the food is, he still cant eat it, unless…

The bell for the last class in the morning rang and most of the classmates went out of the classroom to find a place to eat.

Song Zhou took out his lunch box from the drawer, he then got up and also wanted to walk away, Xi Ning quickly grabbed his hand.

Song Zhou, “”

Xi Ning smiled at him.

“Classmate, wait a minute, I want to discuss something with you.”


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